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"Like a nightangle she took a thorn-him into her heart to bloom a rose of love into his heart" Eleanor Petrakis a young girl moved across the continent after getting a job into a renowned publishing house. Hoping for a perfect life. She rented a house across a mysterious forest especially known for its wild lavenders. A forest full of mystery and myth. Things changes when she will be pushed into an unknown world of supernatural creatures.

Romance / Fantasy
Shaikh Fatima
4.4 8 reviews
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“No crimson red, no white,
just royal purple in the sight.
Pure and serene.
Sat there, dancing in the air
Their fragrance alluring”

On one winter’s night I lay down on the frosty floor of a field. A lavender field, covered with frost and small beady drops of ice.

The purple flowers covered with ice swayed in the wind, the flowers filling the air with their fragrance.

The snow flakes swrilled and fell onto the ground. I looked across the field, my heart beating as though it may never live long. He stood there, dark and silent. I couldn’t make out whether it was an illusion or real. But I know that he will always be there. Waiting for me across the elysium of the lavender field.

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