Grayson Smith

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Chapter Sixteen. Do you believe in aliens?

Song for this chapter: One Republic-Let’s Hurt Tonight.

School went by quicker than what felt like a blink of an eye. Me and Grayson didn’t end up sitting together at lunch, and no he didn’t ditch or forget about me. I simply sat with Becca and the other blondes alongside Blake who still doesn’t acknowledge my presence but I think we’re making progress because I got a nod as a greeting when I sat down with my lunch tray in hand ready to delve into my food earlier today.

Those girls still surprise me every time I spend time with them, their witty jokes and stories that seem too funny to be true make me realise that I can have friends who actually want to be my friends and not because they want to pressure me into doing stuff. I mean besides trying to force me into going to prom next year those girls and maybe possibly Blake seem like genuinely nice people that I want to be friends with.

Grayson and I were at our-his? secret place again in Hollywood after making sure Gabriela was okay,turns out she’s with Bella. Anyways of course we had to stop at Copperfields for my beloved Twizzlers and for gas.

It wasn’t dark out but stars were just starting to twinkle in the orange sky as the sun slowly but surely dimmed.

″I have so many questions to ask you″ I spoke up as I sucked on a twizzler that I was sure was making my lips blood red like I was Bella Swan after she became a vampire.

″I have so many answers to give you″ He replied back wittingly, a smirk on the corner of his mouth.

I didn’t know what to ask first, I had too many unanswered questions so I just blurted out the first question that came to mind. ″What’s your favourite food?″. Of course the first thing that comes to mind has to be food.

He chuckled from beside me as our hips touched off each other sending a jolt of electricity running through my body, his eyes shot towards mine, he couldn’t have felt that too, right?

″Just your basic Sunday dinner″ He shrugged with a smile. ″Does my food choice surprise you that I didn’t pick something boujee like salmon and caviar?″.

Did it surprise me? ″No″ I answered, but judging by the look he was giving me, he knew I wasn’t telling the truth.

″Okay yes it did, I mean i’m sure if I had tried as much food from different places around the world like I assume you have, i’m sure I’d find something better than a simple Sunday dinner″.

I looked at him with a raised brow,waiting for another food choice, ″Yes, there has been amazing dishes I tried from different cultures but nothing compares to food at home cooked by your family that you all enjoy together, it makes the food a hundred times better″.

I never thought of it that way before, but still my favourite food is and will always be chicken nuggets.

″Okay, my turn″ Grayson announced as he cracked his knuckles,well this should be interesting. ″Lib, I never knew how to ask you this, I guess I didn’t want you to think i’m delusional for asking you this early″ He paused, leaving me on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t take my eyes off him as I tried to read what he is trying to ask me.

″Grayson, are you okay?″ I asked him with a mixture of both worry and humor, he was pacing back and forth, running his fingers through his brown locks. Taking in a deep breath, he finally answered me by giving me a nod.

″I guess what i’m trying to say is, Lib″. What was he going to ask, one question I hoped he would ask kept popping up in my head but since i’m used to letting my hopes up, I had to push it aside-for now.

″Lib?″ He breathed out just above a whisper making his voice sound so deep and sexy, Yes? I mentally spoke in my head begging for him to continue but in reality I gave him an encouraging nod.

″I guess what i’m trying to say is″, He paused to take in a deep breath, who knew someone as built as Grayson could be this nervous.

″Do you believe in aliens?″.

My entire face dropped,that’s what he had himself all worked about?

″Jesus, you had me all nervous, why would you do that″ I exclaimed frantically, holding a hand to my heart, ″And by the way no,I don’t believe in aliens″.

He chuckled at my very reasonable reaction before he walked closer to me, grasping my head in his warm hands looking into my eyes. My eyes never left us, the only sounds heard was his hitched breathing and my shaky breaths.

″What I really wanted to ask you was, will you be my girlfriend?″He asked hesitantly.

BINGO! I just hit the jackpot with Grayson Smith.

I was left speechless before I realized I shouldn’t keep him waiting for too long, ″Of course, Gray!″ I chuckled, he let out a breath of relief also letting go of my head, I was going to pout but he stopped me by enveloping me in a tight hug getting hit with the scent of pine trees and cotton.

″Gray?″ I breathed out as much as I could since Grayson’s tight hug was cutting off my blood circulation.

″Hmm?″ He mumbled from the crook of my neck, sending chills down my spine.

″You’re kinda choking me″. He instantly let go of me, checking to make sure I was okay making me chuckle.

″Gray, stop freaking out, i’m all good″.

He dramatically wiped swipe from his forehead, ″Thank God, Lib! I don’t want to bury another body″ He blubbered out,widening his eyes at what he had just said as if he shouldn’t have said that.

The blood drained from his face, he was looking everywhere but at me. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I wanted to ask him about it, I desperately was pleading for answers from all the questions swirling around in my head. But instead I stayed quiet, I didn’t know what to say and either did he. The only sounds heard were coming from the different various types of trees from beside us and the faint sound of cars driving on the hard, concrete roads below us.

″Uh, let’s start eating″ He nervously added,changing the subject. I nodded my head with my brows furrowed together.

He looked uncomfortable, and I didn’t want him to feel that way so I knew I needed to change the subject.

″So Gray, tell me a bit about yourself″I nudged him with my shoulder as he daydreamed at the Hollywood sign in front of us eating a sandwich. That boy and his damn sandwiches.

″There’s not much to tell″ He shrugged, oh come on that has to be a right and upper lie! Everyday that i’m with him I learn something new about him.

″Come on, Gray. Don’t get all shy now, I mean I am your girlfriend after all″ I teased, nudging him once again.

″Okay, Miss.bossy boots″ He smirked, ″As you already know I have my little sister Bella, she’s great...the majority of the time″ He rolled his eyes playfully.

″The same with Gabriela, she’ll either be watching movies with you, or pulling out your hair″.

It was true Gab did try pull or chop my hair off one time so she could glue it to her bald dolls head and cut it up because she wanted to be a hairdresser which has then since changed to a ‘princess dress maker’.

″Then my dad is a CEO of Smith Enterprises, he isn’t home much but when he is he’s pretty chill, we watch a lot of football together when he has the time that is. I can’t blame him for working hard though, growing up he didn’t always have it easy so I see why he pushes himself harder then he needs to″.

I nodded my head understandingly, so Grayson doesn’t come from an old money family.

″But my Mom, she’s incredible Lib. You’ll really love her, she’s caring and smart and understanding. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better to be my Mom.She helped me through so much, there’s not enough words in the English dictionary to thank her. When I was at my lowest she held my head high″ He looked down sadly, kicking some rocks sending dirt flying everywhere.

I walked closer to him, and massaged his shoulders trying to ease away some of the building nerves. Everybody had a sensitive subject they didn’t want to talk about and I guess this was one of his.

″You don’t have to talk about it anymore, Gray. I understand if it’s a touchy topic″.

He sighed before turning around to face me. ″That’s the thing Lib, it’s not. It shouldn’t be because everything is supposed to be perfect. We’re supposed to live till we’re old and can barely walk anymore. That’s what they all say, they tell us what we should do, how we should feel. Do they know how hard it is to want to speak a thousand words but knowing you’ll never be heard or that everything you do is a big cry for attention because that’s what killed her!″

I no longer recognised the eyes I was looking into, they weren’t the dazzling green I adore, they were dark, full of sadness and regret. If I could just catch a glimpse of what he was inside it would be hollow, not full of love, laughs and prosperity.

Who hurt you Grayson?

He must have noticed the shell shocked emotion on my face, ″I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, I shouldn’t have said a thing″.

I shook my head, ″Don’t be crazy, Gray. You’re human it’s okay to speak out, for your feelings to be heard. We were born with voices so they could be heard, we were born with feelings so we could show them. You don’t ever have to apologise for being human″.

I meant every word I said, but still I couldn’t get ‘her’ out of my head. Who was this mysterious girl he was talking about.

Would I ever know?

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