Grayson Smith

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Chapter Forty Eight. Save that kiss.

Song for this chapter: Troye Sivan-The Good Side.

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you can’t really decide if it’s the end of the fucking world for you or just the start of a new chapter waiting to be written?

Yeah, that was me x10 today. No amount of extra sleep or reassurance could have made me feel any better. Not even Gray’s impression of me right now as he drove us to school. It was funny, I’ll admit but not amusing enough to cause a crease on the corner of my lips.

I’m sure any day but today I would have been laughing until I could no longer breath and felt as though I were drowning, but I was long dead by now. The cold sea water pulsating through my lungs like venom, I needed to breath. But I was so deep down that no one could see me, or hear my cries for help deep down inside.

God, Libby. Talk about being melodramatic.

I had biology first, so I felt an ounce of luck that I did have Gray to sit next to me. Not too close, but not too far. I could still feel his magnetic force pulling us towards each other, but it was too far away for an arms reach.

″Just breath, Lib″ He guided, a soft expression on his face, ″Remember, DNA has a total of forty- six chromosomes, meaning....″.

He waited my answer, hoping I would know how many pairs there were. DNA was the only topic in Biology that I deeply struggled with, so of course I had spent countless amount of hours just going through it and testing myself.

″twenty-one?″ I asked hesitantly, scrunching my face up knowing there was a big chance I was 99% wrong.

He shook his head, ″So close, twenty-three″.

I huffed in annoyance, ″I’m gonna fail, and I’m going to end up having to dumpster dive for food for the rest of my life″.

He chuckled lightly, in return he faced the wrath of my narrowed eyes which always had no effect on him. ″Lib, just think of that song twenty-two, by the chick who sings about her countless amount of boyfriends″.

″Taylor Swift?″ I questioned, a slight smile creasing on my lips at the mention of her.

Team #Kimye all the way.

I just love the tea.

He clicked his fingers, ″Yeah that one, there are twenty two pairs of chromosomes that look the same in both male and female but remember about the twenty third pair, that is the only one different from male and female″.

He noticed my un-easiness at what he was saying but now with the song stuck in my head, hopefully I would remember that there was an extra one.

″Shake it off, shake it off″ He sang in a girly toned voice, moving his hands crazily as though he actually was ‘shaking it off’.

I laughed at him, knowing full well just how idiotic he looked and if our professor who would be assessing us today seen him right now, I’m sure he would get sent out of class ending in a fail.It would be pretty darn funny, but since I love him, all I wanted was for him to succeed and conquer.

Just like Beyonce.

″Aye, there it is″ He pointed out to me, a boyish smile playing his lips, his eyes twinkling.

″What?″ I asked confusedly, looking around and behind me only to see people writing down notes and trying to get an extra few seconds of study in.

″Your laugh″.


I leaned my head down, my hair falling over my forehead as a blush rose to my cheeks. I don’t even think being together ten years could stop me from blushing from his boyish charm and unexpected but appreciated comments.

″Look who’s whipped″ He joked, noticing my rosy cheeks.

″Let me guess, fresh cream?″ I played along, trying to conceal the butterflies in my stomach by joking around.

″No eggs, but good guess″.

I shook my head playfully, turning around to face the back of the classroom when the door slammed making everyone jilt up from their seats in fright.

″Good morning class, I am Ms.Woodcock″ She announced loud and clearly, making sure even the birds in the Amazon could hear her.

She had on a very tight fitted suit, her overly shiny maybe greasy hair in a top knot and red flushed skin showing wrinkles to a whole other world.

If Agatha Trunchbull wasn’t a fictional character, i’m sure it was her. Plus, her last name was just as horrid yet as amusing as Ms.Trunchbulls, but I think Ms.Woodcocks was slightly more...erotic? In a bad way...a very bad way.

″I will not tolerate any speaking of any kind, no whispers, no questions, no murmuring. Break one of these rules, I will not hesitate to fail you with no remorse″ She barked sternly, taking a narrowed look around the class as though she was intentionally trying to find someone who even blinked just so she could say she failed at least one person today.

I guess her tight skirt was so far up her ass it was messing her emotions and therefore she didn’t have a friendly bone in her body. She was like the Grinch, but her heart wasn’t two sizes too small, it was gone. Capeche!

She handed out the tests, my heart racing against my chest as she did. Not because I was scared of her, but because this was real. Finally the day had come where it would all be over with, this time tomorrow. And I didn’t know how I felt about that.

I use to always say how I couldn’t wait for school to end, it has so many bad memories. But along with the bad comes the good, it was here I met Grayson and my absurd bunch of friends that I will appreciate for the rest of life. It would be sad to say goodbye, but bittersweet to turn over a new leaf of life.

I caught Gray’s eye as I took in a deep breath to try steady my building nerves, he gave me a reassuring smile making my nerves go from a solid ten to a wobbly four.

I nearly fell out of my seat at the loud crashing sound coming from right in front of me. I looked up to face the greasy person that is Ms.Woodcock, her eyes were flaring with anger, her nostrils huge.

Damn, she on some X-games mode.

″I will not and I mean I will never tolerate any form flirting in this classroom!″ She barked out, her voice horse and croaky. She looked between Grayson and I like crazed animals as if we were going against the law and just robbed her house and her ten cats which I assume she has.

She smelled like a mixture of cheap perfume and damp clothes that nauseated my nose. If I didn’t care about my future, you sure bet I would have got my chair and knocked her to sleep.

But I didn’t, as much as I wanted to and as much as the rest of the class wanted me to, I held my actions back and let out a heavy breath through my nose. Grayson opened his mouth to fight back but I widened my eyes at him and pleaded with him not to.

He obliged letting out an unsteady breath, fidgeting in his chair and running his hand through his hair angrily, fighting back the urge to fight against her words.

But she didn’t say anything else but sauntered away to her leather chair waiting for the clock to hit nine until she could allow us to commence.

I didn’t know what else to do other than to think of the number twenty two plus one.

Twenty two for Taylor and one for Metallica. Hopefully my brains registers that when the topic comes around.

″Proceed″ She announced in monotone resting her suit clad elbows on the wooden desk in front of her as she narrowed her eyes around the classroom. I adverted my eyes away before she could catch mine. That was something I didn’t want to risk, not today of all days anyways.


The hours ticked by quicker than I would have liked them to, I had one more page to fill out and only half an hour to do so. And can you only imagine my horror when I turned over that page to find it was indeed the long dreaded topic DNA.

I sighed lightly but held my pen in a tight grasp and delved into the topic I had wished would just burst into flames and I’d never have to lay my eyes on it again. But sadly we weren’t in Hogwarts and that wouldn’t just magically happen, so I had to do it one way or another.

Chromosomes, there were 46 chromosomes in DNA meaning twenty two for Taylor for and one for Metallica. BOOYA!

I wrote the numbers down before I forgot them because knowing me, that is exactly what would happen knowing my luck.

When the clock hit half I sighed in relief when I merely scraped by the last question but had a millisecond of a chance to write it down, and I did.

″I will collect all of your tests, you may all proceed to school halls″ Woodcock announced, I stood up from my seat leaving my test there abandoned as I waited at the door for Grayson who was putting his stationary into his backpack.

″God, she was awful″ He whispered when he was in a close space with me, I laughed at his comment agreeably.

″Hopefully, we won’t have her again″.

″Let’s hope not″.

And we didn’t. Luckily we were able to to do our tests without worrying of breathing the wrong way and risking getting failed. The other teachers we had weren’t all nice and dandy but they definitely weren’t in the same spectrum of crazy as Ms.Woodchuck who I really think Ms.Trunchbull was based off.

The talk of lunch was about her, apparently Gray and I weren’t the only ones who were the unlucky few to have her. Becca and the three blondes have already for English but Blake has yet to. I could only pat his back and tell him good luck, and not for his tests but for being able to endure over an hour in her presence.

″She can’t be that bad″ He retorted looking at all of our crazy expressions when explaining him to her.

″Yeah, say that after you have her″ I chuckled, amused at what he would be saying about her when the bell rings signalling the end if school.

The end of school came in what felt like a short hour but really was seven hours of nerves and worry and hands cramping from writing for far too long.

We were all besides Blake at our lockers or mine to be more precise as I hurdled all of my study books into my locker for the very last time. It was a bittersweet moment, at least I wouldn’t have to rush my pin number in every two hours and always get it wrong and have to do it again, but there would be no more gossip chats or making out with Gray as everyone cooed and awed.

Graduation was being held tonight at six so the girls and I had decided to get ready in the triplet’s house since it seemed rightful because there was three of them and only one of Becca and I.

″Isn’t it crazy how we’ll probably never step foot in these halls again?″ Becca asked, a solemn expression on her face.

I nodded, ″Sure is″ I replied with a sigh slamming my locker shut since it always seemed to get stuck.

″Well I for one am glad we won’t be, do you know how many times I’ve fallen or nearly died of oxygen deprivation?″ Kimberly exaggerated with a giggle, waving her arms all over the place.

I smiled at her, knowing that these halls came with their good times but also their bad. I for sure wouldn’t miss the countless amount of fights and arguments, but I would miss the laughs and love it brought to me on stormy days.

School wasn’t at all how I expected it to be, I went in thinking of it being like High School Musical or how Disney channel led you to believe. It wasn’t like it at all but I wasn’t disappointed, it was different in all the possible good ways it could have been.

Blake came storming through the classroom next to our lockers, looking anxious and frustrated. He sighed in relief when he caught us all at my locker and walked over to all of us who had ‘we told you so’ expressions on our faces.

″Can I be the first to say, I told you so″ I remarked sarcastically, placing my hand on my hip and my empty schoolbag over one shoulder.

He rolled his eyes ,″Ha Ha. You know, you said she was bad but not evil″.

We all laughed shaking our heads at how innocent he seemed to appear right now, he looked like a little boy who was told by a bully that Santa Claus wasn’t real.

″We did warn you about her Blakey boy, so don’t fuss″, I tapped his nose as I walked passed him, Gray and the girls following suit.

″Where are you going?″ He called out as we neared the exit of the school.

″We are getting ready for Graduation night, care to join us?″.

He smiled warmly and jogged his way over towards us, wrapping his arm around my shoulder but it didn’t stay in place very long since Grayson pushed it off with a cocky smirk.

″Oh what did Addison say? Is she going to let us collect her?″.

He nodded, ″Yeah, she gave in after I told her I would buy her chicken nuggets″.

Huh, I guess me and Addie have a lot in common. She doesn’t seem the type to only give in after being offered free nuggets, more the type to give in after being offered first editions to books wrote in the early 1800′s. But what do I know?

″I like her″ I commented, a proud smirk on my face.

″Of course you do″.

The sky was clear when we got outside, not a flash of wind to be felt or leaves falling off the nearly bare trees. Spring was soon approaching and boy could I not wait for the hot sun and beaches.

I didn’t mind the colder weather, I was used to it since I happened to be born and raised here but when the hotter seasons came, boy did I love it.

It was like the hot weather changed your personality like it sunk into your skin and brain and made everyone happen and liberated and fierce. I enjoyed that, but this year with Gray and my friends by my side I would enjoy it even more.

The girls got into Kimberly’s car, Blake going to catch a lift with Gray so he just leaned against Gray’s Mercedes and went on his phone.

″Oh shit, my bag is in your car″ I said mentally thanking myself that I didn’t forget about it or else I would have to show up to graduation in something the blondes would let me borrow. And believe me I did not want that to happen, their style was... how would I put it? Skimpy?

″Right″ He chuckled, clicking his car open with the button on his keys. He opened the back door and grabbed my small bag that only had a little black dress and heels that were appropriate and not too tall so I could walk in them.

″Thanks″ I murmured taking it from his grip, Kimberly honked the car horn making me jump in my spot, she motioned me to come over from inside the car with a smile but I held up a finger to signal just one more second.

Gray held his hands on my hips, looking down at me with his emerald eyes. ″And that’s my signal to get in the car″ Blake murmured in monotone opening the passenger car door and closing it after he situated himself.

Gray chuckled at his cousin who obviously had a problem with the slightest bit of PDA as did I but he continued to gaze into my eyes, lovingly and tenderly.

″I’ll see you tonight?″ He questioned.

″Well obviously, doofus″ I rolled my eyes and laughed.

He smirked, moving his hand close to my face and placing a stray hair that fell loose from my pony tail behind my ear. I smiled up at him as he leaned down to place his plump lips on mine. His minty fresh breath hitting against my bare skin, chills ran down my spine as I leaned up to meet his lips.

The annoying honking of a car horn again jilted us away from each other, I glanced at Kim who signalled to her bare wrist as if she were pointing to a watch that wasn’t there. I gave her a sorry look before turning around to face Gray again.

I placed my finger on his lips making him scrunch his brows together in confusion, I went on my tip toes even though I wasn’t that much taller than him and my lips edged near his ear.

″Save that kiss″ I whispered.

″You’re killing me, Lib″ He groaned, a playful smile on his lips.

″That’s my plan″ I joked adding in a dramatic, ‘MWUAHAHAHA’.

He shook his head at my foolishness, ″How did I ever fall for you?″.

″Beats me″ I shrugged, ″I’ll see you tonight″ I smiled, knowing exactly what I was doing to him.

I turned around to make my way to Kimberly’s car and only took two steps before I was pulled back by a strong pair of arms and twirled around to meet green eyes of luck.

″Yes, loverboy?″.

″I love you″ He whispered down to me, his eyes showing no joking attitude or silliness.

I smiled at his boyish charm and whispered ″I love you too″.

He seemed pleased with our ‘see you soon’ and then let me go. I walked over to Kimberly’s car and hopped inside.

I really should have thought about bringing ear muffs with me since the girls couldn’t stop pestering me about how ‘cute’ Gray and I’s relationship was. Sure, I love Grayson and we are both so happy but to hear other people call us ‘cute’ is just creepy and makes me cringe.

But as much as I don’t want to admit it, I was low key loving everyone talking about our relationship being ‘goals’.


The girls looked stunning, Becca opting for a body-con red dress that made her dark tanned skin seem glowy and fetched. Kimberly going for a navy dress that brought out her blue eyes and both Stacey and Brittney wearing white that made their pale skin seem like it was just hit by a burning sun.

They all looked so beautiful and taking a quick glance at myself in the mirror, I seen a beautiful girl with a real smile, no artificial ingredients included.

″You ready to end hell?″ I asked the girls confidently.

The looked between each other puzzled.

″School, guys. I meant school″ I sighed with a bemused smile.

″Oh, hell yeah″ Brittney chanted, dramatically pushing her blonde hair behind her shoulder and standing up to be next to my side. I smiled at her giddily placing an arm around her shoulder.

″Who else is joining our end hell sorority″ Brittney asked with a strong and determined voice making me bite my cheek to stop my laughter.

″I volunteer as tribute!″ Stacey yelled like a mad woman as she stood up with no remorse. It all happened so quickly, her ankle twisted without a second wasted and she landed flat on the floor.

The room erupted in joyful laughter, Stacey joining in with the stupidity of her actions. She sure is something. And by that I mean Smash Mouth must have been talking about her when he sang, ‘I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed’.

″What is all the commotion in here?″ The triplets hot Dad asked peeking his head through the door of Kimberly’s room.

He was the type of Dad you seen in all the TV shows with a tattooed sleeve and blonde hair and blue eyes just like his daughters. And he didn’t seem that old maybe just breaking forty.

″Nothing, Dad″ Kimberly muttered, ″Just Stace being a klutz yet again″ She sighed.

He nodded in understanding, obviously knowing that one of his three daughters would have to be the least smartest. I’m not saying Stacey is dumb, but she’s just a bit...bonkers and clumsy. I wouldn’t have it any other way though, she sure does make us laugh...24/7.


We arrived back at school at exactly 6:36pm just as people were starting to flood in through the main doors. I frowned as I got out of the car only to notice Grayson’s Mercedes wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

It was a pretty cool car, so it was hard not to notice it in a few seconds. But I brushed it off telling myself that he would be here soon and there was no need to get all rattled up and have a full blown panic attack.

We got inside and made our way to the main hall, the theme for graduation this year was ‘Hollywood red carpet’ so it was safe to say everyone looked stunning tonight, besides from a few trashy people who I will not mention.

We all sat down, only heels hitting the tiled floors and people chattering amongst themselves to be heard from more students and teachers arriving into the soon to be crowded hall room that had chairs aligned in front of the main stage where we would then be getting our diplomas.

″Hey, where’s the boys?″ Becca asked from beside me, whispering into my ear since it seemed that if she talked out loud it would be harder to hear her considering all the chattering going on in here.

I shrugged in response, ″I think they’re just running late″. I’d hoped they were just running late.

She give me a comforting smile, reassuring me that they would be here in just a few minutes. I had sat next to Becca and an empty chair to my right reserved for Gray while Becca had an empty chair to her left for Blake.

I took my phone out of my small black purse Brittney had given me after she said, ‘either you take it or it’s going in the trash’. And who was I to let a Ted baker purse go into the trash?

The time read 6:48pm, they were only twenty-eight minutes late but Gray was never late so unless someone else was driving them, I had every right to be nervous. I tapped my heels against the tiled flooring in uneasiness and took another peak around the hall to catch a glimpse of brown or dirty blonde hair.

When I didn’t see what I had hoped for I turned back around to face the centre stage, they were doing a test run of the microphones, ″1, 2,3, testing, 1,2,3″.

I played around on my phone, the girls talking about their unplanned plans tonight as I nearly pressed call on Grayson’s contact number but I was stopped by a waft of pine and cotton. I looked up to be met with a boyish smile and emerald looking down at me in content.

I stood up and pulled him into a hug, taking in his scent. ″You had me worried″ I whispered.

He chuckled and pulled me closer to his chest, ″You can’t get rid of me that easily, Lib″.

″I wouldn’t want to″.

When we pulled away he had hold of both of my hands, taking in my appearance, ″Someone looks like a snack tonight″.

My eyes widened at his surprising words and I laughed, someone sure was confident tonight and it wasn’t just me.″You clean up rather nicely, yourself. What took you guys so long to come?″.

He rolled his eyes and gestured towards Blake, ″He didn’t know what suit colour to wear, black or navy″.

And I guess he chose black since he black.

And Gray funnily enough opted for a dark Gray suit which let me say he was the whole menu, never mind the snack.

″You guys are worse than girls″ I remarked, punching his arm jokingly.

″Correction, Lib. Blake is worse than the girls″.

″Yeah, yeah whatever helps you sleep at night″.

He cocked up an eyebrow, ″Oh Lib-″.

″I’ll be death of you, yes I’ve heard″ I teased, taking a seat.

He chuckled lightly before taking the seat next to mine and taking my hand in his and rubbing circles with his palm on my hand soothingly, sending chills up and down my arm. Our principle walked on stage wearing a black straight trousers and matching blazer with shiny leather shoes I wouldn’t dare to wear in a million years.

″Good evening students of 2018, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today marks a celebration of both unity and freedom as you all venture into new lives, new adventures, new passions and new hobbies. For six year you all have worked to the hardest of your abilities and grew your passion for you dreams and striven for what you believe″ He began.

Everyone was silent, not a whisper to be heard. His voice was calming which was unusual since he was usually screaming the school down but tonight was different, tonight we were adults.


We got up of our seats and hugged each other as we cheered to now be high school graduates. It felt so surreal to think we have all graduated when just less than a year ago I thought I would never see the day I did...until I bumped into a certain someone called Grayson Smith.

We had sneaked our way the doors of the hall, wanting one last goodbye before we all leave for good this time. Blake held the doors open that had a ‘no enter’ sign on it while Gray kept a watchful look on the principle and teachers that were circulating the hall room.

″Go go!!″ He ushered waving us all in with a hurry, we laughed loudly as we all ran into the open door, Gray being the last to get in.

I took off my heels not being able to run in them and since I had on those little tight things for your feet when wearing heels, I was all good.

Adrenaline was pulsing through my veins as we all panted for breath when we reached my locker area. I looked around the dark hallway weirded out by how isolated it seemed and how bright it seemed only a few hours ago.

My locker was no longer mine, in a year from now a new person would claim ownership of it and it sucks to be them because that locker was a pain in the ass to open.

″Do you think we’ll ever be here again?″ Becca asked.

″I’d like to believe so″ I answered.

″The school has ten year reunions doesn’t it?″ Gray questioned.

Honestly, I haven’t even thought about that at all. Ten years seemed like a life time away but I know just like High School it would fly by.

″Yeah, and you bitches better all be there″ Becca remarked giving us all playful glares. Becca was as sweet and smart as an angel but she also had a humorous side to her that no one would get tired of.

She was witty and yet fierce she was the friend I never knew I needed until I met her, they all were.

″Hey! These halls are strictly prohibited!″ A deep voice called from the end of the hall where we came in holding a torch in hand and shinning it down on us.

We looked between each other frantically, frozen in time. But when the body of the voice started to move so did we.

″Run!″ Blake yelled, motioning towards the exit. The three blonde made a run for it without waiting another beat of their hearts, Becca soon joined.

The man was getting closer but still Gray, Blake and I didn’t move an inch. ″Why are you guys not moving?″ Gray asked, pointing to the man and the blinding torch that was nearing us getting closer and closer as the seconds ticked.

″When he gets closer it will be more fun to escape from him″ I answered with a shrug, Blake seemed proud by my words as in return he held up his hand for a high five.

We high-fived as Gray told us we’re crazy, his brown hair escaping over his forehead that was slightly red from wearing a suit when it was so hot in here.

When the foot steps only seemed an arm reach away, that’s when we made a run for it. I grabbed both the arms of Gray and Blake and ran as fast as we could. Obviously I could tell they were slowing down a tad bit for my benefit since they were on the Football team and I was on what I’d like to call the McDonald’s nugget team.

The girl had held the exit doors open for us and I could see them encouraging us to hurry up as we neared the door, ″Come on guys!″ Brittney yelled through her laughs.

I nearly slipped a few times on the floor but each time either Blake or Gray stopped me from falling on my butt. I was gasping for breath by the time we all hurdled out of the exit, the torch man not quite quick enough to catch us meddling kids.

″Well I guess you can cross off another thing on my bucket list″ I panted.

″You have a bucket list?″ Grayson asked with a smirk.

The moon light was hitting off all of his sharp edges, it only embraced his green eyes even more. He was so beautiful, like a sunflower blooming in Spring. But he wasn’t just as beautiful as a sunflower, he was the whole garden.

The say the grass is always greener on the other side, but right now in this moment I found it hard to believe that.

I nodded, ″Sure do, don’t you?″.

″No″ He chuckled, ″I have everything I need right in front of me″.

″Now how about that kiss you have been promising me?″.

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