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14. Longing

Suddenly, a hand clamped over my mouth, stifling my piercing scream. Panicked, I dragged my nails along my invader’s arm and he cursed under his breath, loosening his hold. Adrenaline blinded my vision and my heart threatened to burst out of my chest at the sense of danger. Lips grazed the shell of my ear and at the sound of his gruff voice, my blood cooled down, returning my body to its relaxed state.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, calm down,” Bruce murmured, pressing his body against mine.

Violently, I pushed him away. It was no use; he didn’t move an inch. Aiming to hit him again, both his hands locked around my wrists.

“How did you get in?”

“I picked your lock,” Was his short, simple reply. He kissed my forehead, my nose, my cheeks then my lips, stealing my breath. Almost trapped in his charm, I snapped out of my daze and pulled back. He hid his confusion. “You wouldn’t open the door if I was civil and knocked,”

“Why were you with Gladys that day?”

Perplexed by my question, his brows knitted together as he recalled the day. “She asked for fitness tips. It’s a part of my job,”

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms. “Is it only your job?”

“No, but she asked me. What the fuck is going on? I apologised to you,”

“I know,” Both brows shot up to his hairline at my answer.

“So you did get my messages,” He murmured to himself.

“What are we doing, Bruce?” I asked helplessly, flinging my arms for emphasis. “I can’t do this. I’m tired of this,”

Gritting his teeth, his silver eyes resembled white crystals under the moonlight. Scratching sprinkles of hairs on his cheek, he jerked his chin.

“What do you mean?”

“I knew what I was getting into being with you. I mean, you’re Bruce fucking Atlas and I’m-” Tears brimmed the corners of my eyes and I tugged my blonde strands, resisting the urge to rip them from my scalp. My voice wobbled, betraying my somewhat cool composure. “I know it’s too good to be true. Everything is,”

I squeezed my watery eyes, a few tears escaping my closed lids. All my worst fears, my most venomous thoughts, crashed heavily on my shoulders. I stumbled but hands on my hips steadied me upright, Bruce’s hands. My body responded to him, coaxing me to believe everything was right, that it felt right. It was hard to listen when the devil spewed the obvious.


“I want you to leave,” He recoiled at my deadly tone. “I’m sure we’re not the only girls you’re seeing,”

“Is that what you think of me?” His was pointless; he knew my answer. Tugging a hand through his hair, he paced through the length of my room. His back was rigid, his jaw tense along with his wild eyes darting around greedily.

“Don’t punch anything, my ma's asleep,” Apprehensively, I glanced at the bedroom door.

“Why do you think so lowly of me? If anything, I should be worried about you,”

“What?” I breathed, puzzled.

“I see you around with Tony but I don’t accuse you of seeing other guys, even if it kills me to see you near him.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Rolling my eyes, I sauntered to my chest of drawers.

“You were eager to give in yet you never thought I’d fuck around then? You spread your legs so fast, I’m sure it’s second nature with other men,”

My arm jerked reflexively, causing my hand to land on his cheek with an ear-shattering slap. The sound was so potent, it forced me into a state of shock. Bruce didn’t flinch at my assault. Instead, he angled his head in my direction slowly, his burning molten greys forewarning the storm to come. Suddenly, he grabbed my arms, hoisting me to the wall and a surprised squeal fled my lips. Wrapping one arm around my bottom, his other hand held the nape of my neck. I slapped his chest, clawed his skin and flailed my legs to create more space between us but he was too strong. Resting his hips between my legs, he lifted me higher and unbuckled his belt, his dangerous lips coasting down my jaw, coaxing my senses to give in.

“McKenna?” John’s voice seeped through the closed door and we froze. We were so quiet, our thunderous heartbeats could be heard.

Bruce’s eyes bored into mine, holding his index finger to his firmly closed lips. I understood his message.

I’m not here.


“I heard something, you alright? You screamed,”

This was awkward, very awkward. Suspended mid-air, I was naked underneath my towel with his hard, lean body flushed against mine. My lower abdomen clenched deliciously when his long, hard shaft ground my inner thigh. He resumed kissing my neck. There was no intention to make things easier.

“It was nothing… I… I saw a spider,”

Surprisingly, my towel didn’t fall but Bruce tugged it slightly. Lowering his head, he sucked my nipple and I sighed in content.

“Do you need help?”

“No, I’ve… got it,”

His footsteps disappeared down the corridor, allowing me to refocus all my attention on him. Sinking onto his shaft, I gasped, and he puffed out a low, steadying breath. We stayed like that for a while, him buried inside me. My mind went completely blank. I was motionless, savouring every feeling with our contact. He breathed into my ear, pulling back an inch then ramming into me. He covered my mouth before I could scream.

“We’ve got to take it slow,” He rasped. “No interruptions,”

“Yes...” I mewled, shifting in his arms, adjusting to the slow movements of his hips. It was torturous yet so sweet to endure. I bounced higher on the wall when our hips connected and I clung to his neck for support, sinking my teeth into his flesh. Our lips clashed frantically, desperately, and warmth swelled in my chest. Fighting him was pointless. The carnal need to mate with him, my fit male, clenching my core. His whole body was my support, if I let go, I’d keel over. He sniffed my skin, taking in the soapy aroma of coconuts which drove him to insanity, driving his hips forth roughly. I ground against him, working my hips on his cock, eager to reach ultimate bliss.

“This body is mine,” He grunted, tightening his arms possessively. “No one else’s,”

This was a possessive fuck. Seeing Tony with me bothered him so much, there was this urge to claim me. There was no need. I was trapped in his spell the moment I first laid eyes on him. He made everything feel so… good.

Pressure built in my core, squeezing his cock so tightly he moaned. My breathing quickened as I ground faster, harder.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!”

His hips jerked violently, his mouth falling slack as his eyes shone blissfully. I collapsed, resisting the urge to scream as my climax tore my body apart. With two last thrusts, he paused, his seed filling me just as he rolled his eyes to the back of his head. Digging my nails into his back, I clung to him, afraid reality would rob me of my happiness as I floated in the clouds, higher than any bird could ever imagine. Fatigue flooded my system and I leaned into him, forcing all my weight on him but he didn’t seem to mind. I hung between unconscious and awareness. I sensed movement around me.

The soft mattress met my back and with the pressure of his weight, I snuggled into a warm position. Gradually, I receded into the darkness clouding my vision. He kissed my cheek, my lips and my neck... his touch lulled me to sleep. My eyelids were too weak to open.

“I love-”

His words were lost in the void I'd succumbed to.

Something weighed my chest, more specifically, over my bare breasts. I thought it was a pillow but since when did they ever have hairs? Startled, I scurried away, vision blurred from my sleepy haze as I slapped whatever it was away. I stopped with a frown. It was an arm, a nice sculptured, tanned arm. I followed it to meet a well-defined back until I reached his face. Last night’s events came back to me. Bruce was here… he stayed.

Pulling my knees to my chest, I hugged my legs and he stirred, one silver eye lifting to lock on me. I swallowed nervously and he propped himself on his forearms, kissing the side of my thigh. I jolted at the tingling feeling rushing through my nerves.

“I guess you proved your point. Gotta take every chance, right?” I said bitterly, shifting away from his touch. He frowned then his eyes widened.

“I didn’t mean it like that… I was angry. It was stupid,”

I scoffed in disbelief. For the first time since coming home, I was ashamed for giving in so easily. I hated him for making me feel giddy, excited in his presence. Resting my forehead on my knees, I groaned, rocking from side to side.

“I get angry to the point where I black out. That’s not okay, what you said wasn’t okay. I’m basically a slut, right? You got your answer last night,”

He grabbed my shin, preventing me from fleeing. He lifted into a sitting position, twisting his body in my direction.

“No, you’re not and neither am I,”


“That’s what you called me but you ladies use the term ‘man-whore’, right?” When I didn’t reply, he tucked an arm under my knee and placed me on his lap. “Is it so hard to believe that I want you?"

“So... I’m your girlfriend?” I was really confused. I wanted to laugh out loud at the ridiculous thought but shrieked in glee. If someone told me a month ago I could potentially be Bruce’s girlfriend, I would’ve kicked their ass for taking me for a fool.

“You’re my woman,” He growled lowly, nipping the shell of my ear.

He groped my body and I squirmed, fighting to break free from his hold. He was all over me like a lovesick puppy and I reciprocated every action. His cell ringing burst the bubble around us and reluctantly, he answered it.

“Salice?” He greeted, sitting straighter with a slight furrow to his brows. “Okay, bye,”

“What’s wrong?”

“Jonah, he wasn’t feeling well for the past few days. He’s throwing a tantrum,”

“Poor baby,” I murmured into his shoulder, worried and he chuckled.

“Don’t let him hear you say that. He likes to think of himself as a big boy,” I bit his shoulder lightly and he took my jaw, squeezing it with enough pressure I let go. “We’ve gotta go. It’s urgent,”

Bruce stepped back to allow me to enter first. Salice marched down the corridor, panic-stricken. She was in her PJ’s, barefooted and stared at her brother as if he had all the answers. With his cool demeanour, I would've thought the same.

“Where’s he?” He asked, stretching his neck to search for him.

“In the living room, he won’t talk to me he-,” She covered her neck with a hand, her throat pulsing with a hard swallow. “The question came up,”

He froze, not saying a word and sidestepping his sister. I followed after him then Salice trailed after me. I turned to her, frowning. “What's the question?”

Her lips twitched. “His father,”

I waited by the doorframe, Jonah’s dejected face coming to view. His dark, hair tangled in all directions and like his mama, he was in his PJ's too.

“What’s up, kiddo?” Bruce grinned but Jonah responded with a scowl. He didn’t look at his uncle though, keeping his gaze downward.

“I want my daddy,”

He went straight to the point, no resistance, and no backlash. Salice gasped loudly, her eyes glassy with tears as a sob wracked through her body. I took her in my arms and willingly, her head rested on my shoulder. Bruce glanced over his shoulder, his nostrils flaring with a deep breath. I rubbed her back in circles as I kept eyes on Jonah.

“What about your mama? She loves you very much,”

“Tim said my daddy is in jail,”

Tim needed to keep his trap shut. Annoyed, I focused my attention on Salice, rubbing her arms reassuringly with my smile brightening the dark cloud surrounding her. It was ironic how things were twisted. It was my turn to put some light in her life, knowing she was never truly at peace.

Gossip was a virus that couldn’t be contained. I was sure most of the town knew how Jonah was conceived.

“This was inevitable,” She hiccuped, cleaning her eyes. “I wished it was later rather than sooner,”

“Your daddy is a bad man. He hurt your mama,” That revelation caused his head to snap up, his eyes moving to Salice briefly. He wasn’t lied to completely. It was only the surface of the shit that’ll catch up in the future. “It looks like she needs a hug,”

Not wasting another second, he sprinted to his mama, embracing her waist and she leaned down to kiss his head. Bruce jerked his chin and waved me in. I left the mother and son to reconcile. He walked into the kitchen, quietly closing the double doors after me.

“What if Jonah’s dad comes for him?” I asked.

“That won’t happen,” He said with conviction and I stared at him incredulously. He raised a brow when he saw my expression. “What?”

“How can you be certain of that?”

He blew out a breath, leaning his hip against the kitchen counter with his arms folded. “His release date is in two years. It gives us enough time to strategize. He comes from a rich family but I ain’t scared.”

“Who is he?” Would it be someone I already knew?

“Someone you don’t know,” He answered my unspoken question. His voice was toxic, his hard eyes scanning the kitchen before landing on me. “Are you hungry? I’ll make breakfast,”

“Sure,” I watched his retreating back, dumbfounded by his stoic attitude. I ran through my mental list of affluent families in Le Corbeau; there were a few but I didn’t know them well enough to know if they had kids in their early years of adulthood. Most of the rich were old.

Bruce knew who he was, not only for the purpose of beating him up but I suspected that once, they were friends.

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