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Romance / Drama


Best friends can face anything. Scarlett thought that too. So when Cody was sent to prison for two years, she was expecting her best friend to come back out the same. But she was wrong. Time had changed her, she didn't have frizzy hair or bracers anymore. And her best friend Cody noticed. He had left a girl when he went into prison but when he came out, his best friend was a woman, one that all men wanted a piece of.

Chapter 1

My first memory of him was when I was five. We were sitting in the garage on a dirty blanket. He had grease on his face and we were going through our dads tool boxes while they worked on their bikes.

This is my first memory of Cody

His dad was President and mine was Vice President; and that’s how we grew up, together.

Best friends.

We went to the same school, he fitted in with the popular crowd while I had bracers and fizzy hair, so I didn’t really fit in anywhere. Still Cody took me under his wing and not one person ever teased me, while he was around that was.

As his dad said, Cody was born on the back of a bike. But Rick also says that’s because Cody was made on a bike. Which really doesn’t surprise me, our parents were always up to no good. So at fresh sixteen as soon as he could, he dropped out of school and became a prospect for Satan’s Sons MC Melbourne charter. One of the biggest Charters in Australia.

At eighteen he was patched in and just like we all expected, Cody took to the lifestyle easily. Still it never impacted our friendship.

My mum died when I was young, so I don’t really remember her or what she was like. Dad brought me up and that means he brought me up on the brothers code and into the brothers hood. I was treated like a daughter from all the bikers.

And Cody was like my brother.

Cody became notorious for his charm with the ladies and his quick aim of the gun, not to mention the burnouts on his bike. I swear he went through a new back tyre every week.

Anyway, things were all going smoothly. Cody was deep into the club, and I was his wing man getting him the ladies and as far as we knew life was good. Until late on Sunday night when Cody got pulled over back from a bike run. He was heading home, instead of the clubhouse. Where he was going doesn’t matter, what mattered was the fact he was carrying weed, and a lot of it.

He ended up getting two years in the Bryon Prison. And just like his father and mine and any other biker for that matter, he wouldn’t let anyone visit him. So I wrote to him, every day. Kept him up to date with everything that was going on and he always wrote back. Though normally all his letters would arrive at once and his writing was scribble but still he wrote back.

He never really wrote much and never mentioned anything about prison.

Still I didn’t care, I was still talking to him and for the first time in our life at the age of twenty we were separated.

That is until today.

I cracked open my cars door and climbed out. Closing the door behind me and leaning back against my old beat car.

When Cody went inside I was still a teenager and now at twenty two things were different. I didn’t have bracers and I sure as fuck didn’t have fizzy hair. I had graduated from university and now was working as a nurse at the local hospital.

It was the one thing Dad approved of because it got me out of their main stream lifestyle. He was sure I was going to end up on the back of one his mens bike.

That never happened.

I watched the wire gates open and spotted him right away. He was muscular, not his normal thin build. His blonde hair was cut short and you could tell he hadn’t shaved in a few days. But it was haunting grey eyes that had me in knots and they were staring directly at me.

He was only a foot away from me now and I knew it was me who was going to have to break the silence.


His eyes ran down me and back up, locking with mine. “You sure as fuck have changed over the years.”

“Well if you let me visit it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise.” I arched both eyebrows at him and then without warning him, I launched at him. Wrapping my arms around his neck. “God I’ve missed you.” I whispered into his neck.

He smelt manly and I could pick up his deodorant. He smelt just like I remembered, he smelt like Cody. It was intoxicating.

He was stiff at first and then I remembered that this must be the first time anyone has touched him in two years. Slowly he melted and put his hands on my hips.

“I’ve missed you too Scarlett.” He spoke into my hair and then planted a soft kiss on my forehead.

I pulled away from him, so I could look him in the eye. “You ready to get out of here?”

He cracked a smirk. “Hell yeah. I can’t believe you are still driving that beat up old car.” He looked at me with disapproval.

“Not all of us are dirty rich you know.” I rolled my eyes at him and let go.

And it was true, he was rich. His grandfather invested in shares and was a highly respectable business man who made his wealth out of nothing. Anyway when he died, he left everything to Cody. Cody was only fourteen when it happened.

Not that he needed money, his parents were just as well off. Like Rick, Cody’s father always says, some are born with it, some win it, others work for it and then there are the lucky bastards that just fucking get it for nothing.

They were the lucky bastards.

“Now no picking on my driving or I’ll kick you out.” I pointed a finger at him as he walked around the small car and shook his head, raising his hands up.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

I slipped into the driving seat and turned the car key. “You ready for one hell of a party I think your father has nearly every charter in Victoria here.”

“Fuck I knew he would make a big deal out of it. All I want is a good meal and sleep on a bed which has more than a fucking thin mattress.”

“Well the party doesn’t start till you get there so if you want I can cook you something before we head over?”

“You would do that?” He stared at me with wonder and I frowned.

“Of course I would, you’re my best friend.” I shook my head at him and then took off. There was a time he would have expected me to do that.


“This is fucking delicious.” Cody muttered in between bites.

“Its marinated chicken, veggies and chips Cody it isn’t that great.” I couldn’t hold back my laughter. My cooking wasn’t exactly the best, or to be classed as ‘fucking delicious’.

“You should have seen the shit I ate in prison trust me this is good. I forgot how much of a good cook you are.” He looked up at me and again he was looking at me as if he was seeing me for the first time.

I frowned at him. That weird look again was on his face. God, he was acting like he didn’t know me. It had been two years not two centuries. Though those two years, felt a hell of a lot longer.

“Well I’ll get changed and then we should head out.” I paused in the door way and turned back around. “I nearly forgot.” I picked up his leather vest off the couch which had his patches on it. My fingers ran over the 1% logo. I walked back in the kitchen. “They gave me this to give to you. I can’t imagine what would happen if you didn’t rock up in colours.”

He took it off me and gave me that weird look again. “Thanks Dragonfly.”

What was with that look?!

Dragonfly was my nick name given to me from him. When I was younger I had discovered one in the garden and I was in love with it and spent a good half an hour trying to catch it. Ever since Cody has called me dragonfly.

“You’re welcome, now I’m getting changed make yourself at home.”

Cody was surprised that I had moved out of my dad’s place. But seeing as I was working and had really grown out of just having a bedroom, it was time.

I left my door ajar and wiggled out of my jeans and then ripped my tank top off and walked into walk in robe.

“Hey Dragonfly?”

Cody’s voice was close, as if he was at the door.

“You can come in, I’m in the wardrobe.” I sung over my shoulder while running my hands over my dresses. I needed something that fitted well and was cool enough for the hot evening air.

I heard the door open up.

“Nice room.”

“Thanks. Now what were you saying?” I pulled a black dress off the hanger and slipped it on.

“You never mentioned in any of your letters if you were dating anyone?”

I scoffed. “No I didn’t.” I stepped into the bedroom and again I watched Cody’s face change. That weird look again. His grey eyes staring through me. “Um zip me up please.” I walked towards him and turned around.

Pulling my hair forward and off my back.

“So are you?” He slowly did the zip up.

“No why you ask?”

“Beers in the fridge, the leather jacket on the couch and the fact you have a packet of smokes on the coffee table.”

God he really did have a good look around.

“You dating one of my brothers Dragonfly?” His voice had an edge to it. As if he just sliced off something nasty.

By brothers he was talking about fellow bikers in the charter.

“The beer is in the fridge because I like it and so does dad when he comes around. The leather jacket is dads old one, he left it here. And well the smokes are mine. Kind of took up that nasty habit after being around it for so long.”

“So no man?”

I turned around, staring up at the greek biker god. “No. Men only want one thing and once they get it they move on. Come on Cody, I’ve seen you do it enough times to know what happens.”

He stared down at me and then slowly he reached out and brushed my black hair behind my ear. “Yeah I guess you do know what happens. But you being a nurse now opens more doors. Bet you have doctors always asking.”

I cracked a smirk at him and then pushed him on the shoulder. “This is me we are talking about. I have always been the dateless one. You know me I wouldn’t know if they liked me or not. Now will you stop asking silly questions and put your vest on. It’s time we get to your party.”

“Yeah the party.” He grumbled.

“Oh come on,” I collected my clutch off the table. “You get to drink as much as you want and have girls with legs that open easily. You will be back in your element.”

“There is only one pair of legs I want and they sure as fuck won’t becoming over easy.”

I stared at him again and then shook my head. I had no idea what he was on about. He could get any woman he wanted- and I knew there was a shit load of women, waiting for his release.

“Come on lets go.” I threw him the car keys. “You drive- that is if you still remember how.” I smirked and walked out the front door.


The party was packed and in full swing by eleven. Every biker had a drink and a woman at their side. There was swearing, joking and hell of a lot of laughter. Like expected it was a party not to be missed.

I glanced over my shoulder at Cody and to my surprise he was staring directly at me. Why did that intimidate me. Once we got here everyone wanted to talk to him so I kind of let him be but it looked like his drink was drying up and we couldn’t have that.

I was weaving my way through the corner when I made it to one of the pillars when I overheard him speaking to Chuck.

“So what happened with Scarlett?” Cody’s voice had a lot of wonder in it and if I could pick it amazement. “I mean she’s always been pretty but this...”

“You mean how incredibly hot she is now? Don’t worry brother you aren’t the first to notice. One day she just walked into the club, wearing clothes that showed her assets and hair you just want to grab and not to mention those red lips.” Chuck sighed. “Yeah man, a lot of guys have been where you are now. Must be weird seeing her after so long yeah? You two were so close.”

“We still are close.” He muttered. “So not one of the brothers have claimed her yet?”

Chuck laughed. “And you said you were close with her! Fuck man do you know Scarlett at all? No biker would go dare go near her.”

“Because of her father?”

“No because of her right hook.”

“I taught her that.” His lips twitched into a smile and I took this moment as my moment to appear.

“Hey guys.” I smiled between the both of them.



“Here I got you another one.” I handed the beer over to Cody and took his empty.

“Trying to get me drunk?” He smirked at me.

“No just thinking a guy who hasn’t drank in two years would be mighty thirsty.” I cocked my head to the side. “Enjoy the party.”

I turned to go but his fingers wrapped around my upper arm stopping me.

“Where you going?” His grey eyes stared through me not giving me any hint of emotion.

What was he thinking?

“Um I’m going to the garage to say good bye to dad and then I’m heading home. Early start tomorrow.” My eyes glanced at his fingers. It was as if his touch was heating my whole body. The blood rushing through my veins, my knees suddenly feeling week- I was a nurse and if I was hooked up to machine right now, I would bet my figures would be jumping all over the chart. Why hadn’t I ever felt this before?

I blinked a couple of times up at him and then finally his lips parted.

“I’ll come with you I still haven’t seen Priest.” He let go of my arm and instead took my hand.

It wasn’t like I let men touch me and it wasn’t like I was used to it. So as Cody held my hand and weaved us through the crowd it was hard not to think too much into it.

Again I kept reminding myself, this wasn’t a big deal. Cody used to touch me all the time- right? Nothing had changed? I glanced out our locked hands; why did it feel like something had changed? Then again, it has been two years- two long years, in which a lot had happened; all of which Cody knew nothing about.

We broke out into the fresh hot evening air and my heels clicked away as I followed him.

“So why isn’t he at the party?” Cody glanced over his shoulder at me, breaking what I felt like was an uncomfortable silence.

“Because dad is more interested on working on the bikes then drinking. You know him. Well I mean you used to know him.” I bit my lip. “I um mean you know what his like.”

Awkward. So incredibly awkward.

He nodded his head dismissing me, and my ability to stumble out a sentence; and once again I was left to wonder what he was thinking.

He pushed open the garage door and you just knew dad was in here. The radio was humming away there was the smell of smoke and grease. Then there he was kneeling next to a bike which wasn’t his with a spanner.

“Hey dad.”

He turned around.

“Darling and...” A big grin spread across his face and he stood up wiping his hands on his pants. “Well fuck me if it isn’t the man of the night.”

He captured Cody in a manly hug and Cody let go of my hand.

“Priest it’s been awhile.”

“Fuck that son it’s been years.” Dad slapped him on the back and let go. “See you two are already back together.”

I stared down at my feet.

“Yeah well you know me can’t stay away from her.” Cody’s voice had an edge to it, causing me to look up at him, “So what you working on?” Cody’s eyes were on Dad, and not mine, I was thankful for that and quick to look away from him, because I didn’t want him seeing the confusion that I felt when he spoke.

Dad was picking up his smoke from the ashtray. “Working on your old man’s bike.”

“What’s he done to it now?”

“Took a corner too fast and came off. He’s alright, but I guess you figured as much when you saw him earlier. His been looking forward to this day for months.”

“Yeah well I think I might have let him down. Not really in the party mood.”

“Didn’t know you had anyway other mood.” Dad looked at him with a straight face. “Don’t worry about it son, it happens to all of us when we first get out. The freedom is overwhelming. But you will be back to your old self before you know it.”

Maybe that’s what it. Cody is acting weird cause he just simple isn’t used to seeing me?

“Yeah dad said the same thing.” A grim faded smile appeared on Cody’s lips. Never in a life time of knowing Cody had I seen him look so…disconnected? Was that the word for it. Silence followed and I wasn’t sure if I should enter their conversation or just let them remain in this silent understanding conversation.

“So what has you two down here anyway?” Dad asked, butting his cigarette out and lighting up the conversation again- this time his eyes were on me for an answer.

“I just wanted to say good bye. I have an early start tomorrow.” I stepped forward and put my arms out for dad.

“Alright drive home safely sweetie.” He kissed my cheek, hugging me back for a moment and then let go.

“Always do.”

To my surprise Cody followed me out. Saying good bye to dad before closing the door. I walked aimlessly next to him. There was something about him that was different and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

When we walked past the clubhouse doors it occurred to me he was walking me to my car.

“You know you don’t have to walk me to my car. You can go back to your party.” I fiddled with my car keys, while talking two steps to his one- these heels weren’t helping my ability to keep up with him either.

He shrugged his shoulders “Want to, you don’t know who is hanging around out here and with you looking the way you do.”

I frowned. “What does that mean?” I heard him refer to my appearance earlier with Chuck. Why would how I look have him treating me any different?

He shook his head. “Nothing.” And that one worded answer lit a fire inside me, one that I was quick to put out as soon as we walked through the gates and now at my parked car. Because I wasn’t having an argument with him. When it came down to it, I wasn’t even sure what the argument would be about- he was just acting weird and I’d have to put that down to him just getting out of prison.

“So are you heading home tonight or crashing at the clubhouse?” I asked. Really wondering if he was thinking about his place. It had been empty for so long now. I collected the mail and paid the bills while he was inside. Even though he would always insist he would pay me back when he was out.

We stopped at the car and I looked up at him. He looked so much like my old Cody but at the same time so different. Like he was harder, if that was possible. Maybe that was it. Maybe prison had hardened him up.

“Don’t know.”

I opened my clutch and pulled out his house keys. “Well I changed the sheets and cleaned so if you do decide to go home. It’s all ready for you.” I handed him the keys.

He took them out of shock and just stared at me. Again with that look.

“Don’t know what I did to deserve you Dragonfly.” He looked at me and then the keys. “Thanks.”

“It was nothing.”

“No one else would of thought of that.”

“Well I did so no one else had too.” I smiled at him and felt something bubbling up inside my stomach that was causing me to be all nervous. “Night Cody.”

I went to unlock my car door when his hand covered mine.

“Do you have to go home?” There was a pleading in his voice. I had never heard that in his voice before. Cody was always the stronger one of friendship.

I lip went between my teeth, as I thought about it.

“Please don’t do that.” He reached out and tucked my lip free; with a pained expression on his face.

I sighed. “I have to go sleep. I start at six which is like in five hours and I’m working a double.”

“Well if you have to go sleep, come sleep at my place? I’ll come with you.”

I stared at him blankly. “Um....”

“Come on Dragonfly I promise I won’t hurt you.” He cracked a smirk. “I’m not ready to say good bye to you.”

“It’s only for a day or so. As soon as I can be with you I will be.”

“Come stay at my place. Please.”

I found myself finally voicing what I had been wondering all night. “Cody are you ok?”

His hand was still on mine. He ran his free hand through his hair and sighed. His eyes wouldn’t meet mine and his body wasn’t giving anything away. Just like normal he was being hard to read.

After more silence I sighed and let go of the door handle and his hand dropped off mine.

“Ok I’ll stay at your house. But you better be coming with me. That means ditching the party.” I pointed a finger at him. “And we are going to my house first to grab my uniform.”

A smile spread across his face. “You for real?”

“Yes.” I unlocked the car. “Now get in before I change my mind.”

“You won’t regret this Dragonfly.” He walked around the car.

“You’re just excited because you’re half drunk.”

“Nah dragonfly I’m nowhere near it. Trust me just knowing you’re spending the night at mine has me smiling.”

I felt a weird emotion bubble up inside me, hearing that.

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