The Gardener's Daughter

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Chapter 50

Chapter 50

The next morning, David had a visitor. It was a worker from the glassworks, one of the craftsmen who had been turning Violet’s designs into reality. He was pleased to see him. He soon changed his mind as he heard with a sinking feeling, what he had to say. He sent the man on his way, then saddled up his horse and rode into the village.

Mr Dickinson was waiting for him, pale and drawn. He led him into the back room to show him the devastation that had been wrought. He was shocked to see the ferocity with which the delicate yet strong objects had been sabotaged. They lay twisted and mutilated, shards of jewel-bright stained glass still all over the floor, drops of blood still evident there too.

“Where’s Violet? Has she seen…?”

The factory owner nodded sadly.

“She is back at home, she was too upset to come out today.”

“Do you know who did this?” he asked

“I have my suspicions, I went to see him last night, but he denied everything. His wife said that he’d arrived home at the usual time and been with the family all night.”

“You have a worker with a grudge?” asked David

“No! It‘s someone who seems to disagree with women getting involved in what he believes to be men’s domain.”

David looked visibly shocked.

“Trouble is, we can’t prove anything.”

“Yet!” replied David

The two men looked at each other.

“I cannot replace these right now.” Mr Dickinson told him “I would need more money for raw materials. These took a lot of man hours to manufacture.”

David gave the matter some thought.

“I can only wait until after the festive season, then see what I can do in the New Year. I need to find some backers.”

“Of course, I will not charge you for the time, as it was one of my workers that did this.”

“You are very fair.” David exhaled slowly “I think I’d better go and speak to Violet.”

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