Grayson Smith

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Chapter Two. Smash Into You.

Song for this chapter: Beyoncè- Smash Into You.

I put the fifty dollar note in my bra to keep it for grocery shopping after school, I’ll get Hunter to drop me off at Kroger after school since he drives me home and it’s only about ten minutes from my house. I went into my living room to get my plain red jansport schoolbag and put it on the couch as I plonked myself down next to it just waiting for Hunter to come collect me.

I was looking up at the ceiling that had some mysterious stains on it, I mean I don’t know how stains can get up on a ceiling. Lost in my thoughts I only realized Hunter was outside because Jackson came in and hit me with a cushion. I quickly grabbed my schoolbag that was next to me and rushed outside knowing Hunter isn’t one to wait.

He was leaned up against his black shiny new car his dad bought him for his eighteenth birthday with a joint in his hand and sunglasses on. I have to say he looked damn fine. ″I was waiting for ages Libby″ He scoffed and rolled his eyes as he opened his car door and got inside not forgetting to slam it shut. He looked great but his personality?... not so much.

I rolled my eyes and made my way over to the passenger side of the car and got in not looking once at Hunter. I heard him sigh in frustration knowing i’m ignoring him, before he started the car and started driving us to school. There’s no real reason why i’m currently ignoring him, it just drives me insane when he scoffs at me. I’m already dealing with enough shit at home, I don’t need any more drama added into my chaotic life.

A few minutes of driving in awkward silence , I could see him glancing at me every few seconds while I was looking out the window pretending not to notice him staring at me. He stopped at the traffic lights and he just kept staring at me like some psycho serial killer but I still had my concentration on the window just looking at the rain that just started hitting off the window. I heard him let out a deep breath and then he turned his face away from me to look in front of him waiting for the traffic lights to turn green.

From the corner of my eye I could see him pull something out of the glove compartment, he tapped me on the shoulder making me sigh but when I turned around to look at him he was holding something I needed more than anything right now, a joint. I gladly took it and I noticed he smirked at me then handed me a lighter which I took without thinking twice. I rolled the window down so the strong smell of weed wouldn’t be infused permanently in his new car.

The first pull was like heaven, a craving I’ve been waiting too long for. After a few more pulls I could tell my eyes were starting to look like as if I was going to cry and my body started to feel all tingly. This is exactly what I needed, my vision was slightly blurry but I didn’t mind because the buzz I knew I would soon feel would all be worth it.

When we pulled up outside of school, I opened my school bag that was at my feet and rooted through my bag looking for my eye drops so it wouldn’t be too noticeable I was high in school. I found them at the very end of my schoolbag. I untwisted the lid and added two drops into each eye, I motioned the bottle over to Hunter but he shook his head telling me he didn’t need them even though his eyes were clearly bloodshot.

I quickly put my eye drops into my bag not wanting to test his patience then got out of his car the same time as him, he locked the door as we walked into school grounds. Ugh how i’m dreading this day, any day with school included I dread. Why can’t I just be done already?

Before we walked in the school doors he held my hand like he always does to show people that apparently i’m his and no one can have me. It makes me feel like an object to be honest. No, it doesn’t make me feel like an object by him simply holding my hand, it makes me feel like an object because of the way he talks about me when a guy even looks in my direction or says something so simply to me like ‘hello’. He always says something to them like, ‘she’s mine back off’ or ‘you can’t have her’.He never refers to me by my name it’s always ‘her’.

Since now it’s my last year of school every guy knows not to glance in my direction or try be friendly with me unless you’re a guy in our group. When we walked into school walking down the halls to our lockers, I wasn’t surprised to see every guy with their heads held down as we walked past them and a few girls smirk at Hunter as if he’s Dave Franco or some shit.

When we reached my locker he turned me around so my head was on my locker and he was leaning in close to me with his hands on either side of my head. Looking sexily at me I couldn’t help but smirk. I looked to my left and noticed a few girls look at our embrace, jealous that they’re not in my shoes right now. He leaned in and kissed me slowly but roughly like he was doing it all for the girls to see just what they’re missing out on, making them want him even more.

It does bother me how he does everything just for show, it bothers me so much that if he wasn’t as good as he in bed, I’d cut off whatever we have going on between us. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered seductively saying, ″See you in class″.

I nodded my head back at him as he gave me a quick kiss then walked off. When I glanced back over to my left at the girls again they all looked away pretending not to be staring at me and Hunter back there, as if I didn’t already catch them creeping.

After getting my books from my locker that looked identical to the one’s in High School Musical, I slammed it shut since it’s broken and so hard to close. Usually when I close my locker I walk straight on in front of me since the person who had the locker beside mine graduated and we have too many lockers in this school, so no one has it yet.

I went to walk straight on as I normally would but this time it wasn’t like every other normal school day, I actually bumped into someone making them fall on the floor with their books and papers flying everywhere. I didn’t look at the person who I knocked over but just helped pick up their stuff, I handed it to them still not looking at them.

″Tha-″ they were going to say something but I cut them off.

″Watch where-″ I was going to say ‘watch where you’re going’ but when I glanced at the guy I knocked over who just stood up after getting the remaining of his stuff off of the floor. I couldn’t help but think how gorgeous he was. I never seen him here before.

I snapped back into reality after daydreaming just looking at his face, his golden brown hair, prominent jaw line, striking green eyes and he had these nerd glasses on but they looked so good on him-Perfect actually. He had on a tight fitted blue t-shirt with the hollister logo on it, and I could tell how toned his body was making my mouth nearly water. How did I not notice him here before?

″Well thanks again″ He smiled looking slightly down at me, he was about four or five inches taller than me. I sighed looking around to make sure no one seen him talking to me because if Hunter found out, his pretty face wouldn’t last so long.

″Watch where you’re going in the future″ I snapped and brushed passed him walking to English class. I sat with a girl from our group named Olivia, she also happens to be going out with my brother Jackson. I’m not the biggest fan of her, she seems like a homewrecker to be honest. I heard she kissed her ex at a club one time because she couldn’t get over the fact that he moved on while she couldn’t. Well who am I to judge?

After six classes it was lunch time, I walked to my locker holding a few books I needed to put away. After putting the books into my locker, I walked into the main hall where everyone has lunch. I didn’t need to look around to try find my group because we always sit at the same table, and if anyone takes it...well then there will be trouble.

I walked over to the table in the centre of the hall and noticed I was the last one there as usual, Hunter and Olivia were talking about something that happened last class with a new student or something, while I sat down in between Kylie and Brody.

I’ve known Kylie and Brody since I was thirteen, them two are the ones that changed how I acted. Since I met them I started doing different drugs like, weed, ecstasy and I don’t even know what else. I started drinking and rebelling against teachers. They changed me for the worse but I wouldn’t change who I am now, I like how I can easily defend myself. I used to be so sensitive I just cringe thinking back to how I used to be...


I was just listening in to Kylie and Brody’s conversation about a party tonight when I heard Olivia call my name. ″Yeah?″ I sighed looking at her not the least bit interested in what she has to say to me. I hate talking to that girl even in English class I do my best to ignore her.

″So″ She smirked eyeing me up and down.

″I seen you talking to that new kid this morning″. When Hunter heard this he looked over at me angrily, gritting his teeth together, the look in his eyes looked like he wanted to kill somebody. Reason number one as to why I hate Olivia Benson, she brings up irrelevant shit just so i’d get in trouble. Either she’d bring up something in front of a teacher, friend or Hunter. She knew he’d get angry at me for just looking at the new kid.

″Actually Olivia″ I spitted out, ″I told him to watch where he’s going in the future because he bumped into me″.

She raised her brow questionably then rolled her eyes before continuing to eat her salad. These bitches and their salads, just eat a burger already. Hunter leaned over the table so he was looking directly at me.

″I need to speak to you after school″. I swallowed nervously and nodded my head as he sat back down in front of me. I looked around the hall watching everyone talk to their friends while eating their lunch, then something caught my attention or more so someone.

The kid I bumped into was sitting at the table no one sits on,by himself, just eating what looks like a ham sandwich. I was staring at him for a while. I don’t know why to be honest he just seems interesting? He looked over at me and I turned my head so quickly I could get a serious case of whiplash.

Shit! He probably caught me just staring at him like so some type of creepy stalker. ″You coming tonight?″ Kylie turned to me, I could see her eyelashes clumped together probably because of a cheap mascara she used, her dark brown hair was in a high ponytail and her purple eye shadow wasn’t as blended as it should be but all in all she was a pretty girl to make must of the guys in our school want her. but she only wants one guy and that’s Brody.

″Eh, coming where?″ I asked her and she rolled her eyes as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

″The party, Libby″ She chuckled with her high pitched voice that annoys me most of the time. The party? a party does sound like a good thing to do thing tonight.Hopefully I can bribe Jackson into minding Gabriela tonight so I can go. I mean I’ve only been minding her for seven years he could at least mind her for one night. Usually when I go to parties Gabriela stays at her friend Bella’s house, so either Jackson can mind her or she’s staying at Bella’s house tonight.

″Yeah″ I fake smiled at her, ″I’ll be there″.

She nodded her head, ″I’ll pick you up at seven″. Then she continued talking to Brody. I was looking towards Olivia and Hunter while they were still talking about the new kid.

″He’s so rude″ Olivia sneered,while I rolled my eyes. She thinks everyone’s rude. ″I was like trying to talk to him you know to try get him to come home with me″ she said as if she’s fucking Beyonce.

″And he just rolled his eyes and moved seats″. Of course, I said in my head as she continued complaining about this new kid turning her down. I’m not surprised he did, he probably didn’t want to get an std.

When the bell rang we all split up in different directions going our separate ways to our classes, I groaned just thinking about having to go through Biology alone. I walked into class just in time and sat down in the back like I usually would. I haven’t sat next to anybody in this class since Hunter got kicked out for smoking weed.

A few minutes into class the kid I bumped into walked in and walked up to the teacher handing her a late note. He was about to walk to the back of the class where I was but the teacher Mrs.Hudson called him back. He walked back over to her agreeably and smiled at her confused as to why he was called back. ″Have I seen you here before, young man?″ She asked with her overly sweet voice.

Now if Mrs.Hudson was a twenty something year old teacher, it would be pretty suspicious if she called her student ‘young man’ but since she’s in her late sixties and happily married it’s very unlikely they’d end up together.

″Oh no, I just exchanged here″ He replied in his deep, sexy voice, smiling at her.

″Well young man, welcome to Kemp High″ she smiled back at him. I swear I think she’s flirting with him, she’s like older than my grandma. I shivered at the thought.

Once again he was about to walk off to find an empty chair but she interrupted, ″I hadn’t got your name″. He made an ‘o’ shape with his mouth before replying.

″Grayson″ he smiled showing off his perfectly straight white teeth.

″Grayson Smith″.

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