Grayson Smith

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Chapter Thirty-Nine.My Brightest Star.

Song for this chapter: Elvis Presley-Can’t help falling in love.

Grayson’s P.O.V

She lay there in her morning glory, the sun peaking through my curtains, hitting off her bare back. She was fire, the light in my eyes, the crease in my smile- in my laugh. She was my everything-My one and only.

I knew not to take the best things in life for granted but God I couldn’t stop myself with her. I couldn’t imagine a life without her, I didn’t want to.

I knew from the moment I met her that there was something more behind those grey eyes of hers that I get entranced by every moment of every day. There was a story untold behind those eyes, a story that ran much deeper then she made the world believe. But I could read her like an open book, I knew that there was someone worth knowing under that hard facade of hers that I tried longingly to break down.

I know her now, the real her. The girl who was emotionally and psychically damaged, the girl who stays up late every night to make sure she sent me a goodnight text, the girl who I am madly and deeply in love with.

I was incomplete without her, she was the missing puzzle piece to my broken heart. I was whole again, thanks to her.

I guess I knew from the moment I met her that I was screwed, I had to know her. She was pulling me closer towards her without even knowing it. She wasn’t like her group of ‘friends’, she didn’t attend parties because of the fun of it, she attended them because she was forced to. To keep up her reputation of the bad girl, but that isn’t who she is.

The thing about Libby is that she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, she may try to seem like she does. But she was as broken as the rest of us, like me. But that isn’t who we are anymore, because of her i’m no longer broken and I could tell by the way her eyes lit up when I came close to her that she was no longer broken because of me.

And as long as we had each other, everything was going to be alright.

She fluttered her eyes in her sleep, I watched her lovingly like a crazy stalker but I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her never ending beauty. She murmured something in her sleep before slowly and gently opening her big grey eyes and stared right up at me.

″Hey″ She whispered in her sleepy state.

I placed some stray hair that was over her eyes behind her eears making her smile and cuddle into her cushion, ″Good morning″ I whispered lightly.

This girl would be the death of me.

″Are you hungry, Lib?″ I asked her gently, running my hand through her almost black hair.

I used to think her dark hair was a perfect component for who she was as a person, but that was when I didn’t know her, but only knew of her.

Her dark hair symbolised that her looks were deceiving because she was brighter than all of the stars I had witnessed in my lifetime. She was the one who made my life brighter, she was the brightest star of them all.

She nodded on the cushion tiredly making me chuckle and lean down to kiss her head, ″Pancakes will be ready soon″.

I knew that was her go to breakfast food, if that’s what she wanted then that’s what she would be getting.

I just about stood up before her long ass arm pulled me back lightly, I turned around to face her beautiful face, ″I love you″ she whispered.

If my face wasn’t already etched across in a big smile it definitely was now. Just three little words from her lips was enough to make my heartbeat skyrocket and burst into a million fireworks. Call me whatever you want but I didn’t care, I knew I was whipped.

″I love you too″.

I smiled as she closed her eyes again, I got up out of bed and felt the winter air hit off my torso. I tip toed as quietly as I possibly could with my big feet to my bedroom door and was about to leave but stopped when I heard Libby laugh from behind me.

I turned around questioningly, my brows furrowed. She has a tendency to laugh at random moments in time, it would seem a bit weird to most people but to me it was one of quirks that I adored and was something I fell in love with.

″You’re naked, Gray″.

Sure enough when I looked down I was stark butt naked, my eyes widened as she laughed harder. I wasn’t that embarrassed, I just didn’t want to scare her off. That wasn’t something I could risk.

I grabbed my robe that was hung up on my bedroom door and quickly threw it on me before opening the door sneaking a glance at her, she was now sat up with my duvet clung to her petite body that had nothing on. Her hair was like a birds nest but it didn’t take away one bit of her beauty. She was effortlessly beautiful no matter how horrid her hair looked in this moment in time.

I shook my head and smiled to myself as I walked down my stairs and reached the kitchen. I got out the pancake batter from the fridge and did as my mother instructed on the yellow post it note she stuck on the container filled with pancake batter.

I didn’t see why that was really necessary, I knew how to make pancakes without giving someone food poisoning or burning the entire house down. Rose didn’t start here until twelve and it was only half eight so me and Lib had plenty of time to burn before we no longer had the house to ourselves.

The pancakes were done in a few minutes and I quickly grabbed the maple syrup for them before putting everything on the tray alongside two bottles of cold water right out of the fridge just how I like it.

I walked back into my room quietly expecting Libby to be back asleep but surprisingly she wasn’t. She smiled at me or more so the pancakes when I walked in and sat next to her on my newly made bed.

″You made my bed?″ I chuckled as I placed the tray of our pancakes in front of her.

She nodded, ″Yeah, sorry. I’ve a habit of doing that″.

I waved her off and smiled as we both dug into our delicious pancakes that has a secret ingredient that even my own Mother won’t tell me what it is, my guess is vanilla essence but who knows.

″Do these have cream in them?″ Libby asked with a mouth full of food.

I furrowed my brows thinking about it, maybe it was cream. ″They could″ I shrugged.

″They could?″ She repeated with a confused tone, her face scrunched up making me just want to kiss her right here and now.

″My mother put a secret ingredient in the batter″ I filled her in giving her the answer she needed, ″I was aiming more for vanilla essence but cream seems about right″.

She nodded her head in understanding eating more pancakes, the syrup slipping out of the corner of her mouth.

″You’ve got syrup on your face, Lib″ I chuckled, she looked like an innocent child right about now and I just couldn’t get enough of her beauty-Even with syrup on her.

″Where?″ She asked, her voice muffled from the countless amount of pancakes stuffed into her mouth making me laugh.

I pointed to the corner of my mouth where the syrup was on her face, she scrunched her face in confusion again wiping away at the wrong corner.

″No, Lib. The other side″ I chuckled.

She nodded and made an ‘oh’ sound, and once again missed where the syrup was.

I laughed and rolled my eyes at her.

″Are you just messing with me″ She pouted with a soft laugh sending my heart plummeting through my chest.

I shook my head and smiled at her, I leaned in closer to her so we were only inches apart. She still smelled like vanilla and spice and I just couldn’t get enough of her scent that followed me where ever I went.

I kissed her lips making my way over to the maple syrup and licked it straight off. She widened her eyes at my simple actions. With her I was daring, bold, cocky, loving, real and I couldn’t be more happy. She lifted my spirits up higher than they have ever been before.

I was no longer dull, my Parents no longer smiled at me sympathetically when I walked into a room. Now they smiled-Genuinely. And it was all because of her, one girl who lightened my eyes again and made my heart leap out of my chest with every word she spoke.

We ate our pancakes while we watched her beloved Riverdale on TV, her obsession with this guy Jughead made me jealous even if he was only fictional. I couldn’t help but feel that way when she was my person, my love.

I quickly just threw on some clothes when the show finished after an agonisingly slow hour, it ended up just being sweat pants and a plain black shirt. Casual and comfy was usually what I opted for on a daily basis.

She looked up with a stunning smile that still makes my knees weak when I walked in out of my closet and back into my bedroom.She didn’t even have to try. She had every bit of control over me and I was glad she did. She was the only person to keep me grounded-Sane.

I put out my hand for her to take, she looked at it in confusion before smiling up at me with furrowed brows and taking my hand. I pulled her up off the bed lightly and made her follow my direction.

″Where are you taking me, Gray?″ She chuckled from behind me, her breath barely hitting the back of my neck.

I smiled even though I knew it was impossible for her to see me, ″It’s a secret″.

I walked her down the long hallway until we reached the last door on the left, ″Is this your red room, Mr.Gray?″.

I sighed and shook my head, she really would be the death of me. ″What type of movies do you be watching, Lib″.

She quirked her brow up at me as she leaned against the wooden door, ″Me?″ She pointed to herself accusingly, ″I could say the exact same thing to you, you’re the one who knows what the red room was in the first place″.

I opened my mouth to stick up for myself but she caught me, I may or may not have watched the Fifty shades of grey movies out of boredom. But I can’t let her know that, I knew she would bring it up for the next year and probably make us have matching prom outfits to go as Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele.

...Then again, Libby would look hot in a silver satin dress.

I cleared my throat clearing my thoughts from that right now, now was not the time. Although we did have all the time in the world to save that for later.

″You amaze me, Lib″.

″I know″ She smiled brightly, ″You amaze me too″.

I opened the door slowly to create an anti-climatic moment like in all those teenage movies about cliche romance. I stepped inside holding her hand behind me as she stepped in slowly.

Her mouth dropped open in awe at her surroundings, she walked inside further until she was in the middle of the room, she looked all around with a huge smile playing on her plump lips.

I smiled contently at her just being happy. She placed her finger on the row of countless CD’s from the mid 50′s, 60′s, 90′s and early to mid 00′s.

″This can’t be real″ She said in awe, ″You really have a room stacked with throwback albums and..vinyls!″ She exclaimed moving quickly over to my collection of vinyls.

I laughed at her love for the music she was gawking at, ″I have more to collect but this is it so far″ I shrugged carelessly leaning against the oak shelf piled with more vinyls and CD’s behind me.

″This is it so far?″ She mirrored my words back with a shocked tone, ″This is amazing, Gray″.

I smirked putting my hands into my pockets as I watched her every movie. Even the littlest of things she did amazed me, how she looks up at me with her dazzling eyes when she’s intrigued or laughs when she doesn’t know what else to do.

All the quirks of hers where what made her..her.

And I loved every inch of her, quirks and all.

I pushed myself off the shelf and walked over to her, she now had an Elvis vinyl in her hands-Blue Hawaii. One of my favourites.

″Put it on″ I instructed lowly from behind her, making her jump.

I chuckled at her as she turned around to face me with a mortified expression playing on her pale face, ″Damn, Gray. I didn’t know you were behind me″ She gasped, with her hand clutching her heart.

I smiled down at her and rubbed her soft face with my hand, ″Sorry″ I murmured.

″It’s okay″ She breathed out.

I smiled down upon her and nudged my head towards the old vinyl player that has been carried down through generations. She nodded excitedly and ran off towards the end of the room with the vinyl in hand.

I watched her contently as she carefully placed the vinyl on and waited for the music to start enveloping the room.

She walked back to me and wrapped her arms around my torso unexpectedly nearly knocking me right off my feet. I held her close to me and inhaled the sweet scent of vanilla, spice, and pine which she got off me.

The music began with it’s cords before the deep voice of Elvis Presley began. I swayed her along with me envisioning us back in the simpler day of the 1960′s. She laughed a laugh that made my heart warm and my smile brighten.

I twirled her around, her hair flying in circles before I pulled her back to me again and kept my eyes concentrated on hers.

″You know I told you before I can’t dance″ She whispered shyly taking a hold of my other hand.

″Just follow my step″ I guided, ″Move with the music″.

She bit her lip and nodded her head as I let go of one of her hands and placed it around her waist and pulled her closer to me, she looked deeply into my eyes before diverting her eyes away from mine to look down and blush.

I lightly laughed as I moved us following the music, it looked very ironic how we were just dressed lazily while acting as if we were in a 1960′s jazz club. I guess the best things in life are free, Libby was mine and I didn’t have to pay a dime to have her in my arms.

I hummed along to the song not attempting to sing as I know I would blow her ear drums and I wasn’t going to risk that.

″I think we found our song, Lib″ I whispered into her ear as we moved slowly to the dazzling music.

″I think we have″.

I twirled her around once again making her laugh loudly but it wasn’t horrendous, it was joyful. A sound of liberation and excitement and love.

If I could freeze any moment in time, it would be right now. Right where we both have each other and the rest of the world is simply frozen in time. God, I don’t know what i’d do without her. She was my person, my brightest star, my light.

Libby Johnson had all of my heart and intended it to be that way for as long as we lived.

″For I can’t help falling in love with you″.

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