The Call

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Kayla Henderson waited for a phone call that she never received. A year later, she vowed to never use a phone again — that was until he came along.

Romance / Drama
Nicole Kaps
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The Contact


Chapter 1

July 27th 2018, 11:37pm.

Evening’s winter rain couldn’t cool the heat inside the vehicle parked on the curve of Kayla's house. It spat with an angry cry, forcing the freezing water to sputter madly against the window that protected the two teenagers seated in silence.

The grey truck felt hot and sticky from the tension, as though the air itself held the burning inferno that surged between them. Adam had turned the gas off and waited until the cough died out from the broken engine, the headlights switching off almost immediately.

Kayla's hands trembled, but not from the cold. The blood that rushed through her body felt thinner than paper, her skin so sensitive, so fragile, that even the air filling the space between them felt heavy and painful. She couldn’t speak, let alone move, but neither did Adam, for the silence was so thick it rang in her ears. This wasn’t how she pictured her night, but then again who would?

Everything in her surroundings felt surreal, as though she was watching the scene from the comforts of her bed instead of breathing in the darkness next to him. Her thick bottom lip caught between her teeth as she avoided his searching gaze.

Kayla's caramel coloured eyes glanced up towards the misty silhouette of her double story house and watched the dancing trimmed branches of the leafless tress that swayed through the rains tempo. The street lamps flickered as the storm went on like a row of candles fighting against the tempting chilly wind, casting light to the inside vehicle.

It might’ve been perfect for such an unexpected night just like what the movies portrayed; as the scene progressed to a romantic moment, the protagonist shyly inviting her love interest inside to continue through the passion they both felt. But Kayla knew it wasn’t anything like that.

Tearing herself away from the view of her house, she found what little courage she had left and turned to her classmate seated beside her. His auburn hair sat flat against his head as if nothing out of the ordinary happened two-and-a-half hours ago... according to the green digits printed across the dashboard. His eyes were dark to make out but Kayla knew the colour represented in front of her; a shade of light cobalt pierced through her soul, burning bright through the glaze of shadows and golden light. His sun kissed skin looked pale compared to her olive coloured tone; his lips a slight shade darker than his skin. If anyone had walked by on a casual day, they would admire his handsome features and be oblivious to the changes that only those two-and-a-half hours had done to him. Just like her, he looked different. She wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

Kayla listened to his breathing rather than the monstrous noise presented in the background, because unlike nature, the intake of his breath was the most intoxicating sound she had ever listened to. Feeling as if a seed planted in her throat, she skimmed her eyes lower to take in his bare skin where muscles formed on the exterior of his arms; the dark blue t-shirt with a music note on the front made his sculptured body look fitter. The jacket he was missing sat on her lap as a blanket, protecting her from the chill, despite the humidity brewing. Feeling her cheeks rise in warmth, Kayla made a noise in the back of her throat, finally breaking the spell.

“Um,” she mumbled, twisting her fingers together as the red chipped nail polish shone through the golden lights the street lamps provided with. Her charcoal tresses shielded her view from his intense stare. “You can just call me tomorrow after the interview and let me know how it went.” She felt the click of her seatbelt underneath the heavyweight of her hand as she gripped the icy metal of the door handle, surprised how it stood out from the heat.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw his lips form into a sheepish smile, a slight chuckle escaping as he turned his head forward; the golden light capturing one side of his face, illuminating those eyes she loved. “Yeah... yeah, okay.”

The huskiness of his voice was like a drug mixed with her favourite sugary sweetness, creating a desire within the pit of her stomach. His musky cologne scent from his jacket still lay on her lap, and she wondered if it’ll wear off by the time she handed it back to him.

Kayla took hold of the collar and pressed its warmness on his lap, already missing the comfort that secured around her waist. “Before I forget,” she gently spoke before reaching over to take hold on the handle.

“Kay.” She barely had time to pull it open before a bigger and firmer hand enveloped over hers, preventing Kayla from doing anything except to face Adam and the uncoordinated beating of her heart. She nearly slammed into the passenger door at the magnitude of the lust that raged through his gaze. Confused and slightly shaken, her breath vanished from her chest, lungs shriveled from life. Only he could do that to her.

Swallowing down the lump in her throat, she mechanically removed her seatbelt away from her body entirely before shifting closer towards the man of her dreams, letting his hand wrap around both of her trembling wrists before allowing his forehead to rest on hers. Sparks flew almost instantly as they touched, although he did more than caress her skin hours ago. The sensation did not die, even when he sighed, released her wrists and gathered her closer to him.


The husky tone sent shivers down her spine once more as he lay his hands on her cheeks, carefully but desperately as he pulled her sensitive lips against his. As they molded into each other, the spark Kayla had thought might’ve died burst like a soaring firework, whizzing and bursting up into colourful glows, highlighting the dark, starless sky up, filling her heart and eyes with wonder, again and again and again...

She reached with her hands and grasped his face passionately, yet timidly through the intimacy as his tongue trailed along her bottom lip. Just a taste of him had her mind shut down. It was a kiss her heart had not come prepared for, but with this person, her everything, could she be ready?

Kayla whimpered as he pulled away ever so slightly. She teased him with gentle pecks and dabs, casual swipes with her tongue that earned her a moan. Kayla had never felt such sweetness in the galore of thunder, but she knew nothing would ever top this feeling.


She breathed out deeply as they shared chaste kisses. She felt his nose press against her cheek when his lips trailed down to her jawline, pushing upon the — by now — bruised skin he had made hours before. She gripped his biceps, accepting the shivers that made her skin dance when heat transferred to her.

She was closed off from the cold and ice-spilling waters of rain, from the soundless neighbourhood and possibly worried parents who sat with worry, waiting for the reappearance of their children. The wounded, the lost, the happy and the sad, all of which she paid no mind to, for Kayla could only think and be with Adam McCollins, the best friend whom she fell deeply in love with.

She heard him caress her name as he made his way back up her face. “Adam,” she said again.

“Will you keep your promise?”

It was intoxicating, his lips with those electrifying eyes of his, penetrating her with the intensity so overwhelming. It was hypnotic.


His grip on her face kept her still: desperation swelled through her nervous system at his needs. She couldn’t help but want to kiss him again. “Promise me, Kayla. I need... I need to hear you promise me again.”

Taking a stuttering breath in, she nodded furiously, taking his features in with every swipe, every touch with the pad of her fingers. “I promise you Adam, I promise...”

She repeated the phrase again and again as though it was a sin that temptation had struck her with.

Maybe it was. After all, he was her drug.

Adam reluctantly pulled away but not before caressing her eyebrow with the pad of his thumb; the sparkle in his cobalt eyes danced with a sense of longing and something Kayla couldn’t place her finger on yet. But it was familiar, that she knew. She had caught herself with that look whenever he passed by her thoughts or when she thought he wasn’t looking. Oh yes, Kayla knew it.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, okay, Kay? We’ll talk then too...”

She shook her head, trying to focus on his words. “Talk?”

She pressed another desperate kiss to the edge of his jaw, earning a groan of satisfaction. She did it again but softer as his skin, like hers, was sensitive.

“Yeah, yeah... oh, Kay.”

The temptation to take his clothes off and have another round in the back of his truck were milliseconds away from coming true, if only Adam hadn’t pushed her away — gently. The phantom of his embrace flooded over her like a nightmare, cruising through her veins and opening up her eyes to reality.

Feeling a bit humiliated by his gentle rejection, Kayla stepped out of the car, tightening her jean jacket tighter around her waist, and into the harsh rain. It penetrated down. She barely counted up to ten before it drenched her in it. The heat from the exterior of the car allowed her to minimize the cold as she turned and looked at him for the last time that night.

There were no goodbyes, no grins to hint what might come later but only a private stare between two best friends who shared a private moment. With a firm shut that echoed throughout the night, she turned her back on him and only glanced over her shoulder when she was at the front of her doorstep, however, disappointed to only see his taillights fading around the bend and swallowed in the misty fog of darkness.

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