Grayson Smith

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Chapter Twelve. Something Seems Fishy.

Song for this chapter: Sleeping at last-Earth

Walking into school wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it to be. Sure there were people whispering to each other as me and Grayson passed by them in the halls and a group of girls gawking at Grayson with flirtatious smirks on their faces. But he didn’t even acknowledge them in the slightest and if he had to, he just gave them an awkward smile. But still I couldn’t help but feel something in the pit of my stomach, was it jealously?

I knew the reason why they were staring at me like I was an alien from Mars was because they were so used to me being by Hunter’s side, not daring to glance at any guy in school. And also because I happened to spill my coke over Kylie’s head and throw my spaghetti at Brody.

What surprised me most though was that some of the guys from the football team gave Grayson a nod of the head as we walked passed, he nodded back not stopping. Now let me explain as to why that ‘surprised’ me.

The guys on the football team only associated with people like themselves. Big, egotistical, jerks, who think they can get any girl they want. But Grayson was nothing like them,he didn’t think about himself first, or sleep around and get drunk every weekend.

Something seems a bit fishy and I for sure know it isn’t Olivia since her and my brother are ditching school today.

I pushed the thought to the back of my head as me and Grayson walked to our lockers. So far there was no sign of Kylie or Brody, Thank God for that. I don’t need her or him coming up to me complaining about their precious hair and how long it took for the coke or spaghetti to rinse away. There’s worse things in life to be complaining about.

Getting to our lockers, we both got our books we needed for the first three classes. I let out a deep sigh, ″Why do we have to do biology? I mean it’s not like I’ll ever need to know how to test for starch in my life″ I groaned, earning a chuckle from Grayson.

″Who knows, you must just become a scientist″ Grayson sarcastically remarked. Me a scientist? No thank you. I’d rather become a stripper than be a scientist.

″And what will you become? A sugar daddy?″I fired back as seriously as possible, slamming my locker shut.

I burst out into a fit of laughter at Grayson’s reaction. His mouth was gaping open, his eyes wide in disbelief. But he still looked as handsome as he always does.

Wait? Did I just say handsome?

Add that to my book of new vocabulary.

″I’m going to pretend I didn’t just hear that″ Grayson chuckled, once he composed himself that is. Oh, Grayson. You’re far too innocent for this world.

I squeezed his cheeks like a little kid, making him swat my hands away, both of us laughing. When our laughs died down from my total random cheek squeezing. We were both looking into each others eyes, his striking greens putting me under a trance. We both started to lean towards each other, slowly. He put his soft hand on my cheek, as his lips softly brushed off mine.

I was just a inch away from his plump lips being on mine when the sound of the school bell went off signalling for us to get to class, it made both of us nearly jump out of our skin.

Why must something always distract us?

I sighed as I moved away from Grayson, his eyes were on me as I put a lose strand of hair behind my ear. Looking away from Grayson, my cheeks burning from what nearly happened before the school bell interrupted us. I noticed a few girls gawking and me and Grayson’s, almost kiss. I didn’t know any of the girls, but I think I had class with one of them, Becca I think her name was.

Raising a brow at the girls, they quickly turned their heads away and continued talking about whatever the hell they talk about. ″Come on″ Grayson nudged me, nodding his head towards the hallway, ″Let’s get to class″.

Do we have to?

Sighing, I nodded my head in response, following suit behind him as we walked through the hallway that wasn’t too badly packed with sweaty teenagers. Walking into class, I sat down at my usual spot in class at the back. Away from everybody else.

All eyes were on Grayson as he situated himself down on the seat next to me, a few scowls from jealous girls when he didn’t decide to sit next to them. Desperate much?


Class went by quite quickly, boring as always. But with Grayson sitting next to me, cracking up a few jokes every few minutes and Mrs.Hudson shooting us glares, the class wasn’t all that bad.

″I still can’t get over what you said back there″ I chuckled, as me and Grayson walked to our next classes, I had English while he had Maths.

″Oh come on, it was hilarious″ He smirked. I wouldn’t exactly call it hilarious, it was only funny because of how funny he found it. I always expected Grayson to never speak out in class, but I guess I’m still learning more about him.

When Biology class was nearly over, Mrs.Hudson said ″Tomorrow we’ll be having a lecture on Pluto and Neptune. You all must attend″. No one said anything back to her, while we all started putting our books back into our bags, but then unexpectedly Grayson spoke up, with a mischievous smirk on his face, ″Sorry Miss, My mother wouldn’t let me travel that far″.

The whole class erupted with laughter, I’m sure you could hear their laughs all throughout the halls. I put my head in my hands, shaking my head a small smile on my face. I didn’t laugh until Grayson poked my side, making me look up at him. I couldn’t not join in on the laughter, looking at the playful look in his eyes.

The things that boy does to me.


Lunch came in what felt like a few seconds and soon enough I was waiting for Grayson with my lunch tray in hand. I was leaned against the cafeteria’s blue walls, watching everyone laugh and converse next to each other. My stomach grumbled as I looked down at the quite sloppy mashed potato, peas, and chicken down on my plastic tray.

The seconds and minutes passed by slowly, as I waited rather impatiently. Where is he? Maybe he got caught up in class. Thoughts were running through my head as a few people were snickering at me from their tables while their friends laughed looking towards me.

I looked down diverting my eyes from them. I look like someone who has no friends, which is partially true since the only person I actually talk to now is Grayson. I could feel eyes burning into my skin as I still waited for him. I felt humiliated standing there alone, waiting for him until I couldn’t take it any longer.

Looking around the huge hall, I sighed when I seen there was no tables available. Even the table I usually shared with Kylie and the rest of the group was filled with freshmen, drinking capri suns and eating sandwiches.

I looked around the room, hoping that in those few seconds a table just happened to become available. I looked around, and what I seen really....hurt me. I think ‘hurt’ could be a good word to use.

There was Grayson sitting with all the guys from the football team, laughing and joking around. Grayson had a huge smile plastered on his face as he laughed at what ever the the guy with dark hair said from beside him.

I don’t know if you could say I was angry, I guess just maybe a little I was. Did Grayson really forget about me? He knew I would be waiting for him, I made sure to tell him in biology. Hell it wasn’t even my idea, it was his.

I don’t know if I should be mad at him, it’s not like we’re going out or anything. It just...hurts to know he forgot about me.

From the corner of my eye, I seen someone wave their hand. I didn’t take much notice to it, until they said my name. ″Libby″ The high pitched voice called over rather loudly. Turning my attention to where the voice was coming from, there was the girl Becca from earlier, waving me over to her table where she sat with three other girls. All blondes besides her who had sleek, black hair, and one guy with dirty blonde hair.

Walking closer to her, I gave her a small smile as she patted the seat next to her. Putting my tray on the steel table, I took a seat as everyone smiled at me...everyone besides the guy. He stared at me, eyebrows furrowed like he was searching for something in me.

I gave him an awkward smile when in reality I wanted to slap that look off his face. One of the blonde girls nudged him, and gave me an apologetic smile but I waved it off.

″Libby, this is Stacey, Brittney, Kimberly″ Becca introduced me to the three blonde girls, who all smiled at me, showing off their bright white teeth. ″And this is Blake″ She lastly introduced me to the guy with the dirty blonde hair. I gave him a slight wave as I did with the three blonde haired girls. Are they triplets?

He didn’t really acknowledge me, just stared at me like he was trying to suck the soul out of me. His water blue eyes were searching deep into my eyes, I didn’t like it. I cleared my throat as I stared at my food. No longer feeling hungry, I just moved my plastic fork around the plate.

″So Libby, you and Grayson. Eh?″ Becca smirked, nudging me with her elbow. I nearly spit out my food. Me and Grayson?

″There really isn’t a ‘me and Grayson’, I mean- No there’s no me and Grayson″ I muttered, by the look on everyone’s faces, they didn’t believe me.

There is no me and Grayson.

″Are you sure? Because he looks at you like you’re his whole world. Cheesy I know, but it’s truth. There has to be more going on then you’re letting on″.

I was left speechless as everyone looked at me, intrigued. I opened my mouth to say something back but no words came out, it was like my voice had been stolen. Does he really look at me like that?

I’m sure if he looked at me like that, I would have noticed. It be hard not to, since I’m always entranced by his striking eyes.

Since I couldn’t say anything- literally. I just shrugged as I took a spoonful of peas. The triplet blondes pouted at not getting gossip out of me as Becca nodded but by the look in her eyes I could tell this wouldn’t be the last time she would be asking me about me and Grayson.

The guy, Blake scoffed as he eat a fry from his tray. What’s his problem? Since I sat down, he’s been glaring at me like I murdered his pet goldfish. But there’s something about him that seems oddly familiar. Probably my mind playing tricks on me from him staring at me way too much for my liking.

″Your brother’s Jackson, right?″ One of the blonde girls asked me, I couldn’t remember if she was Brittney or Kimberly, but I knew who Stacey was since unlike the other two blondes she had slight freckles.

″Yeah, that’s him″ I answered hesitantly. I noticed Becca roll her eyes from beside me and sigh. Did my brother do something to her? I wouldn’t be surprised if Olivia’s unfaithfulness rubbed off on Jackson.

″You see, Kimberley here″ Ah, so she’s Kimberley, ″Well, she has a big thing for your brother, even though he is taken″ Becca said the last word louder than the rest and directed it towards a blushing Kimberley.

I scrunched my face up in disgust, what human being could like my brother?

Beats me.

″He’s really stuck up, a dickhead, and loves himself. There’s not much to like″ I chuckled as Kimberly turned a bright crimson, hiding her face with her hands. Who could’ve known my brother has this type of effect on girls.

Like please, it’s not like he’s Dave Franco.

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