Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty-Six.Everyone Loves A Sweet Face And A Bad-Ass Attitude

Song for this chapter:Madison Beer-Say it to my face.

It was as if all makeup brands just discontinued their top makeup products by the way Becca and the three blondes were acting right now. They were cursing like sailors demanding for me to hold their hoop earrings as they tied up their hair into ponytails.

They were totally over reacting and honestly I don’t blame them. If one of their boyfriends broke their hearts, I would be acting the exact same way. But Grayson didn’t break my heart.

Okay, maybe he did. But I knew something he knew that he thought I didn’t know but I did know so i’m going to use that to my advantage.

Totally not confusing...

He broke my heart intentionally because of Hunter. I didn’t know what Hunter threatened me with, but whatever it was I know it was serious since Grayson wouldn’t just throw our relationship out the window over something stupid.

He was a smart guy, way too intelligent for this generation of drunken teenagers. So I know that his harsh words and distrust was all an act. An act I prefer didn’t happen, but I think I understand what his true intentions were.

God only knows the things I would do to protect him if someone threatened to take him away from me.

″Libby, I am going to beat his ass″ Stacey threatened, her hair now already in a ponytail, her hoops earrings in my hand.Brittney and Kimberley both nodded their heads in agreement with Stacey with smirks on their angelic faces.

I sighed and shook my head making them all frown in confusion including Becca. ″I think this is something I have to handle on my own guys″.

″But still, keep your watch on me. Who knows when I might need some of your karate skills, Stacey″ I remarked with humour clear in my voice.

It was something their Dad had forced them to do when they hit the ripe age of sixteen. I guess he thought making his three daughters take karate lessons for a whole year would scare away the guys, but if anything it attracted them more.

Everyone loves a sweet face and a bad ass attitude.

But according to Kimberly and Stacey, Brittney spent the majority of her time flirting with the coach rather than actually taking the lessons. And yet she still claims she has a black belt, which we all know is a lie to ward off any weirdos that may cross her path.

″Libby, there is no way any of us are letting you go out to him alone″ Kimberley added like it was the most obvious thing in the world, putting a protective hand on my arm.

″Guys″ I sighed, like a little kid. I was glad I had friends like them to keep a watch over me during times like this. I appreciated it and God only knows how much I would have needed it if I didn’t gain the trait of nosiness off my parents and listen into Grayson and Olivia’s ‘secret’ conversation.

″This is Grayson we’re talking about. He couldn’t hurt a fly, let alone me″.

″But he did hurt you Libby, he broke your heart into two. And don’t try stick up for him and claim he didn’t because we were the ones there for you when you cried in the girl’s bathroom″.

It was Becca who last spoke. She had a point, he did break my heart. Even if his words weren’t real, it hurt to know that he did have it in him to intentionally break my heart, to ruin what we had and to build back up the walls I’ve been to trying to break down since the day we met.

Even if he didn’t mean it, he still did it.

And that’s what hurt deep down inside.

″I know, but just let me speak to him for two minutes and then you guys can come out and do...what exactly were you planning to do?″.

They all smirked like they were witches with an evil plan to kill every guy in the world no matter who they were. If they touched Cole Sprouse, they better take me down with him.

″Oh nothing″ Brittney smirked.

″Yeah, nothing at all″ Stacey complied like a voodoo doll.

I furrowed my brows at them and gave them a nervous smile.

″Oh come on guys, stop scaring her. Libby, we were just going to kidnap him for a bit,nothing serious. Just ask him a few questions, ask him his biggest fear in life, use it to our advantage. You know, the usual″ Kimberly shrugged like she was just speaking about what she ate for breakfast this morning.

Nothing serious?? Can’t you go to jail for a long long time for kidnapping someone? These girls may look as sweet as candy but damn do they have crazy ass attitudes. Kidnapping someone is not going to resolve our relationship issues.

″Guys, you can’t be serious?″I asked, my voice screaming out shock and disbelief. These girls would actually go out of their way to kidnap someone...just for me?

How sweet.


″It’s worked before, Libby″ Becca spoke up in the midst of all this chaos and planning to kidnap my boyfriend.

Wait, ex-boyfriend.

That’s something I never envisioned myself saying. Not as I was still alive anyways.

Crazy how things can change in an instant and turn your whole world upside down when you least expect it.

″You have two minutes″.

I nodded at Becca, thankful for the two minutes they were granting me until they would come out and do whatever the heck they’re going to do.

Getting out, I let out a deep sigh. I slammed the car door shut, not intentionally it just happened to slam loudly as it closed. Once I did that, Grayson shot his attention towards me and the crazy girls inside the car.

He widened his eyes when Kimberly flicked him off from the car window but quickly composed himself once I made my way over to him.

The magnetic current that always pulled us together was still visible as his pine tree and cotton scent I’ve grown accustomed to being around.

I craved for his hug, his laugh,his smile. And something was telling me that wasn’t what I was going to be getting.

Not today at least.

″Why are you here?″ I asked him, folding my arms across my chest.

He looked sad that that was the first thing I had to say to him, but once again he covered it up. But I could see right through his hard mask. As he could see right through mine.

″I know you heard me and Olivia″.

Shit, so much for being Kim Possible. But I can’t let him know that I know, that’s just ruining my plan of using it to my advantage.

″I don’t know what you’re talking about″ I remarked, my voice sounding sassy with a brow quirked up at him. Go me.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his already messy brown locks. Any other day this would have made me jump his bones but now....No I still want to jump his bones. Damn you Grayson for being this handsome.

″You think I couldn’t feel your presence watching my every move, listening to every word I had to say? Come on Libby, I thought you knew me better than that″.

And he just threw my strong facade and plan right out the window.

I sighed and turned away from him just glancing up at the sky which was swirling all shades of pink and orange. If you looked up Summer sky on tumblr i’m sure the sky i’m looking up at right now would match the results shown.

″How much did you hear?″ He whispered lowly. I could feel his cold breath on the back of my neck sending chills shivering down my spine. I had to stop myself from showing him the effect he had over me. Now was not the time, although I wished it were.

″I heard everything I needed to″ I stated in a deep sigh, turning around I bumped into Grayson’s chest since he was so close to me but brushed it off although when the scent of him hit me I just wanted to hug him until my arms fell off.

Even when we weren’t on speaking grounds he still had that effect over me, he always would.

Damn you.

″I know that you made me break up with you on purpose because of Hunter threatening me. I’m not scared of him Grayson, he’s proved plenty of times that he’s all talk and no action″.

He turned me around swiftly to face him, he had that look on his face that I had seen when I was doubting myself and he was trying to prove to me that I was worthy of his love.

I looked into his emerald eyes just as his cold hands were soon placed on my face where he rubbed circles with his thumb on my pale cheek tinted blue. My skin tends to turn a pale shade of blue with the cold making me wonder if I was an alien. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were. I do have the mood swings I assume they have.

″Lib″ He breathed. His words were like music to my ears. God I’ve missed his voice, his touch, his smell. ″I can’t risk losing you, it would kill me″.

I snorted at his words, and pushed his hands away from my face.″And you think leaving me isn’t killing me? I’m numb without you. I can’t function without you, it’s like i’m having withdrawal symptoms from a drug, you’re my drug.″.

″It’s killing me too Libby, just say it to my face and things can back to the way they were″.

I furrowed my brows wondering what the hell he was talking about. Olivia better not have been feeding him lies, she has a tendency to do that and I wouldn’t it past her to make up the whole thing about Hunter’s plan.

I might not know what Hunter’s plan was-If it exists that is. But I’m going to find out one way or another.

″Say what?″ I asked.

He looked deeply into my eyes almost making me cower away, but this was Grayson we were talking about and looking into his eyes felt like home.

″I don’t know if the plan she said told me about is a figment of her imagination to pull us apart but I need to know if you love me, Lib″.

I was left rendered speechless by his words. Of course I love him, I didn’t even have to pause to think about it. I knew I loved him the moment I knew I couldn’t get enough of him and I didn’t know why. But now I know and it’s because he’s my person, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Sure we have our ups and downs but every relationship does. But not everyone goes back to each other and that’s how we weren’t like everybody else. We keep going back to each other because we know that what we have is meant to last.

″Do you love me?″ He asked, his voice sounding deflated and numb like he wasn’t here but a whole other world.

″You don’t-″. Before he could finish his sentence, I smashed my lips onto his to give him all the answers he needed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled into the kiss, his lips were as soft as I remember but colder.

He didn’t kiss me back at first and I could tell he had his eyes open which was slightly awkward but I didn’t care once I was in his arms.

It wasn’t long before he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me back with so much passion and love that felt like our first kiss all over together.

″I love you, so so much″ I whispered into his ear once our soft but lips departed from each other. ″I’ve known that for a long time″.

He smiled at me a smile I have never had the honour of witnessing before and was it bad I wanted the only person to see it?

He placed his hand on my cheek once again and smiled deeply into my eyes and peck my lips again. I pouted when he pulled away so soon but what he said next made up for it.

″Lib, I love you more than I could possibly describe. I love you more than there are stars in the sky, than there are words in a dictionary and more than you love Cole Sprouse″ He chuckled at the last part giving me a stern look like he was scolding me.

″Lib, you’ve got to move on. He’s with Lily″.

I put up my finger to prove a point, ″Actually it’s not confirmed if they are together, doofus. I mean I wish they were because Bughead are total endgame″.

He pursed his lips and dipped his brows looking down at me, ″And my love, what is Bughead?″ He questioned.

I made the face I make when I’m in disbelief and mentally thinking ‘Are you for real right now?’. Which consists of my jaw dropped and my eyes widened.

″I can not believe you just asked me that, you can go home now″ I deadpanned but judging by the look on Grayson’s face he knew-Or thought I was joking but little did he know I was dead serious.

If you can’t spend an hour a week to watch Bughead then you my friend are not needed in my life. Sorry not sorry.

″I’m sorry, Lib. You think I can’t not watch Riverdale when it’s all you talk about. I mean oh my gosh like i’m totally shook that Jughead kissed Toni!″ He put on a high pitched voice making me wholeheartedly laugh until I was in tears.

I jokingly punched his shoulder, I was use to hearing that voice when he was trying to intimidate me. It never fails to make me laugh every time.

″You’re such a doofus″.

He raised a brow and smirked, ″But i’m your doofus″.

And that was true, he was my doofus. My person. And right now I was on cloud nine that would never end.

″Oh, you’re meeting my parents tomorrow by the way″.

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