The chess of my life

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Chapter 16 - Dominic

I looked at the brunnete in my bed her body spread out for me, god she was amazing dinner had gone well last night and then back to my home had gone brilliant. In fact I planned to have a lot of fun with her this morning. I wasn’t due at the office today so I could spend a good few hours getting to know the woman. I looked around wondering what had woke me up. Sighed when I realised it was my cell. I saw it was Nathan. What the hell could be wrong for him to ring me on a weekend. He normally spent the whole weekend lately doing things with the kids. I answered “Hello.” I started. “Hello Dominic.” He started. I could hear the worry in his voice something was wrong. Please don’t be bad news about his latest project, because we had already held it back three weeks. He took a deep breath. “I hate to ask this Dominic, but I need to go out of town a few weeks.” Nathan started. “why is something wrong?” I asked. “I will be based at the Germany office for a few weeks im avalible by email 24 7 and phone.” He started. “why is something wrong with the Germany office. I knew he wanted to visit but he was doing that via video call last he said. “what about the kids, they cant be happy with you.” I started. Hell what had brought this spur of the moment trip on. “The kids are coming with me.” he told me. “And miss a few days of school?” I questioned him. “okay whos stolen Nathan Reids phone.” I said jokingly. “Madelines ex.” He started. “He made a big enough threat that your actually taking the kids abroad?” I asked in disbelief. “he basicly wrote a threat and left it outside her hotel room she stayed in with a friend last night, threatening if he cant have her no one will. The cops and my lwayers.” Nathan started. “Say to take it serious.” I guessed. “he wrote it in blood, I havent been told if it was his or not yet, but my lawyer said to take the kids away until hes caught.” Nathan said. “isn’t he on bail. Don’t they know where he is?” I demanded remembering the few things I knew hed already done. I knew Nathans daughter was walking on egg shells with the guy. But this far what had tipped him over the edge. “He skipped bail yet they didn’t think to inform me.” Nathan said he sounded pissed of. “he hasnt been in a week and they think Maddie might of tipped him over yesterday.” He sighed. “I will cover anything you need here.” I assured him. “Do you need anything else?” I asked worried. “its fine Dominic.” He told me. “So where are you taking the kids?” I asked worried. “im going to go the germany office until hes arrested so email me.” he told me. “yes no problem I will make sure everythings running smoothly whilst your away.” I assured him. “Thankyou that’s great. I am sorry for the.” Nathan started. “its not a problem im here to help we are business partners and your kids safety is a huge piorty. Is she okay what happened?” I asked. “Shes very scared. I don’t blame her the cops no he used blood to write the note.” Nathan said he sounded extremely worried. Hell what happened? “What put him over the edge is it someone elses blood? Will he be sent back to jail so he isn’t a threat?” I asked worried. “I don’t know.” Nathan said. “that’s as much as my lawyer could tell me.” Nathan said he sounded so exhursted. I didn’t blame him. the woman in my bed sat up. She must have heard some of my call. “Do you have any idea what could of put him over?” I asked worried. “She went on a date Dominic, just a small double date with friends and he flipped.” Nathan sighed. Fuck sake that girl would never feel safe to move on and date again. “I have a feeling if she had bloody done more, she wouldn’t of left that hotel.” Nathan said. “How bad was it.” I asked wondering what he had left for her to make Nathan as worried. Not that a note wrote in blood wasn’t scary enough. “Nathan all the kids are packed.” I heard Maddies voice say, she sounded scared and tired. I knew her from the office she had spunk normaly. She wasn’t tired or scared normaly. She had a thirst for knowledge that she couldn’t seem to fill quick enough. “Alright sweetheart.” Nathan said to her. “Did you need someone to watch the house for you? In case he comes?” I asked worried. I would do it. “Rosie is going to keep an eye on the house whilst we are gone.” he said to me. “isn’t she coming?” I heard Maddie ask worried. “She is on a visa Maddie she cant just.” Nathan started to explain. Knowing he had stuff to sort out I decided to say goodbye. “alright is there much else you need me to do?” I asked him calmly, wondering if there was any work at the office he needed completing. “I will talk to you later Dominic, ive booked our tickets for a few hours time and its best we make a move to the airport.” Nathan told me. “Nathan im sorry.” I heard Maddie say. “talk later.” I told him because he had a lot to sort out. “Sweetheart its not your fault.” Nathan assured Maddie. I hung up. I looked at the brunnete awake on my bed. “everything okay?” she asked me. No and now I wasn’t in the mood for the woman either. Louis that was the georgous brunnettes name who was 31 and a accountant. Not someone who worked for me, but someone I had been able to hold a conversation with. “Nothing to worry about.” I assured her. she weakly smiled at me. “Last night was brilliant but I don’t normally do this.” She told me. then why do it with me? I wouldn’t say that though. I leaned back in bed. “what about breakifast do you do breakifast?” I asked her. “I could do with breakifast.” She said. “what about I cook one up or we can go to a restaurant.” I said. I saw the smile, I was being played for a sucker. But hey she was good. “What about brunch?” she said. “I will just go home and change.” She said. “why change?” I asked her. “you look amazing in what you’ve got on.” I told her. she was naked and she did look amazing. Sleeping with Madeline a few months ago had shown me a few things. I wanted a tiny bit more weight on the woman I dated. Not big but curves. I also liked a womans natural boobs to fake. This woman had both and she really had been amazing to talk to and last night. She climbed on my lap, I grabbed a condom from my side and slid it on then she straddled me. then she rode me to another orgasim for her and another realse for me.

It was the evening and surely Nathan would of landed by now. I thought it best to give him a ring. If he was asleep I could apoligise who knew about time differences but it was only 9pm here. I rung. He answered. “Hello.” He said. “Hows everything?” I asked. “how was your flights?” I asked. “we didn’t make the plane.” He said. “You didn’t but your all alright?” I checked hearing something in his voice. “Still waiting for Maddie to come out of theatre.” He said so worried. “what!” I kind of asked shocked. “what happened?” I asked afraid to know the answer. “She was loading the car. I thought she was in the kitchen but she had told Ethan to make the sandwiches whilst she loaded the car.” He said worried. “I was just sorting out Tamsin throwing a paddy because she couldn’t bring all her toys.” Nathan said. he sounded so bloody worried, I was tempted to tell him I would come down there for him. “He shot her from outside the gate, she wouldn’t of even realised he was there.” Nathan said. Fuck. “Is she alright. Did.” I started. “They say shes going to be fine. She did the sensible thing and throw herself behind the car away from the street to protect herself with the car.” He told me. “Did they catch him?” I asked worried. Please tell me they caught him. “Yeah they caught him.” he said. “He shot at an officer as well hes going away for a long time.” Nathan said. I swallowed that was good news in a way. he wouldn’t ever be bothering her again. “Mr Reid.” I heard. “Yes how is she?” Nathan asked worried. “she is fine shes going to be taken up in a mininute the doctors are just waiting for her to come around from the anastestic.” He was told. “I will let you go Nathan, ring me if you need anything.” I told him and hang up. I doubt he heard me. I sank in my most comfortable chair. I couldn’t belive what had happened.

The next day I got a phone call from Nathan. “How is everything?” I asked him. “Shes bored apparently.” He said. I tried not to laugh at how exhursted he sounded but happy and releaved. “Greg where are you going with the fire extinguisher?” Nathan asked worried. “don’t worry dad.” He said. “Worry dad.” I laughed. “I will ring you back.” Nathan said. the phone call ended. I laughed. An hour later the phone rung again. “What was on fire?” I asked. “The swimming pool.” He said. “how did they set the pool on fire?” I asked, hey they were impressive kids. “they set the fire on a float and pushed it into the pool and then couldn’t reach it to put it out.” Nathan said. “I don’t think I pay Maddie enough.” He said laughing. “Oliva what have I told you about playing soccer in the house.” Nathan said after I heard a smash. “it wasn’t me I kicked the ball to Tamsin she kicked it back and smashed the vase.” Oliva said. I laughed. “Can we go see auntie Maddie?” A voice asked. “I told you kids auntie Maddie is having a few days rest and she will be home soon.” Nathan said worried. “you havent told them.” I asked. “the older 4 know.” he assured me. Another smash. “wasn’t me.” A little voice yelled. “Avery you are not leaving this house in that outfit. In fact you aren’t leaving this house full stop today. I told you to cancel your date.” Nathan said firmly. I was trying my hardest not to laugh. “I HATE YOU.” A teenager voice yelled. “Avery don’t slam.” Nathan yelled. “Ethan.” Nathan started. “what?” I heard Ethan say. “Can you supervise someone for me. I need to make an important call.” Nathan said. “AVERY NO MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR YOUR UGLY SO JUST WEAR CLOTHES. TAMSIN OLIVA LETS GO PLAY SOCCER OUTSIDE. DEREK GREG YOUR WATCHING THE SAFETY VIDEO.” The eldest yelled. “Thanks bud.” Nathan said. “Dad can I go the hospital after school tomorrow?” Ethan asked. “I told you, you didn’t have to go school until.” Nathan started. “Keep us in our routine dad or we will revolt.” Ethan said. “Okay finally.” Nathan said. “Hows it going?” I asked him. “She seems fine shes bored done two sudokko books but her friends are with her and shes on quite a strong amount of medication. She didn’t ask about James. She just made sure the kids were okay.” He told me. “did the kids see it?” I asked worried. “just Greg.” He admitted sighing. “Hes very shook up about it. He was about to go out to help when he heard the gun fire.” He said. “shit.” I swore. “I know, he seems to understand there was nothing that could of changed what happened.” Nathan said. “Ive explained we aren’t going now so all the kids have unpacked. The youngest are upset they thought we were going Disney again.” He sighed. “Avery.” Nathan said firmly. “I am not saying this again you are not leaving my house in that outfit.” Nathan said. “God dad.” Avery said. “AVERY.” Nathan yelled. “Don’t have teenagers.” Nathan told me. “your putting me off kids fullstop.” I assured him. “They were all cute once.” He said weakly. “I wont be in the office tomorrow but im reachable and the office will be running as normal tomorrow.” He assured me. “that’s fine I fully understand. Just be there with your family.” I assured him. “Dominic.” Nathan sighed. “I understand.” I said he didn’t need to finish, I could hear worry. “How are you coping?” I asked him. “ive never seen so much blood.” He said I could hear his voice go up and down. he was finding it hard. “Did you want me to look after the kids for you so you can go?” I asked. Hell it would be hard his kids weren’t easy but I could tell it was killing him not being there. “Its fine but thankyou for the offer. I wouldn’t put my kids on my worst enermy.” Nathan said. “shes alright shes not alone. Her friends can keep her more distacted than I and the kids could currently. And her best friends in her last year of med school. I think shes got it.” He said worried. “im going when the kids are at school tomorrow and Tamsin is with Rosie.” He said. “I will keep in touch about work, if theres anything you think needs my attention.” He started. “it can wait a week.” I assured him. “are you sure?” he asked me. “I have work covered just look after your daughter and make sure her ex is put away.” I told him. “I will, thankyou Dominic. I will leave you to whats left of your Sunday.” He said. he did.

Monday about 2pm my cell rung. “Hows everything?” I asked Nathan. “she knows.” He said. “she knows her boyfriends been caught?” I asked that was a good thing. “No she knows she was adopted.” Nathan said. “Are you both okay?” I asked him. “She asked me to leave and she would ring me later she needs to get her head around it.” Nathan said. I could hear his emotions. “Did you want me to try talk to her?” I asked. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea.” He sighed. “As far as shes concerned right now all ive done to her is lie her whole life.” Nathan said. “did she say that?” I asked. “no.” he said. “what did she say exactly?” I asked. “it’s a long story.” He said. “Did you tell her?” I asked. “no, she worked it out.” he said. “how?” I asked. “her blood group.” Nathan said. “If her mom and dad was who she thought she wouldn’t be her blood group.” He said. “oh and she never realised?” I started. “I don’t think shes ever questioned it before.” Nathan sighed. He started explaining his talk with his eldest.

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