Grayson Smith

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Chapter Fourteen.Rain and Brownies.

Song for this chapter: Jimmy eat world-Hear you me. (not gonna lie, I stole this from the kissing in the rain scene in A Cinderella Story)

We drove silently in his car, the heat on full blast with soft music playing in the background. His hands were gripping the steering wheel as he kept his attention on the road in front of us, the windshields swiping every few seconds to clear the windows from the rain. It looked like there was about to be a hurricane by the dark grey sky and ashy clouds.

I was a little hesitant getting into Grayson’s very expensive car considering I was soaked to the core. I didn’t want to drench the fine leather chairs but after little convincing from Grayson I got inside, the warmth of his car creating a blanket over me.

The rain that drenched my hair was now dripping on my leggings, it feels like I just got out of a cold shower, and by looking at Grayson I could tell he felt the same way too. His shirt was soaked, making it stick to his very toned body. I had to force my eyes away from his defined abs and buff arms every few minutes so he wouldn’t catch notice of my gawking eyes.

He kept opening his mouth to say something, but ended up clamping it shut a few seconds later because he couldn’t find the words to say. It made me sigh each time, I just wish it wouldn’t be this awkward between us. It is partially my fault, but I can’t help how I feel.

″Do you want me to drop you at your house?″ Grayson spoke up, quietly. Hallelujah! but what he said made my furrow my eyebrows together in slight confusion.

″What? but I thought we were going to go talk somewhere? I mean unless you-″.

″Just so you could change and dry your hair and whatnot″ He chuckled, my face burned red from embarrassed. Here I was thinking he changed his mind and didn’t want to talk to me.

″Oh right, yeah″ I mumbled. Thank God he was keeping his concentration on the road because i’m pretty sure he would laugh if he seen just how red I was turning.

It wasn’t even that big of a deal!

He stopped the car outside my house a few minutes later. ″You want to come in?″ I asked softly, He looked at me with a smile apparent on the corner of his lips.

″Sure″, he shrugged.

I frowned inwardly just looking at the rain coming down in loud thuds. Do I really have to walk through that....again.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the car door. I squealed as the rain hit off me and ran to my front door as quickly as my two legs could take me. The black awning on top of the front door giving me shelter. Looking back I seen Grayson was still in his car, even through the rain hitting off the window I could still see the amusement clear in his eyes.

I shook my head at him, but I was smiling. With my finger, I motioned him for him to come over. He looked around at the heavy rain and shook his head playfully.

Oh Grayson, you’re making this terribly hard for me to be mad at you.

I put my hands on my hip and narrowed my eyes at him, sort of like I was a mother disciplining him for not doing as I say. He smirked, before opening the car door. He didn’t run like I did, he walked agonizingly slow as his held his eyes on mine. The rain was coming down on him like bullets, but he simply didn’t care.

My face was starting to burn from his green eyes, and so I looked down at my shoes. Why does he have this effect on me?

Grayson, you’re softly killing me.

I could hear the puddle splashes getting louder meaning Grayson was seconds away from me. Looking up my predictions were right, there he stood slightly shaking from the cold, his hair stuck to his forehead. I had this urge to fix it, but I had to stop myself.

Not knowing what to do, I mentally slapped myself thinking I had to open the god damn door. I frantically rooted through my backpack that was also soaked. I retrieved the keys from the bottom of my bag and with my shaking hands from the cold weather,I opened my door.

Gabriela was at a school trip today so she wouldn’t be home till around half six, while Hunter and Olivia were god knows where, doing god knows what. So it looks like it’s just me and Grayson for a bit.

″I can grab some of Jackson’s clothes, if you want to change?″ I suggested, Grayson looked grateful for that.

″That be great″ He smiled, looking down at his soaked clothes, showing that a change of clothes is much needed.

I nodded my head. ″You can go sit down while I grab some clothes, if you want″. I didn’t hear his reply because I marched up the stairs, taking two at a time. I was desperate to get out of these clothes.

Walking into Jackson’s room, I wasn’t surprised to see clothes thrown all over the floor, empty cans beside his unmade bed, and his curtains weren’t opened making it appear like it was nighttime. Walking to his wooden oak wardrobe that had one door hanging off its hinges, I rooted through it for something for Grayson to wear.

I ended up picking a pair of grey sweatpants and a black crew neck sweater with a white top attached underneath. Walking down the stairs when Grayson spotted me he took the earphones out of his ears and gave me a grateful smile as I handed him the clothes.

I wonder what type of music Grayson listens to, he seems to be entranced in whatever music it is. Something deep and meaningful, possibly. I highly doubt it’s heavy metal or something like the genre since he would tap his fingers slowly along to the beat on the couch. I needed to remind myself to ask him all of these random questions I have floating around in my head.

″Thanks, Lib″. Again he called me, Lib. I don’t have a problem with it, i’m sure I could get used to it. Should I start calling him Gray now?

″No problem″ I murmured, there was a slight glint in his eyes that made me get all shy and giddy at the same time.

He looked around the room, then landed his eyes back on mine. It was like he was waiting for something.

″Will I get dressed in he-″. For the second time that day I mentally slapped myself, no wonder he was looking like he was waiting for something.

″Shit, Yeah-No″ I blurted out, my cheeks burning. ″The bathroom is upstairs the first door you see when you walk up″ I quickly blurted out, making him chuckle.

″I’ll be done in a minute Lib, Thanks″. I waved it off as he walked passed me making his way to the bathroom. Of course he didn’t forget to give me one of his famous smiles that makes me feel all jittery on the inside.

One minute I’m saying me and Grayson are just friends and the next I’m saying I have feelings-Wait! I’m saying I have feelings for Grayson, after I just gave out to him for not intentionally humiliating me.

I want to be mad at him for leaving me there causing everyone’s attention to became fixated on me as they snickered and pointed out claiming I had ‘no friends’ and what not. But then a part of me is saying that it wasn’t his intention.

That’s it, i’m bi-polar.

I then walked myself up the creaking stairs to my bedroom. I shimmied my soaked clothes off my body, what a relief. I then took the first thing I seen out of my closet and threw it on. It’s safe to say I was a little- No, I was really desperate to change into something else.

It ended up being another over sized jumper and skinny black jeans. Not too bad. I then ringed the water out of my hair, once I was dressed.I swear I could fill up a full glass with the amount of water that came out.

I lastly put my hair into a messy bun, it wasn’t the messy buns you would see on that website tumblr, it was actually...messy. Like my hair got stuck in a vacuum cleaner, or a blender. I chuckled to myself at the thought. Painful, but funny.

I didn’t bother to apply any makeup, it would just end up running down my face with the rain. That happened to me before when I went to a party one time. I had a full face of makeup on, the whole shabang.

Anyways the weather man said it was to be a warm and cloudy night, no signs of rain. Yeah, I think we all know that’s not how the night turned out. I ended up coming home looking like a raccoon, my foundation looked like my skin was melting off, my hair was like a tumbleweed and my drenched clothes stuck to my shivering body. I looked like Samara from the ring.

Walking down the creaking stairs, of course it was no surprise that Grayson was sat down with his earphones in, tapping his finger on the couch along to the beat of whatever song he was listening to.

He looked peaceful, relaxed, like there was no troubles in the world. His eyes were closed, I didn’t want to disturb him, but I’m sorry, Grayson. Sneaking up from behind him I tried my best to frighten him by grabbing his shoulders while shouting ‘Boo’. Childish I know, but it works every time.

He didn’t jump nor look startled, he did of course have an amused smile on his face because of my attempt. ″A+ for trying, Lib″ He patted my shoulder,that smile still on his face.

″At least I tried″.


We arrived outside this little cafe in the centre of town named, ‘Angie’s Cafe’.From the outside, it had red brick walls, wooden rimmed windows, and a wooden door. But inside was much more homely. Sticking with the whole brick, wood theme they had going on, there was a red brick fireplace, with wooden oak walls. It felt warm, cosy and homely here. And you couldn’t ignore the comforting cinnamon and spice aroma around the cafe or bakery. I’m not too sure what the difference is between them both.

I never even heard of this place before, I wish I had earlier because I could just imagine the amount of times I would be here watching while the rain hit off the wooden rimmed windows as I eat a brownie.

What? I have a vivid imagination. I assume by looking at the brownies in the display case, steam coming off them from just freshly coming out of the oven that they would be delicious. With cream whipped on top. Oh god, the thought alone is making my mouth water.

We weren’t even inside a minute before an elderly lady with a pink and white polka dot apron approached us with tears rimming her eyes. By her name tag, I could tell that this was her cafe since it read Angie.

I wanted to comfort her by giving her a hug but I didn’t want to creep her out. I have a soft spot for elderly people and cute, fluffy animals. Hard to believe?

Grayson had an infectious smile on his face as the elderly woman pinched his cheeks like I had once done but of course he didn’t want to risk snapping her wrist by swatting her hands away. ″Grayson, My boy. Is that you?″ She breathed out with her sweet voice, she almost reminded me of my dead Grandma, besides the whole ‘dead’ part.

The glint in her eyes told me that they knew each other...obviously for a very long time. But by the way she was looking at him with sympathy and remembrance told me that maybe she wasn’t family, just an ‘old’ friend.

″It is, Ang. I’m sorry for not coming around here lately, I’ve missed you but mostly your delicious brownies″ Grayson winked at ‘Ang’, whilst licking his lips. Just a simple thing like licking his lips sent my heart into overdrive.

″I can’t blame you, my boy. Ever since our dear Jen-″, Grayson cleared his throat making Angie stop mid sentence. I could sense some tension in the air as Grayson stiffened from beside me at hearing about their dear, Jen.

I raised an eyebrow up at Grayson questionably, he wasn’t looking at me but was rather communicating with Angie through his eyes. Something’s not right here.

″Hey, why don’t you go grab us a seat while I catch up with Ang for a quick second″ Grayson spoke up, looking down at me. I looked between him and Angie and decided that it was probably best they spoke for a while. She seemed very happy to see him walk in the door.

″Yeah, sure″ I shrugged, giving Angie a smile as I walked past them both to take the seat near the fireplace. The cold from the rain had sunk into my bones. I needed all the warmth the fireplace provided.

Looking down towards Angie and Grayson, they were both deep in conversation. I couldn’t exactly hear what they were saying, it sounded like mumbles from back here and I didn’t want to impose either.

I diverted my eyes away from them when they both looked towards me. Great, now they probably think i’m nosy. Maybe just a little.

After a long hug, Grayson walked over to our table and plonked himself down on the wooden seat in front of me. The orange hue of the fire creating an iridescent glow on his face, he looked like he came straight out of a magazine. I mentally took a picture of him, I don’t think I ever want to forget his face.

″We should probably talk about everything that happened back at school″ I suggested, seeing him nod his head as he fidgeted with his fingers.

I started to notice the little things about Grayson. Like how he would fidget with his fingers when he was nervous or felt bad and tapped his fingers along to the beat of the songs he listens to when they put him into a trance. All these little things he does all make him...him.

″Well″ I started, starting to get nervous but being Grayson he gave me a reassuring smile that gave me that little bit of courage I needed to speak up about why I got so...angry? Jealous maybe, No I think a good word to use would be disappointed.

″You told me to wait for you at lunch, that was your idea. You made me wait there while people snickered at me. I looked like a fool standing there waiting and waiting...for you. I’m okay with waiting, I can be patient when I want to be. But to wait for nothing and see you with those egotistical jerks while I stood there with everyone’s attention on me, that’s where I draw the line″.

″And I guess it hurt more because I didn’t expect it from you. Everyone else, yeah that’s a no brainier, but you?... I didn’t expect that. So you could say that’s why I was so hurt″ I took in a deep breath, nervously looking at Grayson not sure what to expect.

I guess I expected him to be hurt I felt that way, I didn’t want him to be. Believe me that’s the last thing I wanted, I never want to see Grayson hurt by me. But when I looked into his emerald green eyes the one thing I seen straight away was regret and hurt. It’s no surprise the look in Grayson’s look in eyes screamed regret and hurt, he had a heart far too pure for this cruel world.

Grayson didn’t like seeing anybody sad or disappointed because of himself so when they did, he took in their pain.

″Lib″ He whispered out, almost in a cry. ″I can’t say how sorry I am-″ I put my finger to his lips to shush him.

″I know″ I whispered gently.

And that’s the truth, I did know exactly how sorry he was, I could tell just by looking into his eyes. I didn’t need to him to apologise because I just knew.

″You don’t have to apologise, Gray. I understand you’re friends with the jerks from the football team″ I rolled my eyes jokingly, earning a heavenly chuckle from Grayson. ″So as much as I know you’re going to protest about it, don’t apologise. Just...explain″.

″Lib!″ He groaned, almost mentally begging me to let him apologise to me but I shook my head.

″Nu uh, Gray. No apologies″ I stood my ground, I wasn’t going to let him apologise and that’s it.

″You’re very stubborn you know that, Miss.Johnson″ He remarked sarcastically, which made me put my hand on my chin and purse my lips as if I was thinking really hard.

″Yeah, I get told that a lot″ I shrugged.

″Anyways″ He chuckled, making me smile, ″In my old school, I was the quarterback on my football team″. My eyes widened at this, the quarterback? I guess there’s more to him than I thought. Not that I mean that in a bad way, I just expected him to not be the sportsy type.

Well how did he get that to die for body then, Libby? Or those rock hard abs?

Yeah, now that I think of it. It doesn’t come to a surprise after all, and it sort of makes sense as to why he would be with the jerks from the football team.

″I sort of missed it after all these months, it helped me clear my head from a few things.A lot of things actually″ He confessed, a frown etched onto his also smiling face. I’ve never seen this side of Grayson before, I’ve always been used to seeing the happy, smiley Grayson.

Yeah, I’ve seen him hurt before but never like this, never nearly on the brink of tears. I didn’t quite know what to do in this situation and so I did something simple, a comforting gesture. I intertwined my hand with his and gave it a light squeeze, to show I was there for him.

I didn’t know why Grayson moved schools, but something tells me it was serious. Maybe something he’s not ready to talk about quite yet, I doubt he got expelled for acting out. He isn’t that type of person. But I can’t help but think that maybe the reason why he had to exchange was because of something dark, something tragic. Grayson wouldn’t be on the brink of tears remembering his old school for nothing.

″I know that doesn’t excuse why I left you waiting for me though. I was walking out of class when one of the guys, I can’t quite remember his name. Ginger messy hair, a bit taller than me-″.

I knew that description, it’s hard not to. Only one guy on the football team had ginger hair while the rest either had brown and one even had blue, yes blue.

″Tim″ I chimed in.

″Yeah, that’s right″He snapped his fingers.″But he came over to me while I was putting my books away just out of the blue. He told me that there were try outs for quarterback and we got to talking, he wanted me to meet up with the rest of the team. I didn’t mean to and I know this is probably the most basic excuse, but I really honestly lost track of time″. He looked at me with sad eyes.Regret once again laced into every word he spoke.

I opened my mouth to say something back, but nothing came out. I didn’t know what to say, what was the right thing to say back? I just wanted to know why he forgot about me. Now knowing why it does make sense but it doesn’t make being forgot about hurt any less.

″Please, say something″ He whispered out in a short breathe, a glint in his eyes I couldn’t quite decipher. ″Anything at all″. He looked at me with his big hopeful eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling making him raise a brow not quite sure if I had forgiving him or not.

Honestly there was no need for me to forgive him, Yes he had lost track of time and that ended up with him forgetting about me but I can’t judge him because of that. It wasn’t his fault he was enjoying spending time with them jerks. And it wasn’t his fault those tweak bitches were snickering at me.

″Grayson, stop working yourself up about this. It’s okay, let’s just forget it ever happened. Okay?″. I gave his hand a little squeeze and offered him a smile which he gladly returned.

″But-″, I once again put my index finger to his soft, pink lips shushing him.

″No buts, it’s in the past″ I smiled, making him sigh at my stubbornness.

″You’re quite the woman, Lib″ He chuckled.

″Thank you, I take a lot of pride in that″ I remarked as seriously as I could muster, flicking my hair behind my shoulder dramatically.

This is how I like being with Grayson, carefree and laid back. No drama or tears, just smiles and laughs. Only he brings out that side of me and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Before one of us could say something, Angie walked up to the both us holding two plates with hot brownies and whipped cream on top. The indulgent smell of the cream melting into the brownies made my mouth water.

She placed the plates in front of us, I wanted to dig in straight away. They were just screaming my name, but that also made my eyebrows furrow together. I don’t remember ordering any brownies.

″Thank you, Ang″ Grayson said sweetly as he smiled at Angie.

″You’re welcome, son. Anything for family″ She patted his shoulder as her eyes landed on mine. ″Darling, I don’t think I caught your name″.

Oh, right. ″It’s Libby″ I smiled at her as she smiled back.

″What a beautiful name″ She hummed. ″Anyways, I better be off. Don’t want to keep the other customers waiting″ She quickly said before waltzing off. Well that was..odd.

It wouldn’t have been odd if they’re actually were other customers waiting but considering me and Grayson were the only ones in here that is why it was odd.

″I didn’t know you two were related″ I spoke up, literally having to force my eyes away from the steaming brownies.

Grayson furrowed his brows together, leaving me puzzled. She did call him son. ″We’re not related, she’s just an old friend″.

I nodded my head, ″Old indeed″ I chuckled, making him shake his head disapprovingly at me but a smile was slowly creeping its way onto his face.

″Eat your brownie″ he bossed around jokingly, I rolled my eyes at him but still held a cocky smile on my face.

He was looking at me with eager eyes, waiting for me to delve into the brownies. I wasn’t going to keep him waiting, like I said before the brownies were screaming my name. Taking my fork, I took a piece of brownie with cream and slowly, slightly teasing Grayson I put the forkful into my mouth.

My taste buds erupted with delight as the indulgent chocolate and fresh cream hit off my tongue, making me roll my eyes.

″It’s good, right?″ Grayson slightly chuckled.

Good?″. I looked at him as if he was insane, just good? ″This is blissful, incredible, beautiful!″.

He chuckled at my immediate liking to the heavenly brownies. I can’t believe he hasn’t touched his yet. ″I’m glad you think so″ He laughed as he took a mouthful of his own. By his reaction I knew that this was most definitely was not his first brownie, I mean it was obvious he was ‘old friends’ with the I assume owner of the cafe.

Sadly, all great things have to come to an end eventually.My brownie was gone within a minute. As blissful as it was I couldn’t manage to stuff another down, it was so filling I felt like I just gained a hundred pounds. Someone’s gonna need to roll me out of here like Violet in Willy Wonka.

I leaned myself against the wooden chair, my hand on my already bloated stomach as I let out a deep breath. That brownie was the bomb, the after effect is totally worth it. Looking at Grayson, a chuckle escaped from his perfectly sculpted lips.

I raised my brow at him, I don’t see why he’s the one chuckling. I’m not the one with chocolate on my face.

I sat myself up right putting my elbows on the hard table. Leaning myself in closer towards Grayson, I could see every little detail of his face. I hadn’t noticed before but he had tiny almost unnoticeable freckles etched across his nose and cheekbones. Is it even possible for someone to be this good looking? Well clearly it is if Grayson is mere inches away from me.

As I was leaned in closer to Grayson, I could tell his breathing hitched. I placed my left hand on his cheek, he was looking delicately into my eyes. I leaned in closer to him if that was even possible, our lips were almost touching. For a fraction of a second he closed his eyes before searching my eyes again.

Swiftly I got my thumb and wiped the chocolate from the corner of his lip. ″You had chocolate on your face″ I whispered into his ear, you should have seen the look on his face. It was almost like he was frozen in time.

Sorry Grayson, karma’s a bitch.

His mouth was slightly gaped open as his eyes went wide, his eyes not leaving mine. I had a mischievous smirk on my face. He thought I would kiss him? Don’t get me wrong of course I would, just not here.

″I-But- I thought you were-″ Grayson stuttered out, the look of confusion still clear on his face.

″You thought wrong, lover boy″ I smirked, cutting him off. He didn’t frown like I expected him to do but instead smirked that famous smirk of his I’ll never get tired of.

″What are you smirking about?″ I questioned, raising a brow.

He looked at me daringly, ″You’ll find out soon enough″. I’ll find out soon enough?

I pushed his words to back of my mind, he’s just playing.

Shortly after, we both got up off our chairs with Grayson holding our plates as we walked to the counter where Angie was drying a glass. Looking up at us she smiled, ″Did you enjoy the brownie, darling?″ She asked directing her words towards me.

I gave her a kiddish smile.″No words could describe just how delicious they were″.

She seemed pleased at my words, ″Feel welcome to come over anytime. Any friend of Grayson’s is family here″ She beamed with her sweet voice.

″Well, thank you″. She waved it off. ″No problem, darling″.

″Grayson, you better come around here more often. Who knows when I might drop dead, you should eat as much brownies as possible″. I had to hold back my laugh at her straightforwardness. She might be old but she still got humour.

″Ang, you can count on that, I’ll be coming back here like old times″ Grayson smiled brightly at Angie.

″That’s what I like to hear″.

Leaving the plates with Angie after she refused to let Grayson do them for her, we both said our goodbyes me giving her a tight hug while Grayson kissed her cheek. We both stood at the front door of the cafe, watching the harsh rain pour down on the pavement.

There’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. ″We might as well go out in it now, Who knows? It could get worse″. He nodded his head in agreement looking down at me. The rain awaiting our arrival.

With a deep sigh I pushed open the front door, the heavy breeze making my hair flow behind me. I hugged whatever bit of material was on my body closer to me as we both ran as quickly as we could to his car. He was in front of me by a mere inch as we still ran but then he stopped making me bump into his hard, I assumed toned body almost sending me flying backwards.

″Why d-did you stop?, it’s f-freezing out here″ I shivered, my teeth chattering with every word I spoke. Whatever parts of my hair that got dry in the cafe now once again drenched. Grayson was looking at me breathlessly, his hair covering his forehead.

We were both breathing heavily from:

A) Running,


B) From being out in the cold.

He placed his two tender hands on my wet,cold cheek as his looked into my eyes. I couldn’t tell what he was searching for but I think he found it when I seen a glint in his eyes I once again couldn’t quite decipher.

″I’ve always wanted to do this″ He whispered out, his voice slightly shaking, I furrowed my brows together trying to figure out what he said since the rain was making his whisper sound almost impossible to hear. But I eventually did figure it out.

″Do what?″ I breathed out, trying to force myself not to chatter but I ended up doing it anyways.

″This″ he breathed out before smashing his lips onto mine. I was no longer cold as our lips moved in rhythm together. This kiss wasn’t like the one we shared at that house party, it was different. It wasn’t rushed or just to try make someone jealous, it was powered with want and if I wasn’t just totally in the moment, I would say love.

That’s one thing I noticed while kissing his soft lips, was that I wasn’t cold, not one bit. He warmed my whole body, making me feel all jittery in the inside like thirteen year old me who had her first kiss to a random boy in the playground.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me. It was like we were in our own little bubble, that there wasn’t cars driving by us splashing puddles along the way or that there wasn’t harsh rain pouring down onto us making us cold and wet.

For the first time in a long time I was...happy.

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