Grayson Smith

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Chapter Twenty Six.Only Time Will Tell.

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My head was still rested on his hard chest, my nose inhaling his masculine smell of pine trees and cotton. His fingers were now running through my hair which comforted me, my eyes were heavy, my breaths slowing but I knew not to fall asleep. Not yet at least, not here.

″That’s why I couldn’t give up on you″ His voice murmured from behind my ear softly, sending chills down my spine.

″What do you mean?″ I questioned, leaning my head on my hand as my elbow rested on the ground.

″You were my second chance, Lib″ He answered. ″I messed up the first time and I knew with you it would be a challenge to get through your bad act but I didn’t give up, and I found the real you″. He placed his warm hand on my cheek, looking adoringly into my eyes, ″You gave me that second chance I searched longingly for, Lib″.

A shy smile made its way onto my lips, my hair falling in front of my face as I looked down. I wasn’t a shy girl, but Grayson also knew the right words to say to make me as shy as Bella from Twilight but unlike her I actually showed some emotion sometimes.

″I lo-″ To my dismay he stopped his words and let out a sigh as he diverted his eyes away from my once hopeful ones and looked up at the glistening stars.

Now my nosiness was uncontrollable, my interest at peek. Was he going to say what I think he was? Did the Grayson Smith love me too?

I wanted for him to say the words so badly, even if only in a whisper.He didn’t have to scream it from the rooftops. Just three simple words would put my mind to rest, my excitement was heightened at the possibility that he too loves me.

With Grayson all my worries and anxiety simply fades away. Everything that has been going on lately no longer is banging in my head like a sledgehammer. I don’t know how he does it, it’s his bright aura that captivates me and makes me think of nothing else than him, us.

″We should get going, by the time we get back you’ll only have time to go to your locker″ Grayson commented as he abruptly stood up, wiping off his jeans and giving me his hand.

I took it without a second thought and stood up myself, wiping off any dirt that got on my clothes from sitting down on the bare dusty ground.

″Probably a good idea″ I remarked. ″What time is it anyways?″ I asked curiously, time seems to fade quickly with Gray, alongside my thoughts. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we were here three hours, more or less.

He rolled up the sleeve to his jumper to check the time on his gold watch that looked like it would cost my entire tuition for every semester spent in school since starting.

My eyes widened a bit, my brows furrowed, my head going dizzy.

Don’t you just hate when you get deja vu? I never really was a fan of that’s so Raven. I don’t want to be her sometimes out of the blue.

″You okay, Lib?″ Grayson asked concernedly, I nodded my head.

″Yeah, sorry″ I sighed, ″just got a bit of deja vu″.

He lifted up a brow at me, ″What was it?″ He asked.

I really didn’t plan on asking him about the tattoo, he didn’t bring it up for a reason and I didn’t want to ask about things he wasn’t yet ready to tell me about.

″Oh nothing″ I waved it off, my voice laced with uncertainty. By the way he pouted his lips and narrowed his eyes at me I could tell he didn’t believe me. Damn it Grayson, why do you have to read me so well.

I turned around from him and took a few steps to make my way down the steep hill but Grayson pulled me back gently by his hand. I whipped my head around and put on a smile and quirked a brow up at a curious Grayson.

″Lib″ He groaned. ″Tell me what it was″ He pleaded, putting on a puppy face. I sighed in defeat, he knew bloody well I would say yes to him when he made that face. Not fair, Gray.

″It’s not a big deal Gray, I just remembered something″ I shrugged, he crossed his arms across his chest not amused by my answer.

″Libby Johnson, if you don’t tell me right this instant you’ll have to face my wrath″ He put on a stern voice trying to act all bossy and professional. I couldn’t help but laugh at him, seriously you should have heard how stupid he sounded.

″Oh i’m so scared, someone help!″ I played along sarcastically, waving my hands about. He chuckled at that and shook his head in amusement.

″Lib, what was it?″ He asked again, placing one of hands on my arm, his emerald green eyes searching mine, ″Please″.

I inwardly sighed, I think my stubbornness has definitely rubbed off on him.

″Fine″ I rolled my eyes, he smirked. ″When you rolled up your sleeve, I just got a bit of deja vu″ I shrugged, ″No big deal″.

″And what did you remember?″ He questioned, his lips pursed as he looked down at me.

The cold,crisp air was biting at my skin, the harsh wind blowing my hair back. I think its about time to take out my hat and scarf. I’ve always loved this time of the year, the hot chocolate, early nights. The whole aura of Fall just makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves and make leaf angels. Is that even a thing?

″You have a tattoo″ I stated, ″Roman numerals just where your bicep and forearm meet″ I pointed at his arm to where I remember it was.

″I didn’t want to ask about it since you didn’t tell me about it, I’m sorry″.

He furrowed his brows, his brown locks falling over his forehead, ″what are you sorry for?″ He laughed.

″Well for asking about it, I didn’t want to bring it up″ I answered him. ″You don’t have to tell me about it″ I smiled weakly.

Grayson didn’t have to tell me anything he wasn’t comfortable with. I of all people knew that he didn’t owe me anything. It was just my curiosity getting in the way.

He leaned in closer towards me his scent bringing comfort to me, he looked away from my eyes and down at my lips before meeting my gray eyes again. In a swift motion he gently placed a loose hair behind my ear that had falling free.

″You’re too good, Lib″ He whispered with all certainty, but his words were flawed. I knew he thought I was ‘too good’ but I knew I wasn’t.

Grayson makes me feel like the most loved person in the world when i’m around him, and I try and I really try to make him feel the same way. But sometimes there’s nothing either of us can do but only listen to each other as we rant or cry or even laugh.

But somehow I always find myself doubting if I’m good enough for Grayson. I’m not rich, I don’t look a Victoria Secret model, I don’t come from a high class family. I’m just Libby and somehow Grayson chose me when he could’ve had any girl he wanted.

What goes through that little brain of his?

″I didn’t bring it up because it isn’t really important, but since you’re nosier than my next door neighbour Aretha″ He joked, quirking a brow up at me, ″I’ll let you in on my ‘secret’ tattoo″.

I nodded my head, my noisiness at its peak. ″It’s my Mother’s birthday″ He told me, ″She doesn’t know about it, so you can’t utter a word″ He chuckled, ″If she finds out, I will try and have to learn with my right hand″.

His joke had a double meaning making me laugh, I think his Mother and I will get along just peachy. If she’s as kind and loving as Gray is I’m sure I’ll fit right in. Only time will tell.

″Which reminds me, my Mom wants you to come over for dinner on Sunday″.

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