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Chapter Five.Boohoo.

Song for this chapter: Ed Sheeran-Give me Love.

Kylie dropped us off at the party which was bombarded with drunken highschoolers, red cups scattered all over the freshly mowed grass and the strong stench of alcohol already filling my senses from where I was stood outside.

Kylie looked stunning in a dark purple dress that clung to her fit body, her hair up in a ponytail but not just thrown up, she had it up really nice sort of Kim Kardashian vibes. And her makeup?Well it was...alright. Her mascara was clumpy and her eyebrows were too thick but other than that she did look quite stunning.

Walking into the house, we had to push through a bunch of drunken people and a few girls with shorts so high up their asses, it could pass as a thong .But who am I to judge, right?

Walking into the kitchen where there was a big selection of different alcohol to choose from and music blaring from the speaker that was heard from all around the house, I quickly grabbed the first red cup I seen on the marble counter not knowing what alcohol was in it. Taking a sip of the clear liquid, I winced when the strong liquid burned my throat- Definitely raw vodka.

Kylie pulled on my arm, ″They’re over there″ she shouted in my ear since I couldn’t hear over the loud music blaring. I nodded my head and followed suit behind her, again having to push passed a few people. And that’s when I spotted Brody and unfortunately Olivia and Hunter.

Kylie ran up to Brody and gave him a tight hug as he chuckled hugging her back, I nervously took a sip from my cup not knowing what to say to either Olivia or Hunter. Olivia obviously looked incredible as she always does, her chocolate brown hair was straight as it always is and her makeup was on point. She had on a red lipstick that brought out her dark brown eyes. She was one of those girl that had their shorts too high up their asses, really not surprised.

Hunter stood up and walked closer to me, looking down at me. ″Can we talk?″ he asked calmly. Oh, so now he wants to talk? after he hit me.

″There’s nothing to talk about″ I muttered angrily, looking up at him. He sighed and grabbed my arm,pulling me outside where the music was much more quieter. The cold wind was making the hair on my arms stand up. A guy was smoking but when he seen us walk out he threw his cigarette on the ground and walked back inside.

Hunter ran his fingers through his blonde hair with brown roots, then with frustration ran his hands over face not knowing what to say to me. If he didn’t know what to say, why bring me out here in the first place?

He walked over to me slowly but when he was closer to me he didn’t stop walking, he was making me walk backwards until I couldn’t no more and was backed up against a brick wall.

He was looking at me, not angrily but more sadly, with regret. Of course you have regret you stupid dickhead. He lifted his hand up and my natural reaction made me flinch and back away further from him if that was even possible.

His face dropped.″You thought I was gonna hit you?″ he asked saddened. God, he’s so bi-polar. Earlier he was proud for hitting me and now he’s sad that I thought he was going to hit me yet again.

″I don’t know″ I breathed out whilst looking down. My three words were far from the truth.

I did know. I was fully sure he was going to hit me and after earlier I wouldn’t be surprised if he had. What did I do this time? Breathe in the same room as a guy he didn’t know?

″Libby″, He breathed out, softly putting his hand on my face. ″I wouldn’t hurt you, not again″.

He expects me to believe that? HA, he has another thing coming. ″And how do I know you wouldn’t?″ I snapped, looking him straight in the eye.I finally am speaking back to him. It felt like I was on a cloud of euphoria doing just that.

He backed away from me, and bit the skin on his thumb. I was just waiting for him to kick off any second like the bi-polar mess he is.

″Do you not trust me?″ He seethed, looking angry and a bit disappointed. But there it is, the angry Hunter I know all to well.

″I once did″ I confessed, his eyes lighting up for a fraction of a second with hope. ″But I don’t anymore″ I whispered the last part. Just saying those four words felt like a whole lot of weight just lifted off my shoulders.

″You don’t anymore?″ He spit out, not believing me. I nodded my head and once again he ran his hand through his hair.

″How can I fix this?″ He asked gently,no more anger left in his voice.He walked over to me and lifted my chin up so I was looking up into his bright blue eyes.

If only his heart was as bright as his eyes.

″You can’t″ I whispered, he shook his head not believing me.

″There has to be something″ he pulled his hair frustratingly, and I shook my head.

″What’s done is done, you can’t change what happened″ I confessed confidently. ″And as a matter of fact, I’m glad you can’t because whatever was going on between us″ I motioned between the both of us before continuing to speak. ″It was going to end sooner or later, me and you aren’t meant to be. I can’t be with someone who is so overprotective and abusive″.

″Why are you doing this!″ He barked. Look there it is we’re back to the angry Hunter. ″It’s because of that new kid isn’t it? What, did you sleep with him and confess your love for one another?″ He added sarcastically, but part of me made me think he actually thinks that’s what happened.

″You know bloody well why i’m doing this!″ I raised my voice, I don’t know what’s coming over me but I like it. I was always a mute when it came to talking back to Hunter knowing what he could do to me, but now I feel like a changed person.

I usually only talk back to bitches who get in my way or guys who look at me wrongly but Hunter? I’ve never stood up for myself when it was him who was consistently bringing me down.

He backed me up against the wall, his forehead resting on mine. He was looking at me breathing heavy, ″You’ll regret that!″ He spoke coldly,his voice was laced with venom as he poked my chest.

I rolled my eyes ″Boohoo, I’m shaking in my heels″ I spoke up sarcastically, waving my hands like a show girl. He gave me a dirty look before walking back inside.

Well I can’t say i’m surprised he didn’t attempt to hit me again.

I’m finally free from Hunter. I can now walk into school without having to worry about even breathing in the same room as a guy Hunter didn’t know. I can finally live my life and be free.

I stood outside for a few minutes just thinking over what had just happened. Why was Hunter taking this so easily? I mean I know we weren’t officially together but if he beats up a guy for even looking at me, why is he not out here trying to kill me? I mean i’m not complaining. I’m glad I don’t have to associate with him no longer but he did say I would regret breaking whatever was going on between us.

I need to stop overthinking. I’m sure he’s just being typical Hunter and just trying to scare me, not this time Hunter. I’m free.

I walked back into the house, and like when me and Kylie just got here, it was overly crowded and music was blaring. Kylie was making out with Brody. To be honest though, I hate seeing people making out in front of everyone, just get a room.

And obviously Olivia had to get in on that action too, and she chose to with Hunter. That bitch. She needs to learn to keep her hands to herself. Hunter’s hands were on her ass that was revealed for the whole room to see, while Olivia was straddling his lap next to Kylie and Brody on the couch. When Olivia got off Hunter he noticed me looking at them and smirked thinking I was jealous. Two can play at that game.

Going against what I had just said,I didn’t even look at the guy on my right before I smashed my lips onto his. He didn’t kiss back at first and I could tell he had his eyes open but after a few seconds he snaked his hands around my waist and kissed me back.

Our lips moved in sync as Ed Sheeran’s ‘give me love’ was playing in the background. His tongue was begging for entrance against my plump lips, and I gladly opened my mouth just enough for his tongue to enter. I could taste some type of fruity punch on his tongue but no sign of any alcohol.

It was so mesmerising, he was a way better kisser than Hunter or any other guy I’ve kissed before. And I think it was because of the obvious sparks I felt once our lips touched off each other. It was like, fireworks.

Or the alcohol pulsing through my veins making me feel that.

As much as I didn’t want to stop kissing this mysterious guy, I had to eventually for breath.

I nearly choked on my own breath when I opened my eyes and seen the person who I just had the best make out with in my life.

What have I gotten myself into?

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