The chess of my life

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Chapter 18 - Maddie

I took a deep breath it had been two months since I got out of hospital. I walked again even though I still had to use a crutch and was still on painkillers to get me through most days. I couldn’t pick Tamsin up and that almost killed me. I was still on the anxity medication and I might be for a long time. Today I could barely breath as I was sat in the chair talking about James. Not just about the shooting. But our relationship in a whole from years ago. Because they found child porn on his computer as well, some of them pictures of me that I never knew he took. But then I was asleep in the pictures and some were taken from across the room. I never knew and they belived that I didn’t. I talked about everything, glad I had told Nathan not to come in. He had wanted to, to support me. but the moment the lawyer said I would be asked questions about my sex life with James. I told him to wait outside. It was for the best. There was only so much I would want him to know as my brother in law. There was even less that I would want him to know as my birthdad. That was how I was doing it in my head currently. Birthdad and dad. Because Nathan was right at the end of day mom and dad had raised me and Addie they had always been there. but I couldn’t say Nathan hadn’t been. He had never missed anything big. Mine and Addies first day of kindergarten, he and Jess had taken us. Addies games he had made to everyone. 25 years is what James got and himself on the sex offenders registration as another girl came forward the girl I had seen him with. I had thought she was older than me she wasn’t she was 15. It was a shock. Part of me thought hed get 5 max, when the judge said 25 years I almost fell of the chair I was sat in. it didn’t help he spent the whole trial looking at me. he even shouted twice that he still loved me. he was gone, when he gets out I will be a few months of my 50s if he serves his whole sentence. He wont get out until hell be in his 60s I doubt a 60 year old would look up his ex girlfriend. He would never hurt me and anyone I care about again. He was gone. so gone. he was taken straight out of there. straight to jail. I didn’t have to worry about him anymore. When I went out Nathan was stood there. “how did it go?” he asked me worried. “he got 25 years.” His lawyer said, before I did. “How do you feel Maddie?” Nathan asked me. “Less scared.” I admitted. He pulled me into a gentle hug. Mine and Nathans relationship might take a while to repair but I wasn’t mad at him, I don’t know how I really felt. Lied to but I kind of got it. Hell at that age they were when they had Addie and me, I made a different choice and I tried never to think about it. If I had that option avalible to me I know I would of done the same. So no I wasn’t mad at Nathan, I was mad at me. I was mad at myself for not realising. I was mad at myself for how I reacted with Nathan when I found out. I was mad at myself for how I was reacting with him now. I was mad our relationship was currently strained even though he was treating me the same way he always had. That he loved me. I was just mad.

A month later I was back to work, I wasn’t using the crutch although I still was going physio. I was doing so well, I was proud of myself. I was still on the anxity tablets and the antidepresents but I wasn’t on the pain killers except bad evenings. I could pick Tamsin up and carry her again. I was getting there. Nathan and my relationship was slightly better. I was enjoying work. I was getting back on with my life. I was in the room doing the math looking at the board on my own because everyone had gone for lunch but I couldn’t let it go. I was too deep. I used to go days without breaks when I was working. Jessica used to shake her head and put a sandwich down for me. that I would pick up whilst working. This math would make sense and it was only going to take me a few hours to make it. I knew I had to pick up the kids at 3 and I wouldn’t be back till Monday. I wouldn’t be able to rest the weekend if I didn’t crack it. “Madeline.” Dominics voice said, I could tell he wanted to laugh, I think it was the 5th time hed come to check in the hour. “Just let me know when I got to go get the kids.” I said. “You’ve got to go get the kids.” He said. I blinked at him. I saw the smile on his face. I looked at the time. “its only 1.” I said. “yes but it got your attention. You don’t get paid more for not taking your lunch break.” he said. “good thing I don’t do this for money.” I said. “one day youll go over your unlimited creditcard.” He said but there was sarcasim in his voice. “I don’t think that’s possible and I still havent got my trustfund, I havent touched my millions.” I said with a smile. He looked at me and shook his head. “Madeline Nathan will not be happy if you don’t eat.” He said. only because you have to eat with my medication, which I hadn’t took yet. I rolled my eyes though. Dominic was one of the only guys that I didn’t mind being in a room alone with. “Lunch Madeline.” Dominic said. I pulled out a wrap Rosie had made me for my lunch from my bag. “happy?” I asked with a smile. “Yes.” He said. “now explain whilst you eat what your working on.” He said. I started to explain as I ate my wrap. Drunk my drink and took my tablets. He didn’t comment on anything but the math. When everyone came back we got back to work. Dominic stayed down, like Nathan he was a very hands on boss when the work interested him.

2 weeks later and it was all over, my internship was over for the summerbreak and I wasn’t meant to be going back to it. Because I had done my terms of it. I had enjoyed it same as all the interns had. I knew 3 of them had been offered jobs and I was proud of them and happy for them. I had just been called into Dominics office. He put a file on the table in front of me. Similar to how he did it the first time. I looked at him suspicious. “The jobs yours if you want it.” He told me. “Now when your ready.” He started, he obviously could see my anxity. How come I couldn’t just open it. Why couldn’t I just be the girl who walked up to that guy in the bar and took him back to my hotel room. I still was nervous when I was alone I also didn’t like crowds. I wasn’t the same me and no matter how hard I tried I was to nervous to be. “Madeline.” Dominic said. “when you say my name like that I still feel like im in trouble.” I mumbled. “I havent got all day.” He told me. I took a deep breath. “cant you just tell me the job offer.” I asked. “or open it for me.” I said. he watched me pulled it towards him, he looked at me and opened it. He then put the papers in front of me. I looked down nervously. First thing I saw was 9.45am I looked at the finish time. 2.15pm. “9.45?” I asked. “it takes 20 miniutes to get here from your school run. Your always running late.” He started. I smiled. “Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday.” I started. “Madeline its 5 days a week 9.45-2.15 I know it doesn’t give you your child free day.” He started. “but the project that’s come up will interest you, I am sure.” He said. “Who will I be working with?” I asked, could he tell I was worried. “John will be incharge of the project.” He told me. “there will be one of the interns from last year, who you didn’t work with due to different days.” He said. I nodded. “There will also be a new intern doing there masters that’s to be selected.” He told me. I nodded. “then there is Jasmine and Georgia.” He told me. I nodded. “Nathans seen it?” I asked. “yes.” He said. “its rubbish pay.” He said but there was a smile. “always is.” I smilled. “where do I sign.” I said. “your not going to read it?” he asked me. “Madeline read it.” He said. “where did you get $22.80 an hour from?” I asked. “$570 A week before tax.” I said. “like I said its not a lot of money.” He said. “its more than most people get at other jobs.” I pointed out. “that’s true.” He said. “Read it and sign it.” He said. I read it, it looked great. “Nathans seen it?” I said. “yes.” He said. “will I be working out his office or yours?” I asked. “mine but if you need the equipment that he has and we don’t you have a room avalible there.” he assured me. “it’s a project we think youll enjoy.” Dominic said. I signed it before he finished. “Miss Prescott.” He said. I smiled at him. “you knew I was signing anyway.” I said. “I know.” he said but he shook his head. He looked at my lips as I bit my bottom lip. I had learnt if I wanted him to look at my lips all I had to do was bite it or lick it slightly and I had his full attention. I didn’t know how I felt about that. “Did you read your postion?” he asked me. “no, please don’t tell me im the leader that so wouldn’t be fair on John.” I said pulling it close. “Johns leader that’s brilliant.” I said. “he deserves it and I think he’ll enjoy the project.” Dominic told me. “if you feel worried at all about the team.” Dominic started. “Nathan cant protect me forever, one day I got to learn to stand on my feet.” I said. “Maddie.” Dominic said. “No ones saying you need protecting or that you cant.” He assured me. “But at the same time Madeline you have been through a lot this year and are still recovering. This is a one year contract, next year im sure he will let you stand on your own.” Dominic said. “Although he did say something about drinks and the country club.” He told me. I smiled at him. “Sounds boring.” I told him. “that’s what I told him.” Dominic assured me. I smiled at him. He put another folder in front of me. “whats this?” I asked. “stuff to keep the kids entertained during the summerbreak.” He said. “Nathan told you that me and the kids are going to a private island hes hired for a few weeks for the break right?” I asked. “like I said entertainment.” He said calmly. I smiled. “have a nice vacation that sounds a lot of work, try not to start any fires.” He said. I laughed. “I will see you a week after the kids go back to school.” He said. “we all know youll see us over the break.” I said but I smiled. “thankyou.” I said. he nodded. I left his office.

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