Grayson Smith

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Chapter Seven. Secret Places.

Song for this chapter: A R I Z O N A- Oceans Away.

Wherever we were going, I was totally clueless. Looking out the window all I could see was the darkness with no buildings in sight.

Maybe he is a serial killer after all...

To be honest though even if the stars weren’t illuminating the sky right now and I could see buildings, I still wouldn’t know where we were since I haven’t been an hour away from my home county of Santa Barbara before. So it was safe to say I would definitely be surprised when I see where he’s taking me.

I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to sneak out in the middle of night and drive to the middle of nowhere and just lay on the roof of a car and stare at the stars and just think about the future. I remember back when I was seven I wanted to be a mermaid, I was always fascinated by their long wavy hair, beautiful voices and rainbow tails.I guess that’s one dream of my childhood that won’t come true. But just by Grayson bringing me to some secret place in the middle of the night in his Mercedes is already a dream come true.

We had been driving for nearly an hour by the time we made a pit stop at a petrol station, I really could do with some snacks right now. I had five dollars that surprisingly Jackson gave me since he started a new job at target a few days ago, it’s about time someone started bringing money into the house.

The petrol station was called ‘copperfields’, which went with the whole copper theme they had going on, copper petrol pumps, copper signs. Basically any copper decor you could find, they had it. It wasn’t a new petrol station, it was sort of run down but that’s why I liked it. It had more of a rustic vibe.

After Grayson filled up his car which looked totally out of place here, I mean who would see a Mercedes in a run down petrol station in the middle of nowhere? I followed him inside making him look at me questionably with eyebrows furrowed together.

″What?″ I asked lifting up my hands, ″I want snacks″ I shrugged and walked into the shop with Grayson following closely behind.

I went to the wooden shelf where all the chocolate was and picked up a baby ruth, my favourite. I also picked up a Gatorade and a bag of cheese and onion lays. Walking to the till with Grayson following behind me, I put all my stuff on the counter and so did Grayson, just wait your turn kid.

He only picked up a Gatorade anyways. About to pull out the five dollar bill from my bra I seen a few packets of Twizzlers. I know I said baby ruths are my favourite, but compared to Twizzlers, they were nothing.

So of course I also put a packet of Twizzlers on the counter, again going to take out the five dollar bill from my bra Grayson looked at me weirdly, scrunching up his face. I rolled my eyes at him.

″It’s not like i’m going to flash anybody″ I huffed, and he shook his head smiling.

″What are you doing though″ He chuckled, still looking at me strangely.

″I’m taking out the five dollar bill from my bra″ I told him, the majority of girls would be too embarrassed to say the word bra in front of a guy, but me? I really couldn’t care.

He shook his head smiling, and waited for the guy at the cash register to tell us the price of everything, the guy at the till was in his late 50′s early 60′s and looked like he was about to fall asleep any second.

″26.99″ The old man told us, I handed over my five dollar bill on the counter but Grayson handed it back to me, now I was the one looking at him strangely with my face scrunched up.

Why did he just hand it back to me? I need it to be pay.He took out his credit card from his wallet that was brown leather and had some designer logo on it. ″I’ll pay″, I shook my head and tried giving him the money but he refused.

I sighed knowing he won’t give in and take it and so I let him pay. ″Thanks″ I muttered looking up at him when I took my stuff off the counter.

″No problem″ He smiled with that bright smile of his that could light up the entire night. Seriously what is up with me? why am I saying all this mushy stuff? Did someone drug one of the drinks I drank?

We walked back to the car and once again we were on the road listening to a playlist that was perfect for this moment. I wasn’t sure if I should save the snacks for where he was taking me or for the trip there, so I just took a sip from my Gatorade and ate a Twizzler. Glancing at Grayson I couldn’t help but stare at him, not in a creepy ’i’m going to stalk you’way but more in an adoring way in awe.

He looked damn good driving and looking at his face even when he wasn’t smiling his whole energy spread happiness. It seemed as if he was always happy and bubbly. I didn’t know him well at all, the most I knew about him was his name and more than that likely he is extremely rich but all the times I seen him he was always smiling.

The veins on his arms were apparent while he had his hands on the steering wheel, that was always something I found attractive and also I could see some black writing on his right arm but I couldn’t quite make out what it was, so I looked a bit closer.

Grayson noticed me staring and pulled his sleeve down, why is he trying to hide it? I didn’t ask him about it, maybe it’s personal and I for one know when it’s best not to ask someone about personal issues.

He fixed his classes that were hanging low on his nose, not many guys in our school had glasses and if they did, they didn’t suit them one bit. But Grayson’s glasses? they really did complete him and boy did he look handsome.

″So, how long left do we have before we get there?″ I asked him, slightly turning down the music, he glanced at me slightly before turning his attention back to the road.

″We should be there in ten minutes″. I was actually feeling quite excited to see where he has taken us. I haven’t felt this excited in so long, not since my Dad passed. I was always up for adventure, but this topped the cake.

Before my Dad died life was fine, Mom wasn’t a raging alcoholic, we were a normal family, we weren’t rich or anything but the money we did have was plenty for all of us. Dad died seven years ago while Mom was pregnant with Gabriela. Me and Jackson gave our ‘mother’ plenty of chances to change back to the person she once was but she wouldn’t change, our mother was long gone.

Jackson told me one time that when Dad died, Mom died with him and he couldn’t of been more right. She really did, now I can’t even look her in the face without cringing.

I didn’t realise I was thinking for so long about how life used to be until Grayson called my name making me jump slightly.

″Huh?″, he looked at me slightly concerned and I smiled at him to try convince him I was okay, because really I was. I accepted how my life now is the moment I knew I had to grow up and be the mother figure for Gabriela she needed.

″You good?″ Grayson asked with a smile apparent on the corner of his mouth, I nodded my head.

″Yep, all good″ I smiled, and he smiled back. I hadn’t noticed he stopped driving until I looked out the window seeing we were no longer moving, we were stopped outside a hill where bushes were surrounding the car.

Oh god, he really is going to kill me.

I slowly took off my seat belt, not having a clue where we are. We drove nearly two hours to see a few bushes, the fuck? Grayson must have noticed me looking completely confused as he started speaking to give me a little insight on where we are.

″I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but I think you’ll really like it″. I looked out the window again taking a better look at where we are. I really can’t see how all these bushes could turn into something better than just...bushes.

″Are you sure about that?″ I asked him not quite yet believing him.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled, ″Trust me on this one″.

I couldn’t not believe him with the look he was giving me, no he wasn’t pouting like a lost puppy, but he was looking at me with so much certainty like he knew how much I would end up liking it.

I ended up sighing and nodding my head as we both got out of the car after getting our snacks. ″Are we having a picnic or something?″ I asked him, and he chuckled and shook his head.

″Not here″. What does he mean not here? We drove nearly two hours and we’re not even staying here? Well alright then.

″We are walking up that″ He pointed up at the hill I seen while looking out the window in the car. He expects me to walk up that? IN HEELS!? I stared at him in disbelief and he smirked.

″There is no way I can walk up that in heels″, and he smirked once again.

I haven’t actually seen him smirk before, not including a while ago but I liked it when he did. But why was he smirking? Oh ha ha, he wanted to see me struggling to climb up that hill. I’d go barefoot if I had to.

″That’s why I always have a pair of converse in my car″ He informed me smiling, It was as if angels began to sing once those words left his mouth. I smiled back up at him and mentally thanked him for always having them handy in the car.

After putting on the converse which were too big for me and leaving my heels in the back of his car we both started climbing up the very steep hill. It was a challenge climbing up it because of the dark and I rather just sit down to be honest.

With Grayson walking in front to lead the way it was much easier for me to walk up it. Clearly jinxing myself, I ended up tripping on a rock falling on my knees and landing on the soft ground. Well this position was not flattering.

Grayson instantly turned around and looked down at me. Looking concerned he gave me is hand to take. ″Are you okay?″, taking his head I got up and brushed it off, luckily Grayson offered to carry my snacks for me.

″Yeah, i’m good″ I reassured with a small smile making a resurface on my features. He smiled and then we both continued walking up the steep hill. We reached the top not long after and the view was absolutely astonishing.

There was a wooden bench at the edge of the hill and we were that high up we had the best view I’ve ever seen of the dark sky and the bright stars, but that wasn’t the best part of it. My mouth gaped open at the captivating view. Not taking my eyes at the view, we both walked down to the bench and sat down.

The best part of this whole view was the big Hollywood sign. It was right in front of us. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. This is truly better than I ever expected. It was so magical, I felt like I was in a Disney movie and any second I needed to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t all a dream.

The wind was casually blowing my hair, sending chills down my spine. Thank god Grayson gave me his denim jacket, not only was it keeping me warm but it smelt so good. Yeah I don’t think i’ll be giving it back anytime soon.

No words needed to be spoken, the view itself screamed a million words. The bright stars were matching the iridescent lights of the beautiful neighbourhood below us. I could just stay here forever and never leave.

And by the look on Grayson’s face I could tell he felt the same way.

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