Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty-Five.I wasn't going down without a fight.

Song for this chapter: Ella Henderson-Beautifully Unfinished.

It had been a week. A whole week without Grayson beside me making me laugh over the most stupidest of things.I had missed his laugh so loud where his glasses kept falling off, I had also missed Blake, I haven’t spoken to him either since our very awkward quiet drive home to my house after he just sprung his feelings onto me, hitting me like a brick.

I had been avoiding the both of them, more so Grayson than Blake. I think the whole school noticed there was a change in me by the way they would smile at me like a little kid like we were in some preppy high school movie.

The girls also noticed and were wondering what was going on between me and the two guys but I was thankful they stopped questioning me when they noticed I didn’t want to talk about it with Blake literally sitting right in front of me at the lunch table.

And so they texted me every night at literally 1 am or half 3 sometimes asking if I was okay and if I want to talk they’re there for me. Those girls might look anything but nice but they all have a heart of gold and I guess Blake does too but things between have just become awkward now since he’s confessed his literal undying love for me.

How do I respond to that?

That was the question on my mind as I slammed my locker shut since it’s jammed from the countless amount of useless books I have in there.

I wasn’t one bit surprised when Grayson was soon revealed as soon as the locker finally shut.

This was normal, every morning and before I left he would meet me at the lockers like he usually did and try talk to me. But I’ve become stubborn and not going to give in that easily. No matter how much I wanted to, I just couldn’t. And you can thank the devil himself Hunter Jones for the trust issues I acquired after we ‘split’.

After I saved myself would be a better way to word it.

Grayson had dark bags under his emerald green eyes that I’ve deeply missed, making my heart swell with regret. His almond skin was now more of the shade of milk than anything else. He looked as terrible as his hot self could possibly look which still wasn’t the one bit ugly.

But knowing that I was the cause of him not looking like himself was making me the ugliest person imaginably.

″Lib, please just talk to me″ He groaned, sounding like he was in pain which wasn’t helping my stubbornness at all.

″Care to tell me what you and Olivia were discussing then?″ I spoke out, my words harsh making him flinch.

He let out a small sigh almost like a cry for help, ″You know I can’t″.

I rolled my eyes, ″It’s not a matter of you not being able to Gray, it’s the fact that you don’t want to tell me. You could tell me if you wanted to, but you won’t. So don’t come to me expecting me to speak to you when you were the one to speak to Satan’s lover behind my back, while I was the one worrying over you″.

My words were truthful, but much harsher than I had wanted them to be. The look Grayson’s eyes were giving me in this very moment screamed out desperation and yet there was a hint of anger behind those green auras I love deeply.

A gust of wind made my hair fall over my shoulder, a familiar smell of open 24 hours Olivia rushed past me but disappeared as soon as it arrived.

He sighed again, but this time it wasn’t a cry for a help. It was more of the sigh you do when you’ve ton of homework and after doing it for three hours you just give up and don’t continue to complete it.

″Libby, don’t you think you’re over-reacting? I told you I can’t tell you a countless amount of times and yet you still won’t speak to me? It doesn’t involve you, so stop acting like a child and asking questions you don’t need to answer to. You can be such a bitch sometimes″.

My mouth gaped open at Grayson’s words. I hadn’t noticed there was a herd of people surrounding us for their daily episode of ‘Keeping up with Libby and Grayson’ until I heard a few gasps and girls whispering to their friends about Grayson’s words or just our whole conversation in general.

″Really Grayson?″ I questioned him, still in shock that he was angry at me. ″If you seen me with your greatest enemy don’t you think you would be asking questions? Huh? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were playing football with Hunter in your back garden when you knew I was worrying over you″.

His face showed nothing but regret now, his eyes now weeping out words of apologies that I couldn’t bare to look at. My heart was now smashed into a million pieces and Grayson was the cause of that.

I swung my backpack on my one of my shoulders and turned around to face Grayson just one more time before I become a blabbering mess of tears.

″I was wrong about you, Grayson. You are like everybody else, but you’re ten times worse because you made me believe that you weren’t, that you actually liked me. You made me feel on cloud nine just to rip it all away from me.I can’t believe I actually thought I loved you. Don’t speak to me, I don’t want to see you. Delete my number off your phone″.

″It’s over″.

And that was how I happened to be here as Becca knelled down in front of me telling me everything was going to be okay as I sat on the closed lidded toilet in the girls bathroom, wiping off my mascara tears that were falling down my face like a waterfall as Kimberley rubbed my hair that was oddly comforting and Stacey held my hand while Brittney stood outside like our own security guard making sure no one could come in.

I couldn’t let anyone see me like this, at least no one I didn’t trust.

These girls were all I had now.

″Babe, this is your first real argument. If your relationship is meant to be, you’ll come back to each other. It’s only a matter of when″ Becca reassured comfortingly, but somehow I worried deep down that she was just saying that because I was her friend.

And maybe that’s the truth, maybe me and Grayson would find our ways back to each other. But I knew I couldn’t go back to him until he told me about him and Olivia’s secret conversation that I was craving to know about.

And then maybe Grayson was right, maybe I was over reacting, but can you blame me? One guy finally treats me right and then he’s with the girl I loathe more than I could possibly put into words. Of course I have questions about that, anyone in their right mind would have questions about that.

This is the real world, we aren’t always going to get along and live happily ever after. It’s a roller coaster ride that I was more than willing to continue on but I guess Grayson just had enough before he felt sick and had to get off.

″I can see the way you two look at each other, that’s real. That isn’t something that can be thrown away in a matter of seconds, believe me I should know. I’ve had my fair share of boyfriends that I thought looked at me like I was their world but then when I seen how Grayson stares at you I knew that they didn’t love me like how they let on″ Becca once again comforted to try make my whimpering cries come to a stop. But easier said than done.

But her words did effect me, if what she saying was the truth which I really wanted to believe they were. Then me and Grayson’s break up was only temporary and I guess maybe the past week is the same to now. I guess it was like we were broke up already but knowing now that it’s official is harder to think about than McDonald’s discontinuing chicken nuggets.

That’s the only comparison I deemed reasonable. I do love my nuggets, but I love Grayson even more.

And that’s whats killing me inside. Knowing the fact that I can have chicken nuggets now if I wanted to but I can’t have Grayson.

″Really?″ I questioned, my voice shaky and hoarse from my non stop crying that I had no control over.

She nodded giving me an empathetic smile, ″Really″.

″So how about we skip school and we go grab some of Stacey’s much loved bacon cheese fries and go to the cinema-All on me″ She suggested kindly, even though I didn’t want to ever step foot in the place that tore Grayson and I apart. The thought of just trying to take my mind off things and eat food was better than any other thing I could be doing.

Elizabeth gave me her check yesterday which was the best feeling I had in seven years but of course I was numb from me and Grayson not speaking and she noticed it but after her countless amount of questioning me on what’s wrong I just told her that it was none of her business anymore. It hurt her, I could tell. But she understood that our relationship may never be the same.

I had enough money to last not only Gabriela but also Jackson and I. That feeling made me feel as if I were in another world. They say money can’t buy happiness but I beg to differ.

″Sounds great″ I answered trying my best to muster up the only smile I could manage at this time.

″Great!″ She beamed, clapping her hands together, ″Now lets get you fixed up and we’ll be on our way″.

After twenty minutes of trying to rid the black lines off my face and fixing my mascara and lipstick, we were ready to go. My mouth was now watering and stomach rumbling at the thought of food but my heart was empty.

And that was worse than any other pain I’ve experienced in the past. Even getting told everything I thought I knew was a lie hurt less than losing the person I loved more than myself.

I told the girls to meet me out in the parking lot since I had to put some of my books away, they refused at first not wanting to leave a vulnerable me alone but once I reassured them I was okay, they obliged and walked out to the parking lot keeping a watchful eye on me.

I sighed once I slammed my locker door shut, the school halls were deserted obviously from being in class but I could hear whispering coming from a classroom that was free since that teacher had a baby two weeks ago and would be on leave for a while.

I knew those voices all too well and me being the nosy person I am, I followed their voices tip toeing quietly like I was a real life Kim Possible. Once I reached the room, I took a peek inside and wasn’t the one bit surprised to find Grayson and Olivia whispering yells at each other.

I wasn’t surprised I admit, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt to find those two together.

I squinted my eyes and held my hand over my mouth to make sure they couldn’t hear my heavy breathing.

″I have to tell her, Olivia. Don’t you see what you’re doing to us!″ He raised his voice at her but was still in a whisper since if someone caught those two ditching class they would get into trouble.

I would too, but no one was going to catch me today.

″Look Grayson, you can’t tell her″ Olivia ushered,″Not yet at least, if you tell her and he sees you two together you know what he’ll do″.

Her voice wasn’t harsh or angry like it always has been when she was speaking to me. Or throwing insults more like.

″And why are you helping her? How do I know this isn’t all a set up?″.

She sighed at him, ″Look, I know it’s hard to believe that me out of all people would want to protect her. But I can’t just sit and watch as he plans to hurt the girl I once considered my friend, there comes a point where I draw the line. I have morals, Grayson″.

I almost scoffed out loud at that. She has morals? She wasn’t saying that when she was bed hopping every two minutes when she was supposed to be with my brother.

″How long?″ He asked, his voice sounding impatient.

″What?″ She asked, clueless to his question.

″How long do I have to wait until I can tell her?″.

She paused as if thinking about it, ″I don’t know″ She answered sounding defeated, ″He just said that if he sees you two together he was going to act out on his plan″.

My heart was beating erratically to everything I was listening in on. I knew exactly who they were talking about and this wasn’t going to end well-For anyone.

I was Hunter’s main target, and I wasn’t going down without a fight.

I couldn’t listen in on anymore knowing that Hunter was the reason for Grayson intentionally breaking my heart.

Grayson was trying to protect me, he had a plan to make me break up with him. I know he wouldn’t have it in him to break up with me himself and so he made me break up with him myself.

He was smart, I have to give it to him.

But I was smart too and he didn’t know that I knew about his and Olivia’s conversation and it was going to remain that way.


That day, I delved into the bacon cheese fries that Stacey has a food crush on and I have to give it to her, they were magnificent. They were mouth watering and cooked to a crisp of perfection.

Knowing about Grayson and Olivia, I guess I no longer was heartbroken. Because I had too had my own plan, one that Hunter couldn’t break.

The girls knew that I wasn’t in the mood to watch a rom-com in the cinema and so we opted for the new Jigsaw that was just a spine chilling and gory as the rest of the Saw movies. But it had humor in it which I deeply appreciated.

I could use a laugh right now.

We got milkshakes on our way home and once we did all arrive at my house, I wasn’t the only who was shocked to see Grayson standing on my porch.

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