Grayson Smith

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Chapter Forty Six. We Are Young And In Love.

Song for this chapter: John Legend-Love me now.

The gentle noise of crickets woke me up from my deep slumber, I took a few a seconds to evaluate just exactly where I was...and who I was laying on top of. But rest assured in a minute it all came back to me that I was in a tight tent with Grayson gently snoring from under me.

The quiet whispering from outside led me to believe I wasn’t the only one awake and judging by the birds singing in the trees, it was well too early for my liking. I carefully lifted Grayson’s heavy hand off my chest making me pause mid-action when he groaned but soon turned over.

I sighed in relief and unzipped the tent as carefully as I could manage. Stepping out as though I were in Narnia I zipped the tent after me when I got out, patting down my pyjama pants as I did.

I squinted at the bright sun, rubbing my eyes as I made my way to where camp was set as the mumbled voices got closer and louder. I yawned catching the attention of both Blake and Stacey who were conversing quietly and if I knew Stacey I think it was safe to say they were talking about food.

″Morning″ Stacey chirped stuffing a marshmallow covered in melted chocolate into her small dainty mouth.

″Morning″ I groaned slumping myself down on the nearest fold up chair, not being a morning person in the slightest. It creept me out just how bright Stacey was acting when it probably wasn’t even seven yet. And plus, she was eating too.

″Not a morning person I take it″ Blake joked, plopping himself down on the chair next to mine.

I yawned in response, hugging my fluffy pyjama top closer to my chest. ″Why are you up so early?″ I questioned, watching in recoil at Stacey stuffing as much marshmallows as she could into her mouth as though she was doing the ‘chubby bunny’ challenge.

″New scenes take me a while to get use to″ He shrugged, ″You?″.

I sighed not knowing exactly just why I was up, if I could just fall right back to sleep believe me I would, but sadly with me once I’m up-i’m up. Great.

That was why when I wake up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom I rush back in case I lose any tiredness.And because I was low key afraid some type of demon from all the horror movies I’ve watched would suddenly jump out of a corner and eat me raw.

″Just am″ I answered with a careless shrug.

″Everyone should be getting up soon, we have to hit the road early enough to make it back by sun down″.

″Right″ I nodded, ″I want to stop by McDonald’s on the way home. I think for the first time since I was nine I’m actually up early enough to make it for some of their pancakes″.

He laughed quietly in response, the air now turning silent between us besides the chewing coming from Stacey’s sticky mouth, the birds chirping and the trees moving with the casual wind.

″Are you going to prom?″ I asked, curiously. I had heard he might be going with Becca but yet nothing has been confirmed. I wasn’t the type of person to bring up prom in a conversation, but lately I have been excited for it and I just can’t put my finger on why.

He pursed his lips, before turning his tan face to face mine. ″I haven’t planned it out yet, I guess since everyone is going I should join along. But the girl I want to go with already has a date″.

I smirked at what he said. So Blake does have his eye on a special someone. I was going to get to the bottom of this and find out who the lucky lady was to fulfil my nosy needs and curiosity.

″And who may that lady be?″ I questioned, placing my head on my palm as I rested my elbows on the arm rest of the chair.

He shook his thoughts away as if he shouldn’t be thinking of them, leading me to believe of someone that sent shivers down my spine ″It’s not the girl you talk to in Maths class is it? the one with the greasy hair and uni-brow″.

He shook his head incredulously, ″No, Libby″.

″Then tell me who it is″ I demanded, pouting my lips with the hopes of my puppy eyes making him reveal all his deepest darkest secrets.

″It doesn’t matter″.

I rolled my eyes and punched his shoulder, ″Of course it does, now who is it?″.

He looked away from me, a frown apparent on his face. ″I can’t tell you″.

I sighed at him not wanting to answer my question. We had been pretty open with each other, there isn’t much I have kept from him besides one or two things. But besides from that he knew me like a slice of cake with fresh icing on top.

″Oh come on″ I drawled on, pulling his arm. ″I won’t tell anyone″.

″Yeah, i’m sure of that″ He muttered.

I frowned at his words, ″Do you not trust me?″.

He licked his lips, looking at me like a lost puppy. ″No, of course I do″ He reassured, ″But with this″ He shook his head stopping his own words, ″Forget it″.

I pouted at him, ″Oh come on, Blake. It’s not like it’s me or anything″ I chuckled.

His face dropped, turning away to look straight ahead of himself and into the abundance of trees. Realisation hit me, it was me.

I was the one he wanted to go with, but I already had a date.


″Oh Blake, I’m sorry″ I apologised sadly, placing my hand on his arm.

He waved me off, ″Forget it″.

″No Blake, I won’t just ‘forgot it’.″ I mocked, ″I shouldn’t have pushed you to answer me, I know for a fact Becca doesn’t have a date to prom, but wants so badly to go with someone. If I were you, I’d ask her out″.

He quirked a brow up at me, ″Becca?″.

I nodded.

″You called?″ A soft voice spoke from behind us.

Turning around, it was a coincidence that the tanned goddess known as Becca was walking up to us, shaking her head at Stacey before patting her on the head like a dog and taking a seat beside me.

″What were you guys talking about?″.

Blake and I looked at each other, his eyes pleading with me not to mention a word to her. I’m good with keeping promises, but sorry Blakey you need a date to prom and so does my good friend Becca.

″You’re not going with anyone to prom are you?″.

″Libby!″ Blake whisper yelled at me, thinking Becca couldn’t hear but she heard loud and clear.

″Uh no, why?″.

I smirked, winking back at Blake before facing Becca again who looked at Blake and I nervously, ″You’re not going to set me up with one of the guys on the football team are you? The majority of them are the male definition of the word slut. I mean all they do is sleep around and get labelled a ‘bad boy’ but when a girl enjoys her life she’s labelled a slut. I mean come on already!″ She ranted.

″No offence Blake, you’re not like the rest of the football team. Grayson either″ She assured with a quiet laugh.

Lately Becca has been open with different topics, not afraid to speak her mind on what she deemed right or wrong and I highly respected her for that. I know I couldn’t stand in front of hundreds of people and talk about what I stand for when I know not every one will agree and I will get bashed for it.

But as she once said, ‘love overpowers the hate’.

″Great! Since you seem to not mind Blake...or Grayson. I think Blake wants to ask you something″.

I smiled innocently at Blake as he mouthed an ‘i hate you’. I blew him a kiss getting up off my chair to leave them alone to ‘talk’ and took a seat on a huge rock next to Stacey.

″Do you ever get tired of eating?″ I asked watching her squirt some chocolate sauce into her mouth, I already knew my answer.

″No, not really″ She replied coolly, ″Unless I’m sleeping″.


It wasn’t long until everyone was awake, packing away their stuff into the cars like we were evacuating for a zombie nuclear attack. Blake had asked Becca to prom and she had said yes with the promise they would remain just friends, he agreed without a second thought.

″I’ll see you guys on Monday″ Becca waved, pulling me into a hug as we all said our goodbyes. It was Saturday and we would see each other in two days time, but everyone was acting as if by this time next week we would all be dead, or at least one of us.

And I guess in someway we would be, since we would be graduating on Friday and Prom was on Saturday, I guess this was our last weekend of being school friends till that turns into life long friends. I wonder who drops and who stays in our circle of friends,I was hoping no one but who knew what time would bring.

We waved goodbye to each other one last time before we all went our own separate ways, leaving in the same cars we arrived in.

I turned on the radio once Gray had started driving with his strong hand on my thigh. He looked casual yet ravishing in a simple pair of gray sweats and a plain white t-shirt. If we ever did get married, he could wear a thong and still no one would bat an eyelash.

Maybe that’s an over exaggeration, but you get the point.

With the lyrics of John Legends ‘Love me now’ playing in the background, I rolled down the window letting air into the tight aired car. ″Gray?″.

″Hmm?″ He hummed in response, rubbing circles with his thumb on my thigh.

″Can we stop at McDonald’s?″.

He smiled boyishly and nodded, ″Sure, baby″.

I scrunched my face up at the new found nickname, ″Baby?″ I mirrored in distaste.


″No you idiot, you called me baby. It’s gross″.

He laughed, winking at me from the rear view mirror. ″You sure are something, Lib. You know normal people call their loved ones pet names like that?″.

″Yes, I’m aware normal people do. But I am not normal, I am a one of a kind amazing super woman from heaven above. You should be really lucky you have me because it was a though pick between you and Cole Sprouse″.

He laughed loudly sending my heart into overdrive at the hyena like laugh, yeah it wasn’t cute or anything. No honest laughs were, I learned that a long time ago.

″I love you″.

″I love you too, doofus″.

″No I really love you, Lib″ Gray beamed sending me a bright smile.

My heart warmed at his words and bright Hollywood smile, I really love him too. ″You’re whipped, bruh″.

He shook his head, ″How did I get so lucky, huh?″.

″I don’t know, doofus″ I joked, ″It may be your good looks, I don’t think anyone would ever love your personality, if you didn’t know by now. You’re a dickhead″ Sarcasm was laced in my words as I spoke each and every word, pulling him along on the strong of sarcasm.

″Huh, I may take my dickhead personality into consideration. Thanks, Lib, I don’t know how I would have ever scored again without your help″.

″No problem, loverboy″ I leaned over to kiss his cheek.

″I just have your best interest at heart″.

″I can tell, Lib″.

I winked, sticking my tongue out at him.

″What even are we″ I chuckled at our conversation.

″We are young and in love″. He answered squeezing my thigh.

″You just made me cringe, Gray. Give me a barf bag″.

″Do you want McDonald’s or not?″.

I widened my eyes, he wouldn’t dare drive passed McDonald’s.

″You wouldn’t″.

″Try me bitch″ He remarked, trying to impersonate the vine guy.

″Abuse!″ I yelled, ″Food abuse, someone help!″.

He shook his head making me laugh, ″What would I do without you?″.

I placed a finger to my chin as if I was thinking long and hard, ″Probably be enjoying some boredom with some peace and quiet if i’m being completely honest″.

″I’d rather have a storm than some sun, Lib″.

I didn’t have to think over his poetic sentence, I knew exactly what he had meant. Storms were always loud, suns were quiet. I was his storm to his sunny life.

Storms aren’t always bad, it depends on who’s watching.

We had ordered our pancakes and large cokes and were just enjoying each others presence as we ate in our fine leather chairs of Grayson’s Mercedes that still is my favourite and still makes me ‘fan girl’ at the mere sight of it pulling into my neighbourhood.

We smiled at each other with a goody grin as we ate our pancakes drenched in maple syrup and I knew right in this moment, I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I was utterly and implacably in love with him.

The shards of glass that once stabbed my heart were pulled out and thrown away and my heart was now sewn back together by one boy I never wanted to cross paths with. As cringe worthy as it was, he was right.

We were young and in love.

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