Grayson Smith

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Chapter Eight.21 Questions.

Song for this chapter: The Genuis Buddha Band-Who you are

After a few minutes of enjoying the beautiful view in front of us in a comfortable silence, eating our snacks, we came up of the idea of playing 21 questions to get to know each other. So far I found out his favourite colour is grey, coincidence or not. And that he has a younger sister named Bella.

It was now his turn to question me, the only thing he found out about me so far was that my favourite movie was white chicks. He was looking at me with knowing eyes while he had his arm on the top of the bench with his head leaning on the palm of his hands. I was looking at him while sucking on a twizzler waiting for him to ask me something.

″Why did you kiss me?″. Hearing this made me nearly choke on my twizzler, coughing for air. How do I answer that? was I just trying to make Hunter jealous? or was I showing him that I no longer wanted him?

He chuckled at my reaction and wiggled his brows waiting for my reply, ″I didn’t know it was you″ I sighed, and he smirked in return.

Sure″He dragged on and I nudged him with my elbow playfully.

″But truthfully, I don’t know why I did it″ I shrugged and exhaled a long breath.″I seen Hunter making out Olivia, and it just sparked something in me.″ I confessed truthfully, and he nodded his head in understanding.

″But I didn’t feel jealous, I didn’t really feel anything. So I guess I thought if I made out with someone else I’d feel regret...but I didn’t ″.I looked down at my lap, not quite believing I actually told him that.

I’ve known Olivia had been cheating on my brother for a good while now, when I found out of course I told Jackson, but of course he chose to believe her over me, his own sister. But I have to give it to her, she did put on a good show when she showed up at our house, fake tears streaming down her face and consistently drilling it in his head that I was making it all up and with little convincing he chose to believe her.

That was what? two years ago, and while my brother who is totally blinded by love has been faithful to her, she decided to sleep with anything and everything that breathes.

I’ve giving up on trying to tell Jackson that she’s cheating a year ago, so if he ends up catching her in bed with someone else, he better not come to me. All i’d have to say is ‘I told you so’.

I tend to get lost in my thoughts a lot of the time, so I wasn’t surprised to be getting startled by Grayson snapping me out of my thoughts, ″Libby?″ He said gently, touching my arm.

I gave him a reassuring smile ″Huh?″ I look over at him slightly widening my eyes as I did.

″I was just saying that you should stay away from him″.

I wish it was that easy Grayson, if I could choose to never see him again, I would in a heartbeat. But we have school together, it’s very likely I’ll end up seeing him again.

I nodded my head and took in a breath, ″I think so too″. A soft smile started to emit from his lips as he looked down at me and into my eyes, his stare wasn’t intimidating like Hunters always is, it was relaxing, securing and most of all...loving.

No, i’m not saying I love the kid but the way he’s looking at me right now makes me feel loved. I shyly looked away, I don’t know why I act like this around Grayson. I’m never like this around guys. I’m always eccentric with guys but with Grayson? it’s different. It’s like I don’t have to pretend to be somebody i’m not.

I mean I could be totally wrong, I don’t even know who this guy really is. For all I know he could have robbed that Mercedes and made up a fake name to lure me here so he could murder me, because that would make the front page.

I took in a breath and smiled, ″Okay, so my turn″ I smiled evilly, he has no idea what I’m about to hit him with, ″Are you a virgin?″.

He chuckled at my foolish question not seeming fazed in the slightest.

″No Princess, i’m not″.

I’m not sure if i’m surprised at his answer. I mean damn he’s hot, any girl would want to be with him. But he doesn’t come off as the type of guy to play around with different girls. But what do I know, right.

″Does that surprise you?″ He asks sounding intrigued.

I shrugged not really knowing what to answer, was I surprised? I guess I was. ″Yeah it does″ I answered him truthfully and he slightly frowned but quickly composed himself and smiled again. ″I don’t mean that in a bad way″ I tried clearing things up so he doesn’t think i’m an outright bitch.

″It’s just″ I sucked in a breath. ″You don’t come across as the player type″ I added, and he furrowed his eyebrows together.

″A player?″ he questioned and I nodded my head, putting my hands into the pockets of the denim jacket he gave me. Since it was nothing but darkness outside, the temperature was also dropping.

″Well that’s true, I wouldn’t think of myself as a player″ He admitted and my natural reaction made me smile, so I looked away from him and at the view of the stars illuminating the sky and the bright lights of the neighbourhood below us.

″So you have a girlfriend then?″ I asked, now I was the one intrigued to know his answer. I don’t know why I feel a pang of jealously rip through me at the thought of him having a girlfriend.

Snap out of it Libby! You’ve only known the guy barely a day.

From the corner of my eye I could see him smirking. ″If i’m not mistaken, it’s not your turn to ask a question″.

I smirked and nudged him playfully, what a dickhead. ″Whatever″ I rolled my eyes and let out a soft chuckle.

″So, Libby″ He began, scooting closer to me so we were now touching off each other, giving my leg that was touching off his feel a shot of electricity shoot through it.He leaned his face in so close to mine I could smell his minty breath, he leaned in so his mouth was just at my ear sending tingle down my neck.

″I see dead people″ He tried his best to sound seductive, but ended up laughing.

His laugh was like music to my ears, it was husky and deep but most of all it was genuine. It wasn’t faked like most people do to just try fit in with other people they didn’t belong with. I could tell his was pure, he has a contagious laugh so I couldn’t help myself but to join in.

It wasn’t even that funny.

After collecting ourselves, we were just staring into each others eyes. Slowly he started to lean in, putting his soft hand on my face, once again making me feel electricity when his soft hands reached my cold cheek.

″You’re not how I expected you to be″ He whispered looking into my eyes, I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. What does he mean? he glanced down at my lips, looking back up at me.

″What do you mean?″ I questioned and nervously gulped, feeling a blush rise to my cheeks.

″You have this whole, ‘I hate everyone’ facade, but you’re the exact opposite, you’re funny, honest and...beautiful ″. His words sent shivers down my spine. No guy since my Dad had called me beautiful before, it felt nice to be called beautiful instead of the exact opposite by someone you once considered your friend.

I hid my face with embarrassment not knowing how to react to his compliment, he really is too good to be true. He gently pried my hands away from my face making me look him into his emerald green eyes. I was always into guys with bright blue eyes but now that I’ve met Grayson, that’s all changed.

I don’t know why all of the sudden I’ve become shy, I’m really not myself. Maybe it was the raw vodka, but then again I don’t feel one bit tipsy. I feel ‘myself’ around Grayson and right now I couldn’t be happier being with him right here.

″When I first seen you at school, I thought you’d be really stuck up-″, I cut him off by dramatically putting my hand to my heart.

″Wow, thank you Gray″ I chuckled. He shook his head while smiling.

″Let me finish″ He chuckled and I nodded my head, motioning for him to continue. ″But when we got to talking now, not when you were telling me to fuck off″ He grinned and I frowned remembering that.

″Yeah″ I murmured nervously, ″Sorry about that″, he waved it off and continued speaking.

″But now I know you’re not who I envisioned you to be, I actually like who you are″ He smiled showing me his perfect smile any person with braces would die for.

″I happen to like who you are, too″ I chuckled, letting a yawn escape my lips. It must be around twelve by now, all of sudden Grayson stood up from the bench, reaching out his hand for me to take. He must have sensed how tired I was getting, taking his hand and getting up off the bench, I looked down at our attached hands, ignoring the sparks before I took one last glance at the view just as we both walked hand in hand down the steep hill.

I have a feeling, this isn’t the last time we would be here together.

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