Grayson Smith

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Chapter Eleven. What Are You Doing To Me?

Song for this chapter: ColdPlay-Paradise (loving the thumbnail they used. Also, does anyone else think of Skam’s Noora and William whilst listening to this song cause I sure as hell do)

Trying to sleep last night was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, extremely hard but not impossible. I mentally thanked myself for buying coffee, which I doubled this morning. I couldn’t stop the thoughts from running through my head over yesterdays events, I kept twisting and turning in bed which ended up with me staring up at the stained white ceiling for God knows how long.

Somehow, Grayson managed to get my phone number and text me with apologies at least once an hour. I had to turn off my phone at 4 am.I guess that also plays a factor as to why I couldn’t sleep last night.

Coming back into my eerily quiet house after making sure Gabriela got safely on the bus, I walked into the kitchen where I left my coffee in its thermal mug on the wooden counter.Seeing me walk in, Jackson gave me a slight nod not taking his eyes off his phone, which he bought with the money he’s making from working at Target.

I sat myself in front of him since I had roughly five minutes before I needed to start walking to school. Taking small sips from coffee and scrolling through my phone, Jackson cleared his throat making me look up at him with a raised brow.

″Yes?″ I asked in monotone, looking back down at my phone. Beyonce is having twins?

″That Grayson guy, what’s up with you two?″ He asked me curiously, wiggling his brows suggestively. I nearly spit out my coffee in his face.

″Nothing″ I shrugged, ″We’re just...friends″. Would I consider us ‘friends’? I know he has a great personality and isn’t too bad on the eye but him attacking Hunter made me see him in a whole new light.

″He’s a good person, Libby″ Jackson told me. It sort of shocked me hearing Jackson speak so...positively over someone. Usually he’s doing the exact opposite. ″He told me what happened yesterday, you should forgive him. He was only looking out for you″.

What is it with people thinking i’m a child? Why do people always say that they were only looking out for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pushed me in front of a bus and said ‘I was only looking out for you’.

″Like I told him, I can look after myself″ I scoffed, getting off the rock hard wooden chair and swinging my school bag over my shoulder.

Walking out of the kitchen leaving Jackson with a scowl on his face. I opened the front door and what I seen made me mouth gape open, in a mixture of shock and annoyance.

There stood Grayson, leaned up against his Mercedes, an apologetic smile on his face. He had on a grey snapback, a black hoodie, black jeans, white vans and of course what I’ve grown to love: his glasses. Crossing my arms, I walked over to him, the look of regret clear in his eyes as I came closer.

″What do you want?″ I sighed, no emotion on my voice. But I did have to admit that I was just slightly happy that he has shown up, he’s putting up a fight...for me.

He’s going to regret that one day.

″Well, you weren’t texting me back″ He told me sounding a little upset, but was still smiling with that smile I’ve grown accustomed to. ″And I wanted to person″.

I looked at him with uncertainty, raising a brow at him.Should I let him apologise? Or should I never speak to him again. I could either be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity...or be dodging a bullet.

After much thinking, that felt like it took hours when in reality it took a few seconds. I finally made up my mind.

″Well go on″ I sighed, ″Apologize″.

He chuckled at my sudden demands, but when he looked up at my face and seen the serious expression I had, he knew I wasn’t joking. And I wasn’t, not one bit.

He cleared his throat before speaking, ″Libby″ He started gently, almost in a whisper. If the whirling winds were any louder I wouldn’t be able to hear him. ″When you bumped into me, I was taken aback by your striking eyes, you dark brown hair and rather...fierce attitude″ He chuckled, and I found myself slightly giggling at his contagious laugh.

″I thought you were going to be one of those goody two shoe girls-″ I dramatically gasped, in a joking manner hearing this,made him chuckle before continuing his speech.″But when you spoke I knew there was more to you than that. I’m still finding out who you really are, and I need your help with that″.

″There’s something about you Libby, that I can’t get your image out of my head. We haven’t known each other that long, but in those few days we’ve known each other I feel like I know you my whole life″ He stopped talking to take in a deep breath.

I was in a stage of shock, everything Grayson was saying to me was something I wasn’t expecting. It was like his words were putting me into a trance, and his soothing voice was saving me from all the danger in the world.

″I know it sounds insane, but I really do care about you Libby, and hearing Hunter say that to you just sparked something in me. I would never deliberately hurt you Libby, and I’m so God damn sorry I did. Because you’re the last person in this world I want to hurt″. He looked up at me, pleadingly.

Silence was between us, as I wiped a stray tear that I didn’t realise ran down my cheek , the harsh winds blowing my hair behind my shoulders. How can he expect me to be upset or angry at him after him telling me all of this. I need Grayson Smith in my life, with him in it I’m happy, I don’t have to fake a laugh to fit in. I can be myself and he likes me for who I am, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I walked or rather jogged up to him and pulled him into a tight hug, I think he was shocked at my quick actions, but after a few seconds he hugged me back, resting his chin on top of my head. I took in his musky, deep scent that smells like his denim jacket.

I never wanted to let go.

Sadly, we did have to pull out of the hug eventually.″Does that mean, you forgive me?″ He asked playfully,looking down at me. He didn’t have to ask, he already knew my answer. We both smiled at each other just embracing each other’s presence.

″We should probably head to school″ I spoke up after awhile, fixing my school bag that was hanging low on my shoulders from the tight hug.

He nodded his head, and with the press of a button the passenger side door of his car opened. He gestured for me to get in reaching out his hand for me to take, taking his soft hand I thanked him like a royal princess, because that’s exactly how he made me feel.

″No problem, princess″ He smiled, I returned the smile before he closed the car door. In just a few seconds, he was seated down in the driver side seat, putting the key into the ignition and starting the car.

Within a few seconds, we were headed our way towards school. Which reminds me, I still needed all the details on what went down in the principals office. What can I say? I’m a nosy person.

″So...″ I dragged on, making him glance at me slightly letting out a soft ‘hm?’, before turning his attention back on driving.

″What did the principal say to you yesterday? Rumour had it that you got suspended while Hunter got expelled″. I leaned myself against the window, as I looked at him waiting for some answers.

Who knows if any of the rumours are true, 99% of the time they aren’t but there was this one time a rumour went around a few months ago about a girl getting pregnant. I didn’t know her, she was a grade lower than me but anyways she was supposed to have gotten pregnant by the Geography teacher. He wasn’t too old, he was about twenty three but considering she was only sixteen that was just plain wrong, not matter what age she was. A student dating a teacher? Talk about Dr.Phil.

He just started teaching the year the rumour started. She denied it so the rumour died down, but then about four months later she ended up dropping out of school because her bump started showing, and turns out the Geography teacher was the father. No surprise that he got fired and put on probation.

″Half of it is true″ He confessed,leaving me slightly confused. Only half of it? ″Hunter did get expelled, but I didn’t get suspended. I’m free to go back to school″ He smiled boyishly still looking at the road in front of him.

Thank God Grayson didn’t get suspended or worse expelled. I needed Grayson by my side at school, I enjoyed his company. He brings out the best side of me, the side of me that I used to be so afraid of showing to people. But with Grayson, it all comes naturally. The smiles, laughs and smirks never need to be faked with him.

Grayson Smith, what are you doing to me?

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