Grayson Smith

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Chapter Forty. Pinky Promise

Song for this chapter: Tom Walker-Leave a Light On.

I was sitting at the lunch table with the three blondes and Becca as we discussed everything from what we did on the weekend to making plans for Friday night. Evidently, I decided to keep me and Grayson’s wild night to myself knowing just how crazy they would react.

″Lib you’ve been acting weird lately″ Kimberley spoke up with a curious glance aimed my way.

I shook my head trying to play it cool, ″Me?″ I asked innocently trying to play dumb, ″I’m just hungry″ I lied straight through my teeth grabbing a bunch of fries in my hand and chewing on them like some food monster- Like Stacey.

The girls all looked between themselves like they were sending messages to each other with their bright eyes before turning their directions towards me with smirks on all of their artificial lips.

″What exactly did you and Grayson do this weekend, Libby?″ Brittney asked sneakily.

I leaned back in my seat, looking down at my tray. They knew! I obviously didn’t tell them, and I knew Grayson didn’t tell them so obviously I mustn’t be acting right.

Before I worked up the courage to finally give up and give them all the details they were waiting impatiently for, a tray smacking down on the lunch table in front of me beside the blondes nearly knocked me right out of my seat.

Instantly looking up I was met with the ocean blue eyes of Blake. I hadn’t seen him since meeting Grayson’s parents and finding out that he was surprisingly my boyfriend’s first cousin.

I guess my life was turning into a cliche teen flick.


The table now went quiet, no one uttering out a word. The muffled voices of people from other tables were heard and the laughs from the football team and Gray, but besides that I was drowning in the quietness, the awkwardness.

″So″ He breathed out looking between everyone but quickly diverted his eyes away from mine when they met and coughed falsely to cover it up. So we’re playing that game now?

″What are you girls up to?″.

His words were directed towards all of us but I knew it was for the three blondes and Becca and not me. Things between us weren’t the same and I had to admit that I hated it.

I finally had a friend that I actually knew all my life, sure I don’t remember him but I still had him and that little memory of him pushing me on the swing was enough for me to hold onto.

It was enough to tell myself to keep fighting for our friendship and I would eventually, but right now we just needed time apart to cool down and for him to get over the fact that I choose Grayson. I always would.

″I don’t know, Blake″ Becca drawled on, I widened my eyes at her begging her not to say a word.

I sighed in relief when she held up her hands in surrender, ″Why don’t you ask Becca what she did with her boyfriend over the weekend?″ Stacey giggled.

I glared at her, grabbing the half eaten apple off my tray and throwing right at her pretty little head.

″Ow″ She groaned rubbing her forehead, I couldn’t help but laugh at her nearly falling off her plastic chair, ″Libby, what-″.

She couldn’t finish her sentence before she was cut off, ″What did you and Grayson do over the weekend, Libby″ Blake seethed my name, the girls all looked at him weirdly for seeming so enraged.

I wasn’t surprised he was angry but he needed to tone it down a little. Of course when you find out the person you like slept with your cousin, you aren’t going to be all happy happy and filled with joy-From personal experience I would be angry, sad and disappointed that it wasn’t me but at least I understood where to draw the line.

″Nothing″ I murmured, my nerves hitting at me like a hammer.

Becca looked at me regretfully but I waved her off. It wasn’t her fault Blake was acting like a jealous boyfriend right now, he wasn’t my boyfriend and as long as Grayson is still breathing, he never would be.

″Come on″ Blake dragged on with a menacing tone sending shivers down my spine, ″What did you and my cousin do?″.

The blondes including Becca all creased their eyebrows together at the mention of him and Gray being cousins. Believe me, I was just as confused and surprised as you guys. You’s aren’t the only ones.

″It’s really none of your business″ I breathed trying to compose myself. I know better now than to act out on my anger and start yelling at him for butting in on my business when really he had no right to know.

It was between Gray and I and that was how it was going to remain.

″I can already tell″ He rolled his eyes at me.

I furrowed my brows at him and gave him a death glare. ″You shouldn’t care what I do, Blake. Last time I checked I wasn’t your girlfriend...″.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Stacey choked on her straw, Kimberley’s mouth was gaped open while Becca’s eyes were wide and Brittney was just scrolling along on her phone as she usually did-She was always in another world with that phone of hers.

″Yeah well you used to be″ He bit back, his voice as cold and harsh as venom.

I used to be? What the hell is he talking about? Sure I knew maybe that we had feelings for each other more than what best friends should have but being in a relationship with each other was not something I was aware of.

I didn’t know whether to trust his words or not, he wasn’t in the right state of mind right now and for all I knew he could be saying anything just out of anger.

I was left speechless and I wasn’t aware that all eyes were on our table until I couldn’t hear anything but my loud thoughts. Everyone’s eyes were on us...including Gray’s.

I smiled at him trying to cover the fact that I was on brink of having a mental breakdown. He smiled back and winked at me before turning back to his team to discuss all things balls.

FOOTballs people, footballs.

I sighed once I turned back around to face the wrath that is Blake...Blake... I just realised that I don’t even know his last name.

I’m guessing it’s not Smith since that last name came in through Grayson’s Dad’s side while Blake was related through Gray’s mother’s side. So the possibilities were endless.

″If what you’re saying is true, you know I don’t remember that. You should live in the present Blake, not the past″ My words came out much harsher than I intended them to but it had to be said.

I wasn’t the same person I was all those years ago, sure I might resemble the girl I once was but mentally she wasn’t there. That girl was innocent and vulnerable and that wasn’t who I was anymore, he was in love with someone who no longer existed but was now just a memory.

″Yeah, you’re right″ He breathed out deeply, ″You’re in my past,Libby. It was nice knowing you. But like you just said, I guess I’m living in the past by trying make our friendship work. I’ve got to live in the future now, a future without you″.

He swung his backpack over his shoulder and stormed off without wasting another second. He words hurt my heart, it was like he just stabbed me right where it hurt. I needed to chase after him, and so I did.

Not uttering out a word to the speechless blondes and Becca, I jumped right out of my seat earning curious glances from people sitting down with their group of friends eating their lunches.

I ran in the direction I seen Blake go into, the hallway. I ran there hoping to catch him before the bell went. I had to complete my mission in 10 minutes.

I ran without looking clearly where I was going but kept my eyes wide open for a burnt red backpack. I was losing my breath pretty quickly from my running in all sorts of directions in the hope of getting back my best-friend.

Not looking clearly in front of me I nearly fell backwards from bumping into something hard...or someone.

I squinted my eyes shut anticipating the fall but the someone I bumped into caught me with their tight grip, so hard it almost burned my skin.

Slowly opening my eyes I was met with the hazel eyes I wished I never had to witness again.


I tried to squirm out of his hands, letting out a hiss from his tight grip that wouldn’t budge.

He wasn’t allowed back in school, not yet at least. I wasn’t keeping track of when his suspension ended but I knew it was already up.

″Look what we have here″ He muttered, ″Why so scared, babe?″.

″Let me go″ I begged harshly, ″You shouldn’t be back″.

″Ah ah ah″ He sing sang, ″My suspension ended three weeks ago baby doll, I had to come back sooner or later″.

″Let.Me.Go″ I barked out with every word.

He shook his head, ″Now, I can’t do that. How am I going to play with you if I let you go?″ He asked rhetorically.

I opened my mouth to scream for help, for someone to hear me but before I could he placed one of his hands over my mouth. The relief my arm got from being released from his tight grip was enough to make me sigh in relief but then again how can I when he has my mouth covered.

We were in a hallway, not the one where everyone goes to their lockers but the janitors hall.No one was going to come around here during lunch break unless school was over. I silently prayed in my head for just one person to come around here miraculously, but I knew they wouldn’t and that thought alone was enough to make me cry.

I knew Hunter wouldn’t kill me, he was too much of a coward unless he had some liquid courage in his system and judging by the mint smell coming from his mouth I knew he hadn’t been drinking.

But he would do everything else known to man kind, that was the type of sick fuck he truly was.

He was nothing but an empty human, nothing but shallow on the inside. His heart cold and his soul black.

He pushed me back forcefully until I hit off the back of a wall making me groan out in pain from the hard impact against my head.

″You always loved this on a Friday night, Libby. What’s so different now?″ He teased evilly.

I shook my head begging him to get away from me, I tried to kick and squirm him away but it was no use. He was too built for me to fight him off. My countless amount of pancake eating was really weighing down on me now.

I bit his hand making him hiss and pull it back, ″You stupid bitch!″ He yelled out slapping me across the face without thinking twice.

My vision became dizzy at the hard impact, my eye feeling hot already. ″Why are you doing this?″ I cried out.

″Why am I doing this?″ He repeated with a sardonic laugh making me flinch back, ″I don’t know, Libby. Maybe because you’re mine, maybe because you just can’t keep hopping from guy to guy″.

″You think I can’t see you with that new guy?″.

He pulled my face to look up at him, ″I see everything, Libby″ He smirked looking between my eyes to my lips making me whimper at the thoughts of what is going through his head right now, ″Everything″.

He held one hand over my mouth while he used to other to roam my body like I was nothing but an object to him, like I was nothing but something he could use and just throw away until he was hungry again.

I screamed from within his hand trying to kick him away, ″Stop being so feisty, baby doll.You know you’ll regret that″ He whispered into my ear.

I cried out, my breathing frantic.

″Don’t worry, Lib″ I cringed at the nickname, only one person could call me that and it sure as hell wasn’t him.″This won’t last long″.

I recoiled back scrunching my face up waiting for whatever was to come.

I was numb, there was nothing I could do anymore.

I felt empty, I felt dead, like a zombie.

Like I knew I was alive but couldn’t move my body, I was held captive in my own mind leaving my wondering thoughts to eat me alive.

I had flashbacks to Grayson and I just laughing as we watched a funny movie or how we made fun of our Biology teacher but never got in trouble because it was obvious that she had a thing for him, that really creeps not only me out but the whole entire class.

I waited for what was to come with my eyes slammed shut, I waited and I waited not knowing what else to do. But it never came.

All my worse nightmares I was expecting to happen never did, I peeked my eyes to take a look a what was going on or where he ran off to and seen something I was only praying would happen.

Hunter was laying down on the floor looking like how I was feeling-dead.

This time he wasn’t getting bet up by Grayson.

But his cousin.


Blake was on top of him holding him by the collar of his shirt, just plunging in punches to his face as hard and fast as he could.

I cringed at the sight in front of me, a sight I know all too well. I leaned down no longer able to keep my legs up, they were too weak-I was too weak.

I gasped for long breaths as tears started to stream down my face at the realisation of what could of happened to me if it weren’t for Blake.

I widened my eyes not being able to bare it anymore, as much as I despised Hunter. I didn’t want a law suit on Blake’s hands, so I was doing this for him and not Hunter.

My head was dizzy, my vision blurry as I managed to stand myself up and drag myself to Blake who was still throwing punches at Hunter who looked half dead. The potent smell of metallic blood ran up my nose making me gag but I had to stop him before it was too late.

″Blake, Stop″ I whispered tiredly into his ear just wanting to lie down on the floor and sleep for a million years until I was no more.

At the sound of my voice it was like I just tasered him since he stopped mid action, no longer throwing punches but still clenching Hunter’s bloody collar in his hands. I placed my hand on his shoulder making him stiffen, ″Let go″ I instructed quietly.

″He’s not worth it″ I spat looking towards a blooded Hunter, Blake dropped him right on the floor with a loud thud and stepped up, turning around to face me.

His hands were stained in both his own and Hunter’s blood, his eyes reflecting concern.

″D-Did he?″ He stuttered letting out a sigh of frustration before running his fingers through his hair frustratingly. I can see now how him and Gray are related.

″Did he touch you?″ He asked with concern washing over his face, he looked at me like if he spoke another word I would break until there was nothing left of me.

I shook my head reassuring him that he saved me before anything scarring could happen, he hugged me tightly without wasting another second. I didn’t hug back at first from the suddenness of it all but soon enough hugged him back just as tightly as he did to me and blinked back my tears at the thoughts of what could have happened.

″Can we please get out of here″ I begged quietly, my voice lost.

He nodded, ″Of course, Libby″ He whispered softly, reassuringly.

I just needed to make sure of one thing first.



″Don’t tell Grayson″.

He pulled out of the hug and looked at me like I just escaped a mental institution and by the way things went today I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up exactly there.

″Libby, I think you need to rethink that decision″.

I shook my head, my decision firm. ″Blake, I think I’ve thought this thoroughly enough, promise me you won’t tell a soul, especially not Grayson″ I pleaded holding out my pinky finger, I took those very seriously.

He seemed to think long and hard scrunching up his face before sighing and giving me a pinky promise, ″Okay, I promise″.

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