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Illegal gambling, gun running, human trafficking, prostitution, drug running, drug trafficking, robbery, arson, bribery, money laundering, fraud. This is what I got into and can't get out of. The Solntsevskaya Bratva (Russian: Солнцевская братва), also known as the Solntsevskaya Brotherhood or Solntsevskaya gang is the biggest and most powerful crime syndicate of the Russian mafia.

Romance / Drama
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Russian Mafia notorious for bombing, murder, brutal violence, ruthless torture, human trafficking, sex trafficking, forced prostitution, drug trafficking, counterfeiting, prostitution, fraud, protection racketeering, pornography, extortion, murder, fencing, bribery, arson, bombing, terrorism, contract killing, wildlife smuggling, and smuggling. The Russian Mafia is regarded to be one of the most dangerous, powerful, and lethal crime syndicate.

You could say I was scared shitless. I was 100% that I would die that night in Alexei’s arms, except it was the opposite. He would give me something that I would cherish forever.

Welcome to B R A T V A.

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