The Gardener's Daughter

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Chapter 53

George was sitting up in his room, looking out of the window at the gardeners working on the fountain beyond the lawns below him. He yawned with boredom as he waited for dinner time. There was a tap at his door and Lottie peeked round it as he called

“Come in”

“Excuse me Master George,” she said nervously

He looked impatiently at her, waiting for her to continue.

“What is it?” he replied shortly

“I understand you have a note you wish me to deliver?”

“Ah yes,” his toned softened slightly. “Stay there a second.”

He walked over to his nightstand and picked up a small sealed envelope.

“I want you to take this to Miss Alex” Lottie looked at him suspiciously

“And not a word to anyone” he continued with a wink.

She smiled, bowed slightly and left. She went not to Alex’s room, but to Emma’s and slipped inside quickly.

“It has happened” she told the startled girl, as she entered the room without knocking.

“What do you mean Lottie?” Emma asked

“Master David asked me to bring this to you.”

“What is it, my dear?” Emma was intrigued

“He said if Master George ever tried to contact Alex secretly, then I should bring the message straight to you.”

Emma smiled, “Thank-you Lottie, you are a good friend to your mistress”

Lottie was confused, but had a deep distrust of George after all she’d been hearing about him recently, via the kitchen maids from his own home. She wanted to protect Alex at all odds.

She handed the envelope over to her and left via the back stairs. Emma opened it carefully, trying not to tear the envelope, and read the note inside. She carefully put it back inside its envelope and pressed it closed. Quietly leaving her room she checked the corridor before walking to the far end and putting the note under a door. She nodded to herself and left to find David.

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