Falling in love with Christian Blake

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Romance / Fantasy
Elle Sugi
Work in progress
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One Tuesday morning, I saw Christian Blake sleeping in the library, all defenseless and alone. I was going to give back a random book I borrowed for an upcoming exam and I was kind of expecting to see Blake here but what I wasn’t expecting that he was all alone in the library.

When I approached him to see if he was indeed sleeping (since I couldn’t see his face because it was turned away from me), it was the first time that I realized how different Blake really was. All through out our high school years, he was deemed as the school’s nerd and our batch’s most weirdest guy. He was often quiet, with his shoulder-length brunette hair covering most of his face like he was a god damned outcast. He’s got this weird aura where people usually avoided him. I always see him inside the library, reading a lot of complicated looking books.

In summary, the Christian Blake I knew was a boring guy who was only focused in studying. Sure I feel bad seeing how all alone he was but every time I try to approach him, he’ll just give me a cold shoulder as if he doesn’t want anyone bothering him. I tried to understand him, thinking that he’s probably an introvert kind of guy.

But one certain event made me realized that Christian Blake wasn’t the nerdy, studious, boring, loner guy that everyone knew.

Christian Blake was far different from that.

It all started when my father, the boss of a small local mob discussed to me his intention of giving me the title to be the next boss of the family.

I was about to turn eighteen in a few months and I was always expecting that I’ll be the next heir to the position since the only sibling I had was my little sister and by tradition, she wasn’t allowed to be the leader. In an early age, I was trained to be the Mafia boss. Sure it was tough and sometimes I just wanted to quit but dad have his ways to persuade me to continue my training and no matter how much I hated it, he’ll always bitch about it, giving me hours of lecture that I’m the only who could succeed him, blah blah blah.

Our group wasn’t really that big. We’re just a small fish swimming in an ocean but that didn’t stop me from dreaming big. After graduating high school, I have to lead the group to become one of the major players in the underground business and our family name will be known to everyone in the underworld.

Yeah, I admit that I was naive. I would have never thought that the existence of our family wasn’t really that important to the big wigs in the Mafia.

As I’ve said, we’re just small fries. Those people up there in the food chain, they’re the ones controlling us.

And by those people, I meant Christian Blake and his family.

Yep, you’ve got it.

Christian Blake was the next heir to the Silva-Cavallone Family, two of the top bosses in the Mafia.

The very same Christian Blake who attended a private high school in our local town, disguising himself as a weak and weird nerd even though he wasn’t really like that.

And the very same Christian Blake who I am bound to marry and spend the rest of time with.


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