The chess of my life

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Chapter 15 - Maddie

I was just loading the last suitcase when a voice I dreaded hearing called me. I didn’t have time to react. I looked up in fear and the bang echoed, then shouting followed and another bang then another and another. I fell to the floor behind the car to protect myself from him, knowing from the pain that he had hit me I think twice but I wasn’t sure the pain in my shoulder was taking all the feeling from elsewhere in my body. I was just praying he hadn’t hit anyone else with the second third and fourth bang. All the kids were still inside they had to be. I couldn’t live with myself if he had hurt anyone else.

Espically the kids. it hurt like hell and blood was already flowing onto my green top, hed got my shoulder. Fuck but at least I was alive to know that. The kids he was still there wasn’t he. I didn’t want the kids coming out. “Maddie.” Greg yelled from the kitchen door. “Greg stay in the house.” I yelled. shit. “I leaned against the car. Another shot hadn’t followed, was he still there. Nathan came running out. “Nathan.” I said he couldn’t be out here, he was all the kids had “go back in.” I said worried. “its alright Ethan and Avery have got the kids.” He assured me. “but.” I started. “Maddie sweetheart.” He said he looked up at the house. “Ethan get a towel.” He yelled. “Don’t bring them out.” I said to him scared. “Maddie sweetheart, its okay.” Nathan said to me. “its not hes still.” I started. “sweetheart hes with the cops.” He assured me. I blinked, when had that happened? “Are you sure.” I asked. he nodded. He kissed my forhead. “its okay baby don’t move.” He told me. “an ambalance is on the way.” a voice I didn’t know said. I looked up and there was an officer. I looked at him not sure what to say. Ethan appeared with a towel. Nathan put it on my shoulder and pressed down. “Its okay.” Nathan assured me. “Ethan go back in with the kids.” Nathan told him. Ethan said something I missed they all said something I missed. “Shes in shock.” I heard. Well okay I heard that. “Hows the cop?” Nathan asked. I blinked. “Maddie.” Nathan said. he pressed another towel on my leg and I realised that hurt too. “Hes gone sweetheart, its over.” Nathan assured me running his hand over my face. I didn’t understand what was going on. There was so much noise around me and I couldn’t put any of it to make sense. Was James gone? the cops got here so fast. “Maddie.” Nathan said. I was lifted into the ambalance.

“Do you know her blood type.” I or Nathan was asked. “Whats her name?” someone asked. “Madeline Prescott but she goes by Maddie.” Nathan said. “Shes A-negetive.” He said. “how old is she?” he was asked. “Maddie look at the light.” I was told, I tried to but to be honest I was tired and the pain was to much. I was in the ambalance. “shes 24.” He said. He told them my date of birth. “any allergies?” he was asked. “Codine and shellfish. Shes also reacted to antisezuire medicine when she was a baby.” he said. “Nathan the kids.” I said. “there fine Maddie there with a cop.” He assured me. “Alright we need to get her to the hospital. this may sting but stay still Maddie.” I was told. I did I didn’t feel anything. There was a lot of noise. “Nathan the kids.” I said. “there fine sweetheart. I will go to them in a second.” He assured me. “Don’t worry I will be at the hospital in a bit.” He assured me. he kissed my head. “your relationship?” I heard Nathan be asked. “Family.” Nathan said after a long pause. Technically I still was, wasn’t I? “im her next of kin.” Nathan said calmly and truthfully. A mask was put over my face, I just kept breathing. Not sure what to do. All I wanted to do was cry. “One of them cut my jeans the pain was emence. I think I screamed as another cut my top. I couldn’t honestly tell you as it was then that I passed out.

I could hear the sound of cars, I realised I was still in the ambalance. “Maddie.” A paramedic was saying. “yeah.” I said weakly. “Okay Maddie can you wiggle your fingers for me?” he asked me. I think I wiggled them. “that’s brilliant Maddie.” He said. it was painful but I think I did it. “okay can you wiggle your toes for me?” he asked. I did it was extremely painful. “Alright.” He said. “it looks like the bullets still in her shoulder.” someone said. “It looks the same for her leg.” I heard someone say. “I was shot.” I said not beliving it. “Maddie do you remember what happened?” I was asked a guy shining the light in my eyes. “yeah my ex boyfriend shot me.” I said weakly. “okay Maddie. We are almost there, it might be painful getting you off. But just keep breathing the gas and air.” He said. “Tell me Maddie what is your favioute food?” he asked me. why did he want to know that? “desert.” I said. he smiled at me. “what kind of desert?” he asked me. “Chocolate.” I assured him. “Okay Maddie whats your date of birth and how old are you.” He asked me. I told him even though Nathan already had. The ambalance stopped moving. I waited. The doors were opened. The paramedic next to me said something I missed. “just keep breathing as normally as you can.” He said to me. The moment they started moving me the pain was emence and I think I blacked out.

I woke up to the beeping of machines. I just lay there, the mask was gone. that was good. In fact I only felt a small tube to my nose and it was only oxygen I think. And an iv into my arm that was red. I was having a blood fusion? Okay I could understand that. A doctor was over quickly. he said something but it just went in one ear and out the other as I went back to sleep.

“the bullets were all taken out without to much damage. But it may take some physico.” I heard someone say as I opened my eyes. Nathan was sat there and he looked worried. Hed got changed. So had I when had I got into a hospital gown? Oh who cared. “Morning kiddo.” Nathan said with a smile at me. “morning.” I said weakly, trying to smile back. I was asked loads of questions. My date of birth again, how much pain I was in. after the doctor left I feel back to sleep with Nathan squeezing my hand.

The next time I opened my eyes it was dark. Rosie was sat next to me. “hey Rosie.” I said with a smile. She thanked the god a lot in spainish and I could tell she wanted to hug me. “Whats the time?” I asked weakly. “11pm.” She told me. “Oh you must be shattered.” I said worried. She gave me a look I knew so well. I weakly smiled at her. she cursed me for worrying her so much. She cursed James to hell. I still didn’t know what had happened to him. I had a few sips of water and a dry piece of toast that had apparently been sat there for me for a while. I was on a drip now but not blood. A nurse came in and checked me over. I realised I was in a private room. I didn’t ask Rosie what happened, because I wasn’t ready to know. i still felt tired. I driffed back to sleep to Rosie telling me all about what I missed on say yes to the dress. Not that I really watched it. But apparently the dress was the most ugliest she had ever seen and that was coming from someone who married her husband in the 70s at the hight of ugly dresses and she would show me her dress one day. So I understood what was wrong with her dress. I found myself giggling. I looked at my name on my wrist. It was just a few of my details. My name date of birth and allergys. i fell back to sleep to Rosie god I hoped she didn’t take it personally.

When I woke up again it was still dark. I really needed a pee. I looked at Rosie asleep in the chair. “Rosie.” I said was I allowed out the bed. “Si cariño?” she asked me more asleep than awake. “I need a pee am I allowed to go toilet?” I asked. “You have a cathateriea.” She told me. “oh.” I said weakly. “Can I have that taken out and go toilet?” I asked weakly. “morning.” She told me. a nurse came in then though. “Excuse me can I go toilet?” I asked her. she emptied the cathetera and the feeling went. Okay no toilet. She gave me a drink though. I was bored quickly. Rosie gave me a suduko book and I spent an hour doing that, before breakifast was brought out. I had ceral and toast and painkillers, the breakifast of champions. Rosie moaned about how bad it was for me. What she doesn’t know I eat doesn’t hurt her. An hour later she gave me a kiss and when Rebecca arrived she left me. really they were being ott. Becca hugged me for a hell of alont time. “I cant belive.” She said. “me either.” I said. I thought it was best I ask her rather than anyone else. “do you know what happened?” I asked. “no I just got told you were shot.” She said holding me being careful of my shoulder. She helped me have a quick wash and a nurse helped me put on a fresh hospital gown. Becca then did my makeup saying being as pale as I was was scary and there was no excuse not to look after my hair and makeup, even after an operation to remove bullets, oh yeah and being shot. I laughed but I let her fuss over my hair. She loved playing with my hair anyway. It was the funnest part of being her roommate in college. She fussed over me and made me laugh and made me forget about things for a few hours. We didn’t mention james or the hreat. “So you slept with Andy?” she asked me. “yeah.” I said as a question. “did you fake an orgasim?” she asked me deadly serious. “omg did he say?” I started. She laughed. “I over heard him say that you weren’t into him because you faked your orgasim.” She said. “it wasn’t the fact I weren’t into him. he seemed really nice. He just didn’t hit the right spots.” I started. “yeah I know what you mean.” She assured me. I giggled so did she. She finished braiding my hair. “done that will keep it away from your shoulder. “when do you fly out?” I asked. “tomorrow but.” She started. “are you and Kayden alright?” I asked. “yeah we are fine.” She assured me. “hes nice.” I told her. “but then im not the best judge on guys.” I told her. “yeah I know.” she told me. I gave her a moaked outraged face, she laughed. “hes really nice and hes the first guy my parents have approved off.” She told me. “wow.” I said. “I know right.” Becca said. “I didn’t think your parents ever would.” I started. “me either I blame Maria for getting married, it makes them kind of hopeful I will.” She said. I smiled. “and are you thinking about it?” I asked. “Sometimes, but its too early. Kayden and I have only been together 20 months I want to date at least 3 years before we even think about it. Then a year at least engagement.”

She said. “aren’t you already living together?” I asked her. “No actually we aren’t.” she said. that took me by surprise. “your not?” I asked her. “He hasn’t asked me to move in yet and I havent him. I spend 3 nights a week at his though and he spends 3 nights at mine, then one night we don’t.” she said. I blinked at her. “I kind of think that’s living together.” I said. “Has he got a toothbrush at yours?” I asked. “yes.” She said. “have you got one at his?” I asked her. “yes ofcourse it would be gross not to.” She said. “im deffently not the expert, my only boyfriend ive ever had just shot me.” I said weakly. “but I say your living together.” I said. “do you have clothes at his?” I asked. “yeah.” She said. I laughed. “Alright but neither of us have admitted we are living together.” She said. I laughed. Maria came in the room then, “What are you two giggling about I can hear you all the way down the corridor.” She said she came in and straight away gave me a kiss on my head. “Don’t ever, ever scare me like that again. Getting a phone call telling me your in hospital and been shot!” Maria said firmly. i could tell she wanted to hug me, so I moved to hug her away from my bad shoulder. “Doctor Maria Hall, your patient is fragile.” Rebecca teased her. “My girls are always fragile.” She said. “I told you when you started dating the loser he wasn’t good enough for you.” Maria said. “Oh no shes going in lecture mode just hug her and tell her your glad shes okay.” Becca told her. Maria did she put loads of chocolate sweeties and cakes on my table and told me I was going to be okay. “end up with diabetes but okay.” Becca said seeing all the sweets. “did you get her any grapes?” Becca asked. “its Maddie I thought the only fruit she would want would be covered in chocolate.” She said. “I also didn’t get you any flowers, because I thought it best not to.” Maria said. I hugged her and opened the chocolate bar the three of us ate it laughing. “So maria how many days do you think it will be before I can at least have the catater removed?” I asked. “I don’t know it depends on your doctors, I wouldn’t be able to say without reading your notes.” she said. “take a peak.” I said. she went up to my notes. She opened them. A weired look crossed her face. She was reading something. “does that say theres perment damage?” I asked worried. “no.” she assured me. “well not what ive read yet.” She said.

“Maddie were you adopted?” she asked me. “Not that anyones ever told me and mom had loads of pictures of her holding us in the hospital incubaters who would adopt two very sick babys.” I said blinking at her confused. “why?” I asked weird. “Don’t worry must just be an error in the paperwork.” She shrugged it off. “Mention that to your doctor.” She said. “what does it say?” I asked confused. “Don’t worry I might of just read it wrong.” She said. I gave her a weird look but shrugged it off. “What was your moms blood type?” she asked me. “B+.” I said. “what was your dads?” she asked me. “O-” I said. “but you’re A-“ she said looking confused. “Are you sure on your parents blood type?” she asked me. “Yeah mom had loads of transfusions and dad had two.” I said. but I knew what she was getting at how was I A-? “What was Addisons?” she asked weakly, they all knew I didn’t like talking about Addie. “A- same as me.” I said. she looked at my notes so confused. “Your parents blood type must have been wrong.” She said. “What was Jessica?” she asked me. “O-.” I said. “What are the kids?” she asked. “Tamsins A-. Olivas O-. Dereks and Greg are both A-.” I started see I was the same as the kids. “whats Nathan?” she asked me. “A I think.” I said I didn’t know. “Maybe my grandparents were A or something.” I said. I was filled with doubt which was scary. I couldn’t be adopted could i? “I couldn’t be adopted, they surely would of told me.” I found myself saying. Maria read my notes. “your allergic to shellfish?” she asked me. “So was Addie.” I found myself saying in my defence. “were your parents?” she asked. “no.” I said. “but Ethan is the same.” I started. “Maddie im not trying to attack you, I just think your notes are slightly wrong.” She hugged me. but doubt was pouring through my mind. I wasn’t adopted was I? Nathan would of told me. “Nathan would of told me, he cant keep secrets.” I said. “That’s true remember your 13th birthday.” Becca said. I weakly smiled. Maria gave me a sad smile. “I didn’t mean to make you worry.” She said. I nodded I knew that. “I have the same blood type as the kids.” I said in my defence. “hell I even have the same hair colour as Oliva.” I said. “How long do you think youll be in. I don’t want to leave you whilst your in hospital.” Becca said. I weakly smiled I knew it was a subject change. “I don’t know Maria has my notes.” I said. Maria gave me a weak smile. “it doesn’t say but your down for another transfusion later which be good your even paler than normal ging.” She teased weakly. “its strawberry blonde not ginger.” I said. “Addie was a mini jess we cant of been adopted.” I said in my defence. But doubt was still in my mind. “forget I mentioned it Mads.” Maria said. She very quickly changed the subject about Rebeccas visit and how mean it was she didn’t get invited on the double date. “well you’re a married woman now.” Becca teased her back.

A nurse came in gave me more tablets which made me sleepy. I listened to the two of them bicker remembering why the three of us didn’t room together and it wasn’t just because Maria was in a different campus. I fell back to sleep to the two of them chatting.

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