The chess of my life

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Chapter 11 - Dominic

Looking at Madeline in that dress was doing things to me that I didn’t like. The fact was, I didn’t even think she was wearing it to get to me. But just seeing her look so amazing was doing my nuts in. she was sat talking to one of the math department, I could see that they were both very into the conversation. If only I could hear it. I knew at 39, John wouldn’t be flirting with her, at least I hoped he wasn’t. but they both stood up and walked to the elevator. Where the hell were they going. She wasn’t mine I knew that. I and Nathan had been talking about the jobs avalible and how one would suit her. I knew he knew I wanted her on my math team, but to have her on my math team would be playing a dangerous game. She was the forbidden fruit to myself and now I had tasted her, I wanted to again. Hell I wanted to. I shouldn’t of left her in the bed that early. I should of made my mistake last longer, so I wouldn’t be interested in her. I expected them to come straight down, when they hadn’t after almost 40 miniutes and I had watched Tamsin Reid spit out food and put it back on the buffet table and pull a face. Hell I knew it was an excuse to seak her out. but I was going to use it. Maybe I could talk to her about the job first. Even though Nathan said he would discus it with her, I think he wanted her to stay in his own firm so he could keep an eye on her. I was trying to work them out. There was something I was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I knew there was something strange about it. Maybe it was how much Maddie looked like the kids, well that was understandable. But then there was the odd time I saw a bit of Nathan in her. But surely if he was he would admit to it. He did call her one of his kids though and he had never said she was his sister in law. But he hadn’t corrected me. But either didn’t matter she was to young. But I still found myself going up in the elevator to johns office. “you didn’t move your decimal and didn’t carry the 1.” I heard Maddies voice say. Were they really up here working? Did they really leave a perfectly good party to work. Actully knowing Johns work effort they possibly did, he made no secret that he wanted the heads position. “I did see.” John said. “no you wrote it but you didn’t actually do it.” He was told, I went and hovered in the door. They were indeed working. “also theres the wrong point. you should of done it.” Maddie was telling him pointing at figures I had yet to even see. I really think she would enjoy the job, it was hours needed for her as well. It was the perfect job for her. “Are you two working when theres a good party going on downstairs?” I asked them from the door. They both looked at me. “I was explaining what I am currently working on to Miss Prescott when she accused me of having my math wrong. I am just proving to her I am not wrong.” John told me, well that explained there conversation downstairs and why they came up. “and failing.” Maddie said. “You also didn’t carry the 0.7 here and it makes a huge difference. Why are you adding it at the end?” Maddie asked like his figures made little sense to her. “its right.” John told her sounding defensive. “its not.” Maddie told him. “Can I have a look?” I asked, I would end the debate quickly. Maddie handed it to me and it was indeed wrong from what I could see. The fact this was 4 peoples work! “John can you show me where the 0.7 came from in the first place?” I asked John trying to see if there was not just something missing from the notes. he wrote it down on the board in the room. “why aren’t you carrying it then?” I asked him. “because the next step.” John started. “no it needs to be carried now or it doesn’t make the right result.” Maddie informed him. “its 0.7 it doesn’t make any difference. Its not even a full.” He started. “but when you add it to the 0.5 you missed the last round.” Maddie pointed out. “it makes a huge difference. 1.2 to be exact. Then you’ve missed.” Maddie said. “In fact when you add them all at the correct points.” Maddie said taking a pen and doing the math on the board. John didn’t look anyoyed to be corrected by her, he looked more disappointed but not in her. I think he was disappointed in himself for not doing it right. “Oh.” He said. “It makes a huge difference.” Maddie said and it did indeed. “I agree.” I said because I did. “Im sorry.” John told both of us. “Its still in the early.” John started. “Well now you both have this sorted. There is a party downstairs your both kind of required at.” I told them, they both indeed were. “prehabs work could wait for Monday.” I said firmly to John mostly as he was starting to re write the whole notes, but hell he wasn’t the only one on this job. “Then prehabs you could go over the rest of these figures before you show them to me next Friday John.” I told him giving him a whole week extra. He had time. “get your team to triple check them all.” I told him. “Ofcourse.” John told me. I had a feeling it would be right when it came to me. “Now party.” I said. But then I thought I could use this as an excuse to talk to Maddie about the job. Maddie went to leave. “not you Miss prescott I wish to talk to you briefly.” I told her. “to me?” she asked so confused. I nodded at her. aware John was still here I excused him . “your excused John but have the numbers on my desk by Friday.” “ofcourse.” He said. “Miss Prescott my office please.” I told Maddie. I started making my way to my office, she followed me looking like a little kid who was scared she was being sent to the princible. “I was just proving your staff wrong. I helped im sorry if you feel in intervieriend.” She told me when we were in the office. “im glad you did, it saved me a weeks delay.” I assured her. I went and sat behind my desk, having that between us good idea. I indicated for her to sit in the seat opposite me, it was a safe distance. Another continent would be asking to much. I pushed the job folder in front of her, I had a few copys. . “whats this?” Maddie asked me. “a job that’s just become avalible in my offices.” I told her. “Why are you showing me?” she asked me confused. “I have to in branch advertise before I can advertise outside into the college.” I told her truthfully. “And what?” she asked. “And I have a feeling it may suit you.” I told her truthfully, so did Nathan. We had discussed it, but seeing her with John, I wanted her on the team. “your trying to give me a job?” She asked me confused. She started reading it. “it’s a starting postion. Miss Prescott.” I felt the need to inform her. it was obvious but it might be to below what she wanted. “The person who gets the job would have to earn there way up the ladder.” I told her, having no doubt she could achive that. “I am not in the place that I can work.” She started. “correct me if im wrong Miss Prescott but young Miss Reid attends pre-k 3 days a week.” I said. “yes your correct.” She said like she didn’t understand why that was important. “So 2 days a week.” I started she looked back at it and a look crossed her face. She wanted it. “10am until 1?” she asked me. “it is meant to get a last year student into the doors.” I admitted. “I have 4 postions with the same job hours avalible in different departments.” I informed her. “why are you showing me this?” she asked me confused. How was her confused giving me a hard on. I could bend her over my desk. No needed to stay in the conversation. Be professional. Im old enough to be. Well not her father but. But I was friends with a guy who might be her father even if she claims hes her brother in law. “because I showed it to your brother in law and he believed it would suit you.” I admitted. Nathan did belive it would suit her. “Nathan knows about this?” she asked me. not the fact I was telling you tonight, but seeing you at work with John I wanted you on that team. “two of the 4 jobs are in his own office. He was going to suggest.” I told her truthfully and pulled out another job from the file, one in his own office. “this one to you.” I told her, she read it. “but I belive the top one would be better for you, also hearing you talk to John I belive working in his office may help you both come to more protential.” I told her. “But the other 2 may appeal to you as well. But the days aren’t right ive been informed.” I admitted, hell all the jobs might. “its 2 days a week part time. the pay for your level is $17.57 an hour. I know that doesn’t sound much and 6 hours a week.” I started. “$105.42 a week.” She said without even a second pause. “before tax.” I admitted. “it is not much at all.” I started, but hell I doubted Nathan made the girl pay for anything. I had a feeling she earnt the money though. “but its not like im someone who needs the money.” She said, making me know what I thought was right. She didn’t need money. Hell she had her dads money. “exactly.” I said, she was still looking at the file. I think she wanted it. “I will let you think about it, I am in no rush for your response as like I said I and your brother in law need to advertise them before hand.” I told her. “Please take the copys, discuss them with Nathan.” I said, I wouldn’t go over Nathans head to have her. “Why are you?” she asked me. “Because miss Prescott you are an extremely bright young lady. You just corrected.” She just nodded and I stopped talking. “I believe you would be an assist.” I started to tell her she would be an assist to my company, the honest truth she would be. “Its also the kind of job Nathan informed me, that you were looking to apply before your sister got sick.” I admitted, she had really put her own life on hold for Nathan. “it’s a few levels below.” Maddie admitted. “yes well like I said you would have to prove yourself and work your way up.” I told her. “What could I work myself up too?” she asked. “im glad you asked.” I told her and I honestly was, she could work her way up to be the head of my math department, would take her years but hell I didn’t doubt she had the skills. “eventually you could earn yourself up to Johns level.” I told her, which was more possible than the head, even though I didn’t doubt she was smart enough. “but the hours may not suit you.” I admitted to her. “but by the time you’ve worked yourself to that level the kids may not need you as much.” I told her truthfully. “what does that mean?” she asked me worried. “it could take years, Mr Reids youngest maybe starting highschool.” I told her truthfully it was very slow moving. “so it’s a slow progress?” she asked me interested. She was seriously thinking this through. “its 6 hours a week, im afraid it would be very slow. Its more to give college seniors a foot into the business.” I told her truthfully. “Talk to mr Reid about it.” I told her. “is he aware you were going to?” she asked me. “Hes aware I want you part of my math team.” I admitted to her. “why?” she asked me, how could someone get so much meaning in a single word. Why was I doing this I didn’t bloody know. “Miss Prescott you answered an extremely complicated math equation that no one had been able to answer when you were 16 years old.” I said, hell the girl was smart. “I had a lot of help.” She told me. “That maybe but you still could do that kind of math, math even my head mathmatician cant do.” I told her. “You need a new head mathmatician.” She said. “Yes well Johns been after his job for years now.” I admitted. “Johns extremely well suited he was just making a small error.” Maddie said calmly. I had to smile at her. she bit her bottom lip, and bloody hell it made my hardon worse thinking what else she could do with her mouth. Professional. I reminded myself. Being professional was hard. “Talk to Mr Reid about it. But I do belive it would be the perfect position and hours for you.” I told her. “it would be.” She admitted looking at the job rather than me. “it also still gives you one day free without children for a few hours to relax.” I told her. “The snake was found.” She said weakly, but she did smile. “im aware I was there when Nathan found it.” I told her, how that situation ever comes up I would never know. Nathans family was very entertaining. “So I would be doing the math I did with John a few miniutes ago?” She asked me. “yes for the next school term.” I told her. “So I would work one term with Johns team, the next with Alexis?” she said reading not looking at me. “Like I said it is designed for a student to give them a picture of the jobs they could achive here.” I told her. “Please give it some serious thought.” I told her. “I wouldn’t just be on a constant coffee run?” she asked me. ah the thing was I couldn’t stop that if she was asked to get the coffees. “I have to admit you maybe asked to get the odd coffee.” I admitted. “it is a internship miss Prescott.” I reminded her. she bit her lip again, worring it. “But I would still be helping them with the math?” She asked me. “Yes you would be a part of the team.” I told her, I had a feeling if she belived there math was wrong she wouldn’t be silent about it. That’s what I needed. “when do you need my answer?” she asked me. This was like trying to get her in bed, I didn’t know if I was running positive or negative at any point. “Like I said I have to advertise it.” I told her. “so I might not get it?” she asked. “there are 4 postions.” I reminded her. “unless someone with more potential than yourself comes along the chances is you would achive one of the postions.” I told her. “You have your masters after all.” I said. “But if someone came in there last year of a Phd I am afraid I would offer them the job before you.” I admitted. “I would always make it to school pick up?” she asked me. “Well you should. Sometimes the team may require you to stay a bit later but then it will go onto overtime pay.” I said truthfully. “it would be rare.” I told her. “It would be something you have to discuss with Mr Reid.” I told her. “So it would be a school term with yours a school term with Nathans and I would get the school holidays off?” she asked me. yep that was the idea of it. “like I said it’s a postion for students.” I told her. “Talk to mr Reid about it Miss Prescott.” I said. she nodded, she was seriously going to think about it. That’s all I could go for. Her thinking about it, but honestly how often do you get a job handed to you, like I was trying to for her. “Please tell him your answer by thanksgiving. So we can arrange for you to start after winterbreak.” I told her. she nodded. “If you are the successful aplicatent that is.” I said. “thankyou I really will think about it.” She assured me. “I can tell.” I told her, she looked up from the paper then that she had been reading. She looked me straight in the eyes. This was a dangerous game I was playing. “Miss presscot.” I started. “Maddie.” She said. I looked at her not sure what to say to that, she had given me permission to call her, her first name. “Maddie.” I found myself saying trying it out loud. “If a postion comes avalible for your skills. and I belive I can fast track you and still offer you the hours you can work.” I started, hell if I could give her a better job and she put the effort in. “You would be a real assist.” I told her. “thankyou I will talk to Nathan about it.” She said. I nodded, that was perfectly understandable. “Prehabs we should get back to the party.” I said, realising we had been gone along time. she nodded at me. “Maddie.” I said finding myself needing to say it because it didn’t and I could see her worried feactures. “This has nothing to do with the other month.” I told her. “when you say that it makes me think it does.” She admitted. “Prehabs more the conversation on the way to the hotel and the conversation at your brother in laws.” I admitted. I had thought she would have been impressive on my math team then, I had been taken aback she didn’t have a job. “I cant really remember our conversation on the way to the hotel.” She admitted. Hell! I thought she would remember! She hadn’t seen to have forgotten in the morning. “8 Mojitos does that.” I told her. “Are you hungover currently?” I asked, hey I had noticed her when she arrived. “Tequlia is evil.” She told me. “Do you often drink?” I asked, I was slightly worried. It couldn’t be easy watching 6 kids. “no of course not. Coffee is my lifesaver normaly but my best friend and I went to find her wedding dress yesterday and then went out for a few drinks and to dance after.” She admitted. “isn’t she a bit young.” I asked slightly taken aback. “you sound like her mother.” Maddie told me, well that was a first. I had to chuckle. “that’s the first time someones told me I sound like someones mother.” I told her. “We should be going back to the party.” I said. “Okay.” She said. why the hell I put my hand out to shake I didn’t know. An excuse to touch her. A way to make this proffisional when I still wanted to lay her on my desk. She hesitated but then she shook it. I looked at her lips that was was worrying with her teeth. Hell. “Maddie.” I said. “Yes?” she asked me. “No games.” I told her, no coming into the office in outfits to torture me. no flirting. “Games?” she asked me, actually sounding confused. Okay they hadn’t even crossed her mind. “Don’t worry.” I said. “Please go back to the party I will be down in a bit.” I told her and I rearranged some bits on my desk. Mostly I had to sort out my hardon before I stood and she saw it, also riding the elevator with her would be torture. “it was lovely talking to you.” She told me. She then left thank god, she also thankfully shut my door when she left. I pulled some tissues out my box on my desk and wanked into them, imaginging her spread out on my desk, her ass in the air. Her boobs loose on the desk. Me in her sweet pussy. I cum into the tissues and sorted myself out putting them in the bin. I would empty that tonight before the cleaners. Actully I would take that to the bathroom and flush, I didn’t want the cleaners having a chance to see them. When I was sorted and evidence that id wanked over the little forbidden fruit I went and called the elevator.

When the doors noticed, Maddie was still in the elevator but she was bent low so I could see straight down her dress and her perfect boobs. Maddie gave me a look and I quickly noticed that both twins who were hugging her were crying. One of the twins buried himself more into her chest. Maddie wrapped her arm around him tight. “Are you all okay?” I had to ask, a huge part of me couldn’t see kids cry. It just didn’t sit right. Kids should be happy and not have to worry about things at there age. One twin held his aunt tight the other tried to pull away and Maddie loosened her hold on him as if she understood that he didn’t want comfort anymore. “What did she mean Maddie?” the one who pulled away asked so worried. “I don’t know Greg sweetheart. Why don’t you tell me what she said?” Maddie said. “She said about how when she was married to daddy.” The one in her arms started still crying. “Did she threaten something?” Maddie asked as if she was trying to get answers for the waterworks. The one in her arms was sobbing. “She said we would all learn how to behave.” The one that was now leaning on the elevator wall said. “what does that mean?” Maddie asked confused. I think it means daddys new girlfriend needed rid off, Nathan had no plans to marry her, he told me that it would have to be someone extremely special to make him want to marry again. But Eliza was helping him be willing to date again. But he didn’t love her. He admitted that. “were you two misbehaving?” Maddie asked as if she was suspicious of them. I suppose the two of them didn’t have a good tract record, snake in house. Shed on fire. “we were just playing 3d chess honest auntie Maddie.” The one leaning on the elevator said, the one in her arms still crying. “what does she mean when she marrys daddy? Is he going to marry her?” the one leaning on the elevator asked so worried. “is she going to be our new mommy. I don’t like her, I don’t want her.” the one crying said. “She said that there were fine boarding schools that would be great for us. That daddy has been looking at them.” The one leaning on the elevator said. “your dad has no plans on marriage or boarding schools.” I felt the need to say, Nathan hated the very idea of his eldest two going away to college he wanted them to stay local even if he did want them to go harvard or yale. He didn’t want them away from him. I got down to the one leaning on the elevators level, I saw he was trying to be strong but he wanted to cry. He wanted to be held like his brother but he wouldn’t be currently and I had a feeling that was how they were told different one was cuddlely and showed his emotions the other didn’t want to show his emotions but he was hurt. “Your father is extremely anti boarding school.” I said truthfully, hell Nathan had made that clear enough times. “He wants you all at home when he gets home everyday. Hes trying to get it so he can finish work at 4 everyday in future so hes home for you all more.” I told his son. I saw relief go to the kids face. “Hell hes even hoping Ethan and Avery decide on a local college so they stay at home, or at least come home every weekend.” I admitted. “your father has none of these plans.” I assured them. “but.” I started. “but?” the boy asked me worried. “but you need to talk to him about what Eliza said to you both.” I told them. Because your dad would kick her to the curb faster than you can do your timestables and I think that would be fast. Maddie gave me a look, it was a mixture of confusion relief respect. Which surprised me. “because I know your dad well enough to know he would not be happy to hear that anyone has said anything like that to you both.” I told them. “Now why don’t the two of you go play in my office for a few miniutes and calm down. Then come join the party again. I have a few games you might like.” I said glad I cleaned the evidence up. “Like what?” the one who had been crying said pulling away from Maddie and wiping his face. “well I have a chess board in there.” I told them. That would keep them occupied for a bit surely theyd been playing 3d chess before this. Both the boys eyes had lit up, so maybe it was enough. “I also have battleships, small world, Acquire,” I started thinking what I had stored in my cupbored. “can we really play in your office?” the one who had been leaning back asked me excited. “Yes offcourse. Just don’t touch any of my paperwork.” I told him. there eyes were so excited. “what do you say?” Maddie asked. “thankyou Mr Rubin.” The boys said together. “I will show you to my office or we could grab the game and set it up in an empty one.” I said thinking, better idea. Take the games to an empty office. “that would be great.” Maddie said. I pressed the elevator to my floor and the doors reopened, I showed the boys to my office they took all the boxes. They looked like I had given them the best present ever. To think chess and some boardgames would make them this happy. It was amazing. I then took them to an empty office on the same floor. It would be perfect size for them and had no important paperwork about. “Thankyou.” Maddie told me. “No problem, I understand these things are rather boring for kids.” I told her. “im just happy these games appeal to them.” I said to her as the twins set up Equire. “We used to play this with Pawpaw.” One of them told me he sounded excited. “when we were 5.” The other said. “when you were 5?” I had to ask. “Ofcourse, he said it was best to learn everything whilst we were young.” One said. I didn’t know what to say to that, thankfully my cell went off so I started to excuse myself. “I best be getting back downstairs.” I told them. “I should too to check on the others. You two going to be okay?” Maddie asked the twins. I answered my cell. One of my employees trying to find me. wondering where I had got to as was meant to be downstairs. “Be good.” Maddie said. “No.” one of them said. she smiled at him. “Okay.” She said really? Really? “Okay?” I asked her. he had litrelly said he wasn’t going to be good. “at least hes being honest.” She told me, but she smiled at me. I had to shake my head. No wonder Nathan seemed like hed given up. “alright I will be downstairs in a miniute.” I said to Pamela as she kept going on. Maddies cell started ringing, she answered. “yeah top floor. Office 7.” I heard Maddie say into her cell as Pamela kept going on. I was still talking to Pamela. Well Pamela talked to me, when the eldest boy came in with his two little sisters. “Oh my god Acquire, we havent played Acquire in years.” He said. Honestly really these kids had even heard of it was amazing, the fact they all wanted to play it was just dumbfounding. “Join us.” One of the younger twins said. “why have you been crying?” Maddie asked the youngest as she wrapped her arms around her and held on tight. “couldn’t find you, no where and when I asked Eliza. She.” The baby sniffed. I shouldn’t of kept Maddie in my office as long as I did. “She said, she was going to be my mommy and I didn’t need you I had her and I didn’t need you.” The baby said. Maddie looked cross she bit her lip obviously not to say what she wanted. “Tamsin princess you always have me no matter what.” She said after a few moments, she was trying to be calm. Maddie looked at the twins. “Anything goes?” one asked hopefully. “Anything but no fire or anything dangerous and no animals.” Maddie said. No why did that sound like trouble! “No big fires?” one of the twins said. “No big fires.” Maddie said. No bad idea! Couldn’t they all just talk to there father. I had a feeling he would listen! “no grounding?” Ethan asked. Maddie bit her lip but she was trying not to smile. “Might be a bit of grounding but sneaked mccdonolds and pizzas.” Maddie said. “Sold.” One of the twins said. “can we have it in writing?” Ethan asked suspicious. “no evidence and I know nothing.” Maddie said. “We have a witness.” Oliva said motioning me. How the hell had this happened! Its called talking! “he hasn’t a clue whats going on, if anything happens he never heard or saw anything so hes not guilty by associsation.” Maddie said she was smiling. “Same as you have nothing to do with it?” Ethan asked. “I might suggest to Eliza that she messes with my kids she can deal with the fire.” Maddie said calmly. “but no big fires?” one of the twins said. No fires at all! “no big fires.” Maddie said. the kids all put there hands in a pile. Agreeing to something. God help Nathan. “You could always try talk to your father.” I suggested to them all. “wheres the fun in that.” One of the twins asked me. “Okay now play your game nicely, who wants a drink?” Maddie asked. a few of them put there hands up. Maddie counted. “Wait isn’t there 6 of you?” she asked with a smile. “Avery snuck out shes gone the movies with Chantel.” Ethan said. “She texted in and will make sure shes back before dads ready to go.” he assured her. “Okay.” Maddie said and she put the little one down, having a dress malfunction that went straight to my dick as her boob came out the dress. “Will you tell daddy?” the little one asked me. Hell get rid of your hardon little one talking. I bent to hide myself and to be her level. “I fear you, just don’t destroy my office.” I told her roughling her hair. Yep that worked. Maddie sorted herself out, I watched I couldn’t help it. “I need to get back down to the party.” I said, I had been away way to long. “Ill be back in a bit, nothing here understood?” Maddie told them. “that’s fine Auntie Maddie we need time to sort it out.” she was told. I made my way out the office and Maddie came with me. We walked to the elevator in silence. When it came we went in it. “I know nothing.” I told her. “Thankyou.” She said. “you could all try talking to him.” I told her as we went in the elevator. “he is rather easy to talk to.” I pointed out. “You could talk.” I said giving her a look. “It would save the need for anyone to get in trouble.” I pointed out. “It’s the woman rather than the fact hes dating isn’t it?” I had to ask her. “Jess wanted him to move on, she wanted him happy and we all want that.” Maddie told me as the elevator went down. “But Eliza isn’t the right woman for that.” I said already knowing that myself. “Someone once told me 11 years was exceptable, anything over wasn’t.” Maddie said. that wasn’t my point! “I don’t think that’s what he was trying to say.” I told her. “You do realise one day youll have to get on with your own life?” I questioned her, she had put her life on hold these last few years. “Yeah.” she said. “Youll one day meet the right person.” I told her. “It maybe hard to you to see that.” I started. What was I trying to do, justify what we did? “Why are you acting like you care?” she asked. “You have no right to judge, because we both were after the same thing that night.” She told me. Fun? “which was?” I asked her. she stepped out the elevator as soon as the doors opened, then she turned back and said to me. “you don’t need the answer to that from me.” then she walked away. leaving me feeling like I went 10 rounds at a bar.

The party had wound down. When everyone was finally gone it was rediciously late when they all had to be at work the next day. But Nathan seemed fine. His girlfriend had left him assuring she got in her Taxi. He wasn’t taking her home. Was that because he didn’t want her there. Or because the kids. “Are my kids still in that office?” he asked me. I had told him where his kids were hours ago. Hadn’t they come back down? “Must be.” I said. We went up in the elevator. “it was a good party.” I said calmly. “it was.” He assured me. he smiled. “Whats the chances we get a lot of sick calls tomorrow?” he asked. “Hmm 25% of the staff I recon.” I admitted. “or they’ll be on the coffee and look hungover.” I said with a smile. “should of done this Saturday night.” He said. “yeah I think next time would be better.” I said. The elevator opened and I showed him to the office his kids were in. All 7 of them were in there. the two oldest playing chess. The two youngest asleep. The two identical twins laying on the floor. Tired kids for school that’s for sure. “I’m so sorry kids.” Nathan said. “About?” one of the twins asked from the floor. “Making you wait so long, is there something else I should be apoligising for?” Nathan asked. Ha heres your shot kids to do it calmly. “Daddy I don’t like Eliza.” The little one said yawning still laying on Maddie. “She told me that if I didn’t behave there was really nice boarding schools for next year.” Tamsin said. “She said what?!” Maddie asked sounding peed off. “She said the same to me and Greg.” One of the twins said. So he was Derek. “Okay then kids, you wont ever be seeing her again. Is that okay?” Nathan asked them. Well that was good. All the kids nodded. “Kids.” Nathan said. “We do want you to date daddy and be happy.” Oliva said. “but not her.” one of the twins said. “Can we help you choose who you date.” One of the twins said. “We want her to be fun.” “Black haired.” “Glasses.” “Why do I feel like your all describing an actul person.” Nathan asked. “Smart.” His eldest son said. “Big heart.” Avery said. “Knows us apart.” One of the twins said. “Really smart and likes us.” Oliva said. “knows what my teddys called.” Tamsin said. “I don’t even know who there all describing.” Maddie said putting her hands up as Nathan gave her a look. It sounded like Alexis. “Should we get a move home, you all have school in the mornig.” Nathan said realising. “Do we have to go?” Avery asked. “I have plans.” Ethan said. “Ethan has a girlfriend.” Oliva said in a sing song voice. “No he has a crush on a girl she doesn’t realise hes alive.” Avery told her sister. How had the conversation taken such a drastic turn. “Avery apoligise.” Nathan started. “im sorry she doesn’t realise your alive.” Avery said. “who is it?” She asked him. “Dad.” Ethan said. “Avery apoligigse to your brother properly.” Nathan said. “im sorry.” Avery said. “come on then kids lets go home.” Nathan said he picked up his second youngest and held her in his arms. Maddie picked up the youngest. We walked to the elevator. “So who is the girl maybe I could help, if you just tell me who your crushing on. I can put in a good word for you.” Avery said quietly to her brother in the elevator. “she aint one of your friends.” Ethan said. “Then she aint someone daddy would be happy with.” Avery told her brother. Oh dear. “that’s the whole fun in dating and liking someone, I thought you knew that.” Ethan said. “The ones unsuitable are always the most fun.” Ethan said. “uh who told you that?” Maddie asked. “You did.” He told me. “I did?” Maddie asked confused. “when?” she asked confused. “when we were 11 and you were dating James.” Ethan said. “I said a lot of things to jusify James.” Maddie told him quietly. “don’t I know it.” Nathan mumbled. “private Nathan.” Maddie told him, but she did smile. Was James a ex boyfriend of hers? “Your not allowed to give dating advice you know that.” Nathan said. “I wasn’t.” Maddie said. “the ones daddy don’t approve of are the fun ones.” Maddie whispered to Ethan. It wasn’t a stage whisper we were just in an elevator. “Madeliene.” Nathan said warning. “I didn’t say anything.” She said. “Go for it.” She whispered to Ethan. “Madeline.” Nathan said. “Daddy you broke your own dating rules you set for us.” Avery said sweetly. All the kids weren’t looking at Nathan, but they all were smiling an almost shit stiring smile. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you sneak out Avery. Your grounded by the way.” Nathan said. Avery groined “But dad.” She groined. “In fact.” Nathan started. “Greg.” Nathan started. “what I do?” one of the twins asked confused. “your actually the only one who isn’t grounded.” Nathan said. “How you work that?” Maddie asked interested. “Derek ate a oyster took a bit spat it back into the shell and put it back.” Nathan started. “I thought I told you they were disgusting and only eat the ham sandwiches.” Maddie said. “you did but everyone was eating them I wanted to try.” Derek told her. “Should of put it in the bin instead.” Maddie told him. “yep the whole tray.” Derek said. “Oliva.” Nathan said about the sleeping kid on his shoulder. “Spat out food and put it back on the buffet.” Nathan said. “are all the grounding crimes to do with food?” Maddie asked interested. She wasn’t denying the groundings. “except Ethans and Averys yes.” Nathan said. “Ethans?” she asked interested. “Knowing his sister snuck out and covering for her when I asked where she went. Having a glass of champagne.” Nathan said. “Yeah okay I agree to the grounding.” Maddie said. “Good because your grounded to.” Nathan said. Uh wasn’t she to old to ground? “well that’s obivious when all the kids are stuck in, that I am.” Maddie told him. “Glad that’s sorted.” Nathan said. “how long?” Maddie asked. “2 weeks.” He said. “I got to go to the venue on Friday with Maria we have to work out how shes doing the seating plans, because her dads assisisting she invites a lot of stick in the muds.” Maddie said. “oh by the way you need to clear your diary for the 22nd of decemember.” Maddie told him. Avery laughed. “Watch it or I will make it 3.” Nathan said he shook his head at me but he was smiling. I could hear his silent thought of kids. But I don’t think he regreeted a second. “why is auntie Maddie grounded?” Greg asked. “Her little threat to my ex girlfriend for a start.” Nathan said. “I was just warning her to watch her back.” Maddie said sweetly. “And rather than coming to me.” Nathan said. “also giving Ethan relationship advice.” Nathan said. he smiled. “James gets out of jail in 2 weeks.”Maddie said calmly. I saw Nathans face, it was a mixture of fear, regret, disbelief, worry. He obviously didn’t like what she just said. James was her ex boyfriend and I didn’t doubt with Nathans reaction that was where he was. What the hell! There was silence after that. Nathan put them all in the car and drove off. I would get a bit of information about that. Because that reaction was weird. I told myself it was my curiousity. But the truth was I didn’t know why I cared.

Nathan looked exhursted sat behind his desk it was Friday 5 days after the party he had no reason that I knew of to be exhursted. “Bad night?” I asked him. “Broke up with Eliza.” He admitted. “Hard?” I asked him. “No but she took it hard.” He admitted. I sat opposite him. “Well im sure the kids took it well?” I asked. “Yeah I think they threw a secret party last night.” He admitted. “They all still grounded?” I asked. “Yes.” He said. “How do you exactly ground a 20 year old?” I asked. pretending not to know how old Maddie was. “You ground all the kids so she cant go anywhere.” He said. “But shes going out tonight so I have to pick the kids up. well actually shes already out.” he said. “Ah.” I said. “Did you have a chance to talk to her about the jobs?” I asked. “Yes I did.” He admitted. “and?” I asked. “She is interested. She wants to.” He said worried. “but your not sure?” I asked him. “its not the fact im not sure. Its not the fact about the kids at all as I would quiet happily get a nanny to help out.” he admitted. “I always planned for her to get a job doing what she loves.” He admitted. “you don’t think shell love this job?” I asked. “I fear shell be used as errands or made to feel uncomfortable, being related to the boss.” He admitted. “Ah.” I said. “its silly I know as if I gave her special treatment without making her work for it. It wouldn’t be right and she knows that. She wants to start at the bottom.” He admitted. “but your worried.” I asked. “Just think of it as a dad worring about his baby.” he sighed. He looked at the pictures on his desk. “Are you.” I said. “are I what?” he asked. “her dad?” I asked. He swallowed. “I know she said shes your sister in law, but she does look like your kids a lot and I see bits of you in her features.” I told him. he wasn’t denying it. He wasn’t saying she was or wasn’t. “She doesn’t know and Jess and I decided when she was ill that we didn’t want her to know. Maddie had already lost her mom to cancer and her twin sister. To loose Jess was hard enough thinking she was her sister. To loose her and know she was really her mom, would have been to hard. Jess and I were 17. Still in highschool.” He admitted. “Twins.” He said shaking his head. “I understand why you did it, you don’t have to justify it.” I said. I did, thinking of myself at 17 I wasn’t ready. “We didn’t want to put the girls up for adoption, Jess had got into Yale and I Princeton, we weren’t going college together and we weren’t sure we would last. Jesses mom and dad helped us make the decision, when Jess was pregnant. She would raise the girls at hers. They had a big house and Jess and I could always be apart of there lives.” Nathan said looking at the picture. “We almost changed our minds and raised them. But we both went college instead. The twins came early. They were so tiny and ill. We almost lost them so many times.” He said. “The both of them litrelly fitted in my hands. Addison was always bigger and the eldest.” He said. I could tell her was hurt. “Maddie was tiny.” He sighed. “Tiny and such a poorly little thing.” He said. “Jess almost couldn’t do it. Neither could i. I told her it was her choice I would leave college and come back and we could get a home here if we wanted. We weren’t hard up. Jess was loaded and my parents didn’t struggle. But Jesses dad told us we both had to finish college. He basicly told us everything so finally. We listened and we never regretted it. We got the best of both worlds for a time. college each other and the girls when we came home. The twins had each other and I have to admit they did amazing with there grandparents. Addie was into every sport going.” He admitted. “Soccer baseball, ballet, swimming. Name a sport she wanted to do it. Maddie was the complete opposite.” He said. “they were like polar oppsites.” He said. “When we lost Addison, we weren’t there and that regret is something that took years to get over.” He admitted. “When they were 7.” I said. “yes near 8 but they were still 7. We had Avery and Ethan. Were married and living together. We were a family then and I just didn’t expect to loose one of the girls.” He said, he was tearing up. should change the conversation. “im sorry for your loss.” I said. “Thankyou, its still hard to belive. Addie she was just so healthy.” He admitted. “But you never told either and decided it best not to?” I asked. “When Maddie was old enough to understand shed just lost her twin. For the first time she was alone. Richard got her into math at that point, it calmed her. math made sense. She could control math and figure it out.” he admitted. “So we left it how it was. She didn’t need more to turn her life upside down.” he said. I agreed with that. “When Jess got ill. We debated telling her but decided against it.” He admitted. “Shed just gone through an extremely bad relationship.” He sighed. “You didn’t like the guy?” I asked him. “Hated him from the moment she brought him to meet us in a restaurant. Her 17th birthday.” He groined. “I wanted to actually kill the guy.” He admitted. “over protective?” I asked him. “He was to old for her, and there was something about him.” Nathan groined. “how old was he.” I asked interested. “28. That’s what was so wrong. She was 17! In fact she was 16 when she met him!” he said. “so you got him sent to jail?” I asked. “no he did that to himself.” He admitted. “We wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She was in love and she was a smart girl. Hell shes a genius.” Nathan said. “but he was an asshole.” He said. “he hurt her?” I asked. “no he treated her like she was a princess.” He admitted. “He adored her.” Nathan admitted. “He bloody did the tattoo on her arm.” He moaned. “you dislike it?” I asked. “hate it but the meaning behind it. It means something to her they all do. If that’s what she needed I cant stop her. but I wish.” He started. “it was smaller.” I said. “yes.” He said. “So what he do for jail?” I asked. “Maddie found him in bed with another woman and didn’t listen she did exactly what she should. Dumbed his sorry ass.” Nathan said. “A few days later he was picked up for armed robbery, well at least that’s what she thinks he was picked up for.” Nathan said. “He wasn’t?” I asked. “There was a lot more to it.” Nathan admitted. “but she doesn’t know that?” I questioned him. “No she was 19 and didn’t really want to know, as far as she was concered he wasn’t the person she knew.” Nathan said. “She only brings him up when shes teasing me.” he admitted. “The irony is we could of got rid of him her 17th birthday and should of. But she loved him and he is the reason she doesn’t date.” He admitted. “Not the fact shes always watching the kids?” I asked. “Nope, her friends set her up on quiet a few dates but she hates going. Part of me likes the fact she doesn’t want to date.” He admitted. I knew I had to admit to him what had happened. It was wrong but it was eating me up inside. “Nathan.” I started. “I know im over protective and have to let her make her own life.” He sighed. I sat down opposite him. “I have to tell you something and I understand if it will make business with us awkared.” I admitted. “but I hope you can forgive me.” I said. “please don’t tell me you lost us the Gibson account.” He said. “no in fact hes investing more.” I admitted. He smiled at me. “then what ever you say cant be that bad.” He said. “Almost 2 months ago.” I started. He looked at me confused. “I went out drinking with a friend.” I said. “okay?” he said as a question. “My friend ended up cancelling whilst I was there.” I said. “okay?” he said. “So I decided to have a one night stand.” I said calmly. “And shes pregnant and you need advice?” he asked me. “Because you’ve met my kids there out of control, I cant give advice.” He said. “I didn’t know who she was.” I said. “I slept with Madeliene.” I told him. he froze. I waited for his reaction any reaction. “I didn’t know who she was and we never exchanged names.” I said truthfully. “I admit I left her in the hotel when I found out how young she was, after apoligising to her.” I admitted. “I never planned to see the girl again.” I said. Nathan was silent. “Then I saw her at yours that day I came for dinner.” I said. He wasn’t saying a word, but he wasn’t glaring at me. “She asked me to forget it happened.” I said. “So you wanting her to work for you?” he questioned me. “Purely her talking, when she gets on the subject the things that she said were amazing in your house and on the way to her hotel room, her math skills are amazing. I thought she was older but that isn’t an excuse.” I said. “why did you think she was older?” he asked. “I taught a lecture a few years ago, a masters class.” I said. “and Maddie was in it so you thought she was at least 23 then and then 3 years later you thought she was about 26-27.” He said. “Yes.” I admitted. “I didn’t realise she was so young in college.” I admitted. “She was sober and didn’t regret it in the morning.” He sighed. I didnt know what to say. “your not going to sleep with my daughter again are you?” he questioned me. “No Nathan as I think we both fully admit it was a mistake.” I said, one I didn’t regret but he didn’t need to know that. He seemed to think. “thankyou.” He said. “Thankyou?” I asked confused. “for telling me the truth and not trying to hide it.” He said. “You want her on your math team purely because of her skills?” he asked me. “yes your daughter is extremely impressive, she corrected my head mathmaticion.” I said. He chuckled. “you need a new head mathmatician.” He said. “she said the same thing.” I told him. he seemed to think. “If my daughter was older.” He said. “What do you mean?” I questioned confused. “Just a worried father thinking.” He sighed. “if she was older and not my child?” he asked me. “but had the math skills she has.” He started. “I would be offering her a slightly better postion to start with.” I admitted. “But the hours.” I started. He nodded. “Shes 23 she has a long time to work her way up. some 23 year olds are still working on there masters.” I started. He nodded. “Youll keep an eye on her at your work?” he asked me. “Ofcourse.” I said. he nodded. “If she was a random girl and older?” he asked me. “Shes my type.” I admitted. He shook his head looking so tired. “If anything happens please feel free to come talk to me.” he sighed. “what?” I asked confusesd were we talking about her working for me now? “I mean it Dominic don’t hide things, I would rather you came and talked to me like you are now.” he said. “I will.” I assured him, nothing would happen. She was too young. “Now about the Gibson account.” I said.

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