The Gardener's Daughter

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Chapter 15

David was burning up again. He was lying on the sand, prostrate and helpless. He couldn’t move even though he tried his best to make his legs work and bear his weight. It was as if he’d been pinned down against his will. The searing heat was taking every ounce of his strength and he knew that if he didn’t make more effort to escape he would perish here on the beach.

He could hear the waters of rushing up the sand in the distance. The sound of them receding was soothing and he just wanted to give in to it and relax and let go…

He made the effort to roll over and was almost blinded by the glare of the sun on the water. There was no shade that he could see, the palm trees were off in the distance and he had no hope of reaching them.

The coarse sand scourged his skin as he dragged himself a little way before collapsing again on the scorching stretch of sand. Every muscle in his body seemed to ache with the effort this took and his breath came in pants as he tried to rest and gain a few more ounces of strength to make another attempt at escape.

Flies were buzzing around him now and he did not even have the strength to waft them away from his mouth and eyes. He heard the raucous caws of birds in the distant trees. Black shapes among the shady green branches just waiting and he knew instinctively what they were waiting for.

Water, all he needed was some water. Cool fresh water. He wanted to submerge his scorched body in it. He wanted to drink it down and cool his parched throat and just put a stop to this pain.

Suddenly he felt a shadow fall over him, it immediately cooled him. He struggled to open his eyes once more and saw an angel towering above him. Pale and calm, a halo of white hair illuminating her face and concern in her serene blue eyes. She was refreshing his lips with water and he felt a cooling hand on his brow.

Then everything went black.

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