Grayson Smith

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Chapter Fifty one. Prom pt.iii

Song for this chapter: The Irrepressibles- In This Shirt.

*long chapter, but one you can’t skip-yes you heard me, you can’t skip this one. Most important chapter of the whole book*

I didn’t know what I could have possibly have done to deserve someone as pure and as loving as Grayson. When I was at my darkest of times, he was the one to speak to me with gentle words to slowly crack the wall that I had spent years building up around me.

He was the one to show me what love truly meant. I use to think love was a word used for a strong case of lust, but that was until I could read Grayson’s eyes and feel the love he had for me sink into my darkened soul.

No one else could do that, he was the first and only person I remembered who made me feel on cloud 9 no matter how far apart we were from each other or if we had a disagreement caused by my over thinking mind. He was the one to always love me through each and every one of my flaws.

I didn’t know what he had seen in me, but whatever it was I was grateful for, even if it was a flaw. I was grateful because it had brought me to Grayson and no one else. Only him.

It would always be, only him.

″What are you thinking about?″ He mused, his voice deep but yet low and full of curiosity.

″You″ I answered truthfully, a small smile pushing its way onto my lips that he couldn’t seem to look away from once I had mentioned the fact I was, in fact, thinking about him.

He quirked up a brow, his eyes once again meeting mine. ″Oh really? And what exactly is it that you were thinking about?″.

I smiled at him, not wanting to give him an answer. I had hoped a simple smile would be justified and by the glint in his eyes, I knew my smile had spoken louder than my words could have ever done.

″How did I get so lucky?″ He whispered under his breath leaving me speechless. It should be me asking him that, every day.

″I should be asking you that″ I murmured, my eyes falling low in knowing that I was the lucky one, not him.

He had always reassured me every time when I didn’t feel good enough to be with him, he had told me that I was what he had always wanted and needed. But sometimes I just couldn’t see how or why he chose me when there were other beautiful girls with a perfectly intact family and bright future ahead of themselves, like Becca for instance.

I always had the question in the back of my mind, no matter how long Grayson tried to reassure me. It was always there.

He placed his finger under my chin that lay low looking down at the bottom of my flowing navy dress when my eyes met his they showed nothing but love and trust. A frown was masking his beautiful face and I wanted so badly to fix it.

″I’m sorry″.

He dipped his brows, shaking his head ever so slightly. ″Never apologize, Libby″. His words were strong and confident not showing any sign of uncertainty which I was glad for in this moment of me being an absolute embarrassment.

″I love you so much, Libby. Don’t ever forget that. You weren’t the only broken one that day we met″ He stated, I snapped my eyes to him at his words. I had almost forgotten.

You were the one that pulled me out of the dark hole I was in a constant loop with. You were the one to show me that love can come in the most unexpected of ways. You were the one that showed me that it was possible to love again and never want to look back″.

You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with″.

His words made each and every breath I took heavy and shaky, I had forgotten all about just how hurt and broken he was when he had let me see inside that happy facade of his. I knew then that maybe, just maybe we were made for each other. That it was fate that pulled us together and not the magnets my mind had made up for my own wishful thinking.

Maybe after all of my own over thinking I had finally realized just how broken his life was after it seemed so perfect and that I wasn’t alone thinking that I was the lucky one, he too thought the exact same thing as me. It only hit me now that we both had thought we were the lucky ones when it was the both of us all along.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, snuggling my head into the crook of his neck and just wishing that this moment could last forever. He was surprised by my sudden actions but soon hugged me back just as tightly as I had to him.

″I love you″ I whispered, ″I will always, wholeheartedly love you″.

When the inevitable happened and we pulled away from our tight embrace he had looked deeply into my eyes like he had the first day I had met him, but this time I didn’t look away. ″I can’t wait to spend forever with you, Libby Johnson″.

I smiled and bit my lip in the process, ″I don’t know Gray, I might just have a change of heart. You have tough competition on your hands with my new friend Billy″.

He lifted up a brow, his whole face laced with cockiness which I had grown to love. ″I better start going to the gym more frequently, he seems to be able to snap me in two with a flutter of his eyelash″ He played along, his voice trying to hold in the built-up laughter at the back of his throat.

″Oh yeah, Gray″ I winked, making sure to fail at that so it would add more humor. ″All his five foot nothing height would definitely over tower you, and don’t forget about those baby carrot fingers, they would surely choke you in a millisecond″.

He lost it at that and finally let out his loud laugh, I couldn’t help but join in on his contagious laughter that was getting a few odd looks from the couple slow dancing from beside us. But we didn’t care, we just cared that we had each other and were genuinely happy, that was all that mattered.

″You got me there, Lib″ He managed to say through his loud laughter that sounded like a dying animal but at the same time was music to my ears. It was crazy what love could do to someone.

″Do you want a drink?″ I offered, noticing his face turning red from laughing too much. He shook his head at the offer, his laughter dying down.

″No, I’m okay. Do you need anything, Princess?″.

He had used the term Princess only a handful of times but it never held the same effect did than hearing ‘Lib’ roll off his tongue. It wasn’t a pet name but rather just a shortened down name of my already shortened name, but it was the way he said it that made it so intoxicating to me.

″No, I’m great″.

Although I did need to go to the bathroom. It was times like this where I had wished to have gone before I had left. ″I need to go toilet, I’ll be back in a minute″.

He nodded his head, ″Meet me at the bar″ He instructed pointing to where there was an open bar with plenty of seats available to sit on.

″Okay″ I answered not being able to hold it in any longer I rushed myself to the white light sign saying ‘toilets’. I could faintly hear Gray laugh from behind me as I muttered tons of ‘excuse me’s’ until I finally reached the door to happiness.

I pushed it open not giving a care in the world who was watching me act like a crazed woman as if I were about to give birth in a bathroom stall. Thankfully it wasn’t crowded in the slightest, only two girls fixing their makeup in the mirror. It seemed fine to me.

After doing my business, when I walked out of the bathroom stall the two girls had left, leaving me alone as I went to wash my manicured hands that Brittney had done for me claiming she was bored and had nothing else to be doing. I wasn’t going to reject a free manicure.

I knew I was alone but I couldn’t help but feel as though I wasn’t.

″Libby″ A voice whispered from behind me, looking up into the mirror I gasped with fright at the person who had called my name.

I turned around to face her, she wore tight skinny jeans a plain grey hoodie with the hood up to hide her face, but I knew from a mile away who she was.

″What are you doing here Olivia?″ I questioned, my voice coming out quieter than I had hoped.

She didn’t dare step a foot closer towards me knowing that I would cause a scene and I wasn’t the least bit afraid to do so. ″You need to leave, Libby″.

I scrunched up my face at her confusing words, I knew what she was up to. She wanted me to leave so she could have a failed chance at getting with my boyfriend.

″What?″ I laughed sarcastically, ″So you can try to steal Grayson away from me?″.

She ran her hands over her face which was bare of any makeup, her face dull with dark bags swimming under her eyes. She looked terrible, to say the least.

″No, look I’m not up to anything″ She promised, her voice sounding unusually sincere.″But please listen to me when I say that you have to get out of here, leave and don’t come back″.

I rolled my eyes at her, ″Look, Olivia. I’ve known you ever since you started dating Jackson. I know all of your games and tricks and it isn’t going to work on me. My brother may have been a fool for choosing to listen to you over me but I know I for sure am not stupid and I won’t fall under you trap of lies″.

That was when she had stepped closer to me making me take one step back, she reached out without any warning and held tightly onto my arms so she knew I couldn’t escape.

″God damn it, Libby!″ She almost screamed making me recoil back knowing I had no way to defend myself since she had my arms held tight.

″I can’t say much, I can’t go to jail for being an accessory to all of this″ I had no clue what she was talking about, the only logical explanation was that she had taken some type of wack drug that is causing her to have hallucinations.

″But you have to go, please. At first, I thought it was a game of revenge, a simple prank. But he’s taken it too far. I can’t do this to you, please leave″ She begged, tears starting to prick her eyes.

I knew now that she obviously had taken something and I needed to get away from her before things escalated and spiraled out of control. I masked on a frown when really I wanted to look at her like the crazy person she is.

I had fallen down too many times by people’s betrayals, lies, and jokes and I wasn’t going to again. It wasn’t something I could risk, not when I felt I had everything I could have possibly wanted in life.

″Okay″ I answered making her look up with relief.

″Okay?″ She repeated making sure she had heard me correctly.

″Yes, I’ll get Grayson and he’ll drive me home″.

He didn’t even drive us here.

″Okay, good. Do that″ She breathed out, pulling back up the grey hood that had managed to fall down as she let go of my now red arms from the tight grip she had on me.

As I was just about to walk out the door she had stopped me by speaking, ″Libby?″.

I internally sighed but plastered on a smile as I turned around to face her, ″I’m sorry for everything I have ever done to you″.

I sighed, ″Me too″.

I didn’t allow her to utter out anything else before I walked out of the bathroom, and let out a long needed breath I had been holding in for far too long. I steadied my breathing before I even attempted to squish through the sweaty, drunken teenagers.

But I finally mustered up the courage and once again had surfed through the countless amount of people until I was met with the back of Grayson’s freshly faded style hair. I quietly tried to sneak up behind him trying to not make my presence known to him.

I got ready to jump up from behind him and yell ‘boo’ but he had turned around before I had the opportunity to do so and smirked at my hands that were up almost as if I were imitating a dinosaur.

″Care to explain what took you so long?″ He smirked, tugging at my arm to sit on the bar stool next to him.

I widened my eyes but quickly composed myself not wanting to stress him out about my sudden meeting with Olivia. ″Have I ever told you about how many times girls need to check their makeup? You should have seen the number of girls in there″ I lied.

I hated lying to him, but I wanted tonight to be perfect and everything like I had dreamed, so I kept Olivia’s crazy words to myself and myself only.

″Sorry″ I apologized for keeping him waiting for too long when it was totally out of my control.

He shook his head as though my words were silly to be saying, ″Don’t be crazy, it’s okay. I got you a glass of champagne, I thought you might want to lay low on the alcohol. You said you don’t like drinking much anymore″.

I was impressed that he had remembered that since I had only mentioned it briefly once before. But then I shouldn’t really be surprised since he knew me like an open book. A book that was for his eyes only and could not be seen by the average human eye.

″Perfect″ I beamed taking the champagne glass from him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. My small action seemed to have startled him since he cocked up a questioning eyebrow.

″What was that for?″ He laughed, I took a sip of the bubbles that soon cascaded down my throat like a waterfall and shrugged.

″Can’t a girlfriend simply kiss her boyfriend’s cheek without getting questioned for it?″ I joked, following his actions and quirking up a sinful brow.

He smiled widely and seemed to be thinking of a response before he spoke up again, ″I guess not, you just surprised me is all″.

″Surprised you?″ I repeated. I didn’t kiss him on the cheek much or at all, so I can see how he could be surprised my unlikely move.

″Yeah″ He shrugged casually a look of shyness flashing through his eyes, ″I mean it’s not that I mind, it’s just unusual for you″.

I playfully nudged him with my shoulder trying ease off the shyness his body was orbiting at this moment. ″Yeah, it was odd. Don’t be looking forward to much more″ I chuckled.

He put on a fake pout and pulled the chair I was sitting on closer towards him. ″And what if I happened to like it?″.

″Then you my friend are up for a whole lot of disappointment″.

He shook his head at my words, smiling boyishly as I had loved. He leaned closer, our faces almost touching, he rested his forehead against mine, his minty breath fanning against the tip of my nose making me shiver.

″You’ll be the death of me Libby″.

As I’ve been told, many times to be exact.

″As you will be to me″ I added

He smiled brightly which made me mirror his smile in return. His emotions and feelings reflected off on me. If he was happy so was I, if he was sad so was I, and if he was feeling on top of the world like he is right now, so was I and I am.

We made it back to the group shortly after I had finished my lean glass of champagne. Everyone seemed preoccupied with one another. Kim with Jackson, Addison with the girl in our class, Brittney with Matt, Stacey with Becca and Blake oddly by himself.

My friends were an embarrassment looking like chickens running around with their heads cuts off, but I loved them none the less.

I felt bad now looking at Blake all alone as he scrolled down on his phone, his face in a frown as the light of the phone lit up his face. Gray must have noticed too since he beckoned me to go over to talk to him. ″You know him more than I do″ He accused which I deemed a lie considering they were cousins and I, unfortunately, couldn’t remember any of our old memories together.

″Liar″ I muttered to him a short chuckle soon leaving my lips. I had done as he said though with no obligation needed.

As I walked closer to him, just as I was about to take the free seat next to him he looked up from his phone and gave me a small smile. I reached my hand out for him to take and gestured to the dance floor. He shook he head at first but soon stood up when I gave him a daring glare. He knew I wouldn’t give up easily.

″Care to tell me why you were sitting by yourself?″.

He sighed from beside me as I made our way back to the group, ″I would much rather sit by myself than look like an idiot standing by myself waiting for someone to talk to me″.

I sighed looking up at him, he caught me and I quickly diverted my eyes away not wanting him to think I was pitying him. I knew he didn’t like that. ″Dance with me?″.

It was a question but my tone of voice was showing it was not up for negotiation. ″What about Grayson?″.

I looked to the left, his eyes following mine giving him the answers he needed. I don’t know what was going through Gray’s mind, but there he was waltzing around with Matt like they were young and in love. I couldn’t help but laugh at the foolish idiots they were.

I loved my boyfriend dearly, he was caring and kind and loving but most of all he was funny and I loved him even more for his foolish humor.

Blake shook his head at them, rolling his eyes to emphasize how dumb they looked with their wide smiles as the girls videoed them on their phones probably for snapchat. That is if they can even learn how to upload on their story considering the new trash update.

A slow, instrumental song began to play, the whole club becoming still and quiet from the house song that was just playing- a remix of drunk in love. Blake stiffened from in front of me, not knowing what to do or what to say.

I rolled my eyes at his uneasiness and placed my arms around his neck, he let out a breath as I did. ″You can put your hands on my waist Blake, I don’t bite″ I laughed.

Slowly and tentatively he did, ″That wasn’t so bad now was it?″.

He threw up his eyes adding the effect that he was bored of me, ″Has anyone ever told you just how stubborn you are?″.

I smirked at his words, ″A few times actually, yes″.

He didn’t seem affected by my words as though he was expecting the answer he had received from me. I believe he was one of the many people to remark that I was stubborn, Grayson included.

We didn’t speak any words after that, we didn’t need to. The song playing was making us sway along to the cello and soft piano. He had twirled me around unexpectedly making me laugh as I nearly tripped over my own two feet, but he had gotten a hold of my arm and steadied me before I had the chance to fall flat on my face.

″You okay?″ He asked, humor laced in his words.

″Yeah″ I breathed out thinking of the scenario if I had fallen. I’m sure people would just love to have gotten that on camera. ″Thanks″.

″No problem″ He brushed off, a small laugh finally escaping his lips.

He looked down at me, his ocean eyes whispering a million things all at once. His eyes looked back down into mine, his eyes were bright but now I had only realized the darkness that was slowly flooding the ocean.

″Do you think everything would be different?″.

I was confused by his words, my brows furrowed together. ″If what would be different?″ I asked, puzzled at his random question.

His eyes reflected hurt and sadness that was slowly mirroring onto me. ″If you hadn’t lost your memory″.

I was taken back by words that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was the happiest I had ever been, I knew now what life had in store for me and I wouldn’t change it for the whole world. But little did I know, I had changed his.

″I don’t know″ I breathed out, uncertainty in my tone. It was the truth, I really didn’t know. I didn’t know if I would have even bumped into Grayson that day or made out with him in a failed attempt to jealous someone who will not be named. I didn’t know at all, and that’s what scared me most.

″I know you love him, I can see it in your eyes″.

″ I do love him, more than anything″.

He diverted his eyes away from mine, ″I would dream of this night when I was younger, when you remembered me″.

″I had hoped that we be in the position we were in now, but I was the one your eyes lit up for″.

I was at a loss for words, I wanted to reach out and comfort him but it was no use when I was the one causing him the pain without my control. I wanted him to be happy, to have that someone there for him like Gray is with me.

Maybe once, I was that person. But not anymore, I knew who my whole heart belonged to.

″But I can’t be selfish and want you all to myself. If I truly loved you, I would let you go″.

I leaned my head on his shoulder, ″I just want you to be happy″ I murmured.

I could feel his chin rest on the top of my head as he let out a long-awaited breath. ″Me too, Lib. Me too″.

″I’m sorry″ I apologized because truthfully, I was. ″For everything″.

″You don’t have to apologize for anything, nothing you did was wrong. It’s just hard to accept the fact that you have moved on while I’m still holding onto the rope you let go of a long time ago″.

″I haven’t let go″ I remarked, I placed my hand on his warm cheek.″I will always be here for you. I love you. Just not in the way you love me″. My voice was soft and gentle, he licked his drying lips as he swallowed the lump in his throat and let out a small sigh.

″I know″ He whispered, ″I’ll always be here too, being your number one fan no matter where life takes us in the future. You once said that you would fly to the moon for me and metaphorically I would do the same for you. You always have me if you need me″.

I felt secure in his arms, it was nice to know that apart from Grayson I had this amazing person who I could trust with the world and could call my best friend. Yes, we both didn’t see eye to eye on where our relationship was, but he understood and knew how much I was in love with Grayson and I understood how hard it must be for him to lose me when I had once promised him the world.


″Forever″ He promised and for once I was content with where we stood with each other.

″Mind if I butt in?″ A familiar, husky voice spoke from beside us. I turned my head to the left to be faced with a sly smirking Grayson.

″Yeah, sure″ I answered, my voice showing hints of sarcasm.″You two enjoy your little dance session″.

He looked at me flabbergasted as did Blake and I laughed before walking off to where the girls were currently fixated. Brittney pulled me along to join in on their little dance battle they had going on making me laugh as they tried to do their own rendition of that one scene from White Chicks.

I love those girls.


The night was filled with laughter and dancing and bubbling champagne, which I proudly stayed away from, only having more glass after the one Gray had given me. I wasn’t the slightest bit tipsy or drunk and that’s how I liked it. Because I knew I would remember every laugh, every smile and every terrible dance the next day.

Tonight was a night I didn’t want to forget, the only thing I wish I could drown away was the weird occurrence with Olivia. But other than that, everything was perfect. Better than I could have ever possibly imagined.

People were starting to leave since the club was now near closing, I would be staying at Grayson’s tonight with his parent’s wishes or more so Bethany’s pleads to see me again so I can make her some pancakes in the morning. She has fallen in love with them just as how I had fallen in love with her son.

″I don’t think my legs can handle two more seconds in these painful but beautiful heels″ Brittney groaned, leaning her heavy head on Matt’s chest. You knew the night was over as soon as your heels made it impossible to walk any further.

″ Let’s get you home″ He chuckled, patting down a piece of hair that was sticking up on her head like a unicorn.

She gave me a hug and whispered goodbye as she and Matt made her way easily out the entrance way. Since a majority of people had left by now, the swarms of people were lessening by the minute making it easier to get to the exit without the risk of getting alcohol spilled on top of your head.

″We better join her or else our parents will have a fit wondering where we are″ Kimberly stated as she held onto Jackson’s hand.

″You not going home tonight?″ I asked.

″No, Kim here is very adamant that I stay the night even with the risk of getting castrated by her Dad″ He joked, eyeing Kim who simply rolled her eyes at him and lightly slapped his arm.

″He would not″.

″Yes, yes he would″ Stacey filled in with no sight of food near her or in her hands. Surprising.

″Okay, just go to the car″ Kim huffed at her sister, pushing her away from her sight making me laugh at their sisterly bond. I can tell just how much they get along, note the sarcasm.

Stacey followed her sisters wishes to give Becca and I a hug first before she took off her heels and ran to catch up with my brother and Kimberly. Now that there was a smart move, one Kimberly hadn’t thought of.

″I’m going to head off with them, my Dad will kill me if I come home this late without them″ She said, her words aimed at me.

I nodded, pulling her in for a quick hug. ″We should go to Frizzi’s soon, girl day?″ She suggested.

″Girl’s day it is″ I smiled in agreement liking the sound of that, they had amazing food and just the thought alone of it made my mouth water.

″I’ll see you around guys″ She waved giving Blake a hug and soon pulling Gray in for one too.

″Bye″ I waved in my tired state, I don’t think I was I even energized enough to take off my makeup tonight.

″Well″ I sighed at Gray and Blake, ″Looks like it’s only us now″.

Gray smirked down at me as Blake simply nodded letting out a yawn. ″You want a lift?″ Gray offered to Blake, him too noticing how tired he was.

He shook his head, ″No, you know how my Dad gets″.

That was all Gray needed to hear to not insist that he drove him home again. The music was still playing and couples and friends around us were still dancing and laughing like they had just arrived. I guess some people really like to party and don’t stop till the beat drops.

I could notice from the corner of my eye maybe seven or nine guys wearing varsity jackets making their way towards us. I furrowed my brows and pulled on Gray’s arms and motioned for him to look in the direction of the guys.

He sighed at them, ″What are you guys doing?″ He asked in monotone, surprising me, to say the least.

″Come on just have one drink with us, you too man″ The buff blue haired guy said pointing to Blake who shook his head at them.

″No, we’re good″ Gray huffed.

″We were just heading home″ Blake added.

The blue haired guy turned his attention towards me, I knew him. His name was Steven, he had been with nearly every girl in the school and got praised for it, but if the roles were reversed let me tell you the girl would get anything but praised. It was a twisted world.

Gray placed a protective arm on me, pushing me slightly behind him making Steven put his hands up in mock surrender. ″No trouble, Grayson. We just want a drink″.

″Then get one″ Gray seethed, his voice laced with anger and it made me nervous to hear that from behind him, so I couldn’t possibly imagine being in Steven’s shoes.

″Just one for good time’s sake, we won’t see each other again″.

″Fine″ Blake spoke up just to get it over and done with. Grayson looked back at him with an ‘are you serious right now’ face almost making me laugh, but I didn’t.

″That’s what I’m talking about″ Steven chanted, patting Blake on the back and putting his arm over his shoulder which was quickly brushed off. I knew Steven never sat at the lunch table since he wasn’t allowed in the cafeteria due to causing too much food fights.

It was fun at first, but it quickly got annoying. Like no bitch, don’t you dare touch my food.

Grayson sighed and turned around to face me, ″I’m sorry Lib, this will only take a second″ He apologised, I could tell in his eyes that taking a drink with the guys was the last thing he wanted to do, but he knew as well as I did that Steven wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I understood to say the least.

He put his hand in his suit pocket and pulled out his car key, but he never drove us here? He placed the key in my hand as I gave him a questioning look.

″I parked the car out in the back, wait in the car until I get back, okay?″.

I nodded hesitantly and squeezed the keys tight. His emerald green eyes flashing with regret and worry. ″It’s okay″ I smiled to not make him feel bad about all of this, it wasn’t a big deal to begin with.

The guys began to walk to the bar pulling Blake with them and eventually Gray but he stopped and rushed back over to me and took off his suit jacket. ″Take this, it’s cold outside″ He placed it around my shoulders to give me that warmth I knew I would soon crave for.

The walk from the back to the car park wasn’t long at all maybe a minute or two and was all down one pathway so you couldn’t get lost, even in the dark. ″Thanks″ I murmured giving him a grateful smile as I hugged the jacket closer to me embracing his unique smell.

″Grayson, what’s the hold-up!″ Steven called.

Grayson huffed making me chuckle. ″I’ll soon you in a minute″.

″Bye Gray″. I turned around to walk to the backfire exit, but before I could even take three steps my hand had been pulled back like I had hoped it would be.

I smiled as I turned around and was pulled close to Grayson’s chest.

″I love you″ He whispered.

″I love you too″.

He leaned his head down as his lips met mine in an explosion of fireworks and love. It was quick but not rushed and I enjoyed it for the small second it lasted before he was gone.

He was pulled away by the group of laughing boys saying he was ‘whipped’ and I shook my head at their typical boyish humor and made my way to the exit.

As soon as I stepped foot outside the dark, dimly lit alleyway I was grateful for Grayson giving me his jacket to keep warm. I shivered as I held it tight against my chest and started my short walk to the car park.

I could hear faint footsteps from behind me making me stop in my steps and turn around only to be faced with darkness and the sound of rain hitting against the cold pavement below me. I turned back around and carried on my little journey not quite being able to shake off the feeling that I was being watched.

The crunch of a leaf made me turn back around with fright, my heart thumping against my chest and my breathing hard and heavy. Only to squint my eyes at the shadow I could make out in the distance. It wasn’t too far away, but not quite an arms reach away either. But I saw it as broad as daylight.

″Gray, this is isn’t funny″ I called down making sure my voice was heard. The shadow was still there mocking me with its presence. It didn’t dare move or speak a word and I knew then what I had to do.

In panic mode, I quickly turned back around and began to run. The splashing of water hitting against my dress and my face. It was cold and harsh but I didn’t care at this moment, only my safety did.

I ran like there was no tomorrow, I ran like if I didn’t I would be hunted down and never see the sun rise again. The only thing on my mind was that damn car park, my heels were making it harder for me to run and I cursed at myself for not taking them off when I had the chance.

Walking barefoot was better than barely being able to walk, let alone run at all. But I didn’t give up on trying to make it to the car.

I could hear they were quickly catching up to me making me want to cry out for help, for anyone at all. But there was no one, I was all alone out in the dark alleyway with no lights and no help.

I cried out in pain when something sharp hit the back of my head making me fall down onto the wet ground. I prayed silently that I didn’t go unconscious, that I had a chance of escaping from this crazed person who was out to get me.

A groan left my lips as I looked ahead and I could see a glint of Gray’s car in the distance. I was so close, yet so far.

The perpetrator placed their hands on my back I assume to turn me over, my head felt dizzy and I felt useless at trying to get away from them. But I didn’t give up, my Dad thought me to never go down without a fight, and tonight I would do him proud.

I squirmed from his hold and screamed as loud as my throat would allow, I kicked and squirmed but it did no use. He was much stronger and heavier than I was and my actions were proved useless.

When they had finally managed to turn me over, my breath caught in my throat, tears streaming down my face at the reveal I should have been expecting but yet I had never thought in a million years they would stoop this low.

Not for revenge as they had promised to give me.

I was getting hunted down by Hunter.

Reality struck as I thought back to being in the bathroom with Olivia, she knew. She knew and she was trying to warn me about his plans all along. She wasn’t crazy or drugged up like I had initially thought, she had wanted to protect me.

I couldn’t stop the mascara ridden tears from fallen down my face when Hunter grabbed onto my arm so tightly I knew it quickly formed a bruise and lifted me to my feet without any warning.

″Why are you doing this?″ I croaked out, my voice shaky and hesitant to speak in case it would spark anything in him to act out with no remorse.

He leaned in dangerously close to me, the smell of alcohol and cigarettes making me recoil back in disgust. With every step he took towards me, I took one step back until I was against the brick wall of the venue and couldn’t move away from him any further.

″Why?″ He laughed like a maniac, pulling on his hair. He placed a finger to his chin and smiled at me. The smile wasn’t bright or happy in the slightest, it was filled with hatred and horror and what I hadn’t seen in a long time, not after meeting Grayson.

″Do you want to know why, Libby?″ He asked, his voice dangerously low, his eyes narrowing into mine.

I didn’t dare speak a word, I kept my mouth shut in the hope that if I didn’t speak a word he would calm down and leave without hurting me again.

Don’t you dare not answer me″.

His words came out like venom and I shook with fear at every word that left his lips, my whole body was shaking and the bare skin shown to the harsh rain and heavy wind formatted bumps as a natural reaction to keep warm.

″Y-Yes″ I manage to stutter out, my voice shaking with the cold.

His nostrils flared with anger and I jumped in fright when he harshly placed his two hands right near my head making the nauseating smell of mixed alcohol even worse to the point where I felt I was going to vomit.

And as gross as it may seem, I wish I had. I wish I had thrown up, it would throw him off long enough to try escape from him one last time. I would do anything to escape from his deathly grasp and if that was how, I didn’t care.

″Did you know that ever since you tongue fucked that boy of yours, my life has been a living hell″ He yelled straight in my face making the tears I had been trying to hold in unleash and stream down my cheeks.

″My own Father kicked me out for getting messed around with by your play toy″ He emphasized, poking a finger to my chest. I flinched at the touch of his finger, I didn’t want him anywhere near me.

″I was the best thing that ever happened to you! And you threw it all away for some kid you don’t even know!″ His hands were flying all around the place before running through his matted down hair.

″I’m sorry″ I whispered out through my tears. I wasn’t sorry at all.

He was in a state of anger, he was a maniac and I would say anything to try to calm him and get away to see another day. I didn’t know what he was capable of, but he surprised me more than once showing me that he would do anything to have his planned revenge.

″You’re sorry?″ He spits out, his eyes splitting in two making fear rush through my blood if it wasn’t already.

’You aren’t sorry″ He patronized, ″You’re just sorry that I have you right where I want you″.

The wind was blowing my hair over my wet face both from the rain and my tears. I screamed when he grabbed a hold of it, pulling my head back to look up at him. ″I tried, Libby. I really tried with you″.

A look of resentment was all I could see in his eyes that once held something worth saving, but not anymore. That was all dead just like the back of my mind was telling me I would be soon.

When you are a child you are led to believe to that you die happy, in your bed, old and grey surrounded by the people you love dearly and hold a special place for in your heart. But that story wasn’t the truth, not for some and not for me like I had hoped it would.

I would simply be yet another star in the sky watching everyone I know and love grow up, get married and eventually have kids of their own. I would watch them do all of the things I had dreamed of doing but at this moment, those felt like just a dream. A dream that was impossible for me to reach and grab a hold of.

″I have been watching you, I see you every day with him, going to diners and hanging around with your new friends who we both know don’t give a shit about you. I’m the only one who could ever love you!″.

His words were anything but the truth but I bit my tongue down at the contradictions in my head wanting to be released. I was good as dead if I even tried to say them, but not saying nothing gave me a one percent chance I was holding onto for dear life.

He reached around his back pocket, cursing under his breath then moving to his other pocket. He smiled with glee once he had found what he was deeply searching for which was hidden from my eyes view.

But not for long.

He pulled out a small pocket knife making my eyes widen with fear once they caught sight of it. I shook my head, ″Please don’t do this″ I cried out, trying to push him away with all my might. But he didn’t budge, his alcohol courage also giving him some type of strength.

He wasted no time in holding the knife dangerously close to my neck. My breathing caught in my throat, but my breaths came out frantic and heavy.

″Tsk tsk tsk″ He muttered, ″I wouldn’t have done that if I were you″.

I closed my eyes and prayed for the best. I prayed for any kind of sign that I would survive this ordeal even if I make it out battered and bruised, it was better than not breathing at all. I would take anything I could get.

″You don’t have to do this″.

″Oh, but I do″ His horrible breath fanned against my face causing me to gag, he harshly grabbed my face and forced me to look into the eyes of all evil.

″I warned you about getting my revenge″.

And then he spoke the words I had heard in many movies and hadn’t ever expected to ever hear in person.

″If I can’t have you, no one else will″.

Without wasting another second he pressed the tip of the knife into the corner of my neck. I cried out in a blood gurgling scream as I felt my own my blood trickle down my neck and onto my dress.

I closed my eyes accepting that this was my fate, there was no sign of any help. It was just him and I, me against an evil that would win. I wasn’t ready to die, not today and not tomorrow. But I couldn’t fight any longer. My arms were tired and my throat raw.

I had given up.

″Libby″ A familiar voice yelled from the end of the alleyway where I had walked out of to be met with my fate of doom.

My eyes snapped open, my neck burning. I was crying frantically in both relief and pain, I knew my angel’s voice from miles away. It was Grayson.

Hunter cursed from in front of me, the knife still held to my throat as a warning for Grayson to not step any closer than he has. Grayson watched me with concerned eyes and I could tell he was trying with everything he had in him not to lunge on Hunter.

But the risk was far too dangerous, for both of us.

You″ Hunter seethed, the knife still pointed at my throat in a warning and threatening way. ″This is all your fault!″.

Grayson held up his hands showing he was no threat, ″Look, put down the knife. We can leave this all behind us″.

Hunter narrowed his eyes and let out a heavy breath, ″Do you think I’m stupid?″.

″You must, you never thought I was capable of this, did you?″ He looked between both Grayson and I with crazed eyes. I gulped as he stared heavily into my eyes as if trying to hypnotize me in his spell.

Grayson used Hunter’s eyes on me to his advantage and sneaked up behind Hunter who’s eyes were fixated on me as if trying to figure me out.

″You’re so beautiful″ He whispered, and I thought then I had a glimmer of hope of him putting the knife down. ″But not for long″.

The knife once again pierced into the already opened skin on my neck making a high pitched scream leave my trembling lips. My eyes were blurry with tears and I could no longer think straight, my mind was blank.

This is how it all ends.

I closed my eyes shut and waited for the already blooded knife to slice across my throat and leave me lying limb on the floor as I fought for air.

I waited for something that never came.

A loud groan forced my blurry eyes open, my vision not clear yet. I held a hand to my bleeding neck as I tried to blink away the tears blurring up my vision.

I closed my eyes and opened them again to reveal something I had never thought I would see. Grayson and Hunter were stood fighting against one another as I tried to hold myself up against the wall.

Hunter pushed Grayson against the wall as he lifted his hand that wasn’t holding tightly onto the pocket knife and smashed his fist into Grayson’s face earning a crack which made me recoil back, my cries getting louder.

″Stop″ I mumbled, my voice low and shaky. My words had no effect on Hunter’s actions at all as I had hoped for in my fading mind filled with false dreams and scenarios I could only wish would happen.

The sound of the knife dropping and hitting against the ground was like music to my ears, I heard a gasp emit from Hunter as he stood frozen in front of Grayson. Had Grayson knocked it out of his hand?

Hunter looked to me, instead of picking up the knife he hadn’t seemed to want to let go of two seconds ago, he looked at me like dirt under his shoe but a glint of fright or shock was hidden beneath his almost black orbs that I couldn’t quite decipher.

And then he did what I had thought he would never do until he was content when he checked my pulse that there was none. But that wasn’t the case here.

He had run.

He ran away from the scene as though he could hear police sirens that weren’t there. I held a tight grip on my bleeding neck that felt like lava running up and down my aching body. Grayson walked over to me slowly and shakily. He was shaken up and I just wanted to hug him as tightly as I could and kiss him and tell him how incredibly grateful I was for him saving me, once again.

The rain was getting heavier, both of our hair drenched and the water running down the alleyway now stained with blood, there was a lot of blood.

″Libby″ Grayson whispered, concern and worry littering in his emerald green eyes, ″We need to get you to a hospital″.

I breathed out not being able to speak any words but just cry, I stared into his eyes never wanting to look away. My heart dropped at the sight of his face quickly draining of color, his eyes slowly falling heavy.

″Gray?″ I shrieked, I took my eyes off his and searched for any sign that something was wrong. Anything at all.

I looked down and I let out a loud cry at the sight in front of my eyes, his white shirt was stained red which was only getting worse as the seconds passed by.

″Lib-″ His voice broke as he dropped to the floor, my heart dropped with him. His eyes were staring up at the night sky that littered with bright stars, that being the only source of light we had.

″No, no, no″ I cried, I dropped down to the ground and pulled him onto my lap, he blinked giving me a sign that we were still conscious. ″You’re going to be okay″ I whispered soothingly when all I wanted to do was to cry and scream.

I held his face in my hands and kissed his pale white forehead, ″Grayson, baby. You’re going to okay″ I cried out, looking desperately for anyone making their way towards us.

Grayson spoke up still smiling ″you should smile more often″. I had to agree with him on that, I should smile more often. But I was still curious as to why he thought I should.

″Why?″ I questioned him looking into his emerald green eyes, which sent warmth through my blood at the kindness they provided.

″Because you’re beautiful, and beautiful girls shouldn’t frown every second of the day″.

’I-I love you″ He whispered, his voice low and almost inaudible. But I heard him as clear as daylight. I pushed away wet hair that had fallen loose on his forehead. The rain now coming down in hard pellets from the dark almost black clouds orbiting around the dark sky.

″Don’t you dare say that Grayson, don’t say it like this is a goodbye″ I begged, my tears making my voice shaky and I rubbed his wet, cold cheek with my thumb not daring to take my eyes off his.

″I see dead people″ He tried his best to sound seductive, but ended up laughing.

His laugh was like music to my ears, it was husky and deep but most of all it was genuine. It wasn’t faked like most people do to just try to fit in with other people they didn’t belong with. I could tell his was pure, he has a contagious laugh so I couldn’t help myself but to join in.

’I love you, so much″ I croaked out, my neck becoming numb to the pain compared to the pain my heart was in.

He slowly fluttered his eyes shut, I shook my head and rocked him in my arms. ″No, Grayson. You can’t go to sleep now″.

His eyes were barely open and slowly I could see they were losing the life in the them that I had loved. ″Remember that, Gray? How when I passed out that one time and you were there for me and you flicked me on the head and told me I couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t. Just for you″ I tried to laugh, but it failed terribly. It came out like a mess, just how I was right now.

″So please, Gray. Don’t close those eyes of yours, you could have a concussion″ I said remembering back to him telling me not to sleep because of a change of having a concussion.

″I’ve always wanted to do this″ He whispered out, his voice slightly shaking, I furrowed my brows together trying to figure out what he said since the rain was making his whisper sound almost impossible to hear. But I eventually did figure it out.

″Do what?″ I breathed out, trying to force myself not to chatter but I ended up doing it anyway.

″This″ he breathed out before smashing his lips onto mine. I was no longer cold as our lips moved in rhythm together. This kiss wasn’t like the one we shared at that house party, it was different. It wasn’t rushed or just to try to make someone jealous, it was powered with want and if I wasn’t just totally in the moment, I would say love.

″S-so beautiful″ He whispered, staring up into the night sky. His eyes held tears in them but he never let them go. He was my everything, my one true love, my reason to smile and my reason to be a better person.

Once again he had slowly closed his eyes shut, I could tell just how badly he was trying to fight to keep them open just for me but he couldn’t do it any longer. I leaned down with my tear stained face still streaming with fresh tears and kissed his head.

″Please don’t leave me″ I begged, it was selfish to beg for but I had to, ″I can’t do this without you. Please, baby, don’t leave me alone in this big world. I love you, I will always love you, Grayson″.

I could hear the fire exit door open and I prayed that it wasn’t Hunter coming back for more, but I let out a long-awaited breath at the sight of dirty blonde hair.

″Blake″ I screamed even though it felt like I was swallowing knives when I did. He looked down towards the direction where I was holding a nearly unconscious Grayson in my arms, rocking him like a child not wanting to face the harsh reality of what happened.

″Blake, call 911″ I yelled down through my loud tears. When he heard the horror in my voice he didn’t waste any time to come storming down to us, not realizing what was awaiting him.

Once he met the scene that was the cause of all my nightmares to come he almost fell backward at the sight and had to steady himself against the brick wall. He took in sharp intakes of breaths watching as I cradled Grayson in my arms never wanting to let go.

″Call 911!″ I demanded not wanting to have any more time wasted, he nervously fumbled around searching through his coat pockets muttering curse words through his breath until he finally found his phone and dialed 911.

I could hear him give our location and what seemed to be the accident, but my main focus was on Grayson and how beautiful he looked despite the horror that had unleashed.

″Is he breathing?″ He asked frantically, kneeling down so I wasn’t alone with Grayson.

″I-I can’t check″ I told him stuttering over my words. I couldn’t bare check to see if the boy I loved and had dreamed of spending the rest of my life with was dead. No! My Grayson was not leaving me, he wouldn’t. We had promised each other forever and that’s what we both were getting.

Blake took Gray’s limp hand in his and checked for a pulse, his face dropped and my cries became louder and more agonizing at the revelation that I knew was soon to come.

The dreams I had forever cherished in my heart had diminished and flew down the drain alongside both of our blood. I couldn’t let him go, I held him in my rocking arms and whispered that everything was going to be okay.

When in reality it wasn’t.

″No″ He told them, my heart breaking as he did, his voice hollow and solemn, ″He’s dead″.

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