Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty Two.Ophelia.

Song for this chapter: RY X-Only.

It had been one week.

One week of missed calls, read texts, silence.

I had to tell myself every night that maybe he just wanted time to be alone, time to himself away from everyone else. But why was it so hard for my brain to comprehend that.

I felt like smashing my head against my bed headboard every night like them crazy people do in those thriller movies or Tate Langdon from American Horror Story. Why do they have to make a psycho serial killer so hot.

No amount of laughs around the cafeteria lunch table could take me out of my little bubble of thinking about Grayson. Was he okay, was he eating, was he getting enough sleep? My mind couldn’t think of anything else other than his well being.

Like I said before he was my drug, a drug I was highly addicted to and I was having withdrawal symptoms from right now that were too painful to bare. I needed my drug back in my system before it was too hard to breathe.

A soft nudge to my shoulder knocked me out of my little bubble, I quickly blinked taking in my surroundings. Becca, the two blondes and Blake all looked at me with looks of concern, sympathetic smiles etched across their perfectly sculpted faces.

″Hey, are you okay Libby?″ Blake lowly whispered into my ear, his cold breath making me shiver as I hugged my jumper and Grayson’s denim jacket which I now took ownership over, closer to my body.

I looked at his face, screaming concern and helplessness. His forehead was creased, his ocean like eyes scanning mine for any sign of weakness. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to find that, I felt weak, broken, and helpless.

I wanted to be there by Grayson’s side making sure he was okay and that he had a shoulder to lean on. I don’t knowm maybe he was with Rebecca, I still didn’t know what her relationship was with Gray but I knew it wasn’t one for me to be worried over.

I nodded my head at a concerned looking Blake, once again nearly getting lost in my thoughts. He didn’t look assured with my nod of the head, he read me deeper than that. I shouldn’t be surprised that he had, he was my bestfriend for many many years. And i’d like to think we’re rebuilding that friendship one step at a time.

″I was thinking we could all go to Frizzi’s today″ Becca spoke up with a small smile, her voice comforting and soft. The two blondes nodded their heads from beside her enthusiastically like those little bobble head things.

I furrowed my brows at the mention of the word ‘Frizzi’s’, I knew I lived in a small town but I hadn’t ventured to everywhere yet. If it was an ice cream parlor I would have to pass. I’m not in the ‘I want to lick an ice cream cone’ mood today. My lack of concentration can easily give that away.

″It’s a little diner about three minutes away from school, we go every Friday after school. Blake’s treat of course since his Aunt bought the place when he was a kid″ Becca informed me, a smirk on her face.

His Aunt bought the place? If he lived next door to me for years I wouldn’t really expect his family being able to afford to buy diners around town. Maybe his aunt married into money, the possibilities are endless.

I sneaked a glance at Blake with curiosity, but once his eyes met mine he quickly looked away pretending to be interested in the the salt shaker Becca had on her tray in front of him. I furrowed my brows but quickly shook it off, i’m sure he isn’t hiding anything.

Not anymore.

″They have the best bacon cheese fries″ One of the blondes commented overly excited probably thinking about delving her pretty little mouth into the mountain of carbs.

How they maintain their slim figures and clear skin will forever be a mystery to me.

″So you in?″ Becca asked, all eyes now on me. I didn’t want to be a pain and refuse but yet I didn’t want to go out and enjoy myself while my person was suffering somewhere unknown to me. It just didn’t feel right doing that.

Call me old school, but I couldn’t do that to Gray. I’m not saying if I was in pain I would want Gray to suffer too, but I would want him with me. Not with the football team at a diner eating bacon cheese fries while I need him by my side to assure me everything will be okay when I know nothing will ever be the same again.

″Please!″ The two blondes dragged on clasping their hands together, begging me with their puppy eyes that even I couldn’t resist. Hell I ain’t saying I’m going to change my sexuality right here, but there puppy eyes are very convincing and I now see why the guys fall at their feet within seconds.

″Come on, Libby. It will be fun″ Becca added, clasping her hands too like the two blondes. I let out a sigh, thinking about it. Actually thinking about it.

I knew Gray, and I knew he wouldn’t want me worrying about him 24/7 and I also knew if he found out I wasn’t myself this past week because I was thinking about him, he wouldn’t be happy.

So I’m not doing this for myself, I’m doing this for Grayson and the bacon cheese fries that are making my stomach rumble with delight at the mere mention of them.

″Okay, fine″ I gave in with a sigh, making the girls screech in joy. I covered my ears with my hands at their overly high pitched voices.

″Great! And it will only be the five of us since Kimberley is God knows where with God knows who″ One of the blondes commented with a roll of the eye, but it was lighthearted. it wasn’t the type of an eye roll I know bloody well Olivia does when I brush past her in the school corridors. It was friendly.

Like the type of eye roll you do when your bestfriend won’t shut up about food or her crush.

And I knew exactly who Kimberley was with, I was so tempted to throw bleach in my eyes at what I saw when I came home. Yes, I had wanted Kimberley and Jackson together. I knew how much she had liked him from all the non stop dreamy eyed conversations at the lunch table and Kimberley was a sweet girl, the type of girl Jackson needed-deserved.

So the least I could do was set them up with each other, they’ll thank me one day.

″Plus the bacon cheese fries are waiting on you, don’t disappoint them″ The blonde who mentioned the bacon cheese fries firstly commented with a giggle. I guess she likes her bacon cheese fries.

″We’ll meet you at the lockers after the last bell rings″ Becca informed me, I nodded my head in response playing around with my food with my fork.

Blake looked down at me with concern washed over his face, I looked up at with a small smile-fake.

He sighed and turned his attention to the girls in front of him.

″Blake, you’re driving us″ Becca remarked uncaring, sipping on her apple juice. He rolled his eyes with a smirk.

″Don’t I always, Rebecca″.

She narrowed her eyes at him and huffed, I swear it was like any second now steam would be coming out of her nose and ears, ″My name is Becca, doofus!″.

He waved her off with a chuckle, ″Last time I checked it was Re-″ Before he could finish her full name she straight out threw her fries at him hitting him straight on his forehead. I clasped my hand over my mouth to muffle my laughs as did the two blondes.

The last thing I would want is salt getting in my hair, no I don’t really care about getting shit in my hair but getting salt out of your hair is like trying to count all the grains of sand in a beach-Basically it’s a nightmare and something I would want to avoid.

″Oh you’re so going to pay for that, Rebecca″ He said her name mendaciously, sending chills down my spine. He’s probably going to shave her hair off or something.

He wouldn’t go that far would he?

Of course not.

The blonde sitting next to me bent her head down to me, ″Those two have this little prank war going on between them, rules are you can’t call Becca by her full name or touch Blake’s hair or the prank war commences″ She stops to chuckle, ″it’s been off for-″ She looks down at her gold, diamond encrusted watch, probably worth more than my life, ″Four days,thirty six minutes and something seconds″.

I chuckled at that, ″ow bad does it get?″ I asked wanting to know just how far those two would go if they broke the rules. I might just join in and help Becca, calling someone by their full name when not wanted hits home and plus us girls gotta stick together.

Like that’s just the rules of feminism!

″It goes pretty far″ She chuckled, showing off her pearly whites, ″One time Blake just came into school and Becca sprayed whipped cream into his hair. Yeahm he wasn’t happy about that at all and so he hid her clothes when she was in gym class making her walk around in just a towel for ten minutes straight until she found me of course and I gave her spare clothes I had in my locker″ She chuckled again, putting her hand over her mouth quickly when Becca and Blake both eyed us before going to bicker with each other again.

I shook my head in amusement, ″So pretty far, huh″.

She nodded her head, ″So now we just have to wait and see what Blake will do to get Becca next. It has to been within 24 hours or else it won’t count and the other person will get you back three times and you just have to accept it″.

And that is why I love sitting here at lunch, the blondes are just hilarious, Becca is so straight forward and sarcastic all at the same time and Blake is just the friend you need by your side, he’s all three combined. Funny, sarcastic, straightforward and caring.


I leaned against my red locker waiting for the blondes and Becca since Blake was already here sorting out the books he didn’t need.

″So, how are you going to get Becca back?″ I asked nosily, a smile on my face but not as bright as it would be if Grayson was here right now. He is always on my mind no matter how much I laugh or smile, he would be in the back of my mind 24/7 and I didn’t mind that.

He smiled,shaking his head still at his locker not turning his face to me, he closed his locker shut finally facing me, ″Sweet, Libby. You just have to be patient and wait and see″ He tapped my nose making me scrunch up my face.

His face froze when I did that, I furrowed my brows, ″Helllooo, Blake. You alive?″ I waved my right hand over his face making him snap back into reality.

He cleared his throat and nodded his head, ″Yeah, uh sorry″.

I furrowed my brows once again at him, this boy sure does know how to confuse somebody. ″Sorry for what?″ I chuckled.

He shook his head, Becca and the two blondes making their way over to us. One of the blondes chewing bubblegum making me question if Becca set her up to put it in Blake’s hair.

I’m thinking way too much into this prank war.

But I do love a good bit of drama.

So I’ll just be over here with my popcorn watching as the prank war commences.

″Guys can we please go now, my bacon cheese fries miss their mommy″ The food crazed blonde said, pouting looking between Blake and Becca who were narrowing their eyes at each other with small smiles croaking their way onto their faces.

Me and the other Blonde laughed at the girls love for them damn bacon cheese fries. Now I’m just excited to put them to the test and see if they really are as good as food crazed blonde is letting on.

Blake and Becca both broke each others little staring contest they had going on and joined in on whatever food crazed blonde is saying. ″Come on people, we don’t have all day. This mommy misses her bacon cheese fries!″, she pushed me and the blonde out of her way like a Queen, dramatically walking down the hall like she was walking down a fashion runway making us all laugh.

″Have I ever told you Libby, that my sister is crazy″ Blonde from beside me said. Wait, they’re sisters?

Okay, I knew the three of them looked alike and I did think the three of them blondes were triplets but I was just fucking around. I guess you really do learn something new every day.

″Since when are you two sisters?″ I asked dumbly, since birth obviously.

″We’re triplets actually, don’t forget about Kimberley. I thought I already mentioned that to you before?″.

I shook her head, nope she definitely didn’t. I think I would have remembered that. Thinking about it, it does makes perfect sense since they are all nearly identical but they just don’t act the same. The only thing about their personalities that’s the same is their humor. Those sisters sure are funny.

″Oh well, let’s just go to Frizzi’s before she drops dead with withdrawal symptoms″ She rolled her eyes making me laugh at her triplet sister? Does that make sense.

We all walked outside school like some little clique, Blonde and I in the front and Blake and Becca at the back while food crazed blonde led the way to Blake’s car which I hadn’t seen before.

When we did reach it, I had to do a double take at his car. No shit. He had a white Mercedes G wagon. Is he sure he lived next to me for so many years? There’s no way anyone who lived in our neighbourhood could afford a car like that.

″Hop inside, Libby″ Blake instructed, me not realizing both the blondes including Becca were already inside in the back leaving the passenger seat in the front free. ″Be careful with Ophelia though, she’s precious″.

I looked at him like a crazed animal, who in their right mind names a car? And Ophelia out of all things. ″You named your car?″ I deadpanned.

He looked at me like I was crazy too and that naming your car was perfectly normal, ″Eh yeah, Ophelia cause oh I feel ya″ He winked before getting into the car himself.

That wasn’t even funny.

Okay maybe a little, but just a tad.

Once I got in, the strong smell of aftershave hit me like a brick. Damn does this boy have a relationship with his car or something? It smells just like him. When Blake started the car one of the blondes leaned over her seat and turned on the radio.

Oh this song is my shit.

″You little stupid ass bitch I ain’t fucking with you!″ The blonde who turned on the radio yelled, making Blake chuckle and Becca roll her eyes and shake her head with a big smile on her face. Food crazed blonde though just looked lost in her own little world probably thinking about her precious bacon and cheese fries.

″I got a million trillion things I rather fucking do, than to be fucking with you″ I sang back loudly and obnoxiously.

″Aye work it!″ The blonde yelled,motioning towards me before we both yelled the song/rap together. ″Little stupid ass, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, I don’t I don’t I don’t, I don’t give a fuck. Bitch I don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do″.

We laughed once the song was over, damn Blondie can rap. I don’t know the E-40 part but damn she was killing the game. Kudos to her.

Getting out of the car once Blake parked outside of the small diner reminding me way too much of Pop’s in Riverdale.

″Oh, i’m so excited!″ Food crazed blonde squealed, clapping her hands together.

″Oh quiet down, you animal. Mom is going to kill you when she finds out how much carbs you’ve been eating lately, Dad too. You know how much they want us to eat healthy″ The blonde scolded her sister, food crazed blonde just rolled her eyes in response not wasting any time to run into the diner, well hop with joy more like.

″Well come on, this girl hasn’t ate in three hours″ Becca exclaimed motioning towards the diner with her head before she turned around and joined food crazed blonde on her hopping journey to the diner.

Okay, I guess food crazed blonde isn’t the only one with a food obsession. I’ll join in on that little ‘club’, me and food are in a solid relationship that not even Grayson can compare to, sorry.

″Well, don’t want to keep my sister waiting any longer. God only knows what she will do if we don’t hurry up″ The blonde sighed, I nodded my head with a chuckle.

Her sister definitely is a tad bit crazy, but she means no harm. Unless you’re the chef of those bacon cheese fries she ever so badly loves and you don’t cook them in two seconds. I would not like to be in their shoes.

The three of us walked in where Becca and food crazed blonde were already seated in front of each other in a booth that had enough room for all of us to sit into. The diner was retro, I liked it.

Neon signs hung up when you walked in saying ‘welcome’ and sings to show where the bathrooms were. 50′s music was playing from the vinyl set up near the counter with the old fashioned cash register, the leather seats of the booths were red and the tables were just a shiny white, the kitchen was exposed so you could all the chefs making your food and the aroma of bacon was making my mouth water.

″It smells so good in here″ I remarked, making sure not to let any dribble out. I’m amazed I didn’t since bacon was one of my favourite things in the world and I could never resist it. I would always steal Jackson’s if he made some in the morning before going off to work resulting in another play fight between us.

″You got that right″ Food crazed blonde agreed scanning over her menu, which was pointless since we both knew what she was going to get.

Soon enough we had ordered our food all of us ordering bacon cheese fries besides Blake who opted for a Frizzi’s original burger meal. God only knows what’s on that burger.

I was seated next to Blake and the other blonde while food crazed blonde and Becca were seated in front of us, food crazed blonde sighing every second or so getting impatient waiting for her beloved food.

″Libby, have you changed your mind about going to prom yet?″ Blonde from beside me asked, it would be nice if I could remember their names. I knew the difference between the two blondes and Kimberley since I’ll never get her naked body out of my mind since it’s scarred there for all of eternity, unfortunately.

I really could use bleach for my brain.

But I couldn’t tell the difference between food crazed blonde and the other blonde considering they were literally identical, I would have thought the three of them were identical but now that I know Kimberley has a birthmark on her boob, it’s hard to forget her name now.

″Oh, I haven’t really thought about it″ I shrugged. I know now it was only a few months away, less than a year. By the time the day comes, Grayson and I would be together a little over a year. That’s crazy to think it would be that long. Time really does go by fast when you’re having fun. I just wish Grayson wasn’t in a black hole of grief right now and that I was by his side.

″Oh come on, Libby. It’s just one night and it’s the last night we can all be together before we all go off to college″ Becca pleaded, ″Please go″.

I squinted my eyes at her now clasped hands and puppy eyes, ″I’ll think about it″ I chuckled, now that I was with Grayson I think I actually might go. Becca had a point, it would be the last time we were all together. I hadn’t really thought about it like that.

Food crazed blonde waved behind us making me and by the looks of it everyone else at the booth furrow their brows at her. She probably sees the waitress that took our orders coming over with our food although I couldn’t smell the fries or cheese or the bacon from earlier.

″Libby, I thought Grayson was at home?″ Food crazed blonde said to me nonchalantly, I nodded at her still confused.

″He is, why?″ I said with a small chuckle.

″He’s sitting behind us with a brown haired girl, does he have a sister?″.

Grayson wasn’t behind us, he’s supposed to be having alone time in bed mourning the loss of Angie, right?

″Are you sure its him,it’s probably just a look alike″ I shrugged even though I knew deep down that no other guy could discreetly look like Grayson, he was unique.

″Nope, it’s definitely him. Take a look for yourself″.

I rolled my eyes with a smile knowing her hunger is probably just making her see things. I discreetly leaned my body up against the chair pretending to sip on my coke the waitress brought over and slowly turned my body around to look to see if Grayson was indeed behind us.

My whole face dropped when I did.

I knew it was him, his emerald green eyes gave it away in a second. He looked...fine. Not sad or depressed or lonely, but okay.

I furrowed my brows at him and who he was talking to, it wasn’t Rachel.

My heart shattered.

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions but how could I not when he knew about her.

He was talking to her like nothing she had done nothing to me affected me or him.

He might aswell be hugging Hunter.

There she was with her bitchy face and tight t-shirt showing off her perky boobs.


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