Grayson Smith

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Chapter Six.Skylight.

Song for this chapter: NONONO- Pumpin Blood.

A lump formed in my throat as I was at a loss for words looking at the person in front in me who was as much out of breath as I was. A gasp emitted from the corner of the room where Kylie,Brody, Olivia and Hunter were situated.

It was a feminine gasp which came out of Kylie’s mouth. People who I didn’t even know had their eyes set on me and not on the person I was just making out with but on Hunter. I guess they were all expecting him to blow up.

To be honest, I expected him to blow up too but that isn’t what he did. He simply shook his head like he didn’t care about what he had just seen while Kylie looked like she had just seen an alien casually walk past her.

I needed to get out of here. Quickly without thinking, I walked out of the house pushing past the drunken messes. When I got outside I took in a deep breath to think over what I had just done, in frustration I ran my fingers through my hair and paced back and forth.

I made a huge mistake, a mistake I can’t turn back on. What’s going to happen when I go back to school? Will it be like it usually is like I had hoped for or will I be excluded from the group like they had done to a few people before.

I’ve done many things in life which I highly regret like smoking weed for the first time, hanging around with the wrong crowd, stealing things from different stores, skipping school because I couldn’t stand the thought of P.E with a bunch of hormonal teenage boys. But this tops it all.

A few people who were just arriving to the party were looking at me either with confused expressions or concerned, but they didn’t approach me they just walked into the house. I walked down to the wall that was at the end of the yard in front of the house and sat on it looking forward at the other houses in front with my back facing the house. The sun was just setting, creating an orange glow in the sky. I almost fell off the wall with fright when I felt someone touch my arm.

Turning around to face the person, I was faced with the guy I didn’t want to see at all- Ever again. No it wasn’t Hunter, it was the guy I was making out with:

Grayson Smith.

″What do you want?″ I scoffed, he sighed in response, sitting himself down on the wall right beside me.

″What happened back there?″ He asked me, motioning his head towards the house. What happened back there? Is he serious right now? He knows exactly what happened back there.

″We made out″ I answered without a care in the world, when in reality I knew it was probably one of the worst things I’ve done in a really really long time.

No, not because Hunter would never take me back now, Fuck Hunter. It’s because I know what Hunter could do to ruin not only my life but also Grayson’s. I hate to admit it, but he seems like a good kid, and I obviously can’t let him know I think that.

We were both looking straight ahead at the orange glow of the sky, which was slowly getting darker and darker. I crossed my arms and started to rub my hands up and down my arms to try heat myself up from the cold. Unexpectedly, I could see from the corner of my eye Grayson take off his denim jacket and put it over my shoulders, giving me that warmth I longed for.

I furrowed my brows questionably and he copied my expression. ″What?″ he asked me confused as to why I was looking at him strangely.

″Why did you give me your jacket?″ I finally asked, Hunter would never give me his jacket when he seen me cold.

This is all new to me, ″You were cold, right?″ He asked, smiling at me genuinely. Damn that smile.

″Ehm yeah, but you didn’t have to give me your jacket″. He shook his head at me and chuckled. Is this boy on crack?

″It’s fine″ he smiled at me once again, and surprisingly I actually smiled back.

It felt good to smile again, I used to be so afraid to smile at anyone. Well, any guys just in case Hunter got the wrong idea. But now I was finally able to smile again and not have to worry about Hunter beating up the person I smiled at. Me and Grayson were still smiling at each other in silence but it wasn’t awkward. It was like the beginning of a new chapter of being able to smile again and be free from Hunter.

Breaking the nice silence, Grayson spoke up. ″You should smile more often″. I had to agree with him on that, I should smile more often. But I was still curious as to why he thought I should.

″Why?″ I questioned him looking into his emerald green eyes, which sent warmth pumping through my blood at the kindness they provided.

″Because you’re beautiful, and beautiful girls shouldn’t frown every second of the day″. He was no longer smiling but looking into my eyes searching for something. Okay that’s enough of that.

I hopped off the wall and soon so did he.″Where are you going?″ He asked me looking...sad?

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at him before answering. ″I can’t stay here forever. I should go home″. I took the denim jacket he gave me off my shoulders and handed it to him. ″Uh, thanks for the jacket but I won’t be needing it anymore″. He wouldn’t take it back, making me sigh. Just take it already.

″You’re cold, just give it back on Monday″ He smiled with a simple shrug, does he have nothing else to do but smile? I can see why he smiled a lot though, it was beautiful.

Wait, what am I even thinking? this is not like me at all.

Snap out of it Libby!.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, thinking he was probably one of those people who always got what they wanted and wouldn’t take back the jacket, so I put it back on properly this time. I was quite cold without it anyways and he seemed fine without it.

He was wearing some blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and some off white creamy type colour pair of chinos with black vans, a black beanie, which looked so good on him and lastly my favourite part of all, his over sized black glasses. His glasses didn’t make him look weird at all, they completed him.

″Well, I should be heading home″ I breathed out and turned away about to walk home but stopped when Grayson touched my arm again, turning around to face him I burrowed my brows.

″It’s only twenty past eight″ He stated, and I raised a brow questionably at him, what is he trying to get at?

″And...?″ I dragged on trying to see what he was suggesting. He didn’t speak for a while then eventually spoke up.

″Okay, i’m going on a whim here″ He looked down, then looked back up at me. ″But since it’s still early, how about I show you somewhere?″ He smiled at me nervously. Somewhere? He wants to show me somewhere? Like somewhere as in a basement where he could chop me up and sell my meat on eBay?

″How do I know you’re not a serial killer?″ I gazed at him, and he chuckled.

″Libby,how do I know you’re not a serial killer?″.

I smiled up at him since he was good few inches taller than me, he had to be six foot something. ″Good point″ I chuckled and shrugged at the same time.

″Come on″ He smiled, walking beside me. We left the yard of the house and walked down the street in silence, until we reached a few cars. A Mercedes and then a few other cars but the matte black Mercedes really stood out to me.

He walked right over to Mercedes and with a press of a button he took out of his pocket with his keys on it as well, both doors opened. He chuckled at the expression on my face, my mouth was gaping open as I stared in awe at his car.

″Hop in Princess″ He chuckled, I didn’t even care he gave me a ‘pet’ name of Princess. I was that awestruck over his car which was way more than I could ever afford even if I saved up all my life and sold my house.

″No way″ I smiled shaking my head in disbelief.

″Yes way″ He chuckled and got in the car, I followed in after him and again with a click of the button the doors closed.

The inside of the car was even expensive looking, black expensive Italian leather seats, a built in touchscreen GPS, and looking up the car it had a sky light, a fucking sky light. I always wanted a car with one of those.

The sky was much darker now and stars were starting to appear. Oh god, I could just imagine what the sky would look like at night time with the stars shining through the sky light of the car. Damn these rich kids.

Sitting myself down properly in the car and putting on my seat belt, Grayson started the car and straight away I could see through the rear view mirror that blue lights were now emitting from under the car. I didn’t even know they could do that. This just keeps getting better and better. I swear i’m like a little child.

This is better than any Christmas I’ve ever had before, and I’m not even over exaggerating. ″So, where are you taking me?″ I asked excitedly, if his car is this good I could only imagine how good this place will be.

″It’s a secret″ He whispered giddily, starting to pull out of the neighbourhood. I groaned, making him chuckle. I hate surprises. We drove in silence for a few minutes until I looked out the window and didn’t recognise where we were.

″Where are you bringing us?″ I asked once again, and like last time he replied with ‘it’s a secret’.

Not wanting to press any wrong buttons, I asked Grayson to turn on some music, and he did. Listening to the music, I continued to look at the view through the skylight.

″Press the button″ Grayson said out of the blue as he noticed me staring at the view from the skylight. At first I didn’t know what button he was on about until I seen a black button beside the skylight. Pressing it, I didn’t know what to expect until the skylight opened. No way! is this a dream?

It’s always been a dream of mine to be halfway out of a skylight while driving.

″I have to look out of it″ I told Grayson confidentially, this is an opportunity i’m not willing to let go of and I’m not taking no as an answer.

″Go ahead″ He smirked, still concentrating on the road in front of him. Those two words just made my day, no screw that, they made my whole life. He literally just agreed to let me tick off a goal on my bucket list.

Just as the chorus of the song that was playing on the radio came on, I took off my heels and stood on the expensive chair, so I was now half way out of the car. The wind was blowing my hair and I could still hear the loud music from the car. This is everything I had imagined it to be and more. Lampposts passed every few seconds and a few people in cars were looking at me strangely, but I couldn’t care less.

I put my hands up in air and screamed, I’ve always wanted to do that. Moving my hands to the beat of the song, I closed my eyes and let the wind brush off my skin giving me an adrenaline rush. I could do this everyday. The wind was blowing my hair in all sort of directions, and made the denim jacket flow back as well. I felt like I was in a movie, but I wasn’t.

This was reality and I couldn’t be more happier.

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