The chess of my life

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Chapter 19 - Maddie

First day back at work, the summer break had gone on forever. But the kids and I all had lovely tans, even if I wasn’t so sure my sanity had survived. Avery and Ethan were excited for there last year of Highschool and applying for colleges, hard to belive they were both 17 now. Where had 17 years gone. I can still remember holding them with Addie for the first time. I was going to be 25 soon I had been without Addie longer than I ever had her, yet I still didn’t feel complete. I was still on the anxity and antidepresent medication. But I had stopped looking over my shoulder every miniute. Even if a guy buying me a drink the other week when I was out with Maria had set me on a panic attack. God help a guy if he ever decided to treat me to flowers. Nathan looked at me. “you know you cant always take me to my first day of work.” I said. “have you got your lunchbox?” he asked me. I smiled at him. our relationship was starting to heal it would never be the same. But we were back to mostly how we had been. The teasing was back. I showed him my lunch box. “Anyway I have a meeting with Dominic its pure quecidence it is the same time and day.” He said. “no you arranged it.” I said. he pulled into the carpark. I looked around noting the security guard at a desk behind a bullet proof window watching the security camera. Dominic had really upped his security latly. He escorted me to the elevator. He pressed the button. He was in an almonry suit. I was in black jeans and a pink top, as Dominic liked his staff comfortable and only needed to wear suits if attending a meeting. I wouldn’t be. But I still looked smarter than I used to. I had a thin white cardigan on to cover my arms as Nathan still hated my tattoos and said they looked un professional. The moment I got to hot though it was coming off. “Hold the elevator.” Someone yelled on a skateboard. Really a skatebored? I looked at Nathan trying not to laugh he shook his head and held the door open. The guy skatebored straight into the elevator. Really quickly flashing the securitygaurd his ID and he would have to again when we got upstairs. Nathan scanned his Id giving me a look, that basicly said no. The guy on the skateboared still had his music blaring in his ears. The guy took his headphones out his ears and turned his music off. “thankyou I owe you.” He said. I tried not to laugh, poor intern hadn’t made a good first impression. “You’re the new intern who is on his PHD?” Nathan asked in disbelief. “Dont i look smart?” the guy asked, he was a blonde boy next door type. I would say he looked like he worked out. how come he couldn’t be the tall skinny geek like the guys I went to college with. He wasn’t acting smart though being kind of rude to his boss. Even though Nathan technically wasn’t yet.he would be in a few months. “Oh shit I never introduced myself.” He said. I really tried not to laugh. I had to look away from Nathan. “I am Daniel Brown.” He said calmly holding his hand to Nathan. Nathan looked like he himself now wanted to laugh. “Nathan Reid.” Nathan said. “oh shit.” Daniel said. “its in my file I have no filters.” Daniel said. Nathan sighed and shook his hand and said “I am aware.” I really tried not to laugh. “And you are?” he asked me. “Maddie Prescott.” I said calmly. “oh your on the team im assigned to.” Daniel said with a smile. “Absoultly not.” Nathan mumbled. I don’t know if Daniel heard him but I tried not to laugh, I wanted to point out to Nathan he obviously weren’t my type. Being the fact he was roughly my age.the elevator opened. “Madieline.” Nathan started as I went to get out so I could go to the other elevator. “Yes?” I asked. “I will meet you at the car at 2.20.” he said firmly. “don’t be late.” He said. I wanted to roll my eyes but I nodded. I showed the security guard my id even though he knew me and then I walked into the other elevator Daniel joined me. “the boss gave you a lift?” he asked me. “Yeah he is all about saving the environment.” I shrugged. I went into our new room. John was already writing things up on the board. I looked knowing I was a few weeks behind the team so it was at the stage I found fun. Dominic had been giving me the notes via emails and I was up to date. I went and started looking through the papers. “Coffee?” Georgia said sat at a table with a few cups. “now that’s why I had to email in my coffee prefence nice.” Daniel said. “You must be our intern.” John said without looking back at him. “Yeah that’s me.” Daniel said. “We are still waiting on the other one.” Georgia said. “If he or she turns up.” John said. “John play nice.” I said. he gave me a smile. I took my coffee and a donut. We all got to work. We had been working two hours when another intern arrived. “I am so sorry I am late. I rung Dominic and explained I had to attend a lecture with a guest.” The guy started. He was the tall geeky type, bless him he looked Ethans age. “Alright welcome to the team you are?” “David.” David said looking nervous and pushing his classes up. “your are master intern?” John asked. “Yeah im sorry.” David started. “How old are you?” I asked. “20, I know im young.” He started. “No way I was 20 when I did my masters.” I said with a grin. “Really?” he asked but he was smiling. “yeah go for it.” I said with a smile. “I am John Moore and I am your project manager any problems please feel free to come to me.” John said. Georgia and Jasmine and Daniel introduced themselves. “Sorry I missed your name.” David said as I was working on a bit on the board. “Maddie Prescott.” I said. “thee Maddie presscot? The girl who answered the.” He started. I turned and looked at him. “I didn’t do it alone.” I responded automaticly. He still was looking at me like I was his god. It scared me. “My professor talk about you all the time.” he said. I was nervous. “And your dad.” He said with a huge grin. “Richard Prescott was my hero growing up.” he said. “He was an amazing man.” I said calmly, I went back to my work ignoring him. if I didn’t I would panic. John called lunch break a few miniutes later. Everyone went to the work caferteria excpt me. I stayed and ate my wrap and did some more work. When they came back we all got back to work. “Your not very friendly are you.” Daniel said. “people say I have bad people skills.” Daniel said. “I am not hired for my people skills.” I said. “no your hired because your brilliant.” John said looking at the work I had corrected. “Sorry John I will explain it to you later I just need to complete the next step and I havent got that long till end of day.” I said he rolled his eyes. “explain as you do.” He said. I did. Both Interns watched me in aw. It was worrying.

It had been a month and both interns still looked at me in aw as I worked. Nathan had brought me to work a few times. Dominic then taking me home as I had over worked my time. He told me a few times he wasn’t paying me more. But he smiled when he said it knowing I was wanting the answers. He was taking me home now. “Maddie.” He said. “get your head of the figures.” He said. “you dragged me away from them.” I said. “its your birthday you have to go home on your birthday.” He said with a smile. “There is a meal.” He started. They knew better than to surprise me so here he was being honest. “Your friend Maria and her husband.” He said. I nodded. “Is that why we got cupcakes today.” I asked with a smile. “yes.” He said with a smile. “No one has got you flowers.” He said. I nodded.”why are you telling me?” I asked. “Because you don’t need to be surprised.” He said. “You don’t like suprises you like things to make sense with facts and if you don’t have the facts you need to find them out.” he said. he knew me basicly. “it’s the main reason you were so mad at Nathan at first it wasn’t because he lied, it was the fact you hadn’t seen the facts.” He said. “Don’t be mean it was more a case that everything I thought was true was wrong. It made me scared of how much ive got wrong.” I said.he pulled over. “Don’t be scared Maddie I am not going to hurt you.” He assured me. I blinked at him confused I was scared though. He stopped the car and looked at me. “this just makes talking to you easyer when I can look at you.” He said. “your still on anxity tablets and I see your fear of people around you now.” he said. “So does your dad.” He said. “your not the same girl I met in the bar a year ago.” He said. I knew that. “but that girl in the bar isn’t who you are either.” He said.”it isn’t?” I asked. “no the girl with the kids, the girl in front of the board explainging facts whilst eating redvines expecting everyone just to keep up.” He said. “that’s who you are.” He said. I undid my belt I didn’t really know what I was doing, by the look he gave me neither did he as I slid onto his lap. “What are you doing Maddie?” he asked me. “trying to be spontaneous again.” I said truthfully. he gave me a look as he looked at my lips. I bit it nervously, “I am not going to hurt you Madeline.” He said. “I am too old for you.” He said. “I am friends and business partner with your father.” He informed me. “You told him.” I said. “I told him I slept with you.” Dominic said. the fact I could feel his hard on under me in his pants was slightly encouraging that I wasn’t making a fool of myself. “I told him it was never going to happen again.” He said, he gave me a look and he was keeping his hands to my side not touching me. I was making a mistake and I was being stupid id seen more into something that wasn’t there. I should slide off him, but his hard on kept me on his lap. “Loosinng your confidence Madeline.” He said. “when you say that I feel like im in trouble.” I said. “oh Madeline you most deffently are in trouble.” He said then he kissed me, his arms took hold of my waist and he pulled me closer one of his hands went down and pinched my ass. i opened my mouth like i did in the elevator over a year ago. he slipped his tounge in my mouth his hands started to move around my body. his hand undid my bra and the other undid the blouise i was wearing. he let go of my mouth and pulled back, he took me in. my breathing was fast. "Do you want to know what your dad said when i told him it wouldnt happen again." he said. "not really i dont want to talk about him right now." i said and i took claim of his lips. he kissed me for a while then pulled back. "Do you know how many times youve been sat in my office behind my desk and all ive been able to think about is you bent over it? or laid on top?" he asked me. one hand playing with a nipple the other holding my waist and me close. "No." i said nervously. "way to many." he said he took my boob into his mouth i gasped. "god i wish you were in a skirt right now Maddie." he said. he slipped his hand into my pants and omg i, i omg!

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