Grayson Smith

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Chapter Ten. Who Really Are You?

Song for this chapter: Shawn Mendes-Bad Reputation.


Walking into school, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would be sitting with Kylie and the rest of the group at our usual spot at lunch or if they would act as if I didn’t exist. Which wouldn’t surprise me since there all cowards when it comes to Hunter anyways.

Taking in a deep breath, I walked over to my locker getting the books out I needed for class.Closing my locker shut, I gasped and nearly dropped my books on the ground when Grayson just came out of the blue with a mischievous smirk on his face.

″God, Grayson. You need to stop doing that″ I put my hand on my chest, taking in a few steady breaths, earning a chuckle from him.

″Doing what?″ He asked, acting dumb. I rolled my eyes at him and nudged him with my elbow.

He started to poke my stomach, making me burst out laughing from the tickles erupting inside of me. ″S-stop, p-please″ I managed to choke out in between my laughter. Once he stopped poking me, I leaned against my locker catching my breath while Grayson got his books ready for class.

Once he had all the books he needed, he looked at me with a bright smile on his face as I faced him with a raised brow wondering why he was staring at me like that. ″What? do I have something on my face?″ I asked, my face flushing red. I touched my face but I couldn’t feel anything strange.

He looked down chuckling, ″No, I just never noticed how beautiful your eyes are″.

This boy never fails to amaze me, he isn’t like the rest of the guys who would ‘compliment’ my body, emphasize on the word compliment. It was more so holler at how ‘damn fine’ my body looked, while Grayson genuinely complimented my facial features and personality. We need more Grayson’s in this world, if we did the world would be brighter, full of life and love. Not hatred and judgement. The world wouldn’t judge someone by their looks, or if they have perfect skin, the ‘perfect’ hour glass figure, or bleach blonde hair. We would all be treated by if we had a good heart or not.

My face must be bright red by his compliment, so I hid my face in my hands in embarrassment. It’s hard for me to take compliments when the majority of my life I’ve been getting quite the opposite. He gently pried my hands away, looking up at him he had a small smile on his face.

″Hey″ He murmured gently,almost in a whisper moving a bit closer to me. ″Libby, you’re beautiful. You don’t have to be embarrassed″. He put both his hands on my face, nearly getting sucked into a trance by his dazzling green eyes looking delicately into mine.

Slowly, we both started to lean in like a magnetic force pulling us together. His eyes went to my lips, as mine went to his. I was just a few inches away from my lips being on his pink lips when we heard a person clear their throat from beside us.

Turning our heads, we were both faced with a glaring Hunter with the one and only Olivia by his side. ″Tsk tsk, look at the two lovebirds″ Olivia sneered sarcastically, eyeing me up and down.

I rolled my eyes at her stupidity, ″Olivia doll, don’t you have an std to catch?″ I shot back with a smirk, making her mouth gape open in shock.″Close your mouth doll, don’t want to catch flies now do we? But lets face it, that’s not the only thing you’ll be catching″.

My words made Grayson muffle his laughter with his hand, while Hunter shot daggers at him, Grayson didn’t seem intimated at all.

Olivia’s face was starting to turn red with anger, her nose flaring making her look like a crazed chimpanzee. And then she snapped, she lunged at me but didn’t end up getting very far since surprisingly Hunter pulled her back. I’m sure he would have liked to see his psycho new side chick lunge at his ‘ex’.

″Not here Olivia″ He whispered angrily down at her. She stomped her foot down on the ground like a two year old before walking off, not forgetting to give me a glare as she stormed passed both Grayson and I.

Pathetic, who does she think is Beyonce?...Not even Beyonce acts like her.

″Well, what do you want?″ I asked Hunter bluntly, not caring what he has to say to me. He smirked, looking between me and Grayson. Grayson was leaned against his locker, his hands in his pockets, gesturing for Hunter to speak.

″You know, Libby. I didn’t take you as the girl to fall for a guy you have a one time fling with. Cause ’let’s face it″ He air quoted mocking me for using those words when I was talking to Olivia.

″If you fell for every guy you had one with, you’d be in love with the whole damn school″ he held a sly smirk on his face, looking at my reaction. I was taken aback by his words, tears started to prick my eyes, but I took in deep breaths trying to not let them affect me. But it seems as if someone else couldn’t stay calm, Grayson’s knuckles were turning white from clenching them so hard.

In a blink of an eye, Grayson had Hunter pinned on the floor. Hunter struggling underneath him, while Grayson was punching him in the face, hard. I cringed looking at the sight in front of my eyes, Grayson’s knuckles were covered in blood, Hunter’s blood. While Hunter was throwing the best punches he could get at Grayson from underneath him.

A crowd of students was forming around them as a few took out their phones, to film it and probably post on Snapchat. They were cheering Grayson on as I heard a few ‘Hunter should have seen it coming’.I pushed passed a few people, that managed to get in front of me to get a better view. There’s some sick individuals in this world these days.

Getting back to the spot where I was in the first place, Grayson still had Hunter pinned down, but had some blood on his face, and this time it wasn’t Hunters. Hunter who was still struggling to get Grayson off of him landed one heavy hit just at Grayson’s jaw, slightly making his face swing to the left.

It was hard enough to bruise but not hard enough for Grayson to give up, and finally the last punch everyone had been anticipating, Grayson pulled back his right arm and quickly slammed it into Hunters face, hearing a loud groan emit from Hunters lips, blood started streaming from his nose. His eyes were already starting to bruise black and purple from Grayson’s hits. I covered my eyes with the sleeve of Grayson’s denim jacket not being able to watch anymore.

Rushing to them, I tried pulling back Grayson but it was impossible since he probably goes the gym everyday and was much stronger than ten of me combined ″Grayson stop!″, I yelled since talking wouldn’t catch his attention, not with everyone around cheering him on. Hearing my voice, made him snap out of whatever trance he was in. He looked down at Hunter in shock at what he had done then looked at my facial expression which was a mixture of shock and scared.

I only ever seen Grayson like this once, but the last time wasn’t this bad. It was like he was a whole different person. I’m seeing him in a whole new perspective,like he wasn’t the person who brought me to Hollywood to look at the stars in the middle of the night, or called me beautiful just minutes ago. Do I even know who he is? It’s sad to think I actually did... I thought he was different.

I’ve been trying to escape from Hunter and his abusive ways and I taught I could escape by befriending Grayson. I guess I was wrong.

He got up off Hunter, turning around to me gently but I flinched away. His facial expression dropped at my scared state, ″Libby-″.

″No, Grayson″ I snapped taking a step back. ″Who really are you? Do I know who are you? Because the guy I thought I knew wouldn’t have just done that. I get that you were trying to ‘stick up’ for me but nearly breaking a guys face all because of a few words wasn’t necessary″. I paused to take in a deep breath, his facial expression mirrored hurt as he looked down at me with sad eyes.

″I told you before, I can look after myself″. I shook my head in disbelief at him,diverting my eyes away from him. I couldn’t stand looking at his hurt expression because I knew I would eventually give in, but I can’t do that. I can’t give in like I gave in to Hunter for so many years. Pushing past the crowds of people that were looking at the whole encounter, I wiped away the tears that I didn’t even know were streaming down my face.

″Libby!″ I heard Grayson call out, but I ignored him. What happened to the nice guy? Was it all an act to use me into becoming his ‘friend’, to get information out of me about Hunter and the rest of the group so he could write about it in that little notebook of his. Walking to my locker, I seen principle Larry walking down to the crowds of people, his wrinkles on his face bouncing as he walked quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was just walking down there to watch the fight.


Therest of the day went by in a blur, an ambulance was called for Hunter, turns out he has a broken nose. The gossip around school that day was that Grayson got suspended and surprisingly not expelled considering he’s a straight A student and has a bright future ahead of himself.

Lunch break was the part of the day I was dreading, my plan was to sit with Grayson, well look how that turned out. But now since Hunter isn’t in school and either is Grayson I was surprised when Kylie gestured for me to sit with her and the rest of the group. But that wasn’t because she was trying to be a good friend, it was because she wanted information out of me about Grayson.

Not only her but Brody too were asking me questions like, ‘How long have you and Grayson been going out’, ‘is it true you two are madly in love’ and the question that sickened me was ‘is it true he got you pregnant and that’s the only reason he bet up Hunter?’.

Now me being me, I didn’t tolerate that. No I didn’t end up nearly breaking one of their faces like Grayson did Hunter, I simply poured my coke can over Kylie’s head and threw my cheap spaghetti over Brody. Laughs were heard from all around the room, while a scream was heard from Kylie as she wiped the dripping clumpy mascara from under her eyes and ran to the bathroom with Brody following behind,as people snickered at them.

Paybacks a bitch

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