Grayson Smith

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Chapter Fifty. Prom pt.ii

Song for this chapter: American Bird-Flightless Bird.

We had finally made it out of my house after persuading my Mother to stop with the dozens of photos she was taking of both Gray and I and then me by myself and with my wishes, Gray by himself too.

Becca was out of the limo window waving at me enthusiastically, I couldn’t help but laugh at her excited state and wave back. I also felt bad for having them wait for so long but when she informed me there was champagne inside, I knew they were doing just fine.

″Lib″ Gray called from beside me, his voice almost in a whisper.

″Hm?″ I hummed, diverting my eyes away from Becca as she got pulled back into the limo by Kimberly who was sitting with my brother by now.

Don’t worry, our Mother took plenty of photos of them too.

I looked at Grayson, a nervous smile on his face. ″You okay?″ I asked, concern etching its way into my veins.

He nodded, his dimples sinking through making my heart swoon. ″Give me your hand″.

I furrowed my brows but gave him my hand anyways, ″You know Gray,if you’re going to purpose, I’m going to decline. I want to be done college first″ I joked, my voice showing that I was being sarcastic.

Both Gray and I knew marriage wasn’t in the cards until after college, when we had things going well for the both of us. We knew marriage was something to be well thought about, and trust me we have talked about it, but not for anytime soon.

Marriage was something not to be rushed into, it was something that celebrates your love for one another for today, tomorrow and all of eternity. Statistics prove half of marriages end in divorce and I’d like to think majority of those marriages ended because they weren’t thought about enough. They were simply rushed into because one was feeling lust and not love.

″No, Libby. I’m not purposing″ He chuckled with a slight shake of his head. He reached around with the hand that wasn’t holding mine and reached for a small box he had on the porch stand where there was a candle we use to light every day of December.

He opened the small box, too big to fit any sort of ring inside which blew my nerves away. I didn’t want to rush into marriage right now, but ask me in maybe five to ten years and I’ll more than likely have a whole different answer.

My heart gasped at the beautiful corsage, I smiled at Grayson who still held a nervous expression. ″I didn’t know what colour dress you were wearing but the lady working at the shop said you can’t go wrong with a red rose. Seems she was right″ He mumbled out, his voice fidgety like he was a child telling his first childhood crush he likes her.

It was beautiful, the red rose went perfectly with my navy dress. Call it a coincidence or whatever, but he knew me so well that without even knowing what colour dress I was wearing he still opted for a dark grey tie that matched accordingly to his navy tux.

″It’s perfect″ I beamed as he put it on my wrist.

He dramatically wiped his forehead and blew out a breath he wasn’t even holding making me chuckle, ″Well I for one am glad that is over with″.

I shook my head at his nervousness not knowing why in the world he was like this, ″Why were you so nervous about it?″ I asked as we walked hand in hand down to the limo.

He frowned, not in a sad way but more so in a questioning way. ″I don’t know, I guess seeing you in that dress would make any guy nervous″.

I blushed at his words, looking down at the burning pavement as we walked.

The sun was blasting through the clear blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. The heat the sun offered was burning my arms and any bare skin to be shown, I couldn’t possibly imagine how hot Gray was right now, and not just his looks.

″I guess seeing you in that suit would make any girl’s heart swoon″ I played along. He quirked a brow up at me and pulled me close to his chest.

″Including yours?″ He asked, a cheeky and cocky smile playing on his lips. I nodded, a smirk making its way onto my lips.

″Not just in that suit″.

He rolled his eyes in a playful manner, the sun hitting off his tan skin in the most perfect way possible. It enhanced each and every one of his features that I loved so dearly, including the tiny freckles that could only be seen from up close.

I hadn’t noticed until now, but he wasn’t wearing one of his admirable assets that I loved so dearly. ″Where’s your glasses?″.

He chuckled, ″I didn’t think you noticed″.

I mocked a hurt expression. ″Of course I would notice, they’re one of my most favourite things about you″.

He placed his hands on my waist, way lower than he had in my living room. ″I decided to opt for some contact lenses today, Lib. Is that going to be a problem?″ He put on a stern voice, his tone deep and husky which was one of his most sexiest features.

″No″ I breathed out, my heart beating rapidly against my chest at his every word. He always had this effect over me no matter how hard I tried to not show it, he knew damn well he did. Which was probably the main cause for his cockiness being more on show lately.

″Are you sure about that?″ He whispered, his hands now cradling my cheeks rubbing circles with his thumb making me close my eyes in delight.

″Yes″ I whispered looking into his eyes which were thankfully still emerald green. I knew you were able to choose what colour contact lenses you wanted, so I was glad he opted for clear.

Out of all his most admirable and sexiest assets, his eyes would forever hold my heart.

He leaned in and pecked my lips leaving me wanting more. ″Later″ He whispered, sending chills down the back of my neck at that one word. There was nothing left to the imagination with that simple word and boy was I not complaining.

He opened the limo door for me as he usually does with his Mercedes and gave me his hand as I sat inside, the music blaring and champagne flowing. I felt bad for the driver at this point. When I sat down next to Becca, Gray soon joined us bumping fists with the rest of the guys in the car.

″You guys look so beautiful!″ I complimented the girls, they all smiled at my words and orbited ‘you too’.

The atmosphere in the limo was eccentric, it was like we didn’t even need to go to Prom, we could have it right here and I know for sure I wouldn’t care about that. Judging by the laughs and smiles everyone had right now, I knew they wouldn’t either.

″We still have to pick up Addison, don’t we?″ I said to Blake who had a beer in his hand, I obviously misplaced the ice box also in the limo.

He took a sip and nodded his head, ″You wore navy″.

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. A statement that left me confused beyond words.

″Yeah″ I chuckled, taking a champagne glass off Becca who had filled it up for me, ″Was I not suppose to?″.

He shook he head, licking his lips and gave me a reassuring look. ″No, i’m just surprised you stuck to your word″.

Grayson looked at me looking just as puzzled as I was, I shrugged at him showing I too had no clue what he was on about.

″When you were younger, you always wanted to wear navy to Prom. I guess that hadn’t changed″ He filled in, leaving the wondering questions in my head disappear.

I nodded in realisation, ″I guess that didn’t change″.

″Guess not″ He murmured, taking another sip of from his can and conversing to Matt who had went camping with us, he was Brittney’s date tonight.

″Libby″ Stacey called and I could put all the money on the world at what she was about to discuss with me.

″Did you know there’s going to be free food at Prom″ She squealed, and I would be the richest person alive.

″Yeah, I may or may not have heard that once or twice″ I laughed at her excited face. She came off rather childish and immature and one might mistake that for stupidity but she was actually the top of her Maths class.

″Your boyfriend looks rather dashing, if I do say so myself″ Becca giggled into my ear, obviously having one champagne glasses too many. Millennials these days.

″Thanks, Becca″ Grayson chuckled, obviously hearing Becca’s loud words. That girl did not know to whisper for the life of her.

She sent him a wink making him shake his head, I couldn’t help but laugh at her failed attempt to flirt with my boyfriend. I found humour in it all, I wasn’t going to lunge at her and scream at her for flirting with him. I wasn’t that type of girl and anyways it was all fun and games and I knew I could trust Becca.

As she did jokingly flirt with my boyfriend though, I couldn’t help but notice Stacey’s eyes on Becca the whole time. She seemed disappointed or saddened that she was joking around by complimenting Grayson.

I wasn’t sure if Stacey herself liked Gray and that’s why she seemed upset, but that wouldn’t make sense since she held no grudge towards me. Both of them didn’t really have a date besides Becca who was Blake’s friend date, which I wasn’t judging at all. I too wouldn’t have had one if it weren’t for smashing into Gray but there seems to be a bigger picture here.

But then again, I do tend to over think things. A lot.

We had pulled up at Addison’s house not too long after, through the tinted windows, I could tell how homely her house was. It wasn’t huge like Grayson or Blake’s and wasn’t run down like mine, it was your average American home with a white picket fence that gave me the 50′s vibes my Dad had always admired.

″You coming?″ Blake asked, motioning towards the house.

I furrowed my brows together wondering why he would want me to come with him when he was perfectly able to go up himself. But I shrugged anyways, getting out after him and closing the door behind me.

″You look beautiful by the way″ He complimented, his eyes kept straight ahead of himself as we walked up to the house.

I smiled gratefully at him feeling the hint of a blush rise to my cheeks. ″Thanks″ I whispered out, ″You clean up rather nice″ I nudged him with my elbow playfully, making him chuckle.

″I know″ He remarked back cockily, I parted my lips open and quirked a brow up just as we reached Addison’s front door.

″I guess you and Gray have more in common than I originally thought″.

He looked at me as though I were crazy and knocked on Addison’s door, ″We are nothing alike″.

That wasn’t true, although they shared similar features they also had a cocky side to them that wasn’t always shown. They had it hid like some hidden treasure too good to be shown to the human eye, as though if it were shown to the wrong person it would be taken away from them without another word.

I personally loved their cocky humour, it wasn’t self centred like most guys were. It was amusing and funny and I for one enjoyed all of their witty comments.

We could hear rustling from behind the door as a deep male voice yelled, ″One minute″.

Blake looked good, he had went for a simple black suit that wasn’t simple in the slightest. I could tell it was expensive probably Armani by the looks of it. He looked dashing, I wasn’t afraid of admitting that, and Grayson wouldn’t care if I had either since we had something called trust.

″Whatever helps you sleep at night, but i’m telling you despite the obvious differences between you two. You’re actually very similar″ I admitted, trying to programme it in his head that they were more similar than he was letting on.

″You truly are something, Libby″ He mused, his ocean eyes showing me a glimmer of something I couldn’t quite figure out.

″As I’ve been told″ I shrugged, a joking tone in my voice.

Before any more words could be spoken between us, the front door opened revealing a very tall, buff man that was definitely not Addison. They shared the same similar features, they definitely had each other’s eyes. This man stood in front of us was quite handsome, he didn’t seem very old but not high school young either. So he was probably Addison’s older brother.

″Hey, is Addison here?″ I asked since Blake showed no sign of saying anything anytime soon.

I metaphorically kicked him in the leg as I would if we were sitting down at a table, ″She should be down any second now″ He rolled his eyes, probably at the thought of just how long girls take to get ready.

I don’t blame him, girls take hours to get ready and it’s extremely irritating especially if you’re in a rush and you just want to push them down the stairs with one eyebrow on. And that’s coming from a girl.

I smiled at his words, he held his hand out to me, ″I’m Dan″ He greeted, I shook his hand. His hand was huge compared to mine and dry unlike Grayson’s.

″Libby″ I introduced myself, then motioned to Blake, ″That’s Blake, he’s a bit away with the fairies″ I joked earning a chuckle from Dan in a knowing way.

″As are most guys″ he agreed, ″How long have you been together?″ He asked trying to create any bit of small talk to keep us occupied until Addison was ready.

I looked to Blake whose eyes were staring back at mine unexpectedly, I then adverted my eyes back to Dan and shook my head with a small laugh. ″We’re just friends″.

I sensed Blake shift at my words, making me feel hurt that he still had feelings towards me that couldn’t possibly be returned. Blake was amazing and I’m sure if I hadn’t lost my memory, today would be different. But I believe everything happens for a reason and I met Grayson for a reason and it’s a god damn miracle I did.

Dan widened his eyes in realisation his mouth forming an ‘o’. He patted Blake on the back, ″Friend zone until the end zone″.

I was confused by his words but decided against questioning what it meant, i’m sure it was just some guy thing like how girls say ‘Sistas before Mistas’.

Blake laughed at his words that seemed foreign to me and gave him one those ‘bro’ handshakes. I just shook it off and listened closely to the clicking of heels getting louder and louder until Addison was right in front of us.

I was at a loss of words at the girl who no longer had a uni-brow or frizzy hair. I wasn’t even completely sure if the girl stood in front of me was Addison, a twin sister maybe. But beside from the features I was familiar with, everything else was telling me this wasn’t her.

Not until Dan spoke, ″Addi, you all set?″.

I smiled in both amusement and shock at Blake who looked at me with an impressed glare. She had on a black fitted dress that was sleeveless and off the shoulder that showed off her killer collarbones, it also had a long leg slit slit that showed off her tan legs.

″Yes, Dad″ She answered in a cheery tone. That’s her Dad? What age did he have her? One?

She seemed surprised to see us here, and boy was I surprised to see just how glamorous she looked. ″You look beautiful, Addison″ I complimented, pulling her in for a tight hug.

″Thank you″ She chuckled lightly, taking my hug by surprise. ″You look stunning yourself″.

″I try, I try″ I joked around, dramatically pushing curly hair off my shoulder like I was Beyonce. She laughed at that showing off her blinding white teeth that had silver braces. But her braces suited her, she didn’t seem goofy by having them. Braces weren’t anything to be ashamed of having anyways.

Blake seemed star struck by Addison’s appearance and so I nudged him with my elbow and beckoned him to compliment Addison with a glare. He didn’t make any sign of saying anything anytime soon so I made it my place to step in...yet again.

″I’m sorry about him″ I laughed, it was faked as I gave Blake a death glare, ″The cat seems to have caught his tongue″.

Addison shook it off, giving her Dad a quick hug. He hugged her back and told her how beautiful she was before pushing her out the door for keeping the limo waiting.

″Doofus″ I whispered into Blake’s ear as he pulled his hands out of his pockets finally knocking back into reality.

I wasn’t sure if he just found love at first sight with Addison or if he was thinking back to something from the past, but whatever it was it seemed to make something in his ocean eyes light up. Like there was a bright star hidden beneath the deep, dark clouds and finally the sky cleared up and he found the star he had long searched for.

I had hoped that star would guide in all the right places in life.

I linked arms with Addison who gave me a shy smile, ″Don’t get all nervous on me now Addison, we have a big day or rather big night ahead of ourselves″ I comforted with a warm smile knowing myself just how hard it was to warm up to new people, new friends.

I guess I seen a bit of myself in her, we were polar opposites with her being shy and quiet whilst I was eccentric and loud but deep down was always dark and lonely. I wanted her to know she had people to rely on and I know it was late timing but if I could at least give her one good memory of High School I would be happy at making one person’s life less miserable and I hope she would too.

She let out an uneasy breath just as we reached the limo door, Blake quickly stepping foot in front of us to open the door. When he had, the loud music came out like a hurricane blaring all around the quiet suburban neighbourhood. She recoiled back at first, her ear drums adjusting to the loud music from her quiet home but once she had, she gave me a knowing look and I smiled at her reassuringly.

″It’s not too bad in there, trust me″ I chuckled, squeezing her hand lightly as she nodded her head with a confident smile. I got in first letting Blake be the last in, I got in with everyone expecting it to be Addison but they frowned when it wasn’t.

″Okay guys, sorry to be such a disappointment. I will never buy you guys ice cream again!″ I scolded in a joking tone, making Stacey gape her mouth open in fake hurt but she soon scrunched up her face when realisation struck.

″But you never bought us ice cream before″.


I had leaned back in the chair beside Grayson who put his arm around my shoulder giving me a quick wink before turning to face the guys again and talk about football or whatever it is guys talk about. His intoxicating scent filled the moderate sized seating area big enough to fit twelve, but no one had once pointed it out about the pine tree and cotton that was clouding my every breath.

I had wondered if they were just ignoring it or if I was the only one prone to smelling it since I had become long accustomed to being around him and still every day craved for it. I had even sprayed some back on his denim jacket when it had run out of the ‘Graysoness’.

It wasn’t long after I had got in to the music blaring and champagne filled limo that Blake and Addison had decided to join us, a bright smile playing on their lips leaving so many questions floating around in my head that I would wait until tomorrow to ask.

Or at least until the hangover passed.

The school didn’t allow alcohol to be served during Prom, but since there were no teachers attending it that meant the fruit punch was of course going to get spiked with vodka by the guys in charge of the keg tonight. Water would also be replaced with raw vodka to mix with whatever juice or soda you please.

I had only drank one glass of champagne since I hadn’t planned on getting drunk tonight, I wanted to put that part of my life behind me. Maybe I would just get tipsy, I wasn’t sure what tonight had in store for me but one thing I did know for sure was that it was going to be whole lot of fun.

We arrived outside not too long after, Matt and Brittney being the first to step out together. The school had hired a photographer,since the theme was Hollywood we also had a red carpet to walk on where our photos would be taken in front of a white rose wall.

Then Kimberly and Jackson had left, him helping her get out carefully making sure she didn’t trip and fall over her long trailed dress made perfectly for a movie star.

It wasn’t too long before it was Grayson and I’s turn to get out, ″Ready?″ He asked a boyish smile making its way onto his plump lips.

I nodded and broke out a smile and took his hand in mine, ″As ready as I’ll ever be″.

We got out, the sun once again creating a ray of gold around Gray like he was an angel and truly he was. He was my own angel, one I was blessed to have on my shoulder at all times.

We walked hand in hand down to the red carpet waiting for our names to be called since everyone was on the photographers list, I could already here from the club the loud music blaring some EDM song that I would never in a million years put on my playlist, but it was a good energy starter to get the night going.

″Libby Johnson and Grayson Smith″ He called once the couple who were getting photoed had walked off and walked into the club.

He smiled down at me and gestured for me to walk on first with his hand outstretched like he was escorting me to first class on the Titanic.

″After you m’lady″ He put on a posh accent making me shake my head at his awful impersonation.

″As you wish″ I played along, I too putting on a posh British accent that sounded more like a drunk Australian. He chuckled at me with a shake of the head as he motioned for me to walk on.

I obliged shooting him a wink as I began to walk to the flashing lights, as I did I felt as though I were at the Met Gala or the Grammy’s by how professional the lights were and how seriously the photographer was taking his job.

I didn’t know what to do, or how to stand properly so I just tried my best to copy how I seen other celebrities pose in situations like this. As I looked towards the left, I met Gray’s eyes.

His striking yet powerful emerald eyes held their look on me and me only feeling as though we were the only ones out here. He bit his lip as he slowly eyed me up and down. When nervous, Libby Johnson does what Libby Johnson knows best. She laughs.

And so I did, I laughed at nothing in particular but I guess at just how lucky I was to be here right now. In front of all these flashing lights and roses cut from their stems, I needed my partner in crime by my side.

I motioned Grayson over, he furrowed his brows in confusion knowing it was one person at a time. But I continued motioning him over until he threw up his eyes on purpose and walked over towards me until we were both in the blinding lights.

″One at a time, only one couple photo. Wait for your name to be called″ The photographer called in his French accent I could barely make out.

″Sorry, I like to break to the rules″ I remarked making Grayson laugh giving my head a quick kiss. I smiled at that and knew that I would forever keep these memories installed in my brain. They were too good to ever forget, Grayson was too good to ever forget.

He stood by my side, placing one arm around my waist and pulling me closer to him. I smiled at him as he smiled down at me and looking into his dazzling eyes, I knew they would lead to all the bright places.

The places where I could be who I wanted to be without having to be scared of rejection or getting hurt again. I knew being by his side I wouldn’t ever want my life any other way than it is right now. I was truly, madly, deeply in love with him. He didn’t have to whisper ‘I love you’ back to me or scream it from the rooftops. Simply looking into the window of his soul was enough to know that he loved me more than I had ever loved anyone before.

For the first time in a very long time, I knew where I was going.

I was no longer lost in the jungle of my mistakes, regrets and the what if’s. He had found me and brought me home.

″Beautiful, beautiful″ The photographer complimented, his French accent making this all seem so realistic. But it was, this was all real. The only thing fake about it was that we weren’t at some A lister event, but our love for each other was as real as it gets.

We had taken a few more photos in different poses until our time was up. ″Well that surely was something else″ Gray spoke with a tint of humour in his voice. He couldn’t lie to me, I knew he enjoyed every second of that camera being on us.

″Those photos are going to look pretty damn good, of course only because i’m in them though″ I joked around as we walked the short distance to the entrance of the club, the music getting louder and louder with each step we took.

″No, Lib. You must be mistaken, they will be good because this″ He pointed to his perfectly sculpted face made from angels up in heaven. ″This is what is going to make the photos astonishing″.

I couldn’t help but quietly laugh at his words, he was right. His face was what was going to make all photos stand out from all the rest. ″But I guess you’re alright″ He shrugged carelessly, jokingly.

I hit his arm playfully and mocked a hurt expression, but he tapped my nose with his finger″Not going to work Libby, we both know I am the looks in this relationship″.

″I beg to differ″. I played along, the door now open in front of us waiting for us to enter. But we stopped walking, my arms crossed as I stood in front of him, a pout making its way onto my lips.

He laughed boyishly making me break my hurt facade and smile as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me, ″Okay okay, Miss.Sunshine. We can both agree that you my Princess are the looks in this relationship″ He whispered into my ear.

I frowned as we walked in, the charades of people in extravagant dresses and tux’s walking passed us with red cups in their hands as though we were at a very large house party.

″Oh come on Gray″ I groaned, knowing exactly what he knew. ″You know you are the most most attractive guy in the whole school″.

He opened his mouth to argue against my words but I smiled and placed my finger against his lips, ″I love you, now shut up″.

″You’ll be the death of me, Libby Johnson″ He mused, placing his hand down to my face to place a stray piece of hair behind my ear. I looked down in shyness always feeling like mush when he did that.

He placed a finger under my chin and made me look up at him, when I did his hand moved from under my chin to my cheek as he leaned in closer to me. ″I love you too″.

His eyes burned into mine with fire and passion pulling me in closer to him like the love magnets we are, our lips were just inches apart, my breathing hitched in my throat like it was the first time I was kissing him all over again.

″Hey, there you guys are!″ Becca exclaimed making us jolt apart from each other. Great timing, Becs!

Grayson sighed, not caring if she had heard him or not and I laughed at his sudden stubbornness. ″You found us just in time″ I spoke, my voice laced with sarcasm.

She rolled her eyes at the both of us and huffed, ″Come on, it’s not like you two love birds don’t have all night to continue off where you finished″.

I flushed at her comments, my eyes widening at every word that came out of her innocent mouth, or what I thought was innocent. She pulled on my arm, dragging me along with her. I managed to grab a hold of Grayson’s arm behind me as soon as Becca started to get us lost in the crowds of already drunken teenagers singing the wrong lyrics to the remix of the song playing right now.

When I caught a glimpse of the three blondes near the top of the club I held tight onto Grayson’s arm knowing we still had to push through a swarm of sweaty teenagers obviously not knowing there is such a thing called deodorant.

″Libby!″ Kimberly called once we finally reached the group. I smiled at her as she danced along to the music like a headless chicken making my brother shake his head in shame.

″Who’s that?″ Blake asked looking down to my hand holding Grayson’s.

I scrunched my face up at his idiotic question and turned around to pull Gray closer to the front. My eyes widened with shock and horror at the person who I dragged along with me, and let me tell you. It definitely wasn’t Grayson.

This guy was smaller in height than me and had ginger hair, he looked around like a lost puppy looking for his mother. The girls and Blake all looked at him with curiosity and wonder.

″Who are you?″ I asked, my voice screaming with dis-belief and embarrassment.

″My name’s Billy″.

I nodded simultaneously, and looked at him with an awkward expression not knowing what in the world to say to this kid who looked younger then any of us. Embarrassment flooded my face, sinking into my pulsing veins. Well this was awkward to say the least.

″Okay, Billy. Carry along″ I scooted, ″Sorry for the mistake″.

He turned around without wasting another breath and within seconds he was lost in the crowd. When I turned back around to face my friends I knew what was awaiting me, they were all laughing, fanning their faces to stop any mascara riding down their faces as Blake simply chuckled shaking his head at my mistake.

″I can’t believe you just did that″ Brittney laughed loudly, clutching her stomach.

In this moment I just wanted to hide under a rock with Patrick from Spongebob and never be seen again. Can someone explain to me how I mistook a freshmen for my boyfriend? What was a freshmen doing at our Prom anyways?

″You got a new boyfriend you want to tell us about, Libby?″ Becca joked, her laughs dying down with the rest of them.

″Oh, shut up you″ I laughed, nudging her with my elbow.

″As funny as it is, where is Grayson?″ Kimberly asked in curiosity taking a look around the swarms of people, that was really no use.

I sighed and slumped my shoulders, ″I better go find him″ I murmured. I wasn’t annoyed I had to find Grayson, believe me if I had to go swimming in the pacific ocean to find him, I would. But going in the crowds of people alone with the great chance of me too getting lost and not being able to find my way back to the group was making me nervous.

″I’ll go with you″ Blake offered noticing my nervous stance, I shook my head knowing he should stay here for obvious reasons.

″No, you stay with Addison″ I spoke which made him laugh leaving me confused.

That was until he pointed to the corner of the room where the bar stools were for people too tired to stand any longer. My mouth gaped open at what my eyes were witnessing, it wasn’t anything bad by any means but it just surprised me to say the least.

Addison and a girl I noticed from our shared class were holding hands and seemed to be flirting with one another. I looked back at Blake who gave me a short laugh, a knowing look in his eyes.

″You knew all along?″.

He nodded and I would be lying if I said that didn’t surprise, ″I may or may not have have known for over a year now. I think I’m a pretty good wing man if I do say so myself″.

″Impressive″ I said to him. Honestly, I was surprised yet impressed. I had hoped I could be the wing man for Blake and set up him and Addison but I guess fate had other plans in store tonight.

″So how about we go and find Grayson?″ He suggested with a hopeful look. I smiled and gave him a small nod.

I knew Gray was okay and was probably out there storming through the crowds to look for me too so I pushed away the major nerves pushing at my head like a woodpecker. I tended to get nervous a lot when I realised I was in a big crowd without him, but with Blake the heavy pressure on my chest lifted off me and I was grateful for him in this moment.

He reached out for his hand to take, I looked down at it and took it in mine knowing he only wanted me to hold it just in case we get lost in between the masses of singing teenagers with alcohol rimming their eyes red.

His hand was warm and soft almost a perfect match to Grayson’s, almost. He began walking as I braced myself for what was about to come and held my breath as I ducked my head amongst the bunch of arms swaying around and almost splashing their drinks on top of my head. But luckily I survived the less than traumatic ordeal and we reached the entrance where I had last seen Gray without a bump or a bruise.

Blake looked all around, even ducking his head outside the main entrance door to see if Grayson was outside but came to no avail. ″I don’t see him anywhere″.

I sighed, letting out a loud breath not that anyone could hear it anyways over the loud music. ″It’s not like he could have gone far. We’ll find him soon enough, right?″.

Blake chuckled at my nervous state stepping closer to me and putting his hands on my bare arms, ″He’s fine, Libby. He’s a big guy he can handle himself. You’re working yourself up for nothing″. His voice was reassuring and soft but I didn’t in the slightest feel the least bit reassured.

″I’m sure he just got caught up with a few of the guys, you know how they are″.

Of course I knew how they were, they weren’t anything like Gray or Blake. They were egotistical jerks who had an old fashioned mind and believed women were simply on this planet to be slaves to men while they went around with numerous woman doing whatever and whoever they pleased.

But Grayson and Blake weren’t like that. They were pure and kind and loving and I knew just by looking at how they are with people that they were genuinely good people. I didn’t need any reassurance to know that. It was common sense and as clear as daylight.

″Yeah″ I muttered uneasily, ″I’m well aware ′how they guys are′ Blake″. My words came out harsher than I had expected earning Blake to sigh in return.

″I’m sorry, I tend to get angry when i’m nervous″.

His eyes told me he already knew that as did his small laugh and reassuring nod, ″I know that all too well″.

I almost screamed in panic at the feel of someone wrapping their arms around my waist, I was about to lift my leg up and kick them where the sun don’t shine but the smell that invaded my nostrils told me otherwise. Only one person smelled like pine and cotton. My Gray.

″Where did you run off to?″ He whispered into my ear, loud enough for me to hear him through the music.

I sighed in relief, ″Becca pulled me away. I thought I had your hand but turns out I had brought a guy called Billy on a little adventure, poor kid″.

His soft laugh hitting against the tip of my ear made me shiver and my nerves all floated away like they were never there in the first place. Only he could do that, only he could make me feel at ease within seconds when I was on the brink of having a mental breakdown.

″Of course you did, I’m not surprised″.

Blake stood in front of us swinging on his feet with his hands dug in his pockets, watching Grayson and I’s ‘embrace’ as you may call it. ″I’m going to head back to the guys, to let them know we found Grayson″. He excused himself before he himself got lost in the swarms of people.

I knew that wasn’t why he was leaving, he just felt awkward being around Grayson and I alone. I noticed that a few times, but never wanted to bring it up. I didn’t want to start any unnecessary arguments.

″Seems you were quite worried about losing me for two seconds″ He joked, prolonging the words ‘two seconds’. I rolled my eyes at him, nudging him with my elbow and glaring at him with playful eyes.

″Can you blame me? I didn’t want any girl trying to steal my boyfriend″.

He smirked and placed his hand on my cheek ″I only have eyes for you″.

His eyes trapped mine in a paradise of feelings that I was foreign to until I had met him. Slowly, he leaned down his lips brushing off mine as soft as a feather before our lips moved in sync with one another’s.

The kiss sent my heart beating at a fast rate that I was sure would have doctors panicked, but I was entranced in this moment just enjoying his soft lips on mine as they moved rhythmically almost as if following the beat to the song playing in the background that seemed quieter than before.

We had pulled away when we had become short of breath, he smiled down at me with for the first time in a long time a look I couldn’t quite decipher. But I knew whatever it was, it was wonderful.

The loud music that had an eccentric beat soon came to a halt, ″Let’s show some love tonight, grab your dates close for this one″ The DJ called through the microphone.

Everyone had stopped their dancing and finally it had felt like we were at Prom rather than a night club, with Grayson’s and not Billy’s hand in mine we pushed past people to an area that was less crowded and had more room to breathe.

As soon the soft chords began to play, Grayson had pulled me close to his chest, holding my hand and my other went to his shoulder as his free hand lay rested on the small of my back. Our faces were only inches apart but we had both made no move to close that small distance between us.

I just wanted to enjoy this soft song I had recognised from being in a movie before, flightless bird was what I believed it was called. We had subconsciously swayed along to the light music and soft vocals as we kept each other’s stares in each other’s eyes.

The club was dark, but his eyes lit up the whole room. The dazzling green I had loved warmed my heart and made my soul bright and alive like it had never been before. As corny as one might think, he was beautiful.

Not just by his looks, but his soul. It wasn’t his looks that attracted me to him, it was his persistence to get to know me and to never give up when I had pushed him away. I had learned a lot of valuable life lessons from knowing him, but one that would always stick out in my mind was the lesson to fight for what you believe in.

He had believed in me, and I didn’t see it at first but now I knew just how lucky I was that he had.

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