Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty Eight. Prom and Rose Petals.

Song for this chapter: James Arthur-Naked.

I woke up in a abundance of white cotton sheets that felt as soft and airy as marshmallows. I looked around in confusion at the room I was now in. Powdered blue walls with grey detailing and oak floors was definitely not was I used to wake up seeing.

And to top it all off I was only in a pair of silk pyjama shorts with a matching top that had PINK written all over them. This was definitely not what I had on yesterday.

What the hell is going on?

Jolting me out of my thoughts there was a soft knock on the door before it opened slowly revealing a very wet and shirtless Grayson holding a tray of food.

I nearly dribbled from ogling at him for so long, his defined chest was sending my heart into overdrive.

″You’re up″ He greeted with a smirk obviously catching me staring at his chest but I didn’t care if I looked embarrassed, he had a great body and if I could stare at it all day long, I would.

″Why, what time is it?″ I asked my voice still groggy from just waking up.

He placed the food down on the bed in front of me, ″Half twelve″ He chuckled, ″I didn’t know what you’d like to eat in the morning so I just brought a bit of everything″.

I smiled at his kind gesture and took a look at the tray. There was a plate stacked with pancakes and a mini bear filled with heavenly delicious maple syrup and also slices of buttered toast, a green apple, a bottle of water, and coco pops.

He really did mean it when he said he brought a bit of everything.

″This is perfect, thank you″.

″Yeah, no problem. My Mom made the pancakes since she said she doesn’t want you to get ‘food poisoning’,’he air quoted with a roll of his emerald eyes.

I laughed at that, ″You know I wasn’t expecting your parents to be this...nice″.

″I told you, you were working yourself up over nothing. Now eat your brunch before it get’s cold″ he scolded playfully.

I rolled my eyes jokingly in response and muttered ‘whatever’ under my breath and aimed right for the beautiful puffy pancakes.

After pouring the maple syrup on the pancakes and took a bite with Grayson’s eyes on me, I no longer felt shy when he stared at me I guess I was so used to being around him everything he did was second nature to me now.

I moaned in delight a the sweet taste of the pancake hitting my taste bud, ″Good?″ Grayson chuckled.

I nodded in response, ″Dude, you’ve got to try these″.

″I’m okay, my Mom wouldn’t let me leave the kitchen without eating at least three″.

After finishing up the pancakes with small talk I only remembered what I was wearing when I got out of the bed to brush my teeth as Gray told me he had a spare one in his bathroom. I wasn’t surprised I was in Gray’s room, it had multiple football trophies on the wooden shelves and a picture of him framed of him as a small kid with Bethany.

He was/is so adorable! Why he chose me still baffles me to this day.

″Ehm Gray?″ I asked nervously.

He furrowed his brows, ″Yeah?″.

″How did I get into these last night, I mean I don’t even remember falling asleep″.

He scratched the back of his neck like he tends to do when he’s nervous, ″Well″ He dragged out.

″Come on Gray, spill it″ I chuckled.

″Well remember watching Taken with my parents last night?″.

I nodded not knowing where this was going to but kept quiet none the less.

″You fell asleep half way through, My Mom said to bring you to bed and so I did but then she said how uncomfortable you must be. You showered after the football match and got into spare clothes my Mom had but then she gave me her pyjamas which she never worn before since they’re too girly for her liking″.

He was totally dragging this story on purpose, you know it’s okay if he told me his Mother dressed me when I was passed out from the lack of sleep I had the night prior due to me being a nervous fool over meeting his parents.

″And so I dressed you″ He blabbed out so quickly I nearly missed what he said, ″Don’t worry, Lib. I put you to bed straight after″.

I stood there frozen in my spot, he undressed me last night? I mean I was expecting Bethany to have been the one to, not Gray. Oh God , what underwear was I wearing?

″I’m sorry″.

I shook my head, ″No it’s okay, I don’t care. I mean I see you shirtless all the time I might as well repay the favour?″ I joked.

I walked into the bathroom without hearing a word from him, I wasn’t mad at him I just needed to brush my teeth.

I found the toothbrush that was still in its original package and brushed my teeth using Gray’s half empty toothpaste that had extra spearmint.

Walking back into the bedroom, Gray now had a grey jumper on. Damn, I would have liked to have stared at his body a little while longer. Oh well, I have plenty of time to do that.

″I was thinking maybe we could do something today?″ Gray suggested laying flat on his bed with his arms behind his head, his jumper had risen up and I couldn’t help but envision his toned body from underneath that jumper.

I joined him on the bed and rested my head on his hard chest, ″What were you thinking?″ I asked.

″Maybe go out to dinner and watch a movie, my Mother said she would love to have you stay again″ He chuckled, ″You’ve really got her wrapped around your finger, Lib″.

I thought about it, I already knew my answer but then I just couldn’t leave Gabriela with Jackson again. I’m sure him and Kimberley would enjoy some alone time together and me being selfish was not going to be in aid to them.

″I want to Gray, I really do″ I sighed, ″But my little sister needs me″.

I couldn’t tell how his face looked right now but by the way he sighed I could tell he was disappointed but then quickly sat up nearly knocking me onto the hard floor.

″Sorry″ He laughed.

I glared at him but then chuckled.

″Gabriela can stay here tonight, if you do too″.

″Are you blackmailing me?″.

He smirked at me and leaned in closer towards to me so our faces were only inches apart, ″I don’t know, am I?″ he whispered huskily, my breath hitched in my throat making me turn into a mute. He looked into my eyes with so much passion and desire it made chills slide down my back.

He pressed his lips onto mine fiercely, our lips moving in sync with each other’s. He begged my lips for entrance with his tongue and I complied without thinking twice. My hands were running through his hair as he pulled me to sit on his lap, his hands now on my lower back. Much lower than he usually had his hands but it gave me a sense of euphoria, like electricity shooting throughout my entire body that I was craving for but didn’t realise it until now.

He slowly leaned down until he was flat on the his bed and I was now straddling him, my hair going over his face but he didn’t care and the truth was, neither did I.

So much heat and electricity was shooting between us that it felt as if the whole world was in slow motion and there was only me and Grayson, Grayson and I against the whole world.

I smiled within in the kiss wanting this moment to last forever, this is the most intimate me and Grayson have been with each other and I know i’ll sulk later on why we haven’t done this earlier since it feels so liberating.

Of course being too infatuated with each other we couldn’t hear anything but our lips moving against each other’s lips-Hearing the rest of the world would of come in handy right about-

″Gray-″ A deep voice began from beside us but quickly stopped when their eyes reached what was going on...on his son’s bed.

Our eyes widened and like a natural reaction I quickly jumped off Grayson and tried to compose my heavy breathing. I hid my face in embarrassment with my hands, my face burning in both the cringe and awkwardness.

″Dad″ Grayson cleared his throat, running his hands through his hair. ″What do you want?″.

″Ehm″ Clyde began looking between the both of us, ″You’re Mom wanted to know if Libby was staying tonight, I’ll take that as a yes then″.

He nodded at Grayson with a tight lipped smile before closing the door behind him as he left. I let out the long awaited breath I had been holding in since our little interruption. Grayson looked towards me with wide eyes searching for my reaction that was soon going to escape me.

Out of all the awkward things to happen to me in life seventeen years of life, this one took the cake. I had been bumped into, hit in the head with a few basketballs, tripped in front of a whole class and even had my top burn into flames during biology- But none of those moments compared to how awkward I was feeling right now.

″Lib, I am so-″ Grayson began but stopped abruptly when I laughed right out of no where. He furrowed his brows and looked at me with a forced smile. I could tell he felt extremely nervous and regretful for his Father walking in on us.

″I’m sorry″ I apologised in between my loud un-womanly laugh, my eyes watering.

Even though the whole situation wasn’t something to be laughed at but rather cringed at, I couldn’t help but laugh at the sheer terror etched across Grayson’s face. I was mortified, don’t get me wrong but I think my coping mechanism is to just...laugh.

Laugh at the stupidity of it all, laugh because I knew five years down the line I will shudder at the memory of Grayson’s dad walking in on us and laugh because the fist intimate moment Gray and I had...we got walked in on.

Laughing made everything better, or at least in my world it did.


We had just arrived hand in hand at the diner food crazed blonde has raved on and on about, we sat down at the back where it was isolated and after ordering we waited for our food to arrive.

You would think we would have decided against coming here after previous events that nearly ruined our relationship, but then I remember that we can’t hide away forever from our past. We moved on and it only seemed right to eat here since their food was just delicious.

″The blondes keep asking me about prom″ I brought up out of the blue.

He took my hand in his and laid our enjoined hands flat on the table making my hand feel like it was just electrocuted by his touch.

″And what did you say?″.

I bit my lip, we haven’t really discussed prom. Or going to prom together even though I knew that if I was going, he was the only one I would be attending it with. Usually the guy asks the girl to prom, that was normal-Boring.

But I wasn’t normal and our relationship wasn’t boring, it was like a roller coaster ride that we screamed in exhilaration on, but we never got sick of it. Every time we got off, we’d hop right back on for another go.

″Will you go to prom with me?″ I blurted out quickly that I couldn’t even understand my words. It sounded to the average person that I was speaking anything but English. I guess asking someone to prom is a lot more nerve wrecking than I had expected it to be and if I couldn’t use my mouth to ask him to prom I knew what else I could use-Food.

″What?″ He asked with a boyish smile, obviously not understanding a word I said-Thank fudge for that. I had a better idea now. One that wasn’t normal nor boring.

″Never mind″ I replied back chirpy, my voice high but I tried mask it by clearing my throat.

He furrowed his brows and shook his head in amusement, ″Okay, you’re acting weird, Lib″.

Before I could reply back with a cocky remark, two plates full of fresh steaming food were landed right in front of us. The heavenly smell of fries and onion rings made me close my eyes taking it all in.

Grayson looked in awe at his huge ass burger which was the mount Everest of all burgers. I did what I had to do and started moving my fries into the letters I needed.

″What are you doing?″ Grayson chuckled, looking at me with a confused expression.

I smiled nervously back at him and turned the plate around to show him what exactly was up my sleeve all this while.

He scrunched his brows together as he looked down at plate, ″Porn?″,

″Libby, why did you write porn with your fries?″ He laughed.

It wasn’t a cute laugh, it was like a donkey from shrek laugh where people sitting rows ahead of us were glancing at us with death glares wondering what the hell was going on.

My eyes widened in horror and quickly turned the plate around to face me, sure enough it did look like I wrote porn instead of prom. I needed to fix that.

Once I was satisfied with the word PROM on my plate, I once again hastily turned around the plate to Grayson who was now wiping the tears away from his eyes from laughing way too hard.

″Libby″ He smiled, ″Is this your way of asking me to prom?″.

I bit my lip and nodded my head, my nerves heightened to a peak as I waited for Gray’s answer. What if he hadn’t wanted to go to prom at all?

″You know, I had actually asked my Mom to set up something nice for us for when we came back to my house″.

I furrowed my brows but smiled at him at his sweet gesture.

″I was going to ask you to prom, but I guess you already did that for me″.

He was going to ask me? Now I just felt bad for being impatient and not waiting for him to ask me himself. Sure, maybe I was just a tad bit worried that maybe he wouldn’t ask me at all. But this is Grayson we’re talking about, the quarterback of the school football team. Of course he would be going to prom.

″I’m sorry, Gray. If I knew you were going to go, I would have waited to ask″ I sighed in defeated,now feeling bad that Grayson went out of his way with his Mother to set up something special and all I did was move around a few fries and shabang!

He grabbed my face in his warm hands and made me look up into his emerald orbs, ″Hey hey″ He comforted, ″Don’t feel bad, Lib. I loved it and plus not everyone can say their girlfriend asked them to prom. I don’t like the bland, you know that″.

I smiled at his reassuring words, no longer feeling bad on myself for not waiting. He had a point, the whole point of asking him myself was to not be ordinary and I guess I exceeded in that. I just wish he didn’t go out of his way to set something up and waste it on nothing.

″So is that a yes?″ I asked hopeful.

He laughed and pecked my lips, ″Yes, Lib. That’s a yes″.

I smiled in glee and kissed his lips again then delved into my food, happy with his response.


The bright smile never left my face all night, even in the cinema when we opted for a thriller movie as the girl was getting stabbed I still had that smile on my face which probably made me out to look like some psycho serial killer. But just the thought of knowing that everything between me and Grayson is perfect is enough to make me happy for life.

Grayson had assured me that his Mom had already picked Gabriela up and they would be staying in their cabin just fifteen minutes outside of town. Yeah, I was just as shocked to know that they had their own cabin, a freaking cabin!

But it looked like me and Gray would have the whole house to ourselves which both excited and scared me all at once.

And I think the reasons why were pretty self explanatory.


When we walked into his lavish home we were greeted with nothing but utter quietness and I couldn’t tell if I should love it or hate it. But my gut instinct was telling me to love it and not take any of it for granted.

I took off my converse as soon as I walked in and Grayson took off his vans and we both left them on the class shoe stand right beside the front door.

″Today was great″ I spoke nervously as Grayson switched on the hall lights which was literally a huge diamond chandelier with silver lighting.

″Mhm″ He hummed, his voice husky and dark as he leaned against the wall with one leg etched up.

I fumbled with the lint on my sweater before Grayson reached out and pulled me close to him. So close that I felt his breath on top of my head. I looked up at him with innocence while his eyes showed nothing but burning desire.

He reached up and placed one of his hands on my cheeks searching deeply in my eyes for his feelings to be returned-And believe me they were.

I reached up and pressed my lips to his passionately, he kissed me back with as much passion and love as he was given. I smiled into the kiss which he returned and used his hands to hoist me up to wrap my legs around his hard body.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while my fingers ran through his brown locks, our tongues were now fighting for dominance before I gave up and let him have all the control he wanted. He tasted like coca cola and mint and everything I only dreamed of.

He moved us to edge of the stairs which resulted in me pouting when our lips were no longer in contact with each other’s. He smirked as he started carrying me up the stairs.

″Grayson if you drop me, I won’t hesitate bitch″.

He narrowed his eyes and laughed, ″Did you seriously just quote a vine to me?″.

I nodded proudly, vines were one of my many guilty pleasures, staring at Grayson while he wasn’t looking and remaining to look at him even when he catches me was also another one.

Without struggling he easily opened his bedroom door while he still held onto me. I placed my two hands on his face that was now looking up at me hungrily.

I leaned down and kissed his lips with burning desire and passion that the hair on my arms were standing up and my skin was hot to the touch, he kissed me back and walked to end of his bed before gently leaning me us both down on it so my back was on it, while he supported himself with his elbows so he wouldn’t suffocate me.

I hadn’t noticed until now that his entire bed was covered in pink rose petals-courtesy of Bethany and his his bedroom was dimly lit by aftershave scented candles placed sparingly around the room.

He took his lips off mine but started to kiss my jaw, lightly making his way down to my neck. My hands went straight to his hair on habit before his lips met mine again, a low growl left his throat making me smirk.

His hands were roaming my body leaving tingles wherever he touched, he pulled back to talk off his jumper in one quick motion leaving my eyes to wonder over his defined abs.

He smirked catching my eyes wondering over his perfect body and leaned down once again, but not to place his lips over mine but to pull my sweatshirt off. I lifted up my arms making him smirk as he carefully but swiftly took my sweatshirt off revealing my basic lace bra that I had for forever.

He kissed my neck placing gentle kisses teasingly on my skin until he got lower and lower, ″So beautiful″ He murmured making me blush and hide my face in between my hands.

I wasn’t a shy girl, I think everyone and their dogs postman’s knew that but with Grayson it was like everything I did with Hunter never happened and I was a virgin again hence the reason for my sudden shyness.

″Hey″ Grayson spoke gently removing my hands from my hands, ″You don’t have to hide from me, you’re so beautiful, Lib″.

″I love you″.

I was feeling loved, I was shown love-With Hunter it was all lust, just a fling. But with Grayson, it was magical and he kissed me like he knew that what we had was going to last forever.

I don’t know how I got this lucky, I truly don’t.

That night was filled with hot breaths, skin on skin and gentle kisses as we let out pants of ecstasy. It was the night where we became one, a whole. And I could only hope for many more of those long nights to come.

I was deeply and truly in love with the boy with the glasses,

Grayson Smith.

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