Grayson Smith

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Thank You!

Hey beautiful people, *Spoiler Alert*

So if you are reading this, this means you have completed my first ever book: Grayson Smith. I started this book when I was fifteen and finished it two months shy of turning seventeen.

Writing this book was a very long process but I enjoyed every chapter I wrote, it was blissfully painful as some might word it.

I knew from before writing the first chapter of this book that Grayson would die in the last few chapters. I know some of you were shocked by that but those shock endings are the type of books I personally enjoy reading and I wanted to create one of my own.

I hope you guys enjoyed this book as much as I did writing it. I will forever cherish this book as my first. My writing in this book isn't perfect nor at the point I would dream of it to be at but I am slowly yet evidently getting better as I continue to write. And yes, I am editing this book. Nothing major, just grammar and some structural errors.

If you enjoyed reading this book, please feel free to read my new book: My Moonlight. It is entirely different from Grayson Smith but I can promise you a shock ending. I have always personally preferred shock endings rather to cliches.

Anna Todd's After series was a big inspiration for me writing this book as the first book in the After series has a major shock ending that I will never forget. Ps, I am super excited for the After movie!

Again, thank you all so much for reading this book. I hope you all enjoy My Moonlight as you did Grayson Smith.

Always and Forever, Courtney xo

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