Grayson Smith

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Chapter Forty-Four. Number 6 Jersey.

Song for this chapter:Ben E.King-Stand By Me.

Yesterday had went in all possible directions which I couldn’t have possibly thought of. For the following reasons:

1. It was a lot harder than you would think to find the right prom dress that...speaks to you.

2.Elizabeth actually was surprising me as the days came and went. And this time not in a ‘I wish I was adopted’ type of way.

3.I actually made gingerbread men with Elizabeth and I didn’t worry about her poisoning them. For once, in a really long time I felt as if I was slowly getting the woman I once knew back.

I guess life was full of unexpected happenings that sometimes just can’t be explained.

Grayson had decided that at 10.53 am this morning that he thought it was a perfect idea for myself to enjoy breakfast with his parents just out of the blue. Of course, I accepted his offer once Gabriela had pleaded with me that she wanted to play with Bella.

And so that’s how we ended up in the lavish kitchen of the Smith’s family home.

″Lib, we’re glad you decided to come over″ Clyde spoke stuffing a breakfast muffin into his mouth.

And by looking at an estatic looking Bethany who now was smiling from ear to ear with a wide smile, I knew she felt the same way.

″I’m glad you decided to have me″.

″Oh nonsense dear, you’re welcome over any time. Right, Gray?″ Bethany gloated eyeing Grayson mockingly.

He cleared his throat, digging his fork against his glass plate making my ears bleed metaphorically. ″Right″ He answered shyly, his face now a shade of cherry red.

I smiled bemused at his shyness. It was quite ironic how shy he could get so shy over just two simple words when the majority of the time he’s on his high horse letting out cocky remarks like Oprah gave something to everybody in the audience.

The heavenly smell of pancakes and maple syrup was enough to make me never want to leave this beautiful mansion Grayson calls home. At the electric touch of Grayson’s hand on my thigh, I smiled at him but he had his attention on his younger sister in front of him who was messing with her pancakes as was my little sister.

Her eyes caught mine and I gave her a look that warned her not to mess at a table that was not ours. She frowned at me and actually began to eat her pancakes instead of seeing how many slices she could balance on her face.

″Libby, you are and your sister share a lot of resemblance. You have an older brother too, Jackson I believe his name is″.

I nodded at Clyde wiping some maple syrup off my chin with a napkin. This wasn’t like me to do that, anywhere else I would have just licked it off. But truthfully even though I knew I had made a good first impression with them...or at least I think I have. I still wanted to show them that I was good enough for Grayson.

I guess, I wanted to show myself that I was enough for Grayson.

Because the majority of the time I just stare at his Greek God features, listen to his deep and contagious laugh and take in his unique scent and just wonder how did I ever get so lucky?

″Yeah″ I answered with a polite smile, ″We’re a wild bunch″ I joked.

He smiled in response as if observing my words and how my eyes moved.I didn’t dare cower away but instead looked straight back at him with that polite smile still plastered on my lips.

He then nodded.

Something simple but yet it meant so much.

It was if that one nod was a sign of accepting me, as Grayson’s other half and as a part of this family.

″I like her, Grayson″.

Grayson smiled widely looking down at me showing off his Hollywood smile before meeting his Father’s eyes once again.

″Me too, Dad″.


″Gray aren’t you supposed to be practising?″ I questioned curiously as we lay on his bed together with his head on my lap as his big emerald eyes stared up to match my own.

Those eyes were the keys to all of my happiness. I think I knew from the very first moment of looking into them that I was done for. I just didn’t want to admit it.

To him.

Or myself.

But admitting it was possibly the best thing I could have ever done because he took me out of that never ending black hole of self loath and despair and shown me the light that I truly didn’t know existed until I heard his laugh, seen his bright smile, and fell in love with the eyes I thought I once despised.

He furrowed his thick brows that I still to this day can’t comprehend why guys have full eyebrows and fluttery eyelashes when they don’t need them.

″Practising?″ He mirrored.

I nodded, ″Yes, Gray″ I chuckled, ″I’m pretty sure you have a very big game tonight″.

″Ah″ He spoke in realisation making me roll my eyes at his idioticy, ″Don’t you worry your pretty little face about that, Lib. The guys and I have done plenty of practice the last few months. And as I recall you were the one that pressured me to practice for six hours yesterday″.

I gave him a tight lipped smile, he was right. I had called him as soon as I woke up asking him if he was going to ‘practice’ with the guys that day for the championships that could decide the whole stake of his future. And when he replied no, let’s just say I wasn’t hanging up until I got the opposite of that answer.

″By the way, Lib. It’s called training″.

I narrowed my eyes at him, ″Yes, I know it’s called training moron″.

″Really? Because you called it pract-″.

I cut him off by putting my hand on his mouth and smiling down at him, ″Okay, fine. I call it practising″.

He cockily rose a brow loving me admitting being wrong, I pulled my hand back in disgust when the palm became wet and sloppy.

″Ew, Gray! Did you seriously just lick my hand?″.

He laughed at my reaction, I didn’t find it funny. I eat with that hand, and yes I realise there is such a thing as hand wash but seriously...gross.

″You weren’t complaining when I was lick-″.

I threw the nearest pillow right at his big head to shut his words up. Oh he has another thing coming if he was going to even finish that little sentence of his.

He laughed like a dying hyena at my furious expression, ″Lib, looking angry doesn’t scare me. Actually I find it quite cute″.

I rolled my eyes, that was something I find myself doing at least a million times a day now being around Grayson’s cockiness and crude humour. ″Oh shut up″.

He leaned in closer towards me, glancing between my eyes and my lips then did something so simple that would have knocked my straight off my whimpering feet if I were standing.

He bit his lip.

That right there was something so simple yet so pleasing.

″What are you going to do about it?″ He asked, his voice deep and husky.

I smirked not letting myself to get shy, ″I don’t know Gray, why don’t you come over here and find out?″.

He smirked mischievously as his hand landed gently on my cheek, his other reaching out behind me. I furrowed my brows wondering what he was up to but I wasn’t left without answers for long.

He pulled his hand back with a capri-sun now in his hand, he took a sip out of it innocently. ″I’m thirsty″.

″You’re a dickhead″.

″A dickhead you love though″.



That day was filled with movies and a ton of pancakes and when I say a ton I mean about five plates full of stacked pancakes. But we had Gabriela and Bella to help us eat them and we actually had one left over which Bethany ate.

We were now in the car listening to ‘stand by me’ as we drove to the school’s football pitch to watch Gray ‘practice’ and there we would meet up with Becca, Blake and the three blondes to watch the championships.

Gabriela and Bella were travelling in the car with Gray’s parents while me and Gray went in his car knowing we would get home later than the rest of them so we needed our own form of transportation to get home.

We got there in a matter of twenty minutes while singing along terribly to the song playing on the radio, sorry Ben E.King.

″You ready?″ Gray asked just as he parked outside school.

I chuckled amused by his question. I wasn’t the one with a life changing football game right ahead of me. ″I should be asking you that″.

″I’ve never been more ready″ He answered with a sincere and strong smile.

I knew that moment he had not one ounce of doubt in himself, he knew he had it in the bag.

What a cocky guy.

″Come on then, what are you waiting for you?″ I asked rhetorically.

″For you″ He chuckled.

″Oh″ I nodded in realisation. ″Right, let’s get a move on″.

He smiled as I took off my seat belt and opened the car door and got out myself, not needing Gray’s help every damn time.

When he got to me he held out his hand waiting for me to take which I took without a second thought. We walked side by side to meet up with the rest of the group while Gray’s parents and our younger siblings went to take a seat in the front row.

I spotted the blonde herd leaning against the wall as we walked into the football pitch, they were chatting amorously with each other and waved at me and Gray as soon as we approached them.

Judging by Blake’s choice of clothing, he already had his gear on. A number four jersey. I looked at a smiling Grayson and wondered what number he was. I know if he had a choice he would probably choose number 10 since he claims on a scale of 1-10 he’s a solid 10.

We were soon seated, Blake chatting to us for a bit as the rest of the football team got into the gear. ″Libby, we were all going to catch some food after the game, you in?″ Becca asked.

″Do you even have to ask?″.

She laughed and shook her head, ″Just double checking, who knows what you and Gray had planned″ She winked.

I had to look down at my lap to try cover the deep blush that was inconveniently making its way to my cheeks.

I looked up with furrowed brows at the slight mention of my name coming from the end of the huge row of seats. ″Did you hear that?″ I asked the girls who were laughing over something idiotic one of the triplets said.


″Never mind″ I waved off, Blake’s curious eyes on mine. I looked up at him trying to cover my nervousness at the slight thought that it may be Hunter. He noticed my sudden uneasiness, his face becoming stern, his body tense.

And then I heard it again, ″Libby″.

″Libby, do you mind coming with me for a second?″ Blake spoke up trying to remain cool and collected so the blondes wouldn’t suspect anything.

I mentally thanked him for that, not wanting any attention towards me. That was the last thing I needed right now when I should be having a great time with my friends as I cheer on my boyfriend and best-friend?

Becca looked at me with furrowed brows but I kept my attention on Blake, ″Yeah, sure″ I answered trying to keep my voice at its normal pitch. Usually when I’m nervous my voice becomes high pitched like a 13 year old boy hitting puberty.

″I’ll be back in a minute″ I said to the girls who were looking between me and Blake curiously. They nodded at my words before turning back to their chatting about food crazed blondes wondrous adventure to McDonald’s last night at 3am.

I followed behind Blake until we got the entrance of the football stands. ″Libby″ I heard again making my twist my head in the direction of which the voice was come from. Blake and I furrowed our brows at each other.

″Stay behind me″ He instructed like we were on a murder solving mystery. I rolled my eyes at the seriousness. Sure, I was worried that it was Hunter but we were in a public place, there was not much he could do without getting caught in a matter of seconds and with Blake by my side I know he couldn’t harm me. I knew I was safe.

I hid behind Blake’s shoulder overlooking my way ahead hoping not to see the face of the boy I had a strong hatred for. There was an eerie quietness that sent a shiver down my spine as a drop of water hit the cold, wet pavement below us.

″Hello?″ Blake called out.

″Seriously, you call out hello? Way to go Blake″ I rolled my eyes, has he even seen a horror movie before?

He sighed and turned around to face me with a brow quirked up looking cocky, ″Excuse me? I’m out here trynna save your ass and you mock me?″.

″Yeah, doofus″ I hit his arm jokingly making him mock a pained expression, ″If there was a murderer out there trying to get us which there isn’t, don’t you think calling out to them and letting them know our whereabouts would lead them to us hence leading us to getting fatally injured?″.

He opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it, ″Yeah, you have a point″.

″Yeah, no shit″.

He rolled his eyes a smile playing on his lips before turning back around and going full inspector gadget mode.

He motioned with a finger to his lips to keep quite, I smiled jokingly throwing up my eyes at him but following by his demands.

He put his hand back behind him gesturing for me not to follow him as we came to a gap between both walls just outside the boys locker room door. I nodded mentally slapping myself remembering he can’t see what I do but I stopped walking none the less.

He straightened his shoulders putting his hands up to some karate motion making me laugh but I stopped as soon as I started as he glared at me, without a second thought he jumped into the gap like he was in space searching into a black hole.

″Damn dude, I was looking for Lib not Roger rabbit″.

I knew that voice all too well, I pushed passed a defeated Blake until I was stood in front of my one true love. Grayson stood there shirtless almost making me drool but because of a visitor we had, I had to contain myself for a few more hours.

I scrunched my brows together at what Gray was up to, he was mysterious in all the good ways.

Judging by a breathless Blake I knew he too was curious at Gray’s intentions. I mean i’m not complaining that Grayson decided to be shirtless in my presence, his body was a sight to hold but this was all so sudden and surprising.

″You can go now″ Gray remarked, his words directed towards Blake who was now leaning against the wall not showing a care in the world, he seemed to be in his own little world.

He nodded, knocking himself out of his little daydream, ″You alright, Libby?″.

I followed his previous actions by give him a curt nod, ″Yeah, I’m good″.

He patted Grayson on the back giving him a brief nod and leaving us alone.

″So what are you up to, Gray?″.

He smirked, ″Follow me″.

He turned around so his back was now facing me but he still held my hand in his. Oh no, there was no way I was going in there!

″Gray! I’m not going into the boys dressing room. If you wanted me to see half naked guys you could have brought me to a strip club″.

He chuckled shaking his head, ″Always so stubborn, Lib. This won’t take long″.

I sighed knowing full well he was just like me and wouldn’t give up without a fight and so that’s how I ended up in the sweaty place known as the boys locker room. I got a few hoots as the guys casted their eyes in my direction but stopped as soon as it began from my deathly glares that Gabriela laughs at way too much.

I kept my eyes down low not wanting to look at any naked bodies that didn’t belong to Grayson, ″Are we there yet?″ I whispered.

″You can open your eyes now, Lib″ Gray chuckled in response making me sigh in relief.

I had my hands over my eyes but slowly I peaked with one eye out through the gap of my fingers making me crease my forehead and slightly frown confusedly at what was in my sight.

It was just Gray still half naked leaning against his red locker, the steam vibrating through the small enclosed locker room making my skin prickle with the steaming heat.

″Am I missing out on something here?″.

He smiled a boyish smile I adore and never get bored off no matter how many times I see it in a single day, we were always at the honeymoon stage.

He didn’t speak any words to answer me but simply held his hand out with a bundled up piece of clothing scrunched up in his hand. I squinted my eyes at his hand, he held his hand out even further gesturing for me to take it.

I hesitated but took it none the less, he smiled encouragingly anticipating my reaction to whatever it was that he was handing me. I pulled it up in front of my eyes watching it un-bunch from its crinkled state.

I smiled at it, it was his number six jersey. The one he wore to every training tournament , every game, every match at home. I couldn’t possibly take this if this was what he was suggesting.

″I want you to wear it tonight″.

I shook my head reluctantly pushing the jersey back to him, ″Gray, I can’t. You wear that every time. Isn’t it a lucky thing for you?″.

″It was″ He placed his hand on my warm cheek, looking down with his emerald eyes into mine. ″But I soon realised Lib that you are my lucky charm. Ever since I met you I haven’t had this much happiness and love and luck in all my seventeen years of life. You are my lucky charm, tonight and always Lib″.

″Wear this know, to double the luck″ He chuckled.

I smiled at his gesture, ″...If that’s what you want″ I spoke hesitatingly, ″Wait...what are you going to wear?″.

″We have two of every jersey Lib, this one just happens to be my favourite. And now instead of trying to sleep uncomfortably in my denim jacket in my luscious smell, you can wear this″ He said cockily, humour on his tone.

I elbowed him in the ribs jokingly shaking my head at him. How did he know I did that?


″Always so generous, Gray″ I mocked from earlier.

I let out a breath turning around to face the open locker in front of me, my back to Grayson. Slowly, without another thought I lifted up my sweatshirt smoothly taking it off. Shivers rippled down my spine at the touch of Grayson’s breath just below my neck.

″If I had known there would be half naked girls up in here Grayson, I would have shown up a long time ago″ A voice that didn’t belong to Grayson said in a flirty but joking manner, startling me and since I was nearly pushed against the locker, Grayson too.

″Oh shut up. If me wearing no top excites you that much you must really get no action, Sullivan″ I bit out, instantly recognising his dark skin and broad shoulders.

″I get plenty of action″ He fought back, crossing his arms like a child. Any second now I would have expected him to magically pull out a pacifier and start sucking on it.

″Getting breastfed when you were a baby doesn’t count, Sulli″.

Echoes of laughter rippled throughout the steamy room, Grayson chuckling from beside me shaking his head. Sullivan’s mouth was ajar as if he couldn’t believe I had the audacity to speak to him that way.

Try me bitch.

I’d like to be able to say those three words in the same voice as the guy did on that one vine where he looks like a character from ‘lazy town’ for humor purposes, but sadly I can’t.

Sullivan walked away, shaking his head still in shock from my words. ″That was great″ Grayson laughed in amusement at me bashing his fellow team mate.

″Thank you, I try″.

I put on the jersey not wanting another unexpected visitor to see me in just my bra, although I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to guys when they go around shirtless all the damn time with no one batting an eyelash.

Well maybe a few swooning girls and guys but that’s about as exciting as it gets.

I turned around to face Gray, who was waiting rather patiently, unusual for him. He smiled breathlessly, taking in my appearance.

It was huge on me, but I could get away with it looking like a t-shirt dress...jersey dress?

As long as I was making Gray happy, I didn’t have a care in the world what the hell I looked like. I mean, unless I looked like I just got out of the sewer, then everything is good.

He kissed my lips tenderly, ″You’re my good luck charm tonight, Lib″ He winked, ″Now go get your pretty ass back to everyone. You’re okay going back by yourself right? I can go with you?″.

I shook my head, ″Don’t worry, I’ll be just peachy. It’s like a five second walk″.

He kissed my forehead, ″I’ll see you soon, Lib″.

″Bye, Gray″ I said as I swiftly turned around and began to walk towards the exit.

But not for long until I was lightly pulled back by a pair of strong arms.

I huffed having an idea as to who it was, ″Sull-″ I started but stopped when a pair of emerald eyes met mine. I furrowed my brows at Gray who pulled me close to him, looking down with a smile, ″I love you″.

I smiled brightly at his unexpected words I wished to hear every day for the rest of my life, ″I love you, too″.

And then he let me go.

It didn’t take long to point out three blondes and as soon as they seen me they waved me over excitedly, excited to see ‘hunks’ as they say. I sat in-between Becca and Blake as cheers and screams were ushered out to the playing field as the players came out.

I could spot Gray a mile away, his searching eyes looking for my own. When he found me he smiled cheekily as I smiled back.

He said he would win tonight and I was his lucky charm, and I guess he was right.

The whole stadium was cheering for the winning team, our high school won against ‘Indiana’s fly beachers’. Grayson scored four goals, scoring the winning goal too. The night was filled with laughter and sweat. And I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

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