Taking Nothing For Granted

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what is life without a fallout and love, and a couple of friends that are all different in their own way. fallow them in this journey of life. Maria Calvary: Smart, grunge and sarcastic then anyone out there. Nick Jensen: Athletic, Nice and the only person that can tame Maria. Michaela Luna: pretty, Smart and flexible. Josh Mavis: Nerd, Cute And Smart and taken. They might be different but they all some how belong together.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Maria P.O.V

I woke to my phone ringing i picked it up to see who it is it was Nick, so the nice person i am i ignored it and went back to sleep. Until i heard my door suddenly open, but i could careless my sleeping is more important.

“Go away am hibernating” I Muffed to whoever it was at door.

“And If you’re going to robbe the house my phone is on the ground my computer is on the desk next to you” I said, as I slowly start to go back to sleep when suddenly someone pushes me off the bed as it lands on the floor next to my bed.

As i was getting up rubbing my eyes to see who it is of course of all people it has to be my annoying best friend Nick Jensen you could say he’s a bad boy of the school but in all honesty he’s the good bad boy if that makes any sense? “Hey slacker let me go to sleep” I told Nick i get up from the ground.

“Maria it’s the first day of school” Nick Said.

“I could care less” I told Nick.

“But you love school” seriously!? I looks at him as i scrunch my brows and roll my eyes.

“What you love school you’re like the smartest girl in our school” Nick told me as he moves his gaze to my awards.

“Look Nick just because i’m smart doesn’t mean i like school” i told him as i fixed my hair noticing how messy it was in the mirror.

“Or maybe you’re just excited to go back to school because the school coach might put you the new quarterback ” I told Nick as i walked to my closet.

“Or maybe you’re just excited because katy is going to be there ” i cooed at him with a grin on my face Katy is his girlfriend they started dating during summer.

“Okay now get out unless you want me to go school naked” As Nick walks out of my room, Hearing is foot step going doing down stairs.

“I’ll be in the kitchen ” I hear him yell.

I puts on a dark grey cami dress with a dark maroon purple flannel around my waist and some black gel shoes then i strengthen my hair buy the mess i call me hair is all puffy that’s what i get for putting it up in a bun 101 curly hair problems after i’m finished i head downstairs where i see Nick sitting on the stole eating french toast..

“Your hair looks better curly” Nick tells me as my Mother (Sophia Calvary) gives Nick French toast.

“Mom after work let’s go shopping” i blurt out randomly i love my mom but going shopping with that women, she’ll look in one store for hours then not come out with nothing and she knows i hate going with her, unless its grocery shopping which means free food.

“Since when did you want to go shopping with me” my Mom says sarcastically damnit she got me.

“Maria you hate shopping with me, why don’t you ask Michaela” My Mom says.

“Anyways get to school safely and no drugs” She adds on as she kisses my cheek and hurried to get her stuff as she rush out the door.

“Okay have a good day doing lawyer business see you home soon” I shout at her as i turn around to see Nick with his mouth full of toast ,I looks at him as i scrunches my nose at him when my phone gets my attention to see that school starts in a few minutes.

“Hey we’re going to be late” I tells him as we rush out the house.


We finally make it school as i look up at the devil’s cage ” Nick I don’t want to be here” I whine.

“You’re going to do fine, now let’s go find Michaela and Josh” he tells me as we start to walk in Josh and Michaela are our best friend we met in preschool since then the four us were espeartble but that’s not it all of our parents are friends they were all raised in this town.

“Great the love birds are here i mean who knew ” I tell Nick sarcastically as they walk towards us hand in hand, Michaela was wearing a Pastel pink skater skirt with a which crop top and a beige carnegie and with white vans, and her blond hair is down was down and curled.

As for Josh her was wearing a flannel with a vest on top of it with jeans and white vans with his dark brown some what messy and with his glasses,

As for NIck was just wearing a plain white shirt with jeans and hair also some what messy as well his look is very simple.

“Maria you’re my best friend i love you but those have to GO” Michaela tells me in a clich popular girl tone

“Michaela” I tells her and Nick and Josh raise their eyebrows in confused

“Michaela what are doing” Nick tells her “I’m joking i’m popular but not mean and by the way i love your shoes i swear only you can make those work” Michaela tells me as i raise my eyebrows.

“What are you on you period ” I tells her bluntly.

“I just wanted to see what you will do and no” Michaela tells me.

“I would’ve punched you face” I tell Michaela as we start making our way inside the halls.

“Hey Nick” Someone yells from behind of us i turn around to see who it is Jared we meet freshman year he’s tall and blue eyes, light brown hair and i can see we worked all summer knowing that he got bulker not to mention he’s also in the JV football team.

“Hey Maria, Michaela josh” jared greats us with a nod.

“Hey Man” Nick says as all the three boys at a time do the man handshake.

“Hey jared did you work out over the summer” i tells him as as i start poking his arm as he tries to swat my hand away, the bell cuts us off which meant our first period AP chemistry.

Nick and i take a seat in the front of the class as Josh and Michaela take the two seats behind us “Okay class this might be the first day of school, but since this an a AP class can someone come to the board and answer and solve the formula” Miss.Hogan says as she looks for someone and ends up picking me out of all people

“Great” I whispers to Nick sacastly as he chuckles.

I walks to the board and answers equation let’s just say it only took me like at least 4 minutes Miss.Hogan looks at me with a confused face and then read she looks over my answers and looks surprised “Good job” she tells me.

Don’t judge a books by a cover is what they say.


I get called into the principal office near the end of Fifth Period, i sit in the office and wait until they she ready to speak to me.

“Maria shes ready for you sweetie just go in” The Office lady tells me sweetly.

I get up from my seat and head into her office and take a seat in front her.

“Hello Ms. Stiles” i say.

“Maria you’re one of our best and smartest students here, and i know this may seem like a lot and i know it’s just the beginning of the year and all but there a passion that i need you for ” She tells me straight forward but by her voice she sounds desperate.

i just nod slowly feeling nerves of what she wants me to do.

“I need one last person for tutoring” She says.

“And you need me to tutorer , but it’s the beginning of the year”

“Yes i get that it is the beginning of year, but i need you for next semester and there just one spot open” She tells.

I hesitated and i can’t do all this i have a club or to be in a club and then half my classes are AP and time to spend with my boyfriend.

And what i said next will be the death of me and everytime i get nervous or in a when i feel under pressure i cry call me a cry baby all you want but it’s just what’s part of me.

“I’ll do it” I said with a tight smile as she gives me nod and i get up feeling my eyes begin to water o can never say no unless its my friends, i quickly wipe my eyes and head in the cafeteria where Josh and Michaela, Nick.

I quickly make it to the table and sit down and wiped my cheeks.

“Hey are you okay” Michaela tells me looking at with concern i quickly put a smile on my face.

“Im fine” I tell her with a small smile.

“No your not your crying” Michaela tells me as i turn to see Katy sitting next to Nick.

“Hey Katy” i say trying to lighten up the mood as she waves her hand to me suddenly the bell suddenly rings.

As my friends all look at me with concerns they leave as i just stay still in my seat as Nick takes his seat next to me.

As he puts his arm around my shoulder.

“I known you since we were in diapers. I’m not buying that ‘i’m fine’ bs” Nick tells me as i let out a breath.

“Im torturing next semester”I tell him

“How am i going to do all this it just too much”I add on

“You’ll pull through you always do” He tells me as we both get up from our seats and start walking to next period.

“I just hope i can survive the the next two years in hell” I say sarcastically as he nudges me.

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