Grayson Smith

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Chapter Nine.A Year Without Rain.

Song for this chapter: Selena Gomez-A Year Without Rain. (childhood!)

I didn’t notice just how good Grayson’s car smelled, it was a mixture of his scent that was on his denim jacket which I have now claimed ownership of and a scent of the rain after it falls. It was a mixture of comforting and arousal.Like the calmness after a storm. My head was rested on the arm rest as I slowly closed my eyes, bathing myself in the scent.

I must have fell asleep just then by the comforting scent of his car since when I opened my eyes, I was on my living room couch with a thin blanket over me.


How did I get here?

Was I just dreaming?

It felt too real to be just a dream, and I actually hoped it wasn’t just my imagination.The sun was peeking through the thick brown curtains which had a tear along the hems of them, rubbing my eyes and stretching my arms, I walked over the window opening the curtains. Green leaves were glistening on the trees from the rain left on them from last night, the sky still swirling grey.I was still in my clothes from last night but my heels were neatly placed beside the front door. I definitely didn’t do that, or not that remember.

Walking into the kitchen to cook some breakfast for Gabriela, I looked up at the cheap yellow clock that was hung up slanted on the kitchen wall above the window, I seen it read 10.34am. Making a quick batch of pancakes and placing them on two plates, one for me aswell. I opened the fridge and took out the whipped cream squirting it on top of our pancakes then lastly put a few crunchy m&ms on hers while I put some broken up honeycomb pieces on mine.

I walked up the stairs quietly,being careful not to wake Jackson. He isn’t the nicest person when he’s hungover, and i’m not even sure if he came home last night. For all I know, he could have slept at Olivia’s house, that is if she wasn’t already sleeping with someone else.

I walked into Gabriela and I’s shared room, walking inside I walked over to her bed that was at the far end of the room at the window over looking the crappy neighbourhood we lived in. I didn’t see her in her bed, which was no surprise considering she always sleeps with her head under the duvet.

Pulling back the duvet, panic started to rise within me when she wasn’t there. Pulling at my hair, I took in a deep breath, thinking where she could be. Check the bathroom. I jogged into the bathroom not caring how loud I was, but seen it was empty. Resting my hands on the sink, I looked at myself in the mirror, taking in deep breaths.

Think Libby, think.

And that’s when it hit me, she was at Bella’s house. I let out a relieved breath, and dramatically wiped the sweat off my forehead. I walked back downstairs not letting the perfectly good pancakes go to waste, it’s not like I could afford to let them go to waste anyways. Devouring my pancakes in a few bites, I got a clean class from the wooden cabinet and filled it with tap water and gulped it down.

Walking back upstairs, I knocked on Jackson’s door hearing him groan from the other side. I knocked again not walking inside, not knowing what the hell I’d walk into. After a few more loud knocks Jackson opened the door looking like hell, his hair dishevelled, standing shirtless in front of me, gesturing for me to speak.

I cleared my throat, disgusted to be seeing him shirtless. If it was any other guy in front of me shirtless, I wouldn’t be able to resist him, but this was my brother.

Just put on a shirt already.

″There’s pancakes downstairs, I made them for Gabriela forgetting she wasn’t here″.

He looked at me boringly and raised a brow, ″And?″ he huffed, making me roll my eyes at him. Why is she such a torment?

″Just eat them, I don’t want them going to waste″ I sighed, before turning around and walking into my bedroom to get some clothes to change into after my shower. I grabbed a pair of grey sweats and a plain black t-shirt, since I never do anything on a Sunday.

Getting into the warm shower, I rinsed myself with my favourite cherry shower gel that was only a dollar in dollar tree. Singing some random songs as I washed my hair,using the shower head as a microphone. I then started singing Selena Gomez’s, ‘a year without rain’. This song was my shit back when I was like ten.

God I feel old...I ran my hands through my hair that was covered in suds as I grabbed my ‘microphone’ shower head and sang like I was in the music video and the shower water was the rain falling down onto me.

I nearly slipped on the shower floor after hearing a loud knock on the door, I had to grab onto the shower curtain to make sure I didn’t fall and land straight on my butt.

″Libby!″ My annoying brother called, knocking again on the door, I sighed and rolled my eyes. What could he possibly want now? I was enjoying my performance.

″Get out, there’s a guy at the door for you″ and then I heard him walk down the stairs, leaving me puzzled. A guy? Oh God,it’s probably Hunter. There was no point at me shouting down at Jackson to tell him to go away since he wouldn’t hear me from up here.

I huffed and quickly rinsed the suds from my hair, getting out carefully, not wanting to slip. I wrapped a towel around my hair and body not caring to put my clothes on, it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before anyways.

I just put on my socks and walked out of the room, my body still steaming from the hot shower. I made sure in the mirror I didn’t look like a raccoon because of my makeup from last night. Walking down the creaking stairs, I was frozen in my spot when I seen who was standing at the door, and it wasn’t Hunter.

Grayson stood there, a familiar smile on his face. He eyes concentrated on my eyes, he wasn’t eyeing my body up and down like an object like I know Hunter would. I furrowed my brows together wondering why he was here.

″Eh...hello?″ I hesitated, waiting for him to reply to me.

He looked as good as he always does, he had on a grey hoodie that clung to his I assume toned body, it was unzipped and underneath he had on a dark blue shirt that had tiny white polka dots. He paired it with dark jeans and white vans. He didn’t even need to try, he always looked good, no screw that he looked fine piece of pie.

″I was just checking in to see if everything’s good″He looked around the room casually before he adverted his eyes back at me

Why would he need to check if everything’s alright? I mean i’m sure when he dropped me off I walked in here myself and was too tired to go upstairs so I slept on the couch. So I don’t see why he needs to ‘see if everything’s good’

″And why would you need to do that?″ I asked him raising a brow, making him smirk at me with a small shake of his head.

″Because when I carried you in here-″

Wait wait wait, he carried me in here last night? How did Jackson not freak out?

It’s a miracle.

You″ I pointed to him and then pointed back to myself with my index finger, ″carried me in here?″.

He furrowed his brows and nodded his head slowly, I chuckled not believing him. ″How is your face still intact?″ I walked over to him, making him look completely puzzled as I examined his face to check for any bruises soon to appear. I couldn’t find any, not one.

″Eh, are you okay?″ He asked me, chuckling nervously as I kept touching his face. It was warm and soft like a teddy bear...a hot teddy bear. Then Jackson walked out of the kitchen eating one of the pancakes I made, wiping cream off his chin, still shirtless from when I woke him. He nodded his head at Grayson before swiftly walking into the living room, making me widen my eyes for not even approaching Grayson.

″Wha- what?, do you two know each other?″ I stuttered in dis-belief, he gave me a crooked smile bending his head down smiling before looking at me again. There wasn’t one imperfection on his face, his face was one models would die for. You wouldn’t need Photoshop with a face like his.

″Not that well, but your little sister Gabriela is friends with my sister Bella″.

This was all new news to me, how had I not known this earlier? I thought he just moved here. ″So your brother and I are ‘acquaintances’, he’d usually pick up your sister so we’d usually just say hey to each other″.

I nodded my head briefly at him, still in shock.

Damn you Gabriela for not telling me your friend has a hot older brother.

″So where is Gabriela? She stayed in your house last night, right?″ I questioned him, raising a brow and he nodded with that smile of his that could light up the world.

″She actually wanted to stay a bit longer, so she’s still at my house″. He peeked down at me looking confused.

I forgot I was only in a towel, Shit.

I cleared the back of my throat making him look back up at my face,his face slightly tinted with a shade of pink. He wasn’t staring at my body like Hunter, he was just wondering why the hell I was going around in just a towel. Doesn’t it look obvious?

″So why exactly are you here, you can see everything’s good″ I motioned around the house, showing him nothings on fire or there’s no dead bodies hidden.

He smirked, ″No, I was actually asking if you wanted to get something to eat?″, He rubbed the back of his head nervously. His face was turning a pale pink, he’s nervous.

″Sure″ I shrugged, making him smile down at me brightly, relief washed over his face.

″But″ I put up one finger making him frown slightly. ″It’s going to take me a while to get dressed, so you’d want to make yourself comfortable″.

He chuckled, nodding his head. I gestured to the living room and he walked into it sitting down on the couch giving me a slight nod as I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom.

Looking through the clothes, that were thrown all over my floor from last night, I heard the front door open. Did he leave? I know it wasn’t Jackson since I could hear him in the shower. Hesitantly I walked out of my bedroom looking down at the front door.

No one left, but someone came in. It was Elizabeth. ″Oh shit″, I cursed under my breath as she staggered into the kitchen.

Making sure she wasn’t in sight,I quickly walked down the stairs as quietly as possible, making sure not to step on one stair in particular that I know creaks.

Running into the living room, where I seen Grayson sitting down on the couch, listening to music with his earphones. I walked over to him pulling the earphones from his ears, making him look at me quizzically.

I sighed. ″You need to leave, like right now″ I rushed,running my hands over my face. I mentally thanked God, Gabriela wasn’t here.

He stood up furrowing his brows together,″But-″, I cut him off by putting my finger to his lips and shushing him.

I opened the living room door, peeking my head through, not seeing her in sight I walked back over to Grayson pushing him out of the door and opened the front door, also pushing him out of that door.

It was raining outside, the sky now a darker shade of grey. The rain coming down hard, making splashing noises when it hit the cement ground. The trees that were once glistening green now dark. I looked at him apologetically, ″I’m sorry, you need to go″ I rushed quickly, when I heard footsteps getting closer. I panicked and slammed the door shut on his face.

That was the main reason why I never brought friends over, because we were never sure when Elizabeth would come and go. Slowly turning around I was faced with Elizabeth, reeking of alcohol. Her hair all over the place and matted down, her skimpy clothes on way too tight. I don’t know how I ever loved this woman.

There was a time when I would jump in front of a bullet for her, there was a time when she would jump in front of a bullet for all of us.

But now, she would be the one pulling the trigger.

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