The chess of my life

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Chapter 14 - Maddie

The holiday was great the kids and I decided that we wanted a break. we also decided Rosie deserved a bit of a break too. Even if it was more a working holiday. We took her with us and all went to visit their grandparents and go back to Disneyland. Without Nathan but he had to work. But he welcomed our break. I think he was getting sick of me looking over my shoulder constantly. I was worried. But it was the break I needed, even if I came back slightly stressed because two adults vs 6 kids not a good combination. Even if Avery and Ethan helped so much that vacation. But it was now back to reality. I was now working with Alexis team and the prototype we were working on when it didn’t overheat was amazing! It just needed to stop melting. It had been two months now since I had heard from James and although I was still worried he would appear his ugly head, I was trying to live my life. Tonight, I even had a date! Rebecca was back from Milan for a month and she’d brought her new boyfriend back to meet her parents. No, he wasn’t from Milan he was New York born and raised and his friend was flying in from New York to meet up before they both flew out. So, Rebecca had asked me if I would go on the blind date. I was sold when she sent me a picture of a hot brunet with his hair a slight mess and a bit of a beard. He was wearing a suit not almonry like I was used to but nice enough to know he wasn’t hurting for money and the tie that had the periodic table on did make me smile. He was apparently a high school teacher in a bad part of New York, but from a wealthy family, he just apparently wanted to give back. She had sold me when she told me he was a high school science teacher thus good with kids I thought. The only downside New York. But hey I couldn’t have everything from a blind date. I went downstairs, Nathan was home as it was his night putting the kids to bed. I applied a touch of lipstick then went down the stairs. “Wow auntie Maddie.” Greg said. “to much?” I asked him. he shook his head. “you look pretty.” He said. “Thankyou sweetheart.” I said. I went into the lounge where Nathan and the little ones had been playing when I went up an hour ago to get ready. “Wow you look pretty.” Oliva said. “Thankyou sweetpea.” I said with a smile. “Have you got a jacket?” Nathan asked me. “no.” I said sarcasticly. I put on a black leather jacket, because I knew for a fact it went amazing with my strawberry blonde hair and dark blue dress and my light pink lips. I knew I looked amazing if I don’t say so myself. “Leather with that dress?” Nathan said. “Should we have Avery settle this?” I asked him. “yes.” He moaned crossing his arms he was smiling, but then he frowned. “What do you know about this guy?” he asked me. “hes 28 a highschool teacher.” I started. Nathan seemed to think. “what subject?” he asked me. “science.” I said. “marry him.” Nathan said. I laughed. I hadn’t felt this laid back in a while, but then Disney and work and the kids were going great. James seemed to have got the hint. “Keep your phone on, any problems.” Nathan started. “I will give you a ring. But I will be with Becca and her new boyfriend and I have checked the guys social media out. it all looks legit.” I assured him. “Becca says hes amazing and friendly. Hes also from a welknown family in new York.” I assured Nathan. “Have fun.” He told me. “I will.” I said with a smile. “not to much fun.” He said seeing my smile. “Avery.” Nathan yelled. “if your going to yell Nathan you need a smaller house.” I said. he pulled out his cell and rung her. she came down. “what dad?” she asked. “Wow auntie Maddie you look great.” She said with a grin at me. “thankyou.” I said. “Don’t go bed to late.” I said giving the little ones kisses on there forhead, yep no loss of lipstick on there heads. All good. “Ring me.” Nathan said. “I will don’t stress.” I assured him. “How come auntie Maddie can go on a date on a school night and I cant.” Avery asked. “because im 24 your 16.” I said. “What Maddie said.” Nathan said. “Its not fair.” Avery started. “when your 24 you can go dates on a school night.” I said. “anyway I don’t want you dating full stop.” Nathan said to Avery said. “Don’t push it Avery.” I said as she went to say something but I saw something brewing with Nathan. She didn’t. “you look amazing auntie Maddie. Have you got condoms.” She said with a smirk. “Avery.” I and Nathan said at the same time. “im just saying.” Avery said with a smile. “I will see you later that’s my uber.” I said. “you called an uber!” Nathan demanded rather than asked. “its fine Nathan, loads of people use Ubers now rather than cabs there just cheaper.” I said. “Money isn’t an issue Madeline use a cab when you come home.” He said. “Okay.” I said. “if your not coming home tonight give me a ring.” He said. “I will hell Nathan I am with Becca.” I said. “that gives me no confedence what so ever the girls crazy.” He said. I gave him a hug, “don’t worry I will be fine.” I assured him. “Bye guys.” I said and then I left to my uber.

When I got to the restaurant I knew Becca was already there, but I wasn’t late and they weren’t seated yet. I went in after paying my uber. The moment I was in the lobby. “Maddie.” Becca yelled. “Bex.” I said we hugged and kissed each others cheeks. “You look amazing.” I told her. “you’ve not got anymore tats since last time I saw you.” She said. “Not that you can see here.” I said with a smile. “Ohh?” she asked. “I got a new one my lower back.” I told her. “nice.” She said with a grin. “what about you?” I asked her. “I got a new one all the way up my leg.” She said. “But your wearing trousers.” I moaned. “I know.” She said. Then she seemed to realise something. “Maddie this is my boyfriend Kayden.” She said introducing me to a guy, he held out his arm. I shook it. “nice to meet you Kayden.” I said. “This is my friend Andy.” He said. his friend held out his hand. “its nice to meet you Andy.” I said shaking his hand. “you too Maddie.” He said with a smile. He couldn’t see my tattoos yet as was wearing the jacket, that Nathan had told me to take. But I liked what I saw, his only draw back was the whole new York thing. He smiled at me and god he was even cuter. I felt myself blush which is always so obvious on me. The waiter came over, Kayden said he had a booking for 4. It wasn’t that posh a restaurant sensible Jessica would of called it. It was nice though, I looked at a menu on the wall it wasn’t cheap at all. But compared to some of the resturants Nathan takes us to, this was a steal. We all went to the table. The talk was nice. Kayden seemed lovely. “So Maddie what was Becca really like in college?” Kayden asked me. I gave Rebecca a look. “She never cleaned the kitchen or did her own washing up.” I said. “Its called a dishwasher.” Becca told him. he laughed but he held her hand. It was cute. I liked him I decided. He seemed genuine happy to be with Becca and there. We all ordered I had the same as Becca, because a cheese burger and fries sounded brilliant. We laughed and joked, Andy asked them a few questions about Milan. It sounded amazing. “you really should of come Maddie.” Becca told me. “I cant just go for a years holiday Bex.” I said but I smiled. “So Maddie what do you do?” Andy asked me. “I am currently doing an internship at a huge firm.” I told him truthfully. I didn’t have to tell him it was my brother in laws firm and I was working my way up. “That sounds interesting.” He said. “That’s not all Maddie does.” Becca said. Hey I didn’t know if I was ready to mention the kids part it always pushed a guy away. “What else do you do?” He asked me interested. “im kind of a nanny.” I admitted. “Oh.” He said thoughtful. “Like the mary popins kind or the I cant be bothered to watch these spoilt kids I will just take them somewhere and text kind?” Kayden asked. “id say neither, im more the your not going out in that outfit, can you put that book down and get some fresh air. No please don’t set fire to the house again.” I said truthfully. “They actually set fire to the house?” Becca asked me with a grin. “the shed.” I admitted. She laughed. “they sound fun kids.” Andy said with a weak smile. Lost his interest, youd of thought a teacher would be okay with kids. “What made you get into it?” Kayden asked. “There my nieces and nephews they chased away 19 Nannys. I thought they would behave better for me.” I said. “You thought wrong.” Bex said with a smile. “I told you about the snake right?” I asked her. “yeah.” She laughed. “They sound problematic.” Kayden said. “there geniuses, just evil geniuses.” I said with a smile, hey I was proud of them. “what do there parents say?” Andy asked. “My brother in law thinks its funny, to be honest we have to laugh.” I told him with a smile. “Your sister?” Kayden asked. “She passed away over 3 years ago.” I said truthfully. “sorry.” He said. “its fine.” I assured him. “What do you do?” I asked Andy trying to pretend I don’t know. “I am a science teacher in inner new York.” He admitted. “Oh really chemistry physics or biology?” I asked interested. Hey Becca hadn’t told me. “general I teach all three.” He said with a smile. “whats your favioute?” I asked. “Physics.” He admitted. I took my jacket off then being to hot. He was sat next to my arm with my chess piece and math on. He looked at it interested. “So are you into chess?” he asked me. “Yes what about you?” I asked him. “yes but I havent played in a while.” He admitted. “you sound like your talking sports.” Kayden said rolling his eyes. “What about you Kayden what do you do?” I asked. “I am an English teacher.” He said. He had to go to Milan to do that? “Okay so why did you go to Milan?” I asked. “I am there for 5 years, I wanted to experience a different way of life and Milan gave me that.” He said. That was pretty much why Becca went, so I could get behind that. “What do you do Rebecca?” Andy asked her. “I am a writer and currently writing a book set in Italy, I wanted to experience the culture of the land im writing about.” She told him. “That sounds good.” He said. “in other words she didn’t know what to do with her English degree.” Kayden joked. I smiled, that was when our food arrived. I took a sip of my glass of wine. One glass on a date then water was my rule. We talked more asked them what they liked best about Milan. “you really should come Mads.” Becca told me. “when the kids are older.” I said with a smile. “Is Tammy sleeping through the night?” she asked me. “not yet.” I admitted. “Oh so you’re a live in?” Andy asked me. I blushed. “Yeah kind of, I moved back home after college.” I admitted. Well after Becca had left anyway, it was one of the reasons I didn’t mind moving home. My roommate was gone. “So your on call practically 24 hours?” Andy asked me. “I don’t really think of it as a job, but Nathan pays my credit card and buys everything I need. Its just like still living at home with my parents. He even acts like hes my dad.” I admitted blushing. He gave me a weak smile. Id lost his interest I knew that. Becca gave me a weak smile. She knew too. The talk was friendly but nothing special after that. Becca told me about Milan. The guys caught up on home things and sports. We ordered dessert. Then came the awkard part. Paying. Money wasn’t an issue for me I got cash out. but I never knew what to do. I felt kind of bad they were all on teachers salary and im technically rich. But Andy just threw on a black credit card similar to my own without even looking at the bill. Okay so he wouldn’t miss the money. “Are you sure mate?” Kayden asked. “Whats a few $?” he asked shrugging. “when I get to see you.” Andy added. “and the lovely company of two georgous ladys.” He said. “thankyou.” I found myself saying. “thankyou.” Becca said with a smile at him. Becca looked confused. “Whats up?” Kayden asked her. “nothing I just thought I saw somone I used to know. But its nothing.” She shrugged dismissing it. We talked more as we drunk our drinks. At 9pm I looked at my phone. “I should be getting home.” I said. “ahh don’t be a spoil.” Becca said. “We can roomie tonight.” Becca told me. “I think Kayden wants to room with you.” I said laughing seeing his face. It was Saturday tomorrow so it wasn’t like I had to take the kids school. “Why don’t we go back to our hotel for a nightcap, if you want I can book you a room.” Kayden said. “don’t worry about booking me a room, but a nightcap sounds good.” I said. We went back to there hotel, walking along the beautifully lit street, it wasn’t as posh a hotel as Nathan likes me to stay in. but I didn’t mind. “Maddie.” Becca said going into the hotel bar. “be right there im just going to book a room.” I assured her. She and Kayden walked off, but Andy stayed with me. “you don’t need to stay.” I said nervous. “I thought they would appreciate some alone time.” he said. I weakly smiled. “I think so.” I told him. “So why did you have chess symbols?” he asked me. “Basicly math and chess got me through one of the hardest things I could ever go through.” I said. “oh?” he asked me. “What was that loosing your sister a few years ago?” He asked me. “Kind of my twin sister a few years before.” I said truthfully. “oh im so sorry.” He said, he looked like he wanted to hit himself. He run his hands through his hair. “The same thing?” he asked me. “yeah both my sisters and my mom.” I said truthfully. “Im sorry.” He said. “its okay.” I said. “is that what the other arm means then. That your not okay but your okay with that?” he asked me. “kind of.” I said he got it. “Have you got anymore?” he asked me. “a few.” I said. he seemed worried. We all moved forward one. “Do you have anymore?” he asked me. “a few.” I said. “they all mean something to you?” he asked me. “yes.” I said. “why would you choose to tattoo your skin.” He said. “it’s a blank canvas and when the pains to much inside to show some outside helps ease it. It might be the same reason some people choose to selfharm.” I admitted. “But to me my tattoos are art that I carry and the pain I feel inside. It eases my pain.” I said truthfully. He seemed to be thinking. “Argon walked into a bar.” He said weakly. I looked at him trying not to smile, although it was hard not to. Was he really trying to loosen our current tension with a bad science joke as that wasn’t the one I would go for. “the bar tender told him to get out we don’t serve noble gases.” He said weakly. I moved forward another space. But I had to smile. “Relationships are like algebra, ever look at your x and wonder y?” I said to him with a smile. He weakly smiled. I moved forward again. “I heard that oxygen and mageniusm were going out.” he said. he gave me a look obviously waiting for me to end his joke. “O mg.” I said with a smile. “I told a chemisty joke.” He said with a smile. “there was no reaction.” He said. I actually laughed, they were such bad jokes. “Math is the only place people can buy 64 water melons and nobody wonders why.” I said with a smile. “I think its because they like pi so much.” He said. I smiled at him. “you have a lovely smile. I blushed. I moved forward again. “are you full of beryllium gold and titanium?” he asked me. I blushed more. “because you are be-au-ti-full.” He said he smiled. “science is fun.” I said, this was a long shot. There was only one person in front of me. “Do you want to explore our chemistry.” It was a weak one. “Why don’t we go to my room and do some math. Add the bed, subtract our clothes and hope we don’t multipy.” He said. “don’t you think there waiting for us?” I asked him, but I smiled at him. “nope, there making out I doubt they will notice.” He said. “I got about 69 more jokes.” I said. he smiled at me. the que went forward again, but we both walked out off it and to the elevator.

He wasn’t very good I faked my orgasim. I didn’t get it, we had chemistry at least I thought we did, but he didn’t make my body sing. Although I made his. I put my clothes back on. He sat up his bed, when he must of realised I was awake and dressing to go. “Sorry I got to go.” I admitted. “Sorry.” He said. “Why you sorry it was fun.” I assured him, it was even if I didn’t get off as much as I wanted. I finished putting on my shoes. When I went out in the corridor there was a bunch of flowers all the flowers had been cut off but the red petals were all around it. Shit! there was a note. I was scared and I had shut the door before I saw it. I didn’t have a key and I think Andy had gone back to sleep. I didn’t want to bother him did I? I took a quick picture. And then took a quick picture of the note. I sent them both to Nathan then rung. I don’t think hed seen the pictures but he answered half asleep. “hey Maddie did you and Becca have a good night?” he asked me. I had texted him to say I was staying the night at Beccas hotel and he had just texted okay. “Nathan im scared.” I admitted. I could hear him sit up. “why Maddie?” he asked. “James left me flowers.” I said. He swore. “He cut of all the flowers and then spred the red petals out.” I said trying not to cry at how scared I was. “Ive sent you a picture.” I said scared. I heard the noise of him touching his screen. “Maddie.” Nathan said scared. “go back in the hotel room and don’t answer for anyone!” Nathan said. I banged on the door. I banged again. Andy came and opened the door. “whats going on?” he asked. “shit.” he said seeing what was right outside our hotel door. “Can I come in.” I said worried. “sure.” Andy said. I slipped in and shut the door. “Maddie ring the cops right now.” Nathan said on the phone. “Okay.” I said. I rung the cops. I was scared but I didn’t know what else to do. I talked to the cop in charge of my case. I said what was outside the hotel room. Andy texted Kayden and he and Becca came the hotel room. neither commented on the fact it was obvious I had slept here. We just all waited for the cops. “So wait you have a restraining order on your ex?” Andy said. I nodded, I didn’t want to get him involved in my shit but I had to explain. “Why didn’t you say?” Becca said. “Because I didn’t want you to worry about it and I hadn’t heard anything in agers.” I admitted. “Mads.” She sighed. “if I had known I would of put more thought in thinking I saw him yesterday.” She said. I looked at her colour drained from my face. “at the restaurant.” I said realising. She nodded. “I just thought it was someone who looked like him, he was there and gone so quickly.” she said. “So wait you’ve not been together since you were 19?” Andy said. I nodded. “yet he still thinks you’re his?” he asked me. “I don’t know.” I said tears in my eyes. “its alright Maddie the cops will be here soon.” Becca said worried. “I am so sorry Andy, I didn’t realise he was following me. I thought the restraining order.” I said truthfully. “its not your fault, hes the one that’s a lunatic.” Kayden said to me. “Do you really think.” Becca started the swallowed. Id shown her my picture of the note. So she knew what it said. I didn’t touch it, I just leaned over it and took the picture. I looked at the picture of the note.

Maddie. How could you do this to me. How could you fuck him like our love means nothing. If I cant have you Madeline no one else will.

“How about we get out of here for a while.” Andy started. I looked at him confused. “The cops said to stay put until they got here.” I said. “no I mean after, you need to get out of town for a few weeks until the cops sort out this guy. Have him locked up in a mental ward.” He said. “Why don’t you come Milan with us, we will leave in a few days.” Becca started. “I cant leave Nathan and the kids.” I started. “I think he would think your life is more important.” Becca said firmly. “if it’s a money issue.” Andy said pulling out his black credit card. I pulled out my matching black credit card my 2 pink ones a red one and a gold. “I never mentioned im the daughter of a millionaire who left me everything. Im also the sister of a billionaire, I don’t struggle for money.” I said weakly. He blinked. “I told you Andy, Maddie was the perfect girl for you for a blind date, smart funny and rich.” Becca said. “um thanks Becca.” I said weakly. There was a knock on the door. I went to open it the cops were there. I opened the door. “Madeline Prescot?” he asked me. I nodded.

A few hours later the cops drove me home. I went straight in. Nathan pulled me into a hug. “Oh Madeline.” He said worried. “He didn’t sign in with his parole officer.” I said weakly. “I know Maddie.” Nathan said holding me tight, I started crying. “what if he hurts you and the kids to get to me?” I asked crying. “Im so scared.” I said. Nathan took a deep breath. “Until hes caught my lawyer has suggested.” He started. “that we go on a small vaction.” He told me. “but you cant leave work.” I started. “Hell Maddie im the boss I can have a vaction. In fact the office in germany has been wanting me to visit for a while.” He said. I nodded. “Let me guess Dominic can cover you here whilst we are away.” I said weakly. “I havent told him yet.” Nathan admitted. “you havent but you think you can take a vaction?” I said. “my office can email me everything, like they did when Jess was.” He started he teared up. “Maddie sweetheart, how I and the lawyers and the cops read that. It was a threat to kill you baby.” he said holding me tight. “The office will be fine. Dominic will understand so will the staff.” He said. “What if he follows us.” I said weakly. “he cant leave the country he hasn’t got a passport and his names been flagged for skipping parole.” Nathan said. I swallowed. “Whys he like this, he used to be so soft.” I said crying. “I don’t know kiddo but maybe you remember him how you want to. Not how he really was.” Nathan said weakly. “or maybe he never showed you his dark side.” He said. “go pack a small bag I will tell the kids to but help me make sure they don’t forget anything they cant live a few days without.” He said. I nodded. He set the alarm. “I will let Rosie and Dominic know.” Nathan said I nodded and went upstairs. Was I really running scared from my ex from 5 years ago?” I cried in my bedroom, starting to pack. “Auntie Maddie whats going on?” Avery asked, she and Ethan stood there. I didn’t want to lie to them, but I was scared of the truth. “Can you sit.” I said. they both quickly did. “Whats going on auntie Maddie, dads been ringing people all morning, you’ve just been brought back by the cops and dads told us to pack a bag for a small holiday?” Ethan said. “you too remember my loser ex boyfriend?” I asked weakly. “yes?” Avery asked. “he wasn’t happy I went on a date last night.” I said tears running down my face. “So we have to go on vaction?” Ethan asked. “he kind of threatened to kill me.” I said. when I said it the reality hit again and I started shaking so scared. I never feared people before like I now did. I was so scared. “We will pack.” Avery said suprising me. she squeezed my hand. “its okay.” Avery said. I nodded. “can you pack and help the twins. Tell them nothing to big but not to forget something they cant live without. Don’t tell them whats happened. Just that we are going on a vacation that they will love.” I said. “okay.” Ethan said. he left the room then. “its not your fault auntie Maddie.” Avery said. “Im sorry sweety im meant to be the grown up.” I said. “Its alright we all make mistake he was yours.” He said. I nodded. “Go pack a bag.” I said. I packed some clothes in mine. I then went Olivas room and packed hers, making sure I didn’t forget her teddy. I then went Tamsins and did same. When I went downstairs Nathan was still on the phone. “its fine Dominic.” I heard Nathan say. “im going to go the germany office until hes arrested so email me.” Nathan was saying. “Thankyou that’s great. I am sorry for the.” Nathan started. “Shes very scared. I don’t blame her the cops no he used blood to write the note.” Nathan said. “I don’t know.” Nathan said. “that’s as much as my lawyer could tell me.” Nathan said. “She went on a date Dominic, just a small double date with friends and he flipped.” Nathan said. I could tell the worry. “I have a feeling if she had bloody done more, she wouldn’t of left that hotel.” Nathan said scared. He was scared which made me even more frighterend. “Nathan all the kids are packed.” I said weakly going in the room. “Alright sweetheart.” He said. “Rosie is going to keep an eye on the house whilst we are gone.” he told me I nodded weakly. “isn’t she coming?” I asked. “She is on a visa Maddie she cant just.” He started. I nodded I understood. “I will talk to you later Dominic, ive booked our tickets for a few hours time and its best we make a move to the airport.” Nathan said. I was running from my ex. I hated it. “Nathan im sorry.” I said. “Sweetheart its not your fault.” He assured me. “If I had never.” I started. “you were 16 sweetheart. You havent spoke to the guy in 5 years.” He said, tears run down my face. He came up to me and hugged me tight. “if any of you get hurt ill.” I started, id never forgive myself. “its fine sweetheart, that’s why we are going on a small vaction, when we come back he will be arrested.” Nathan assured me. I nodded weakly. “He broke his restraining order whilst out on parole he didn’t turn up for his parole and he threatened to kill you sweetheart. Hes possibly going away for a very long time.” Nathan said holding me. I cried on his shoulder. “You and me kiddo we got this.” He said. I cried more. “Maddie.” He sighed. I nodded. “What ever happens sweetheart this isn’t your fault.” He told me. I didn’t know how to belive that. “Im going to go pack the stuff in the car.” I said weakly. “Okay have the kids got everything?” he asked me. “Derek and Greg, Avery and Ethan are all still packing.” I admitted. “okay im going to go pack myself.” He told me. “Where are the little ones?” He asked me. “Tamsins explaining to all her toys shes going on holiday and Oliva is helping her choose 5 toys to bring.” I admitted. “I can get them toys there. we are limited on weight limit.” He said weakly. “that’s why I want to put the bags in the car before they add more.” I told him. “Alright.” He told me. “what car are we going in?” I said weakly. “We are going to use the old car because I will drive.” He said. I nodded. “ill go pack.” He told me. I nodded. I went into the kitchen and started making sandwiches to go with us. Ethan came in. “all packed?” I asked him. “can buy what I want there if I forget it, got a few books and few clothes im all good.” He assured me. I weakly smiled. “sorry Babyboy.” I said. “it aint your fault, anyway we needed a vaction.” He said. I weakly smiled. “its not like I will miss much from school.” He told me. “what about the girl?” I asked him. he weakly smiled. “She still wont give me the time of day.” He admitted. “That’s her loss.” I assured him. “She thinks im just a rich jerk, who only wants to be with her because I feel sorry for her.” he said. I blinked. “why the hell would she feel like that. Your not like that at all.” I said confused. “Shes kind of had a really rough up bringing and doesn’t trust people.” He admitted. “Don’t push her.” I said. “I wont.” He assured me. I nodded. “im going to put the bags in the car can you get the chips down for me.” I said pointing at the top of the cupboreds. We had to keep them out of reach. “alright.” He assured me. he looked at the food in the bag. “Auntie Maddie we are going on a plane and we can afford airport food.” He said weakly. “I don’t know what im doing.” I admitted. “I can tell.” He said. I hugged him briefly. “I love you Babyboy.” I told him. “I love you too auntie Maddie.” He assured me. I went outside carrying a suitcase.

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