Grayson Smith

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Chapter Eighteen.Play fights and old best-friends.

Song for this chapter: Trella-Crash.

I loved him, there was no denying it. I wanted to tell him so badly, I yearned to reach out to him, for him to hug me and for me to whisper gently in his ear, ″I love you″. But I never did and I regretted it. Like the past three days I didn’t get a blink of sleep.

I guess it was the fear in me that was yelling at me for the keep my ‘i love you’s’ to myself, but my heart was telling me otherwise. My fear overcame my heart and there was nothing more I regretted right now than not telling him just how much I care for him.

When my alarm went off an few minutes ago, I wasn’t even sleeping. I was just staring blankly at the walls as I listened to Gabriela’s soft snores and let my thoughts overcome me. I wanted to tell him so badly and last night was the perfect time to do so, but I guess a part of me was scared. Scared that he wouldn’t say it back, scared that he thinks we’re moving too fast and wants to end things, scared that he would leave me.

Last night was amazing, it was everything to me. After looking up at the stars for a while and just enjoying each other’s company not saying a word because no words needed to be spoken in that moment, we headed back to the limo where James was patiently waiting for us as we caught him by surprise as he was singing ‘Girl’s just wanna have fun’.

We drank some champagne and just talked about anything and everything, when we arrived at my house he walked me to door like the gentleman he is and that was where I screwed up. I was just about to say ‘I love you’ before I chickened out and embarrassingly said ‘i love your face’.

Like what was I thinking! I love your face? Good going Libby.

I’m glad I did make him laugh though as he replied back with ″I love your face too, Lib″. The way my little nickname rolls off his tongue sends my heart into overdrive and sends chills rippling down my spine like a slithering snake.

And then he left, we kissed and then he went home. I wanted to yell ‘I love you’ but I hadn’t.

I had just dropped Gabriela off at the bus stop making sure she got on safely before I came back home and decided to just eat a juicy green apple since I really didn’t have an apatite at the moment

″Are you not going to eat something proper″ A familiar voice spoke up from behind me, making me jerk up right from staring straight ahead of me in a daydream and turn around to face my annoying brother Jackson.

″I’m not that hungry″ I shrugged before taking a big bite from the apple with a loud crunch. I always found that sound oddly satisfying.

He huffed rolling his eyes before eating some pop tarts without heating them up or anything. ″Are you not going to eat something proper?″ I mimicked him with a chuckle earning a roll of the eyes from him.

″You could of at least heated them up, you just broke all the pop tart rules by eating them straight out of the packet″.

He quirked a brow up at me, ″What are you going to do about it?″ He teased, with a smirk playing on his lips. Oh Jacko, you don’t know what’s gonna hit ya.

In an instant I harshly flung my bitten apple straight at him, hitting him in the middle of forehead. ″BULLSEYE!″ I yelled as I did a little happy dance.

When I looked back at him, his jaw was clenched, his eyes dark and his nostrils were flaring. I think someone’s mad, you know what that means.


As quickly as I could, I ran as fast as my two legs could take me out of the kitchen and into the living area, I could feel him hot on my tail as he quickly started to catch up with me.

Using the first thing I seen to use as a shield or weapon I grabbed it, Jackson laughed. I looked at what was now in my hand, it was a perfume bottle. Once again, good going Libby. Unless this perfume just magically happens to be annoying big brother repellent then I was more or less done for.

I screamed, playing along as he came closer to me in slow,long strides. I held the perfume bottle up on defense. ″Come any closer and I’ll spray you!″ I threatened but I couldn’t stop the smile that was playing along my lips as he approached me closer and closer.

With a quick sweep of his strong hand he knocked the perfume straight out of my outstretched hand making him smirk, ″Oh shit″ I cursed, defeated as he tackled me to the ground. We usually play fought when we were kids even though I would end up with multiple bruises it was something we both did since we hadn’t anything else to do.

Pinning my arms above my head with one head, he started to tickle me with free hands making me burst out into a fit of laughter as I wriggled from underneath him. ″Dude.Stop″ I breathed out in between my laughter.

″Apologise, Libby″ He demanded, a big smile apparent on his ugly face.

″Never″ I seethed playfully as I struggled from underneath him making him just tickle me more and more where it almost started to hurt.

I screamed in frustration, ″Get off me!″ I yelled but a smirk was still playing on lips, ″If you don’t get off me in three seconds I will scream bloody murder″.

He quirked a brow up at me, almost testing me. I always live up to my words and so I screamed like I was someone who escaped a mental institution. I’m sure little Jackson’s ears were ringing by now, he hates when I scream. I always used it against him when I knew he would win a joke match.

″GET O-″ Before I could yell out rest of my sentence, my front door slammed open. Frantically Grayson came rushing in over to us, his forehead creased. His hair was dishevelled from probably running his hands through them.

Jackson got up off me, giving me his hand to help me. I obliged and took it as I stood up. I won this one, tough luck Jacko.

Grayson’s eyebrows were furrowed as he looked between the both of us, his breathing was heavy as his eyes looked confused, he lips almost pursed down into a frown, ″Is everything okay?″ He asked, his voice heavy from his unsteady breaths . Me and Jackson just looked at each other and laughed.

″Oh yeah, I was just teaching Elizabeth here a little lesson on not to hit people on the head with an apple, that was bit into may I add″ He patted my shoulder, I groaned loudly at the mention of my full name.

″And I totally won that match, may I add″ I mimicked, a big proud smile on my face. Grayson let out a chuckle that warmed my heart at the sound of it. It was so warm and bright and each laugh we shared was taking a pinch of darkness out of me.

″Oh really?″ Jackson sarcastically remarked as he raised a brow up at me. I nodded my head.

″Yup″ I popped the ‘p’ before a thought came into my head making me smirk.

″What are you smirking about?″ Jackson questioned bluntly but he still had a small smile on his face. I’m sure that won’t be there in about five seconds.

Grayson was just watching me and Jackson with a mixture of both amusement and confusion. ″Oh just this″ I shrugged as I took a step closer to him, but not too close. I needed some room to lift my leg.

And that is when I quickly hit up my leg and kicked him where the sun don’t shine making a loud groan escape his lips as he fell down onto his two knees, Grayson made an ‘ooh’ sound as he cringed.

I smiled proudly at Jackson and before he could compose himself I quickly grabbed Grayson’s hand, ignoring the tingles and ran out of the house as fast as we possibly could, laughs escaped my lips as we nearly tripped down the porch step.

Adrenalin was pulsing through my veins as we both ran to his car, the sun scorching our skin as he opened the passenger side door for me to get inside. I turned on the radio as soon as I buckled my seat belt in.

We got to school not long after, the car ride consisted of the both of us laughing about this mornings events in my house and singing along to whatever songs played on the radio. It was hard for me to look in his eyes when I was so madly in love with him and knowing I couldn’t tell him yet. I wanted to find the perfect moment, it could be today, tomorrow. next week. Who knows? But all I know is that I can’t wait much longer.

Saying our goodbyes with a soft kiss as Grayson had a meeting with the football team, I made my way to the locker where I noticed Blake was leaning against the locker two down from mine. I smiled at him as I brushed past him and got out everything I needed for my next three classes.

I didn’t want to show him that his obnoxiousness and blunt attitude bothered me because it didn’t. I just don’t understand what his problem is with me, maybe it’s because i’m not blonde or as sweet like Becca and the rest of the girls. Yeah that’s it, he just doesn’t like people who are brunettes, shame really cause we’re a whole lot of fun.

But then again...Becca is brunette.

″You’re clueless, aren’t you?″ he muttered from beside me as I slammed my locker shut and sighed as I turned around to face him.

″You can speak? Cause for a moment there I thought you got your tongue chopped off by Jigsaw″ I remarked sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes as he approached me making me take a step back making sure not to bump into anyone behind me. ″You don’t know who I am″ He alleged, his voice low as he looked at me deeply for any sign of something I wasn’t quite sure of.

I scrunched my face up, ″You’re Blake, I wouldn’t say I know you. But then again you haven’t spoken one word to me since Becca introduced us to each other″ I glowered, but was still trying to keep my calm. Where’s Grayson when you need him.

This boy was seriously confusing me, I think he might be a bit...cookoo. First he doesn’t speak to me at all which was fine with me, but now when he does finally utter out a word he accuses me of not knowing who he is. I’m sorry if your parent is famous or some shit but that doesn’t mean I have to know you. I barely know anyone in this town let alone in school.

He let out an angry breath as he eyed me distastefully, ″People said you’ve changed, Libby. But I didn’t think you would forget your old best-friend″ He seethed before he brushed past me harshly, almost knocking all of the books out of my hands.

I was left shocked, what was he possibly talking about. I’m sure I’ve never met him before let alone be best-friends with him. Either I lost my memory or he’s just making up some shit to make me paranoid.

But his words wouldn’t leave my head all day, making me indeed paranoid. Was he my best-friend?

He couldn’t be right? I would have had some recollection of our memories together if what he is saying is true but there was none, my mind was void of any memory of us together. There was nothing in my head that connected all the dots and brought me back to Blake. He had to be talking bullshit.

I needed to talk to him about it, I made a plan to talk to him at lunch about it. To see if he was indeed telling me lies to put me on edge for whatever stupid reason he comes up with, or if he’s telling me truth which is most unlikely.

Three classes went by in the blink of an eye, Biology was quite amusing with Grayson once again cracking his ‘Dad’ jokes making the class erupt with laughter including myself. What would I ever do without him.

I’m quite surprised he has yet to get told off by Miss, but then again he does keep up his immaculate grades and I’m pretty sure Miss has a crush on him. Talk about being a cougar.

Just the thought of her alone gives me the shivers, but her having a crush on my boyfriend just makes it 10x worse and makes me want to run her over with lawnmower. Not with jealousy, but because that’s just flat out gross and unprofessional of her.

″You know she totally has a crush on you right?″ I stated to Grayson with a shiver as we walked out of class together.

He furrowed his brows together and pursed his lips, ″Who?″ He asked with a soft smile playing on his lips.

″Our teacher, Miss cougar″ I beckoned back towards class with my head, he let out a loud chuckle once I told him who.

″Oh Lib″ He smiled once he stopped chuckling, placing his arm around my shoulder as I inhaled his smell of pine tree and cotton. ″You know, I think you have real competition on your hands. She is quite the looker″ He joked sarcastically making my jaw drop.

″Oh really?″ I commented sternly, an amused smile on my face as he nodded his head with a smirk.

″Really″ He mused as he leaned against his locker pulling me closer against him so we were now just inches apart from each others lips. He placed his two soft hands on my warm cheeks as he dipped his head down and placed his plump lips on mine.

I smiled within the kiss but soon remembered we were in school with hundreds of people surrounding us as I placed my hand on his hard chest and pulled myself away from him as much as I didn’t want to.

He smirked playfully at me as he winked, ″I’ll see you soon, Lib″ He said before he placed a quick lingering kiss on my lips before getting lost in the crowds of people in the hallway making his way to the football team.

After putting away the books I no longer needed and got the ones I did need next class, I made my way to the cafeteria. We were having big break earlier than expected since we’re getting a half day today due to our principle retiring . It’s a bit weird to retire in the middle of the school year but I can’t really blame him to be honest. This school is hell, I’d want to leave as soon as possible if I could too.

Sitting down next to Becca and the other blondes who I keep forgetting the names of, I put my tray on the table as I joined in on their conversation about prom. Originally I hadn’t wanted to go, but now that i’m with Grayson I think I might just have changed my mind.

Blake was shooting daggers at me and I made a mental note to talk to him when he was by himself. I didn’t look at Blake once but rather kept my attention on the smiling blondes as they conversed about ‘the big day’. I swear it’s as if they were getting married, ten years down the line they’ll probably hate the dress they chose and regret who their date was.

″So what are you wearing?″ Becca asked me with a bright smile on my face, knocking me out of my thoughts, I simply shrugged.

″Ehm, I haven’t actually thought about it yet. I wasn’t really planning on going, but I don’t know. I think my plans have changed’ I admitted embarrassingly as a blush started to rise upon my pale cheeks thinking about how Grayson changed me in a good way.

″Of course they have changed″ Becca squealed, ″You’re with Grayson now right?″ She nudged me with her shoulder and soon the whole table had their eyes concentrated on me, including Blake’s.

I nodded shyly and was about to ask how they found out but I second thought that since I think it’s pretty obvious. We were kissing in the hallway, I think that would give everyone the answer they were searching for.

I heard a loud huff from in front of me as Blake snatched up his lunch tray and walked off, I furrowed my brows at him even though he couldn’t see me and was walking away without a word.

″Don’t worry about him, he’s just pmsing″ Becca joked from beside me giving me a comforting smile. I nodded and smiled back mirroring her actions. This was my chance to talk to him, and so I took it.

″Girls, I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back″ I made up any excuse that came to my head as I excused myself and left without another word.

I followed in the direction I seen Blake leave to hoping I would eventually find him. I left the cafeteria and went down the long hallway, brushing past people as they were swapping saliva with one another or smoking trying not to get caught.

I could see some dirty blonde hair walk in through a door at the end of the hallway. Shit! He’s gone to where the footballers have their meetings, well can’t say i’m surprised. He is on the team.

But I need to talk to him or my thoughts will explode and I can’t go through another sleepless night with no answers. I needed answers and I was going to make damn sure I got them.

Sprinting to end of the corridor I panted for air as I finally reached the door. I’m so unfit, probably from all those pancakes. Thanks Gabriela.

I cautiously opened the door and walked in making all heads snap in my direction and obviously Grayson and Blake’s did too. Grayson smiled at me but his eyebrows were furrowed together as were everybody else’s in the room, but Blake’s. He just looked pissed off as he dug his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall.

″Are you okay?″ Grayson asked me gently earning a wolf whistle from the rest of the football team, I narrowed my eyes at them making them shut up and mutter words to each other about football.

″Yeah″ I nodded my head and gave him a reassuring smile, ″I just need to talk to someone″.

He quirked a brow up at me and nodded, I gave him a quick kiss as he walked back over to the football team. ″You″ I pointed an accusing finger at Blake making him roll my eyes, ″I need to speak to you″.

He pushed himself off the wall and walked over to me crossing his arms over his chest, ″About what″ He muttered, making me sigh with frustration. Now is not the time for games and we don’t have long left before the bell rings signaling for us to go home.

″You know what″I narrowed my eyes at him, not liking his fake innocence. ″Now be a good boy and follow me outside″ I demanded, my tone high pitched and sweet but was faker than Kim Kardashian’s ass.

He nodded, letting out a short huff. Before walking out I wiggled my fingers at the boys and smiled at Grayson and Grayson only, ″Bye boys″. My eyes were on Grayson as he smirked and shot me a cheeky wink.

Pulling Blake out of the room harshly by his strong arm I let go of his arm once he shut the door.

″Care to explain why you took me out of an important meeting, Libby?″ His voice was sharp and dark and laced with venom as he looked at like I was gum from under his shoe.

″Important meeting, seriously?″ I snapped, ″What were you talking about earlier, why don’t I have no memory of you?″.

I lay it all on the table and went straight ahead with the question that would be bugging me for weeks and weeks if I didn’t ask him right here, right now.

″I don’t know, Libby. Maybe that boy toy Hunter hit you so hard one time you lost all recollection of your childhood″ He spat out but once those words left his lips I could clearly see regret in his eyes.

The colour drained from my face, did everyone know about Hunter hitting me? Was I being too oblivious to know that everyone knew and I was just living in my own bubble trying to block it all out?

He put out his hand about to touch my arm but I jerked away harshly, ″Don’t you dare touch me″ I croaked out, tears now starting to prick my eyes at the memory of everything Hunter had put me through, all of the emotional abuse, the threats and the hit that knocked me to the ground.

″I’m sorry, Libby. I didn’t mean what I said″ He apologised, the tone of voice sounding deep and saddened. Maybe he should have thought first before he spoke.

″Look″ I began, wiping away the stray tear that escaped my left eye. ″I don’t know what I did to you, I don’t know why you hate me so much, but I need to know if your lying or not. I don’t remember you and if you’re telling the truth about us being best-friends once upon a time, then I need to find out why I have recollection of you″.

He took in a short amount of breath, looking at me through sad eyes. ″It’s true″ He breathed out, ″You were my best-friend since I could remember. We were next door neighbours since you were born and we would spend all of our time together, do everything together. We told each other everything, things I haven’t told anybody else. But then your Dad passed and you became distant, I tried be there for you but you wouldn’t leave your bedroom. I called in everyday for eight months and that’s when we moved house. I wanted to see you one last time and I did at the grocery store but you acted as if you didn’t know who I was″ He admitted sadly, ″But now I know it wasn’t an act, you don’t know who I am″.

My heart had quickened as tears started to flow out of my eyes like Niagara Falls, why couldn’t I remember him. Why God why? What happened that made me forget about him. I closed my eyes and shut them tightly trying to remember back to those days, but I couldn’t. It was empty, like there was a black hole inside my head. I needed answers.

″We were best friends ten years, Libby″.

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