Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty-Seven. Meeting The Parents.

Song for this chapter: Joy Division-Love Will Tear Us Apart.

I patted down my mustard coloured jumper as I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, things between me and Grayson couldn’t be anymore better. After Grayson sprung the sudden news of me meeting his parents today I was a nervous wreck but one tub of ice cream later courtesy of Grayson himself, he assured me that his parents weren’t flesh eating cannibals and that I was working myself up over nothing.

His words soothed my mind as did his hugs and constant kisses which we both knew weren’t because I was doubting myself over not being good enough to his parents. But then I had to think if Grayson was anything like his parents, i’m sure we would get along just jolly. Or at least, I hoped we would.

For some odd reason Grayson mentioned over text this morning that I should bring a pair of wellingtons with me. I don’t know what he had planned but I’m guessing it had something to do with getting down and dirty and no that doesn’t include us and a bed.

Since Kimberley and my brother had been spending a good amount of time with each other lately and Kim has an odd obsession with kids, she offered to take Gabriela with them to the diner Stacey admires so much.

I wasn’t going to complain, sorry Gabriela.

There was a small gathering going on in Grayson’s house today which included some of his relatives and close family friends and if I wasn’t worried enough about impressing his Parents, his whole family being there was not going to help.

It wasn’t long before we were on our way to Grayson’s house with my wellington boots in hand, my nerves were heightened and I could tell Gray could sense that since he had his hand on my knee the whole journey there and played 90′s songs which he knew I couldn’t help but sing along to.

″Has anyone ever told you Lib that you have the voice of a dying cat?″ He laughed.

I sang or rather screeched louder than I was before making sure to do it right at his ear making him laugh even harder than he was just a second ago but kept all his focus on the road in front of him.

″You’re just jealous you don’t have a voice like mine″ I said in a sing song tone, ″I’m going to win American Idol, you wait and see Gray as I wow the judges with my angelic voice that makes unicorns cry″.

He raised his brows, a cocky smirk on his adorable face, ″Oh yeah, I don’t blame them for crying either Lib. You voice hurts my ears to the point of almost bleeding″.

I chuckled at this, yeah he does have a fairly good point. Even I can admit that my voice sounds like nails scratching against a chalkboard. I punched his shoulder making him pout like a sad puppy.

″You’re such a doofus″.

″I’m your doofus″ He replied back, his voice hoarse. He took my hand in his and brought them to his warm lips and left a lingering kiss on the top sending my hand pulsing into a million different tingles.

He was my doofus,my person.

I couldn’t help but feel the blush rise to my cheeks and there was no point in trying to hide it, he knew the effect he had over me. If his cockiness doesn’t show that then I don’t know what will.

″So how many people are going to be here?″ I asked starting small talk.

He squeezed my knee comfortingly only worrying me about what his answer will be, ″Don’t freak out″ He started, glancing at me quickly with concern washed over his face only making me more nervous than I already was-If that were even possible.

″About fifty″.

My eyes bulged out of their sockets at the mention of the number that was long gone past my limit of fifteen. Sensing my nervousness, Grayson complied a regretful look on his face.

″I’m sorry, Lib. I know you’re nervous around new people. I get it if you don’t want to meet my Parents anymore, I should have warned you about the number of people my Parents invited over. They want you to meet everyone so you feel more comfortable around us now that you know everyone I do″.

His voice sounded so innocent and hurt that I sighed in response, ″No it’s fine, Gray. I’m just a nervous wreck as always″ I chuckled solemnly. ″There’s going to be food there right?″.

He smiled brightly and rubbed circles with his thumb on my knee, ″More than you could possibly imagine″.

I smile, happy with his response. This girl right here loves her food, it’s no secret.

Although I should probably not eat everything there is to offer since there are roughly fifty people going to be there. I tend to comfort eat and I’ve been doing it a lot lately since I actually have the money to buy food to comfort eat with.


I couldn’t believe my eyes at the house that was right in front of me, pebble stone walls and a big black front door with a beautiful green entryway. We actually had to enter a pass code to get into the entryway to drive up to the mansion like house.

It was my dream home, a bit bigger than the one I had in mind- Actually a lot bigger. It’s hard to believe this was Grayson’s home or that he was rich since he doesn’t brag about the money he’s had passed down onto him from his Father’s business.

″What, next you’re going to tell me you have your personal maid″ I joked.

″Rose doesn’t like being referred to as a maid, she’s more like a member of the family″ Grayson shrugged.

My mouth gaped open, he actually has his own maid? How snazzy is that?

″You’re joking, right?″.

He chuckled and ruffled my hair like a little kid, ″She can’t wait to meet you″.

Within a few seconds Grayson had opened the car door for me and held out his hand for me to take, I gulped with nervousness but complied and took his warm hand in mine and got out of the car, quickly grabbing my black wellingtons that for reason were needed for today. I also grabbed a little something I brought for Gray’s parents to make a good first impression I guess.

This better not be like the purge and Grayson’s family were the filthy rich kind where they kill the lower class people just for the fun of it. If I was their victim today, I’d be taken Grayson down with me.

I looked up at the mansion like house in both awe and nervousness, but Grayson wrapping his arm around my back protectively calmed me down. I smiled at him after taking my eyes off the huge front door. He returned the favour and slowly opened the front door like it was a portal to another world and I think right now I wouldn’t mind if it were.

I wasn’t surprised at the classical music I heard once the doors were opened. Yes, plural for doors since the front door consists of two black doors conjoined into one huge one with mirror detailing on top.

It was truly spectacular.

He turned around to face me once he was inside as I was stood still outside biting my lip with anticipation.

What if they hate me? What if they feel i’m not good enough because i’m not rich? What if i’m not pretty enough or they don’t like my personality?

The possibilities were endless but looking at Grayson’s face each time reassured me that my thoughts were nothing to be worried over.

He held out his hand once again for me to take, ″Are you ready?″.

I let out an unsteady breath and nodded, ″I guess so″. I took my hand in his and stepped forward where the strong smell of wine and cheese caught in my throat. It smelled like I was in a fancy store like Chanel, but the spicy smell from a few candles lit on the glass table beside the spiral stairs gave the house a homely scent which smelled like a warm hug from Grayson.

He leaded me into the main area which consisted of roughly twenty people, the majority of them holding classes of red wine and fancy dresses and suits on them. I felt self-conscious in this moment about the outfit I was wearing which was just a basic mustard coloured jumper clad with Grayson’s denim jacket, my black ripped jeans and of course I wouldn’t be Libby Johnson if it weren’t for my converse.

I felt under dressed but at least I wasn’t the only one since Gray only had on a pair of grey sweatpants which totally looked ravishing on him and had on a basic white t-shirt and vans.Even though he wasn’t dressed up he looked absolutely delicious. I had a thing for hot guys like Gray in sweatpants and let’s be honest, Grayson was the only guy in my eyes who could pull off wearing sweatpants at a posh family gathering like this.

He guided me into the area, saying his polite hello’s to everyone he walked passed as I kept a formal smile on my face. We stopped once we reached a small secluded part of the room right where the food was. He knows me so well it makes my heart swell.

My eyes filled with love and adoration at the sight of all the different type of foods served on open platters that were just screaming my name. ″Help yourself,darling″ A sweet voice said from behind me making me jump in my spot.

I knew it wasn’t Grayson doing his imitation of me again since when I turned around to face the person behind the voice, he was hugging a woman a lot smaller than him. Her black hair was tied neatly into a top knot, her white shirt was perfectly ironed straight which is something I still could not master without burning something and her black pencil skirt accentuated her beautiful curves.

She welcomed me with open arms when she let go of Grayson, and soon enough she pulled me into a hug crushing the life out of me. She may be small but boy is she strong.

″Oh hunny, it is so wonderful to finally meet you″ She beamed once we pulled out of the hug but she kept her outstretched hands on my arms observing my face. I smiled warmly back at her trying to push my nerves outside.

″It’s lovely to meet you too, you’re Rose right?″.

She nodded confirming my guess, ″Grayson my boy,you never told me your girl was this beautiful″.

I looked at him and smiled as did Rose, he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and shrugged looking down to the ground.

″Don’t mind him Libby, he gets shy talking about you around us″ She whispered to me nudging me with her elbow,making me laugh.

″Rose, I can hear you″ Grayson spoke up looking all flustered.

Oh boy, I would definitely be bringing this up in the future.

She rolled her eyes at him and waved him off. I think I love her already, even though she seems to be in her mid 40′s, I can tell we will already get along just great. Maybe I shouldn’t have been worried at all.

″Where’s my mother?″ Grayson asks suddenly smiling warmly down at Rose.

″She’s with your Father in the kitchen talking to your grandparents″.

He nodded at her and gave her a quick hug, ″It was lovely meeting you, Libby″ Rose said warmly to me.

″You too″.

Grayson took my hand in his and gave me a comforting smile when I looked up into his eyes, ″You ready to meet the Parents?″ He asked with slight humour in his voice.

I let out a breath and nodded, ″As ready as I’ll ever be″.

He brought my hand to his lips and gave it a quick kiss knowing the exact effect he had over me, ″Good″.

He guided me out of the huge living space and into another beautifully crafted room known as the kitchen which was every chefs dream including mine. Marble topped counters and black tiled floors made me feel like I was in Kris Jenner’s home.

Thankfully, this room wasn’t half as pact as the the living room and only had about eight people in it. Which I was grateful for since I could finally breathe without inhaling the pungent smell of expensive cologne and wine.

″Ah there they are″ A deep voice beamed from the end of the room which oddly sounded like Grayson making me assume it had to be his Father since his voice didn’t sound that old to be his Grandfather.

Grayson walked us down to where the voice came from while his hand stayed at the small of my back making me crimson in the face.

And this was the moment I was nervous about, I let out an unsteady breath once we faced the face of the voice. A middle aged man around in his very late thirties or early forties wearing a simple white shirt and black chinos with brown leather dress shoes smiled at us warmly.

It was unbelievable how much he resembled Grayson, although he didn’t have glasses and was of course older than Gray, he had that charm in his brown eyes that was what drew me to Grayson in the first place.

″You must be the girl that my son here can’t stop talking about″ Grayson’s dad laughed making my nerves deflate like a lantern let lose in the sky.

″Dad″ Grayson groaned making his Father pat him on the shoulder and wink at me. Yep, no doubt he’s Grayson’s Father. He was as cocky as his son making my unanswered questions about Grayson’s unique humour fade away.

His Father gave me all the answers he needed, now I just wondered where his Mother was.

″I’m sure Libby you were already informed on my son’s shyness when it comes to discussing you around us″.

I nodded my head and chuckled, ″Yeah, Rose didn’t hold that a secret for long″.

″Clyde Smith, a pleasure to meet you Libby″ Mr. Smith held out his hand for me to shake which I soon obliged.

″Libby Johnson, nice to meet you Mr.Smith″.

His father waved me off, ″Nonsense Libby, just call me Clyde″.

I nodded at him and smiled gratefully. I already was starting to feel at home just like how I had hoped I would.

His Father nodded back and winked once again with a charming smile while Gray shook his head in embarrassment and sighed, ″Where’s Mother?″.

His Father raised his brow at the mention of his wife, ″Talking to my Mother of course″ He rolled his eyes at me only when he knew Grayson was focusing on something or rather someone across the room from us.

I smiled at his Father who then excused himself due to his Father drinking something he shouldn’t have been making me laugh. I followed Grayson’s eyes that now had a look of anger flashed in his emerald orbs.

My eyes widened at where or who he was looking at. Why in the world was he here? There was only one guy I knew who had dirty blonde hair and his name was Blake.

And low and behold there was Blake looking right at Grayson with the same look Grayson held, ″What’s Blake doing here?″ I whispered to Gray.

Like an automatic reflex he looked down at me as soon as the words left my mouth, the look of anger now gone and was replaced with nervousness. ″I have no clue″.

I let out an annoyed sigh knowing Gray knew full well why Blake was here, ″Gray, don’t hide this from me, I can tell you know why″.

He sighed and looked deeply into my eyes as if trying to predict how I would react once he told me why, ″He’s my cousin″.

I shook my head, my face contorted into confusion. ″Blake? As in the Blake I grew up with Blake is your cousin?″.

He nodded, ″I was going to tell you earlier but I just couldn’t find the right time and it didn’t seem that important″.

″Are you mad?″.

I thought about it, was I mad? Sure I was surprised but when I thought long and hard about it, it seemed to make sense. I think that’s why Blake and I got along so well, because I always seen a little bit of Grayson in him somehow and I loved Gray so much because he had Blake’s humour and kindness in him.

″No″ I smiled reassuringly to him making him let out a relieved breath.

″Good″ He kissed the top of my head making me blush.

I no longer got embarrassed when Grayson kissed me in public, it was like second nature to me now and I enjoyed every second of it.

″Now, let’s look for my darling Mother″.

I smiled and nodded in agreement no longer nervous to meet the woman he admires with all of his heart. If she was anything like her son and husband I would get along with her just fine.

He walked us out to the secluded balcony where only two woman were standing seeming to be arguing about something but by the look on Grayson’s face he wasn’t fazed by it and seemed accustomed to it.

As we reached the two woman with our feet making the frost covered grass crunch beneath us, they were yelling in whispers to each other and I couldn’t help but feel as if I were intruding on something I shouldn’t have been. But Grayson seemed adamant for me to meet his Mother and I’m guessing Grandmother.

″Mother″ Grayson cleared his throat from beside me making the two woman stop mid action in their ‘arguing’.

They quickly composed themselves and smiled at me, his mother with emerald green eyes, dirty blonde hair and a pearly white smile only had on a pair of grey sweatpants like Grayson had and a white woolly oversized jumper with a grey scarf and beanie with an open camel coloured trench coat and I think I got along with her already without her even saying anything to me because she had on a pair of converse.

Any person who wore converse to a fancy family gathering like this was automatically in my friend list and considering she was the Mother the boy I loved more than anything in the world, I would have loved her no matter the shoes she wore but the converse was just the cherry on top.

And I’m assuming the other woman was his Grandmother, she had an unremarkable resemblance to Julie Andrews. I felt as if I should be asking for her autograph but quickly metaphorically slapped myself saying that it was Grayson’s Grandmother and not Mary Poppins.

″Libby!″ His mother beamed instantly enveloping me into a soul crushing hug making me laugh as much as I could since my oxygen supply was severely limited.

″I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally meet the girl my son won’t stop blabbing about″ She clapped her hands ecstatically once she let me go out of her death hug.

I chuckled warmly, loving her already. ″It’s great to finally meet the woman my boyfriend admires so much″.

Taking a glance at Grayson, he was a red as a tomato at the mentions of his name from his Mother and I. ″Thank you so making my son’s eyes light up again, Libby. I can’t possibly thank you enough for giving me my son back″ Her eyes became glossy as she again enveloped me into a soul crushing hug.

″It was my pleasure, Grayson helped me so much it was the least I could do to repay the favour, Mrs.Smith″.

She wiped the stray tear that escaped her left eyes with her thumb, ″Oh Libby, please just call me Bethany. Mrs.Smith makes me sound like a middle aged woman, I’m not quite there yet″ She teased.

I chuckled at her and then looked over towards Grayson’s grandmother who was smiling at me but not half as warmly as Bethany, Rose and Clyde had, she reached out her hand towards me for me to shake, ″Mrs.Smith″ She greeted, her words cold and bitter.

″Libby Johnson″ I greeted back but tried maintain the warmness in my voice as I still wanted to make a good first impression.

″Come on Ruth, she doesn’t have to call you Mrs.Smith″ Bethany sighed and looked at me apologetically. I’m assuming she’s Clyde’s Mother and not Bethany’s judging by the fact they seemed to resent each other and anger is just radiating between the two of them.

If we had to choose sides, I’m not saying I would choose Bethany’s side but I would choose Bethany’s side.

″As long as those two aren’t married, she will refer to me as Mrs.Smith″.

Grayson let out an annoyed breath from beside me and whispered an apology into my ear which I shook off since it wasn’t in his control how bitter his Grandmother seemed to be.

″That’s just ridiculous. Libby, I’m sorry about her she’s forgot to take her Zoloft this morning″ Bethany joked, I had to bite my lip and turn my head away in order not to laugh at her words. Yeah, it’s safe to say I love her already.. No ifs or buts.

″I will not stand for this childish behaviour, Bethany. First you come down in your bed wear and now you are insulting me in front of our guest. I will not have it!″ Ruth barked at her Daughter in law but Bethany only rolled her eyes and mocked her words.

Okay, I may start coming around here more often, Bethany is like the friend every girl needs in high school. It’s no surprise Grayson typically got along with everyone in school, he got his humour from his parents.

″Ruth please shut it, we have a guest as you have mentioned. The least you could do is stand up to your precious reputation and act like a good person for two seconds of your miserable life″ Bethany argued back just as harsh as her beloved Mother in law-Note the sarcasm.

″Mom″ Grayson warned but was looking disapprovingly at his Grandmother.

″I shall be getting back to your Grandfather now″ Ruth said to Grayson like she wasn’t just arguing with her daughter in law two seconds ago. Shockingly her voice was sweet when regarding Grayson. Guess she picks who she’s nice to and Grayson is one of those people.

Grayson nodded at her as soon as she patted his chest and walked off, thankfully.

″I’m sorry about her Libby, she doesn’t tend to like people who aren’t biologically related to her. Which surprised me how she even found a husband in the first place, poor guy″.

″Oh, it’s okay″ I admitted truthfully, of course I had wanted to get along great with all of Grayson’s beloved family members including his Grandmother but you’re not going to get along with everyone. I’m only human.

″Well let’s get inside shall we?″ Bethany suggested, I nodded my head eagerly since I felt as though the cold air was floating into my brain.


I had soon met Grayson’s Grandfather who was fortunately not as uptight as his wife but still was as bit wary of me which I don’t blame him for since this was not my crowd in the slightest. And I had also met Bethany’s Mother who was just as quirky and bright as her daughter, I hadn’t asked any questions on her Father since I had a seen a shrine of him when I first entered the house telling me that he had passed just like my Father had.

As well as Grayson’s charming parents and grandparents I also had a run in with Blake’s parents who turn out to be related on Bethany’s side since his Mother and Bethany are sisters, it was no surprise his Parents were as lovely as Grayson’s. Although I know I have met them countless amount of times growing up, they didn’t mention it which I deeply appreciated and just hugged me as tight as Bethany had and strangely enough had inhaled my scent whispering to me that I had smelled the same as I had when I was a little girl.

Thankfully Blake managed to find some way to not come into paths with me since I think we both knew things between us weren’t normal anymore. He felt things for me that I couldn’t return, maybe I could have when I was a lot younger, but I was mature now and to me what we had is no longer there.

But I knew we would talk again eventually since I didn’t want to lose our friendship-It was all I had left of my childhood and I wasn’t ready to give that up.


People had started to leave once the sun started to dim and I didn’t feel bad when I felt a whole weight lifted off my shoulders when Ruth and her husband had went home.

We were now sat at the long glass dining table that had a beautiful diamond chandelier hung above it making me wonder what would happen if it just happened to fall whilst we were eating our food.

Rose had taken a seat in front of me and Grayson once our food had been kindly served to us and boy did it look delicious. It was chicken alfredo and the strong smell of the sauce covered chicken made my stomach rumble which resulted in Grayson chuckling as did his parents.

I dug into my food not wasting any time and rolled my eyes back with delight as soon it hit my taste buds.

″This is so good″.

Grayson squeezed my knee and kept his hand there as he did since we sat down, ″You can thank Rose for how good it tastes″.

Rose waved it off, ″It was my honour″ She joked.

″So Libby, what do you plan to do after school?″ Clyde asks me digging into his food.

″I’m hoping to get a scholarship for culinary school″ I replied back with a polite smile.

″Oh really you want to be a chef?″ Rose beamed content with my answer.

I nodded my head, ″I’d like to own my own cafe one day″.

″That’s great!″ Bethany spoke enthusiastically.

″What do your parents do?″ Clyde asks, I froze at his question not knowing exactly how to answer to that.

‘My Dad died resulting in me losing my memory and forgetting about being in love with your nephew. Oh and my Mom is an alcoholic’. Yeah that didn’t seem like the type of thing to bring up during dinner.

Luckily my knight and shinning armour spoke up in aid to my nervousness, ″Dad can you stop pestering her with all of these questions″.

Clyde rolled his eyes at his son, ″I’m only trying to get to know her son″.

″Haven’t I told you about her enough?″ He said in his quiet voice which he uses when he’s nervous. Awh, is Grayson getting nervous because he’s speaking about me to his Parents?

″So Libby, do you play football?″ Bethany asked right out of the blue to aid the awkward silence which I was thankful for.

″Yeah, I mean I haven’t played in a long time so i’m a bit rusty but yeah I play″.

She smiled at me happy with my answer as her husband clapped his hands together, ″Great! we were just going to play a match after dinner. Gray reminded you to bring a pair of wellies didn’t he?″.

I nodded my head now knowing why Grayson was so adamant that I bring a pair of wellies. I’m not sure if wellies are the right wear for football but hey i’ll take it. Anything to protect me ruining my holy grail shoes was a plus in my book.

″Yeah, he did″.


It wasn’t long before we were all stood outside with me huddling onto the jacket Bethany gave me a loan of in order to not get Grayson’s old denim jacket that now belongs to me ruined. Funnily enough Clyde had brought out an old fashioned speaker outside so we could all enjoy a bit of music while fighting each other for a ball.

When he turned it on I was hit by the memories as soon as Joy Division’s ‘Love will tear us apart’ turned on and oddly enough I was okay with listening to it now.

Grayson had the ball and all eyes were on him. It was me and Bethany against Grayson and Clyde. I think I knew that Grayson and Clyde were going to win by a long shot, I mean hello! Grayson is on the football team and Clyde probably was too back in the day.

Bethany and I both had our wellies on whilst Gray and Clyde had on their football boots but all of our concentrations were on Grayson. I had crouched down and had my hands on my knees waiting for him to throw the ball or run with it and with a sly smirk to me, he ran to the other end of the frosty garden.

Bethany and I were hot on his tale.

″Over here!″ Clyde yelled to Grayson with open arms waiting for the ball to be thrown to him.

Grayson sneaked a glance my way with narrowed eyes knowing that I wasn’t going down without a fight. He shook his head at his Father making him scrunch up his face and huff.

Grayson wanted to score on his own and I was going to try my best to stop him.

I pointed for Bethany to go to Grayson’s left while I stayed in the right side. If we had more people I would have directed them to corner Gray and then soon the ball would be in my hands but unfortunately there was two against two and it was harder to win...especially win against the quarterback on the school football team.

I was hot on Grayson’s tail while his Father ran up behind me and Bethany to try distract us but I knew what his plan was. My Father had tried it on me more times than I can count, but it never worked.

When I was close enough to Grayson he knew I was going to get that ball one way or another and so he got ready to throw the ball to Clyde who was now ahead of us and close to the neon yellow goal.

I winked at Bethany and motioned for her to keep her eyes on the goal, she smirked at me sensing what I was going to do next and kept to the goal. Grayson lounged the ball behind me to where Clyde was but I jumped up blocking it from passing to him and it hit me right on the stomach.

I fell backwards in what felt like slow motion as Grayson’s face dropped, I hit the freezing cold grass as I coughed from the blow to my stomach, the ball was right beside me.

Grayson rushed over to me, when I opened my eyes both Clyde and Grayson were looking at me with worry filled expressions but there was no sight of Bethany. Atta girl.

″Libby, I am so sorry. I didn’t think you would-″ I cut Grayson off by grabbing the ball from right beside me.

″Sucka″ I stuck out my tongue and ran with the ball as fast as my long legs could take me, I threw it to Bethany with open arms. Thankfully she caught it without a beat and paying close attention to the boys she knew she had the chance to do it and so she did.

She threw and she scored!

Go Bethany!

″Libby, that’s cheating″ Grayson laughed from beside me, his hair dishevelled as I assume mine was too, dirt was on his face but still he looked as handsome as he always does. So not fair.

I shrugged in response, ″Don’t be such a sore loser, Gray″ I chuckled.

He opened his mouth to say something but his father quickly cut him off to keep attention to the game. I guess he gets his ‘sore loserness’ from his Father since Bethany was sticking her tongue right out at him yelling at him ‘to go home and cry to mommy’.

I hoped one day Gray and I would have a relationship like theirs. Where they seem nothing but in love with one another no matter how old they were or how busy their jobs made them-They always loved each other. And that’s how I aimed my future to be like-With Gray. And by how things are going on between us now I could only guess my dream would become a reality.

Shocking even myself and Grayson, myself and Bethany won against them. Girl power or what? I might just replace Gray on the football team.

Okay, imagine me on the football team? I would rather eat food on the sidelines, thank you very much. Competitive sports was fun...once a month. I would hate to have to make a living out of just playing sports. But this was Gray’s dream to do and if he could he would and so he will.

″You know you only won because you guys cheated, right?″ Grayson remarked cockily with a sly smirk as he gulped down a bottle of water until it was half empty.

I wish I was that water bottle.

″Oh shut up, do you need a shoulder to cry on?″ I joked, ″You’re just jealous I’m better at football than you are″.

He quirked a brow up at me, ″Yeah, keep telling yourself that Lib″.

″I hate you″.

″I love you too″.

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