The Gardener's Daughter

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Violet and David built up their business, which captured the world’s attention at the Great Exhibition. They were kept busy with the many orders they secured and Mr Dickinson had to build another glassworks to keep up with demand. They set up offices at The Grange and Sophia and Louisa got involved in the exporting and advertising side of the business. Alex married Grayson soon after and moved out into the neighbouring estate.

The happy couple did find time the following year to get married and Lord and Lady Dearing attended the service, he in a wheelchair due to a stroke. He lived on at The Grange where Violet and David made their home and came to love his caring daughter-in-law.

Daisy and Lucy were delighted flower girls for the occasion and Lottie was Maid of Honour.

Violet got her dearest wish to accompany her new husband on a precarious and rewarding voyage to Barbados, where they spent many happy weeks on honeymoon searching out new species of tropical plants and flowers to bring back to The Grange’s gardens. Their pride and joy was the Bird of Paradise plant which survived the homeward journey due to the solid Wardian case it was kept in for the duration.

It still has pride of place at The Grange.

They didn’t see any pirates and strangely Violet was only afflicted by sea-sickness on the return journey. This turned out to be another kind of sickness and their first son, Nathaniel was born at The Grange, and was spoiled by Lottie who became housekeeper on Mrs Salt’s retirement.

George and Caroline did visit occasionally, although George spent most of his time on his boats, becoming one the country’s most accomplished sailors. They did not have children but Caroline kept many, many dogs eventually becoming instrumental in organising the first Birmingham Dog show.

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