Grayson Smith

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Chapter Forty Seven. I will snap your legs in two.

Song for this chapter: Rag’n’Bone Man-Human.

It was Wednesday, meaning there were only two days before SAT’ and three until prom. The atmosphere in school has changed drastically, the people who use to look sweet and innocent were now mirroring the same appearance as someone high on drugs, with drained skin, bags under their eyes and red washed sclera’s from a high intake of coffee.

The halls were quite, eerie almost.The only sound to be heard was the light sips of someone drinking coffee, the sighs of another student walking passed or the slamming of a locker in frustration.

Classes hadn’t been the same anymore, lectures were finished and instead each and every class was a study class with teachers sitting down on their fine leather chairs as they lay back scrolling through their dry social medias waiting for the plague of students to call them over for tips and answers.

And I hated to admit it, but I too was one of those students.

″Let loose, Libby″ Becca rejoiced, holding onto my shoulders and shaking me like a rag doll. ″If you keep putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed you’re only going to be disappointed you didn’t get the highest scores in the world″.

We were all sitting down together at lunch, no Grayson or Blake to be seen as they were currently with the rest of the football team discussing whatever it is they talk about. Girls, balls, parties?

I don’t know how Becca and the rest of the girls besides Kimberly who were mirroring me and the population of the school, weren’t anxious in the slightest.

I mean, these tests were going to determine out future, if we are good enough to lead happy, successful lives with the job we only dreamed of having, the life we only dreamed of leading. I guess they were confident within themselves to get top grades for their dream college without having to act like a zombie for the next two days.

I groaned in response to her, leaning my head on the table top not caring about germs or hygiene. ″I was up six hours last night studying and writing notes, if my brain hasn’t been fried yet it definitely will be by Friday″. Slowly, but surely.

″You see, Libby″ Brittney pointed out, ″That’s why you aren’t going to be able to concentrate on Friday, if you continue on like this. Statistics prove the people who come into tests nervous get lower results compared to the people who showed up as normal as one can be on one of the most important days of their lives″.

It sounded easier said than done, I have been thinking of this day since I first stepped foot into this creaky high school. I have been preparing myself to the most of my ability and sadly now I guess I was going overboard. Six hours on top of homework which is written study and studying in school was bizarre.

″You’re right″ I sighed making her smile proudly, her eyes gleaming with achievement.

″I am″.

″She’s right, Libby″ Kimberly complied with her sister, ″Our Mom was so nervous for hers she did so badly she had to retake it the next year″.

I gulped nervously praying that wouldn’t be the case for me if I just let loose like Becca insisted. Hopefully, I was able to. When I go home i’ll let myself do the talking then.

″Okay since you need to relax, we should go to Frizzi’s after school″ Becca suggested, my mouth watering at the mere thought of their food. I was addicted to their food, but Angie’s cafe would always hold a special place in my heart for her baked goods.

Especially her brownies.

Now that I thought about it, what was Gray going to do with her cafe? I hadn’t brought it up earlier because I didn’t want to upset him so I guess I would wait until after prom to ask him about that. If my nosiness would stay at bay until then that is.

″I’m in″ I beamed, looking forward to some crispy fries.

″Great! That’s the Libby we all know and love″ Becca exclaimed clapping her hands, proud of getting me to comply with her, I really wasn’t going to refuse food anyways.


The mouth watering smell of different assortments of food was lingering in the small diner making my mouth water yet again.

″See? You’re already starting to look like your old self″ Kimberly pointed out as the waitress walked away after just talking our orders. I had decided to order something I hadn’t tried before which wasn’t fancy or anything, just plain ole chips covered in garlic and a dash of cheese.

″I’m so hungry, how long has it been since we ordered?″ Stacey complained, pouting her lips.

We shook our heads at her impatience, ″Like two minutes″ I answered with a laugh.

She huffed, crossing her arms over his chest like a bratty child, ″I’m hungry″.

″Aren’t you always?″ Brittney remarked with a sweet tone taking a sip of her coke.

Stacey narrowed her eyes at Brittney obviously being ‘hangry’ with anyone and everyone. ″Shut up! I like my food″.

And finally something I could relate to with her, the girl likes her food just as I do. Well maybe she is a tad bit more obsessed with food than I am, but still we did like our food and felt excited when we ordered it and impatient while waiting for it.

She was just a bit extreme though, or maybe a lot. I’d like to see how much food their parents buy on a weekly basis.

″Who’s taking the bus to prom?″ Becca asked.

The school had set up a bus for people who wanted to go to prom in a group and let me tell you there was no way any of us sitting here at this diner table were going to get a school bus to prom. Oh no, we were going all out, we were getting a limo.

To feel like a celebrity for day, Grayson’s parents had rented it- No surprise. We would be riding in style while the rest of our school year would be riding in vomit and pee stained chairs. Wow, how...liberating.

But I highly doubt people would be getting the bus since they had their own cars and so did their parents.

″I think only a small few are, that girl you talk to is″ Brittney commented, pointing her words towards Blake.

″Who?″ He scrunched up his brows.

″The girl with the uni-brow and hair like Mia Thermopolis″.

His mouth formed an ‘o’ and he nodded, ″She’s nice″ He shrugged.

″We should ask her to come with us″ I suggested with a shrug.

Believe me, I was the first person to know what it felt like to be left out of a group and have no one turn to. The least we could do was invite her to ride with us in the limo so she at least has one night of fun.

Their eyes brightened up at my idea, nodding their heads in agreement. ″Blake, you know her best. Ask her tomorrow when you have class with her″.

″Yeah, sure″ He shrugged, scrolling on his phone.


Thursday came in what felt like a blink of an eye, alas I had finally gotten enough sleep to actually keep my head up during classes and not dose off every two seconds with the teachers yelling my name to pay attention.

My complexion had greatly improved from a sluggish zombie pale to a simple white. The bags under my eyes were still there but since I kept the girls words in my head, I had done less study hence the reason for the bags under my eyes disappearing as the hours passed by.

The corridors were still lingering with the heavenly scent of fresh coffee as students pushed passed holding their hot tumblers.

″Do you think they’ll ever stop drinking coffee?″ I asked in amusement watching two girls in front of Gray and I nearly falling to the ground in exhaustion.

He chuckled, sending the hair on my arms to stand up. His voice was like a melody to my heart that I had on vinyl on repeat. Like a Frank Sinatra to my Barbara, we couldn’t get tired of each other.

″If the world ends, then sure″.

″Oh shut up″ I remarked sarcastically pushing his arm.

He quirked a brow up at me, a boyish smirk playing on his plump lips. ″You want me to shut up?″.

″You heard me, lover boy″.

He stood in front of me a mischievous look on his face, I gasped in fright as he placed his two hands just beside my face on the lockers behind me that I was leaning against. ″You sure about that, Lib?″ He whispered, his breath hitting the tip of my ear.

I gulped, his husky voice sending shivers erupting down my back. I nodded in response knowing that if I attempted to speak my voice would crack from the emotions flooding through my body.

He placed his index finger under my chin pushing my to look into his green eyes, ″I don’t think you do″.

″Oh, I do″ I played on, working up the courage to speak.

He smirked, gazing from my lips to my eyes, ″Prove it″.

I leaned up so we were face to face, I kissed his cheek before moving to whisper something into his ear. His breath hitting my cheeks ever so lightly was sending my heart pulsating through my chest.

″Try me bitch″.

The bell rang just as I pushed him away leaving him wordless and confused as I swung my backpack over my shoulders.

I walked away from him as he stood there with furrowed brows, I had class with Blake next so I made my way to follow through with the flow of the crowds like we were a bunch of fish on an adventure.

″Don’t you walk away from me, Lib! This isn’t over″ Gray yelled to me, humour in his voice.

I shook my head with a small laugh, ″Love you too!″.

I couldn’t see his brown shiny hair anymore as I got lost in the vast amount of people walking like zombies in the same direction as I.

″Move it people″ I muttered under my breath, sometimes I really believe the majority of teens in this school are actually old people in disguise.

″Still got a potty mouth I see″ A overly high pitched but familiar voice remarked from beside me.

I rolled my eyes at the glimpse of dark hair and a skinny figure. Kylie.

″Not got nothing to say to me?″.

I didn’t dare speak the words that were floating in my head right now, I was a changed person and saying something to her would only be showing her I had never changed from the person I once was, but that wasn’t true.

I had changed and I was damn proud of myself for being confident enough to be able to do it. Thanks to Grayson and my support team aka Becca, Blake and the three blondes, I was now in a place I wouldn’t want to change for all the money in the world.

I continued to walk on, her following suit behind me. ″Hm, I guess rumours are true. You really did change. It won’t be long until he ditches you, you know?″.

A heavy breath left my nose, but I bit my lip and moved on.

″He’s too good for you, Elizabeth. After all you take after your alcoholic mother, I don’t blame your Dad at all for having a heart attack″ She whispered into my ear, her breath reeking of smoke. ″If you were my family, I’d drop dead too″.

Anger pulsated through my veins before I couldn’t take it any longer. Her words hit home and before I knew it I was latching onto her fake hair and bashing her head into the locker as though it were in slow motion. The crowds stopped their walking to watch us fight, yelling for more.

It’s a fucked up society, I’ll give you that.

″You fucking bitch″ I screamed pushing her against the lockers, she reached out to get a hold of something but came to no avail. I let go of her hair and watched as she dropped to the ground, a sly smirk on her face.

″That all you got?″ She had the audacity to ask.

I just bashed your face into a locker and you’re asking for more? Please, be my guest.

I leaned down, slapping her straight across the face. ″If you ever speak about my family like that again, I will make sure to snap your legs into two″.

″Oh and before I forget, I wouldn’t report our little incident to anyone″ I whispered, ″After all I do still have that video of you shooting lines. I’m sure your parents would love to watch their precious angel snort some fairy dust″ I threatened with a confident smile on my face.

She wasn’t bleeding, but her hair was a mess and her temple was starting to swell as the seconds passed.

″You wouldn’t″.

″Oh believe me, Kylie. I would, and I have every intention to do so″.

She breathed out through her lips, her eyes screaming anger but she didn’t dare put one of dirty hands on me. ″Now if you excuse me, I have to get to class″ I smiled.

I clapped my hands as I stood up motioning for everyone to carry along as there truly was nothing much to see here anymore, they groaned in displeasure but obliged and carried along to which ever classes they had.

When I finally reached calculus , I sat down at the back like I usually did. Blake and Matt watching me as I did, I furrowed my brows at them. Blake walked over with his red backpack hung over one shoulder and plunked himself in the seat next to mine.

Concern washed over his face as he looked me dead in the eye, before licking his thumb and wiping it on my forehead.

″What are you doing?″ I asked puzzled, looking at him like the crazy person he is. Gross, talk about hygiene.

″You had blood on your head″ He said, his voice low as he looked at the blood now on his thumb in worry.

I wiped my head with the sleeve of my sweater and sure enough there was a small swatch of blood to be seen.

″But there’s no cut″ He added, dazed and confused.

″Oh″ I replied in realisation thinking of a good enough excuse to use. ″I cut my finger earlier, I must have rubbed it off my head without realising″.

″Where’s the cut?″.

I widened my eyes but quickly composed myself not trying to give anything away and cleared my throat, ″It was just a paper cut, you can’t really see it″.

He narrowed his eyes at me, not believing my words. ″You would tell me if something was up, wouldn’t you?″.

″Yes, now shut up and concentrate″.

He chuckled slightly, but I could tell it was forced and artificial. Mia Thermopolis was keeping her full concentration on the bored writing down notes upon notes that the teacher said weren’t important.

″What is her name by the way″ I asked Blake gesturing towards princess diaries over there who had the most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen a girl have.

″Addison″ He answered.

I nodded, ″When the bell rings, make sure to invite her along″.

″I will″.

Class protruded longer than I had hoped it would feel like, but when the heavenly sound of the bell dinged, I jumped out of my seat pointing at Blake to follow me as I walked over to Addison. She looked up at me with confusion with her maple eyes and I smiled warmly at her.

″Hey, i’m Libby″ I introduced myself, fiddling with the straps of my backpack.

She didn’t seem effected by my presence, but rather shy. ″I know″ She answered quietly.

″You know my friend Blake, right?″.

She nodded weakly, pulling on strands of her curly locks.

Speak of the devil, he stood beside me saying a quick ‘hey’ to Addison who was looking curiously between the both of us, her eyes showing a glint of fright and worry.

″Oh we don’t mean anything bad″ I clarified, trying to make her feel at ease.

″We came up with the idea of you joining along on our way to prom in a limo, right Libby″ Blake said waiting for me to confirm.

″Yup, sure is″ I beamed, ″We just want everyone to have a good night, and if you want to join us please free to do so″.

She looked between Blake and I, not knowing what to say or what to believe. ″Is this a set up?″.

I shook my head quickly, ″No, no. We just thought you might need someone to go to prom with, there is a few of us tagging along so you won’t be alone″.

She licked her chapped lips, raising a brow at Blake as if she trusts him more than me and I don’t blame her with the rumours circulating around school about me, I would too.

″She’s not joking″ He put his hands up in defence, ″It was actually her idea″.

She sighed, looking down at her desk almost sadly making my small heart reach out to her. ″Believe me, Addison I for one know how it feels to be alone, I didn’t want you to feel the same way. So join us, please?″ I begged, my voice trying to sound as comforting as I could manage.

She hesitantly looked up again to Blake, ″This isn’t a joke?″.

″No″ He chuckled trying to ease the awkward air circulating around us.

I took a glance around the room getting the feeling I was being watched or talked about, my eyes cornered each desk and person walking passed when I finally caught sight of the glass square on the door. Sure enough, emerald eyes were watching me from a distance.

What a doofus.

″Hey, you give Blake your address and we’ll pick you up at half two. I gotta run. Nice meeting you, Addison!″ I waved as I jogged to the door knowing they were watching me from behind chuckling at how I jogged since I was severely un-fit.

I know I need to exercise more, but damn a girl can be lazy whenever she feels like it.

″You too!″ She replied back just as I reached the door and flicked the glass where Grayson’s head is.

″You know staring at me like that is really creepy″.

He mocked a hurt expression, ″Would you rather I not stare at all?″.

I hummed, nodding my head. ″That would be quite pleasing, so yes, yes I would″.

Truth be told, I never wanted him to stop. When he had his eyes on me, I knew I was loved and protected and safe. And I never wanted the feeling to disappear, he was like my own personal bodyguard that I didn’t have to pay for, and tell me who wouldn’t want that.

″You’re tearing me apart, Libby″.

I laughed at his horrible impression Tommy Wiseau in ‘The Room’. His impressions of me and other people would surely be the death of me. Grayson was what I would like to call an authors dream protagonist. He had the looks, the personality and the humour to fit all the criteria for a fictional books heroin’s boyfriend.

And luckily he was all mine and all real.

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