Grayson Smith

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Chapter Twenty Four. Somewhere Only We Know.

Song for this chapter: Lily Allen- Somewhere Only We Know.

I had been twisting and turning the past few hours trying to just get any bit of sleep my body would allow, but I guess luck wasn’t on my side again. Worry was something that was filling my veins since I had watched Grayson drive off.

And to top it all off my stomach was grumbling from hunger the past half hour. I was hungry, starving actually. I threw the sheets off me when I couldn’t take it any longer taking my phone off the bedside locker and tip toed out of my bedroom careful not to wake a sleeping Gabriela.

Gently closing the door behind me, I walked down the stairs in the pitch darkness making sure to avoid that one step which sounds like a chainsaw when you step it on it too hard. My eyes felt swollen from the tiredness but yet I couldn’t sleep and I knew it was because I was hungry and worried for Grayson.

I wanted to text him but he wouldn’t be awake by now. Turning on the kitchen light, the clock read 4.36am, yeah he definitely wouldn’t be awake by now. I could just send him a text for him to wake up to in the morning?

Yeah! That’s exactly what I’ll do, I’ll just send him a text him cause i’m not a psycho girlfriend who wants to know his where abouts 24/7...

Okay, maybe just a little, but I just wanted to make sure he was safe and a text is least I could do. The look in his eyes when he left told me that he was in pain and it broke me to see him like that so the least I could actually do was send him a small text.

I put my phone on the counter as I made myself a sandwich before texting Gray, I put chicken,lettuce, cheese and mayo on the white bread and cut them in fours before sitting at the counter and taking a glance out the window in front of me.

The sky was pitch black outside, only a small few stars were littering the sky. It was funny because ever since I met Grayson and we went to our secret place, every time I looked up at the stars I no longer cried thinking of my Dad when he would show me them when I was younger and make up all funny names for them like ‘Agnes’ and ‘Laquesha’.

But now when I looked at the stars they reminded me of the laughs we shared and that he was looking down at me with a smile on his face and it also reminded me of a certain boy named Grayson, his dimpled smile and bright heart. Grayson was taking away all of the darkness that was sucking the good out of me like a leech.

As corny as it sounds, he was my real life hero.

Finishing my sandwich I unlocked my phone, my phone lingering on the contact that said Mr.Gray. That wasn’t my idea, he changed it one time when I was too distracted in biology class, but I never had the heart to change it. It was funny I had to admit.

Hey Gray, how are you?′ I texted but quickly deleted, how are you? Okay that was not something I would say.

Wassup Grayson′

it’s half four in the morning and I can’t keep my mind off you′ That’s too stalkerish.

I groaned not knowing at all what in the world to send him, what would be the right thing to send him? Like, oh hey how are you doing I know you just lost someone who you loved dearly but hey.

’Hey Gray, It’s actually half four in the morning but by the time you probably wake up and read this it will be morning but i’m texting you and I don’t know why. I guess I’m just worried, I couldn’t sleep thinking if you’re okay. Are you okay, Gray? Stalker mode on

I sent it .

Then I threw my phone across the kitchen.

Stalker mode on? What was wrong with me? Okay, if he hadn’t thought I was crazy before, he is going to now.

″Why are you still awake?″ A deep,groggy voice groaned from behind me making me fall off my chair and land straight on my butt.

Ow, I got up and rubbed my butt and scowled at Jackson who was now laughing. ″I could ask you the same thing″ I quirked a brow up at him.

He sighed and sat down next to me once I sat myself back down, I punched him on the shoulder. He scrunched his face up at me, ″What was that for?″ He asked.

I made a face that said ‘Are you serious right now?’.

″Jackson, one you kept Blake from me and two, you just made me fall off the chair″ I answered, ″Now why are you still awake?″.

He looked regretful once I mentioned Blake’s name and to be honest, I wasn’t mad at him. I was disappointed of course but he was doing what he thought was best for Blake and I and I can’t hate him for that. At least he had my best interest at heart and that’s all that really matters. I only brought up the whole Blake thing now because I just felt like it.

″Well I guess you were right″ He answered, his voice clipped. If I know one thing about my brother it’s that he hates admitting to anyone that he was in the wrong. He was fumbling with his fingers, his mind elsewhere as he joined me and looked out the window too.

″And would you like clarify on what I was right about, Jacko. Because I’m sure there are plenty of things I am right about, you’re just too cocky to admit it″ I nudged him with my shoulder jokingly, but he didn’t seem fazed by it.

He looked dull, like he had just woken up in a whole other century and everyone he knew was dead. ″Olivia and I broke up″ He admitted.

Can I get a hallelujah? I need to do some happy dance. I smiled widely at his revelation but it dropped just as soon as it appeared when I looked at how upset he seemed. ″Why did you two break up?″ I asked, I wanted to snicker because I knew all along why they would eventually break up, he was just too blind to see it.

″Do I need to answer that?″ He asked rhetorically, his eyes still concentrated on the window, his answer had a double meaning and I knew actually what he was talking about. He knew I knew why they broke up and he didn’t have to inform me on why.

″I guess not″ I answered him, ″You know I’m amazed it took you so long to finally catch her out. I mean she probably had slept with the who-″.

″Libby can you just shut up for one second!″He raised his voice that startled me, ″I know, okay? I know I was too blind to see that she was fucking all my friends behind my shoulder. You don’t have to rub it in″ He snapped, banging his fist onto the wooden table making me jerk back with fright.

Was I being too harsh? I mean come on they have been going out for what? Like three years and he only caught her out now? That has to be some type of catching cheaters record. Way to go Olivia. Can you just hear how not sarcastic i’m being. Like i’m totally not being sarcastic right now...

″I’m sorry″ I sighed, even though I actually wasn’t sorry. I of course felt bad for Jackson, but he shouldn’t have told me off every time I tried warning him. I told him he would find out eventually and he never would listen and now look where he is. He’s hurt because open 24 hours Olivia broke that little heart of his.

I don’t think i’m the only one to have seen that coming, the whole school has by now.

″I caught her in bed with some guy on the football team″ He admitted sadly, ″I guess I should be the one apologizing to you″.

″Yes, you should″ I replied back cockily, a smirk playing on my lips. He looked at me with a brow quirked, I guess he wasn’t expecting that answer.

″I’m not apologizing now, Libby. You just ruined your chances″ He smirked back. Oh it’s on Jacko, two can play at that game.

This is usually how me and Jackson are. If one person expects too much from the other, you won’t get it unless you fight them for it. But considering it was half four in the morning and we didn’t want to wake Gabriela up, we can come up with something else.

″Oh, game on″ I smirked and pushed him off the chair without warning, he went down with a loud thud and landed on his butt just like I had a few minutes ago thanks to him for frightening me and since he weighed probably the same as three sacks of potatoes. It helped that he looked like one too. A potato, that is.

″You did not just do that, Libby″ He mocked in amusement. I raised a brow up at him, smirked and then nodded.

″Uh huh, you bet your ass I did″ I laughed. ″Oh oops, can you not feel your ass anymore? Shall we bet on something else″ I joked sarcastically.

He narrowed his eyes at me and shook his head, ″Oh Libby, if I were you I would start to run″ He warned, a scary smile on his lips reminding me of the those masks used in The Purge.

Without taking another second I jumped out of my seat hurriedly and ran out of the kitchen, if I knew Jackson well enough he would chase after me until he finds where I hid then pin me down and tickle me until I couldn’t take it any longer.

I ran into the living room, looking around frantically for a place to hide. I could hear Jackson counting down from 10 in the kitchen. Making a dumb decision, I hid behind the curtains. I know right? If I was trying to hide from a psycho serial killer he would obviously would had butchered me by now.

″Where oh where is Libby″ Jackson yelled but not loud enough for Gabriela to hear from upstairs. He yelled it in the tone that sounded like ‘where oh where is shadow’ from Bear in the big blue house.

I held my hand over my mouth to try stop Jackson from hearing my loud breathing. I could hear his footsteps leave the kitchen and knew he now was in the hall from the creaking of the wooden floors.

The noise of the doorbell ringing made me jump since the whole house was quiet except from Jackson’s footsteps. Oh real funny Jackson, he obviously managed to somehow open the front door without me hearing him and now was trying to scare the living day lights out of me. Well, it worked.

″Libby, how did you get outside″ Jackson said and from how close how his words sounded, I could tell he was still in the house.


If it wasn’t Jackson and it definitely wasn’t me like he thought then what crackhead was at my door at nearly five in the morning? I unwrapped myself from the curtain that somehow managed to tangle between my legs as I walked over to Jackson, careful to make my footsteps light.

I crept up behind him before jumping on his back and whispering in his ear ‘boo’. He screamed like a little girl as I jumped off his back and he turned around, his voice looking void of any emotion besides a tinge of fright of course.

″How did you do that?″ He breathed out.

″What? The whole jumping on your back thing?″ I asked with furrowed brows.

″No...″ He replied back hesitantly, ″The whole doorbell ringing thing″ He motioned his hands around like a crazy person making me chuckle.

″That wasn’t me, I thought it was you″.

″Real funny, Lib″ Jackson remarked sarcastically with a roll of the eyes.

The doorbell rang again, startling us both. I crooked a smile at Jackson. ″You see? I told you it wasn’t me″.

He frowned at the door curiously, placing me in front of him as a shield as he pushed me towards the door, him still gripping onto my arms like a little pussy. I rolled my eyes at him. ″You know Jackson, this should be the other way around. I speculate about your sexuality sometimes. You know I would support you no matter what″ I joked, earning a scowl from him.

″Oh shut up, Elizabeth″ I could just tell he was smirking from behind me, that jerk. I’m going to get him back for that one. Oh the joys of having an older brother.

I reached out nervously and twisted the doorknob and opened the door, nervously peeking my head through. I let out a breath of relief and surprise at who was behind the door.

I opened the door fully, revealing Grayson. Jackson let go of my arms once he seen Grayson and ushered him inside.

Grayson came in with a small smile, ″I didn’t wake you’s both up did I? I got your text Lib so I just thought you would still be awake by the time I got here″.

I smiled at him reassuringly, but before I could answer him Jackson decided to butt in, ″Oh yeah she was awake″ Jackson smirked, in a high pitched voice he said ″She couldn’t stop talking about you man. She was like oh my sweet sweet Grayson. Oh how I miss that small co-″ I cut him off by slapping him behind the head and scowling at him.

Like music to my ears, Grayson managed to let out a small laugh. ″I do not sound like that″ I gasped.

″Yes, you do″ Jackson laughed, before giving Grayson a bro hug and walking back upstairs to probably catch up on some sleep.

″I was thinking we could go to somewhere only we knew, I mean only if you want. I know it’s late and you have schoo-″ Grayson blabbed on, before I put my finger to his lips and smiled.

″Oh course, Gray. I was actually thinking about that place a few minutes ago, I could use a bit of an adventure right now″ I answered him with a smile on my lips. He seemed to let out a small breath of relief at my words. He was so cute.

It was true, I could have used a bit of an adventure right now. I needed to get rid off the built up tension in me from everything that was going on lately, like telling Blake about everything that went down years ago and giving the devil another chance to step up to the plate.

I knew what must have been running through Blake’s head, he must think I was ignoring him because I hadn’t spoken a word to him since the day he blurted out everything about us being childhood best friends. But that was anything but the truth, I so desperately wanted to speak to him. But Grayson needed me and with Grayson is where my heart told me to go.

My Dad always told me to follow my heart and being with Grayson I knew my Dad would be proud because my heart had led me to him. As much as I didn’t want to admit it at first, from the very first moment I smashed into him, I knew it wouldn’t end there with him just helping me pick up my fallen books.

The heart wants it wants and now it was time to go to somewhere only we knew.

″I’m just gonna get changed first″ I said embarrassingly, looking down at my hot pink pajama shorts and black tank top and bunny slippers.

Grayson nodded his head agreeing,giving my outfit a once over. ″Yeah I don’t really think that’s the best attire for the cold weather, Lib″.

I smiled at his words, he was trying his best to sound like his usual self and I praised him for trying but around me he didn’t have to try. He could cry and I would comfort him, he could laugh and I would join in and he could smile and I would stare at him with so much love and awe. I was just belated to be with him, just once Grayson was in my presence that’s all that mattered because I knew I would always be safe with him in my arms.

″I second that″ I chuckled, ″I’ll be back down in a second″.


Carefully stepping into the living room wearing my grey sweat pants since they were lined with soft cotton on the inside and would keep me warm, black woolly jumper, converse of course and Grayson’s denim jacket that surprisingly smelled like him but was slightly wearing off so I needed to make a mental note for Gray to spray it with whatever godly smelling cologne he uses once it fades away.

Grayson was stood by the fireplace, looking at all of the pictures of me and my family before Dad passed. Those pictures showed the happiest of moments I had before it all came crashing down. But with Grayson he made me feel that happiness again and it scared me at first. Maybe that’s why I was so hesitant to befriend him, but I knew my Dad would want me to welcome him and not push him away. So that’s exactly what I did and I couldn’t have made a better decision.

I wrapped my hand around his arm and leaned my head on his shoulder taking in his smell I adored as I too looked at the happy moments captured in a picture. ″Is that your Dad?″ Grayson asked lowly.

I nodded my head from his shoulder. From his reflection hitting off the glass frames I could see him smile which made me smile, ″You have his eyes″ He stated.

I smiled at that, ″Yeah, I get that a lot″.

″He would be proud of you, you know?″ Grayson spoke with a low voice, his words sending chills down my spine.

I sighed, ″I would hope so, you know I think he would taken quite a liking to you Gray. You both can be cocky but yet you always have peoples best interests at heart″ I admitted. Kissing Grayson’s clothed shoulder and taking his hand in mine.

He turned around so we were facing each other, he placed his free hand on my cheek sending tingles all over my face like little electric shocks. ″I know he would have, Lib″ He spoke gently, ″I know because who wouldn’t like me? I’m awesome″ He cracked a smile.

I looked down and shook my head letting out a small laugh, ″Don’t get all cocky on me now, Gray. I was only starting to like you″. Love more like.

″We should probably start leaving now if we want to get back before school starts″.

I nodded my head, ″Are you going to school?″ I asked curiously.

″No, I’m staying home but i’ll drop you off on my way home it’s on the drive″ He answered and I nodded back with a small smile. If he would said he was going I would have convinced him otherwise. He wasn’t in the right mind right now to even worry about what 2x+3y equals. Hell even the whole school doesn’t want to worry about what that is.

Like why are we going to need to know how to do that in the future? Why can’t we learn things that would actually be useful like how to do CPR or how to balance our bills. But school worries too much about what we wear rather than our education. Like how fucked is that.

Hand in hand, we both walked out of the front door. The sky was no longer pitch black but rather a slightly lighter version of navy, stars still apparent in the sky and the street lamp posts still lighting up the dark pathways.

Did I even need to mention Grayson had opened the car door for me, because he does it every time no matter how much I protest. Closing the door for me, he got in just as I clicked in my seat belt. The car cold from the weather that was slowly getting colder as the hours passed by.

I enjoyed the cold though, Fall was my favorite season and I just couldn’t wait to be able to wear cozy jumpers and sweatpants every day because they honestly made me feel like I was wearing pajamas and who doesn’t want to wear pajamas to school.

Before Grayson started the car, he turned on the AC to the hottest it could go up to.Alas I also turned on the radio. I smiled at the song that came on and Grayson laughed switching the station. I pouted at him, ″Hey, that was one of my favorite songs you know″.

He shook his head at me putting the car in reverse. Again I found it so sexy the way he drove, how he would put his arm on top of his head rest as he looked back and put the car in reverse. ″I didn’t think Eiffel 65, ‘i’m blue’ was your thing Lib. But as they say whatever floats your boat″ He chuckled.

His laughs always warmed my heart,and they always would for as long as i’m breathing. ″It’s a classic, Gray″.

He looked at me like I was crazy for a split second before concentrating back on the road, his face made me laugh. ″And what is your definition of classic, Lib. Because I think you and the world have very different definitions of the word″.

I tapped my finger on my chin, ″90′s classics, you know like Eiffel 65 ‘i’m blue’ and that guy who sings i’m too sexy for my cat″. I joked, trying not to let out a laugh.

″Lib, you’re crazy you know that right? And plus I think that too sexy for my cat song came out in the early 00′s and is actually called too sexy for my shirt″ He corrected with a chuckle.

This is what I missed, being able to joke about horrendous songs with him. I knew he wasn’t himself but I knew he was trying his hardest to try not think about everything and if I was his distraction to get a few laughs out of him and a smile here and there then I was more than happy to be that person for Grayson right now.

″Oh well″ I shrugged, ″It was just a matter of time before you found out I was crazy anyways. I’m surprised it took you this long, Gray″.

″Tsk tsk,tsk″ He shook his head. That noise that left his mouth made all the blood rush to my cheeks. I was like putty when it came to him.

The car ride consisted of us listening to 90′s music and no not Eiffel Tower’s ‘i’m blue’. The sun had still not started to show itself by the time we reached Copper fields. The place still looked the same from the last time we came here together. It still had it’s rustic vibes which I took quite a liking to.

″Is this place even open, Gray? It looks pretty closed to me″ I questioned as we both got out of the car, I bored my eyes at the run down gas station as Grayson started to fill the car up, the smell of the diesel running up my nose. I had also loved that smell so much, if I could have a weird ass candle smell that would be it.

″It always looks like this, Lib″ Grayson chuckled, he did have a point. It always looked like it was isolated and closed but that was just another reason as to why I loved it, ″Trust me, this place never closes″.

I took his word for it and nodded. I leaned against the car waiting for Grayson, he smirked at me once he noticed me staring at him. ″Like what you see, Lib″.

I diverted my eyes away from him quickly, pretending to be fascinated by the sky. ″Oh, hm? I have no clue what you’re talking about, Gray. Don’t get cocky″.

Once he put back the pump he took my hand in his as he walked into the garage station together. I walked us both straight over to the shelf that held all of the chocolate and grabbed a baby Ruth like I had last time, I picked up another one and asked if Gray wanted one but he shook that cute face of his.

″Are you allergic to chocolate or something?″ I asked, maybe he was. I have no recollection of him actually having any besides from Angie’s amazing brownies but other than that I hadn’t. And then it dawned on me. What would happen with those brownies? Would Grayson take over the cafe and make them. He did come up with the secret recipe himself and with the mysterious girl after all

But he never actually mentioned about anything. It was too soon to ask him about anything and I didn’t want to upset by asking him about it when he seemed to be in a good place in the moment.

″Oh I get it, you can’t eat too much chocolate because you’re afraid your six pack will fade away and then by the time you’re forty you’ll have a double chin and look like a pregnant man″ I joked, slightly nudging him with my elbow as he grabbed two Gatorade’s from the fridge.

″Yes, Libby. You now know my biggest secret, you can’t tell anyone about my fear okay?″ He smirked as he walked to till and placed everything on it, I was going to reach out for Twizzlers but he beat me to it. I smiled that he had remembered that they were my favorite.

″Don’t you dare try take any money out of your bra like last time, Lib″ Grayson warned with his eyes, but there was a smirk on his lips.

I widened my eyes at his words, not because his words surprised me but because the guy behind the till heard every word he said. The guy behind the till wasn’t the old man I had remembered but a guy probably in his mid 20′s. He looked between the both us with a small smile as he pressed in how much everything was since this shop didn’t have a scanner.

″28.99″ The guy said, trying not to chuckle. I knew he wanted to laugh because his voice cracked at ‘eight’. I shook my head at Grayson, my lips pressed in a line.

Once Grayson paid, I snatched my Twizzlers, baby Ruth bar and Gatorade and skipped my way to the car happy that I was going to be enjoying some Twizzlers very soon. What can I say? I had a sweet tooth.

I could hear Grayson laugh behind me as I got into the car once Grayson clicked it open with his car keys. Yup, I didn’t know cars could do that either but apparently anything is possible when you can afford it.

″You seem happy, Lib″ Grayson said once he started the car again, music filling the car too. Gwen Stefani’s ‘Don’t Speak’ playing, I bobbed my head and moved my hands childishly along to the song as Grayson chuckled.

I listened to the song and stared at the deserted roads as Gray drove. How he found this place I may never know. Add that to the list of things I need to ask Grayson before i’m twenty.

″You know I met her once″ Grayson said absentmindedly out of the blue like he was talking about meeting a new friend.

This guy can has to be joking right now. He met Gwen Stefani? You know to say I was jealous would be an understatement. I would die to meet my ain’t no hollaback girl any day. Gwen was someone I grew up listening to on the radio all of the time, mostly because my Dad had a huge crush on her since he was a teenager. I actually think my Dad would have only been a year older than her if he were still alive today.

″Shut the front door″ I put on a high pitched voice, mocking Olivia’s, ″Oh no you didn’t″ I clicked my fingers.

″Oh yes I did, sister″ He joked, also putting on a high pitched voice. Just the way he said that reminded me of the one guy on YouTube who says ‘Hello, Sisters’ and he also met Ellen. James Charles right? Becca and the girls talk about him a lot at lunch break.

″How!?″ I gasped, ″Like how did you manage to meet the queen of the 90′s and early 00′s alongside my girl Britney?″.

I was still in shock that he had met her, so not fair.

″Funnily enough, I actually met her at target about three years ago″ He answered, giving me a quick smile when he snook a glance at me. His smile made me blush but I didn’t even try hide it.

″Gray, I’ve lost Gabriela so many times in target but yet you manage to meet Gwen Stefani there?″ I breathed out, ″That’s not fair″ I pouted and crossed my arm over my chest.

He chuckled and stopped the car, I hadn’t even realized we had reached our destination until I looked outside the window and all I seen was bushes. I got out with my candy in hand just before Grayson. He took out his phone and put on his flashlight since all of the bushes and trees were making everything darker.

It was moments like these where I regretted not bringing my phone with me. I was quite a forgetful person when it came to things like that, at least Grayson wasn’t. To be honest he had the whole package, amazing body, beautiful features, dazzling eyes, soft hair, sexy deep voice, a light soul, addictive smell and a great memory.

But they were all pluses, it was his personality that I admired most and I had to admit I did love his cocky remarks here and there.

He took my hand in his as he walked in front and I stayed close behind, latching onto him afraid that I might fall again even though I wasn’t wearing stupid heels this time. Tip number one. Never ever wear heels in a place like this, where there’s shrubbery and bushes and the ground covered in overgrown grass. It’s just a recipe for disaster, I’m speaking from experience.

Luckily we reached the top without any falling, but there was a few trips here and there as we walked up the steep hill. I smiled at the beautiful view of Hollywood just below like I had the last time. It still amazed me and I think it always would, a view like this was not one to be forgotten. I was like every time you came here you forgot just how beautiful it was until you’re back and looking down at all of the city lights and looking up at the twinkling stars.

I sat down cross legged on the dusty ground not really caring if my sweatpants got dirty, it would all brush off when I stood up. Grayson sat next to me, his legs dangling over the edge of the high hill we were on as he just took a moment of silence to appreciate the view in front of us. It really was like something straight out of a movie.

No words needed to be spoken in this moment. Just the cold wind brushing against my face and neck, the city lights and twinkling stars were all I was thinking about right now. This place did it to you, it made you forget about everything that was going on in your life good or bad and just made you appreciate the true beauty right in front of you.

I could tell you Hollywood and the stars weren’t the only beautiful thing I was looking at this morning.

″Lib″ Grayson whispered out.

″Yeah?″ I breathed out, keeping my eyes on the view in front of me.

″I want to tell you something″.

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