Grayson Smith

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Chapter Twenty Nine. Unexpected Visitors.



Death was a horrible word I hated using at all times. I preferred to use the term ‘passing away’. I believed people did really pass away onto a better place. A place where there was no pain, no sadness, no regrets and no death. I wasn’t a very religious person but I did believe in a second world for when we leave our bodies. Wether it be in the stars in the night sky or a whole other universe not visible to the living human eye.

But I believed we did move on. That we could look down at our loved ones and make our presence known. When I say make our presence known, I didn’t mean haunting a few innocent people in the middle of the night screaming ‘it’s Britney bitch’.

I meant it as in we could leave a bit of us behind and leave just a little bit of our love into our loved ones hearts and let them know we are always with them, in their hearts forever and always.

I looked at myself in my mirror, my lace black dress sewn onto my body. I really need to cool off on those brownies. I had actually managed to fixate my hair into a few loose bouncy girls with the help of a YouTube tutorial Becca had sent me the link to on messenger.

Since heels were my worse enemy, one of the blondes were kind enough to give me a loan of their black vans since I really only own converse.

I looked acceptable. I don’t think Angie would mind me wearing vans to her own funeral. She just wanted other people to be and feel comfortable and that’s what I said to myself putting on the vans.

Jackson had offered to mind Gabriela for me since he and Olivia were no more and he knew how important this was to both me and Grayson. Oddly enough Elizabeth had offered too when she came around yesterday to give me money for groceries and new clothes for Gabriela and I.

But of course I obviously declined that offer the minute it left her mouth. I still don’t trust her, that’s something she has to earn. The only reason she knew about the funeral in the first place is because she overheard me asking Jackson to mind Gabriela when she was coming in.

When I had first told Jackson about me and Elizabeth’s ‘arrangement’ he was hesitant at first to comply with it but once I had told him the benefits it would give Gabriela he slowly agreed for her to try be there for Gabriela. We both know Gabriela needs a mother figure in her life, I can’t be that for her and Jackson sure as hell can’t.

He killed my hamster when I was five, I think I only remember that so vividly because I was traumatised for months after that. Jackson claimed it was an ‘accident’, but I don’t get how you just accidentally throw an innocent little hamster out of a bedroom window to see if it can fly.

Walking down my creaking stairs I joined Gabriela on the couch as she watched an unknown Disney channel show that I know would never live up to what I watched growing up like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Sweet life of Zack and Cody, Lizzy McGuire. The list goes on and don’t even get me started on Nickelodeon.

″What you watching, Gabs″ I asked her, while I waited for Gray to pick me up. Anything to distract myself from watching whatever she was watching was a good enough excuse and plus Gabriela looked really cute when she talked about her favorite shows excitedly making crazy hand gestures with her tiny hands.

″Ravens home!″ She exclaimed clapping her small hands, not taking her big eyes off the screen in front of her. I chuckled at her, shaking her head.

At least I was familiar with the original show ‘That’s So Raven’ I just wasn’t a big fan of it myself. I was a Hannah Montana girl.

″Libby?″ Gabriela’s soft voice spoke up, I looked down at her eyes that matched Jackson’s.

I quirked a brow up at her, nodding my head.

She smiled shyly, her cheeks becoming rosy. I poked her chubby cheeks, ″What, Gab?″.

She twirled a brown lock of hair around her finger, that was Gabriela’s thing to do when she was shy about asking someone something. I look down, Grayson runs his hand through his hair and Gabriela twirls her hair around her tiny fingers. Everyone has their own way of trying to distract themselves from the nervousness.

″You know you can tell me anything, Gab″ I whispered down to her, comfortingly. She nodded her small head with her rosy cheeks.

″Do you love Bella’s brother, Libby?″ She asked shyly, a bright smile playing on her lips showing off her missing front tooth.

Her question struck me like lighting during a storm in a cold November. Of course I loved Grayson, it wasn’t something I was afraid of admitting to myself anymore. I loved him more than I would ever love someone else romantically.

I was just afraid of admitting it to him.

I smiled at her, ″Why do you ask, Gab″ I chuckled, squeezing her small cheek. She always hated when people did that to her. But I couldn’t help it, she was too cute.

″Well″ She started, her voice cute and low, ″I was playing with my barbie in Bella’s room and I heard her brother say I love you to someone on the phone″ She giggled cutely.

The smile dropped off my face as soon as it appeared, my heart beating off my chest erratically. My face paling. He had to be on the phone to a family member or something, right?

He wouldn’t cheat on me, not my Grayson.

Calm down, Libby.

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, i’m sure there’s a perfect explanation for this. He was probably on the phone to his Grandma or something. Yeah, that would make sense.

″Do you know who he was on the phone to, Gab?″ I asked, trying to remain calm and collected. But I knew if I didn’t take in deep breaths I would slip through the cracks and end up in a black hole.

But I had trust in Grayson, I trusted him more than anyone in the world. So there’s no need for me to panic over who he was talking to.

But anxiety isn’t just something you can tell to go away or leave you alone. Once it’s with you, it remains there until all of your tears are gone from your eyes and your left hollow inside. You just need a light to guide you back to yourself. Grayson was that light for me.

″Oh, yeah″ She nodded her head, enthusiastically. I beckoned for her to continue, ″A girl called Rachel″ She informed me.

I gulped loudly at the name, she has a name.


The name didn’t ring any bells, maybe it was a distant cousin or aunt. I knew in my heart Grayson wouldn’t cheat on me. I knew by the way his eyes look deep into mine like I was the only person in the room when we were surrounded by people. By the way he isn’t afraid to laugh hideously in front of me when we’re alone. The way he told me every little detail about himself, but failed to mention a Rachel.

″Is that a nickname for you, Libby?″ Gabriela innocently asked. I tried to hide my doubt with a smile and nodded my head at her.

″Yeah, Gab. It’s just a nickname″.

She returned back to watching her Disney show as I stared out the blind covered window, peeking out at the orange leaves that were falling down onto the pavement covered in puddles. The sky swirling with shades of grey and orange. It was quite mesmerizing.

I stood up off the couch to wake up Jackson, Gabriela didn’t seem to notice that I had made my way to the door since her eyes were glued to the screen in front of her.I smiled at her and walked out of the living room.

I leaned myself against the living room door once I shut it, looking up at the ceiling I took in deep breaths. I need to get a grasp of myself, i’m sure it was nothing. I knew Grayson.

I knew him and the Gray I knew wouldn’t cheat on me. I had trust and confidence in him, and I knew he would be the last person to betray me like that.

Letting out a sigh, I pushed myself off the door. Walking up the creaking stairs to Jackson’s darkened room. I knocked on his door, hearing a groan come from behind the door I knocked again.

The sound of sheets rustling was all I needed for me to know, Jackson was about to open his door in:




″What do you want?″ Jackson groaned, running hand over his face. I recoiled back in disgust at the sight of him clad in only his underwear.

″For you to put on clothes would be the first thing″ I huffed, ″And I’m leaving soon, so you need to be up and ready to look after Gabriela before I leave″ I instructed.

He didn’t look interested in what I was saying, he crossed his arms and leaned himself against his door, ″I’m perfectly capable of looking after our little sister, Lib″.

I quirked a brow up at him, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know how to turn on the oven. Let alone look after Gabriela for a full day. Sure he has minded her in the past but not more than a few hours when she was already fed.

″She likes pancakes in the morning, Jacko″ I informed him, ″Cream on top with m&m’s. Don’t forget″.

He nodded his head, I could tell he just wanted me out his sight by the bored expression on his face. Well believe me, I didn’t want to be stood in front of him either.

″Anything else?″ He asked, disinterested. His voice was husky obviously from just waking up.

I narrowed my eyes, thinking about it.

The blondes.

One of them liked Jackson, it made no sense why but one of them did. Why could I never remember there names. There was Becca, Blake, Brittney, Stacey and Kimberly!

Kimberly, it was her. She was the one that oddly enough had an attraction for my annoying, over self centered brother. She had wanted to major in child care in college. She was perfect for what I had in mind.

″Hello, Lib″ Jackson waved his hands in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts.

He furrowed his brows together, ″Whats up with you?″ he asked. Not in a caring way, but more so in a ‘do you need to be put in a mental asylum’ way.

Oh, brotherly love.

I smirked, ″Oh, nothing″. I left him alone, as I walked back down the wooden stairs. I heard him mutter something under his breath and soon the sound of his bedroom door closing shut. I walked into the kitchen retrieving my phone I left on the kitchen counter.

I scrolled through my contact list until I came across one name in particular and hit dial.

″Hello?″ Her sweet voice answered, ″Libby, hey. Is everything okay?″ She asked in concern.

″Oh yeah″ I smiled, even though she couldn’t see me. ″But, I’m kind of in a dilemma here and need your help″.

She answered in a heart beat, not pausing a second. ″Of course, anything you need″.

I sighed, although it was forced, ″I have somewhere to be and sadly my little sister can’t join me. I know how much you love kids, so I was just wondering if you could come over and watch her for me. Just for a few hours?″ I pleaded, my voice laced with sweetness and desperation.

They’ll thank me one day.

″Of course, Libby. I can come over whenever you need me″ Kimberly answered, her voice sweet. I could she was smiling at the thought of minding my little sister. She was a human person.

″Perfect, thank you so much. You can come over in twenty minutes if you don’t mind. I’ll text you my address″.

″No problem, Libby″.

I was about to say goodbye and hang up before her high pitched voice cut in, ″Libby!″.

″Yes?″ I answered her cluelessly, but I had a little thought at what she was going to say.

″Will your brother be there?″.

Can’t say I’m surprised she asked that. I had predicted it after all.

″I don’t know, Kim. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see″ My voice was enticing, full of mystery.

We said our goodbyes and soon hung up. I quickly sent her my address through text. I sat down on the bar stool at the kitchen counter and scrolled down my social medias to try and attempt to keep my mind off of this girl named Rachel.

The sound of my front door knocking almost made me jump, but I composed myself knowing it was just Grayson. I nervously and slowly got up off the bar stool, fidgeting with my hair before walking out to the main hall and nearing my front door.

I practiced my fake smiles as I edged closer and closer the my front door. It was no use, Grayson could read me like an open book. But it was worth trying for.

At least I tried. I guess.

I swiftly and enticingly opened my front door, my face slightly dropping at the sight of Grayson clad in a black tux, next to him a girl I had never seen before.

She was beautiful, she had almost jet black hair, blending perfectly against her goddess like pale glowy skin. Her eyes as bright as the ocean, they actually reminded me of Blake’s. Her slim figure fitted perfectly into her skin tight velvet black dress that ended just at her knees. It wasn’t provocative or anything, it was just right. Her lips were plump and masked by red lipstick. And to top it all off, she was wearing heels, and not just any heels but about five inch heels. And she didn’t seem to be struggling to walk in them like I knew I would.

She truly looked like a model. She was like a goddess. She couldn’t have been from here, it was hard to believe Grayson was from here either. They didn’t look like small town people.

″Lib″ Grayson breathed out.

This was it, the part where Grayson confesses his undying love for the girl beside him.

Snap out of it, Libby!

He wasn’t Hunter.

He would never be Hunter.

I just need to get use to that.

″Lib, I want you to meet someone″ He began, looking at the girl beside him who was smiling at me with a small smile. She seemed nice, her small wasn’t forced.

Gosh, why can’t she just seem like a bitch so I can at least hold something against her.

″This is Rachel″.

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