The chess of my life

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Chapter 5 - Maddie

“GOD HELP YOU AVERY IF YOUR NOT DOWN IN A MINIUTE I WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU.” I yelled up the stairs. Ethan scoffed he knew it wasn’t going to happen. “Why cant I drive myself!” Avery yelled down the stairs. “Because you have a learners permit not a full liecence so get your ass downstairs now. I got to get everyone to school. I don’t want to be late again for the 9th time this week!” I yelled. “how can you be late 9 times already its our first day back?” Greg asked me. “Greg car please. Kids car.” I practically begged. “Auntie Maddie I don’t want to be late for school my first day of first grade.” Oliva said. “I hate being late.” Greg told his sister. “then car!” I said. “NO Tamsin please don’t bring.” I started. Ethan shook his head. “We can bring one toy in the car.” I said getting down to the now 3 year olds height. “No I want to bring them all.” She said sulking. “Please Tammy one.” I said. “Auntie Maddie have you got our lunch?” Derek asked me. “Oh sugarlumps.” I said. “Ethan sort out your sister.” I said. “which one?” he asked way to innocently. “take a pick. Car.” I told him running out the room. “UGLY ASS YOUR MAKEUP WONT HIDE YOUR ZIT.” He yelled. I shook my head, that wasn’t what I meant. I went into the fridge and pulled out 5 lunchboxes with names on. I ran back to the hall. The kids were gone. I opened the door and my life saver Ethan was seat belting Tamsin in her carseat and Derek was helping Oliva with her boaster seat. “AVERY.” I yelled. “coming.” She yelled back. I went outside. I would honk in a miniute. “alright school bags.” I said. the kids all held up bags, including Tamsin I didn’t know what I was in for the day with that bag. It would be interesting. “Alright callout.” I said. “Ethan.” I said chucking him his lunch. He put it in the bag. “Derek.” I said. Derek took his and put it in his bag. “Greg.” I said. he took his. “Oliva.” I said. “I wanted the purple one!” Oliva moaned. “im sorry baby but they didn’t have any purple.” I said. “I wanted the purple.” She cried out. “pink with a cat on is so much better.” Derek said. “really?” she asked him. “hell yeah,” he said. God these kids were amazing. Oliva settled all lunches done. All the kids but Avery in the car. I honked the horn. “Shes going to make us late.” Greg moaned. “give your sister a break its hard being 16.” I said. Where had these 3 years gone! 3 years ago the twins had been 13 and id been doing the school run my first time. now they were 16 and I was still not getting it right. I honked again, I put my head on the stearing wheel praying to Jess for patience. “Honestly auntie Maddie I told you I was coming.” Avery said opening the door. What the hell was she wearing! It looked like it was just a top! I took a deep breath. “you wont be allowed to wear that.” Greg said. “Have you got an outfit for gym?” I asked her. “yeah.” She said. “than it will do.” I said. I drove out there like a bat out of hell. “Auntie Maddie we are late.” Greg said. Thanks sweetheart I didn’t realise. I didn’t say this because the sarcasim was wasted and would leave him hurt. I just drove at speed limit the whole way. i did the highschool drop off first as its my first school I come to. Ethan and Avery got out. “don’t worry we will catch the bus back.” Avery said. I gave her I aint buying it look but instead said. “Any problems ring me and ill come get you. Be home by the time your dad gets in.” I said. “Dads coming home?” Ethan asked. I sighed I know what he meant. “yeah Ethan he does still live there.” I said. “really he spends all his time at his new girlfriends.” Avery snapped at me. “Hes going to introduce us all to her in a few weeks.” I said encouragingly. “im going school.” Ethan said and he slammed the door and walked off. “Wait up Ethan.” Avery yelled slamming her own door. “well that went well.” Derek said sarcasticly from the back. “I know baby boy I know.” I said. Derek got sarcasim. My next stop was the elementary. Derek and Greg both jumped out and run to school with only a wave back at me when they went in the front door. Thankgod for private school. I just wished they all went to the same one. Last but not least school run the Elementry. When Oliva was in and it was just me and Tamsin I let out a small sigh of relief. “what you say Tammy fancy a sit down in a café and get auntie Maddie a coffee.” I said. “Okay can we go to the one with the softplay?” she asked hopeful. “Alright baby I really don’t mind. We can go to the softplay for a few hours as long as I get a coffee.” I said. I drove us to the softplay closest to Olivas school. I didn’t often go this one because Nathan didn’t approve of it as it wasn’t the cleanest. But to be honest it didn’t hurt anyone. I parked up. it looked emptier than it had when I drove past this summer. But I took Tamsin in. I paid to enter and then showed Tamsin where I was sitting I could see her at every point and she couldn’t get out. I knew that. I watched her run off and straight to the ballpool. You know what that baby bounced if I counted every germ in this room I would be a nervous wreck and that wouldn’t be good for any of us. Even if it was tempting to work out. I went and got my coffee, Tamsin yelling “Maddie look at me.” the whole time I smiled and waved I took the odd pictures. I went with my coffee back to the table I had claimed and watched her do the slides. “You look as exhursted as I feel.” A mom said. I could hear her exhurstion. I weakly smiled at her. “if somethings not on fire it’s a good day. But its still early.” I told her. she chuckled she looked my age. I was 23 now and I wondered what happened to the last few years. That was the thing I was now starting to see people my age about with kids though. I knew it happens hell I know people younger than me have kids but I feel like im old now. then I look at my bestfriend still training to be a doctor in college. I know I didn’t make a mistake, when I see Tamsins smile. “Don’t lick the balls.” The mom said putting a kid down that looked about 18 months. “It gets easyer.” I told her. “Really?” she asked me. “no but you look like you need good news.” I told her. she gave me a weak smile. “WATCH THIS.” Tamsin yelled. I watched as she did the monkey bars. “careful.” I said. “She bounces.” I said outloud reminding myself. “how old is she?” The girl asked me. “3 and 5 months.” I told her. “your little one?” I asked her. “20 months.” She told me. “shes adorable.” I said as she toddled around. “Yeah.” The girl said with a smile. “Whats her name?” I asked with a smile. Sometimes it was better to talk to that mom in the softplay even if you were never going to meet again. But it gave much needed adult talk. “Nevaeh. Your little girl?” She asked me, as Tamsin waved. I never really know what to say to that when they assume Tamsins mine. With her blue eyes and blonde hair its understandable she does look a lot like me, because she looks like her mom. Im more strawberry and shes more golden blonde. But the kids all look enough like me that no one ever doubts we are related. “Her names Tamsin.” I said. “I love your tattoos.” She said, indicating both my arms she could see. I got another full sleeve on my other arm 18 months ago. It has the words ‘Its okay not to be.’ In big writing then I have 4 huge stars each coloured different and with there names in. Addisons star is the biggest and inside it says Addison not all twins walk side by side sometimes one has wings to fly. Born together cancer forced us apart but your always in my heart. Her star is gold to represent childhood cancer. The thing that took her from me all those years ago. Then I have another star this one has 6 little hearts around it and one big heart. The star says Jessica and is zebra printed. It also says ‘forever in the hearts forever loved never forgot.’ In the little hearts are each of the kids names and Nathans. Then I have another star and it says Mom its zebra printed too. I had said it all when I lost her, it was Addies turn she needed mommy in heaven and I had her I had to share. So her quote in her star says. ‘Shared with heaven but always watching and loved.’ Then there was daddys. His was a star but next to it was a chestpeice and π. His star and chest piece was purple his pi symbol was gold with black outline and in his star it said ‘Daddy I will remember for you.’ I had other tattoos around my body that meant a lot but this arm meant even more than my original tattoo that I designed. “Thankyou.” I said realising I needed to respond to the mom. “they must of cost you a fortune. My little elephant cost a fortune when I was 18.” She said. “they did but they are worth it.” I said. “Do you want to sit?” I asked her. She sat looking awkward watching her little one. “Its so empty here now the kids have gone back to school.” She said. Tamsin run out then. She had the biggest grin on her face. She took a gulp down of her drink. “can we come everyday!” she asked me. “Not everyday Tamsin.” I smiled. She run back off. “Shes adorable.” She said. “Are you still with her father.” She asked me. “Sorry that was to personal I don’t even know your name.” she said. “im Maddie you?” I asked her. “Tanya.” She said. “nice to meet you Tanya.” I said. “you to Maddie.” She said. “No Neaveh don’t eat the balls.” She called and run off I saw her take the little girl out the ball pool. She then came back. “You cant turn your back for a moment.” She sighed sitting. “it gets easyer ive been told. But I havent seen the evidence of it.” I said. “I suppose when shes a teenager.” She said. “The teenagers the worst. She tried to sneak to school today in a miniskirt. Thankfully I havent been called by the school yet.” I said indicating my phone on the table. “Wow you look so young to have a teenager. Im so sorry I thought you were my age.” She said looking embaressed. “how old are you?” I asked interested. “26.” She said. “your older than me.” I said. “im kind of a nanny.” I said. “oh.” She said she looked at Tamsin. “Is she yours. She looks so much like you.” She said. “Shes my niece I look after her and her siblings.” I said. “oh.” She said. “That must be nice.” She said. id had worse reactions. “it is.” I told her. Conversation was over I think. “So how many kids do you look after?” she asked me. “6.” I said. “wow how long have you been a nanny?” she asked interested. “3 years now. since I graduated college.” I admitted. “Is it strange?” she asked me. “to be able to hand them back at the end of the day?” she asked me. “im a live in nanny.” I said. “that must be strange.” She said. “it was at first but now its just life.” I said thoughtful. “So your with there kids all day and night if needed?” she asked me. “Yeah.” I said. “Isnt it weird to be raising someone elses kids?” she asked me. “Sometimes.” I said. “what do they do?” She asked me interested. “my brother in law works fulltime and has a job that keeps him extremely busy.” I said. I knew better than to annonce what Nathan does to a stranger because Nathan was rich as fuck. “your sister?” she asked me. “she passed away from cancer 3 years ago.” I said. “oh my god im so sorry.” She said looking like she wanted to take back her last thoughts. “So your looking after your sisters family so her husband can work. Your amazing.” She said. I don’t think she now saw my brother in law as a rich guy who paid others to do his parenting. “yeah its hard but the two of us have a system.” I said. well at least we did till 2 months ago. “Bless you.” She said. “yeah I wanted to be there for the little ones whilst they were young. So it wasn’t constant forever changing childcare.” I admitted. “Yeah that must be hard.” She said. “how old was the little one?” she asked me. “She was just under 10 months.” I said. “That must be hard for her.” Tanya said. “Yeah.” I said. “how old are the others?” she asked me. “the elder twins are 16 now the middle twins are 10 now. the next little one is 6 now.“ I said. “wow mixed ages and 2 sets of twins. Do twins run?” she asked me. “yeah they run in my family.” I said. “Wow so you could have twins?” she asked me. I choked on my coffee. “yeah I could but not likely.” I said. “oh.” She said. I doubted I would ever find a guy until all the kids were much older and then I doubted I would find the right guy. “do you not want your own kids?” she asked me. “I never really thought about it. But I don’t go out anywhere and don’t meet people. Everyone I know from schools either moved away or still in college and those I know from college wouldn’t take on my sugarlumps.” I said. “sugarlumps?” she said. I smiled. “you get inventive with swearing.” I told her. “Interesting. Do kids ever sleep through the night?” she asked me. “no it’s a rumor.” I told her. I let Tamsin have an hour longer of awkard conversation with the woman. We didn’t exchange number. I took Tamsin home for lunch. The housekeeper had made us a lovely meal and was doing a load of washing when I went in. “Everything okay?” I asked her. “No.” she said. “no?” I asked her. She indicated a pack of ciggerettes on the side. “they aren’t mine.” I told her. “Nathan?” I asked. She shook her head. “found them in Averys.” She started. I groined. “Can you deal?” I asked her. “its not my place.” She said. “Do you think if I hand them to Nathan and tell him that I wont get the backlash?” I asked. “what does backlash mean?” Tamsin asked. I explained to the 3 year old. Because I belive in explaining even if you don’t think they’ll understand. “She doesn’t hate you.” Tamsin assured me. She was close to her big sister. “She doent?” I asked not fully believing that. “no she loves you, shes just mad at daddy.” Tamsin said. “oh okay.” I said. We ate lunch. I washed up because the housekeeper does a hell of a lot for me. “I should start making a move to get the kids.” I said. “Do you want me to watch Tamsin.” The housekeeper asked. it wasn’t her job but she would always help out. “thanks that be great.” I said. she did it a lot and wed had her 4 years now. I went on the school run. Not bothering with Ethan and Avery. When I got home the housekeeper had a toddler covered in flour. “we made you all cookies.” Tamsin yelled excited. Oliva Derek and Greg ate there cookies. Ethan came in an hour later. “You okay?” I asked him. “yeah just want to know what gives a guy on the football team more popularity than a guy with a brain.” Ethan asked putting his bag down. “nothing.” I said to him. “id go for the guy with the brain anytime.” I said. “but you don’t date and you don’t count.” Greg said. I looked at Greg. “why don’t I count?” I asked interested. “You’re his auntie ofcourse your going to tell him hes amazing.” Greg said. I looked at Ethan. “Ethan your amazing and not just because im your aunt.” I said. Ethan gave me a weak smile. “Why don’t you tell the girl?” Derek asked. “Its not what you do Derek.” Ethan told him. “why not?” Derek asked. “you play hard to get then the girl falls for you.” Ethan said. “uh?” I asked. “isn’t that how you fell for your last boyfriend?” Ethan asked me. “No James never played hard to get. He played smooth talker.” I said. “smooth talker?” Ethan asked. “Ethan talk to your dad I promised not to ever give relationship advice.” I said. “hes never fucking home Auntie Maddie.” He said. “not since he got this woman.” He said. “I know Ethan. But remember we have to be happy for him even if we don’t want to be. He needs to stretch some muscles.” I said. “ewww auntie Maddie ive had sex education now.” Ethan moaned. “sorry sweetheart but even adults have those urges.” I told him. “im going back out.” he said but he weakly smiled at me. “even you?” Greg asked me. I chocked on the cookie I was eating. “even me what darling?” I asked. “do you have urges to leave?” he asked me. “no baby I have no plans on leaving.” I assured him. “your daddy doesn’t have an urge to leave. Hes just.” I started. “playing the field.” Ethan said. I groined. “Ethan if I caught you smoking you would be in a shit load of trouble.” I started calmly. “why the hell would I ever smoke its disgusting.” He started telling me how unhealthy it was how much money it wasted on average a month. The link to lung cancer. Derek and Greg ran off to play so did the little ones and Ethan carried on. I listened writing notes the whole time. he gave me a funny look. “are you listening to me auntie Maddie?” he asked me. “I’m writing this down so I can have this conversation again.” I told him. “Whos smoking?” he asked me. I held up the packet on the side. “these were found in your sisters jacket when it was being put into wash.” I started. “I’ll sort her.” he told me. I blinked at him. “sweetheart that’s my job.” I started. “no shes my twin sister I will talk to her. im not loosing her like I lost mom.” He said. I took a deep breath, I put to much shit on Ethan. I held my arms open and he came and hugged me. “I’m sorry Babyboy.” I told him. “what you sorry for your doing amazing auntie Maddie.” He said. “So are you Babyboy. I don’t mean to put all the shit on you. Helping to get the kids to school.” I started I was bloody tearing up. he pretended he didn’t realise as we kept our faces hidden from each other. “Sorry im so moody.” He said. “Your not you’re a teenage boy. Your perfect. If you do need girl advice.” I started. “talk to anyone but you.” He said. I smiled and he let me go. “yeah Babyboy because I don’t know anything about that.” I told him. “Are you ever going to?” he asked me. “doubt it Babyboy.” I said. “So we aren’t ever going to have a cousin.” He asked me. “I think ive raised enough kids to know id screw up.” I told him teasing. “your not screwing up Tamsin and Oliva are great.” Ethan said. Derek run in the room then and looked worried. “Auntie Maddie Oliva knocked over my chemisty experiment.” He started. I run off after him. reassuring myself the kids didn’t have any dangerous chemicals. It thankfully was just a mess of foam and the stink was disgusting. But it wasn’t hazardess. Ethan appeared in the doorframe whilst I was on my hands and knees. “this is why mom thought a fire was likely.” He said. I smiled up at him. “this is why the kids aren’t allowed in the kitchen without Rosie but a fire is all I need today.” I told him. he smiled at me. “Can you get me some bicarb.” I said looking at the chemical Derek had been using. “yeah alright.” He said and went to the kitchen. He came back with it a moment later we all stood back as the dining room floor foamed up even worse. “So who fancys dinner out?” I asked. “Rosies already cooked us a lasagne its almost ready, Gregs buttering the bread to help.” Ethan said. “then dinner on trays in the movie room it is.” I said. he laughed. That was when the firealarm went off. “WHAT!” I yelled. “KIDS OUT.” I yelled. I counted 6 as they run passed me outside into the drive when had Avery got home? Rosie looked at me when she came out the kitchen. “it wasn’t me but dinners burnt.” she told me. I could hear the sound of the sprinkler going off, but thankfully it is a smart system so only goes off in the room of the fire. I burst out laughing. “Auntie Maddie are you okay?” Greg asked worried. “I think we broke her.” Derek said. “im just going to ask this the once.” I said trying to stop laughing. The sprinklers had gone off thank god but who knows the damage. “who was playing with fire? I wont be mad.” I said. “Okay none of you are going to say?” I started after a long silence. “well I know it wasn’t Ethan Derek and Oliva as they were helping me clean up the mess in the dinning room.” I started. “it wasn’t Tamsin and Greg as they were both with me sneaking another cookie and buttering bread.” Rosie the housekeeper said. “Which leaves us with Avery, who I didn’t even realise had got home.” I said. “Nothing was on fire. Just a bit of my.” She started then stoped. “so you were smoking in the house?” Ethan started. Before I did, I didn’t have to be a genius to hear the fact he was about to lecture her. But Greg oh my gorgous baby Greg started before anyone! Avery stormed in the house yelling how she hates us all. I stood there. that’s when the main gate opened. “Oh look daddys home.” I said and burst out laughing. “Weve really broke her this time.” Greg said worried to Derek. Nathan stoped the car. I looked back at him. shit he wasn’t alone hed brought the woman with him. I burst out laughing even more. Come on Nathan really? I looked at the leggy blonde that reacked gold digger to me as she climbed out the car in a designer outfit. but if I stopped laughing I was going to cry. “Is auntie Maddie okay?” Tamsin asked Rosie worried. Nathan came over looking worried. “is everything alright kids what are you doing outside?” Nathan asked worried. “I HATE YOU.” Derek yelled seeing the woman. mimacing his older sister from a miniute ago he run off down the drive towards his treehouse. Greg run after him a miniute later shouting “Ditto.” “I will talk to them.” Ethan said heading off after the two of them, leaving me just with the two little ones. “I didn’t start the fire.” Tamsin told me innocently. “fire?” Nathan asked. “Choose an issue Nathan any issue.” I told him. “I need a drink.” I said looking at the woman. “lets go have a nice cup of herbel tea.” Rosie said calmly obviously sensing how close I was to a breakdown myself. “with a shot of vodka.” She murmed. “Maddie?” Nathan asked. I took a deep breath. “One has girl issues.” I started. “one is smoking and set the firealarm off and then the sprinklers.” I started. “Two I can only guess there current issue.” I said thinking of Derek and Greg I knew there issue the leggy blonde leaning on there daddys car in a tight red dress that just screamed fuck me. “one spilt chemicals all over the dinning room floor.” I said. “I didn’t mean to Derek had it on the edge and I only wanted to show him I can use a skipping rope.” Oliva said. “I correct myself one was skipping in the house and caused a chemical spill.” I said. “one is covered head to toe in flour and has been in a germ infested softplay today so needs a bath she also hasn’t had a nap today and didn’t sleep much last night.” I said. “what does germ infested mean?” Tamsin asked her sister. “it means theres a lot of germs.” Oliva told her. “what are germs?” Tamsin asked. “Am I forgetting anything?” I asked. “we were late for school because Avery had a Zit and Tamsin refused to get dressed this morning because she was up most the night sceaming.” Oliva told me helpfully. “Yeah and that.” I said. The woman was standing back. obviously realising something big was brewing. “so choose an issue Nathan any issue.” I said trying not to break down I had 3 hours sleep last night 3 the night before I was at snapping point and I think id crossed it now. “Dinners also burnt.” Rosie said weakly, I burst out laughing it had been a long ass summer that was rediciously hard because I was alone with 6 bloody kids and Nathan hadn’t even been coming home in the evenings everyday. Nathan looked so bloody torn but he just stood there. I took deep breaths. “Ill be home in a bit.” I said. “Maddie.” Tamsin yelled trying to get me to pick her up. I gave her a quick kiss and hug. Nathan still just stood there. “Listen to daddy. Ill be back soon.” I assured her. “Maddie.” Nathan said as I think it finally dawned on him I was leaving. “Nathan I need a break before I break.” I said. Oliva run off towards the treehouse. “I wont be long.” I told him. I climbed in my minivan and drove off. When I looked back Rosie was holding Tamsin and taking her inside. I realised then how big a mistake I had made walking away from that baby.

When I got to the graveyard I went straight to Jesses Grave. The same place as Moms Dads and Addisons in front of the family mossiulium. I just sat there for a while I took the flowers off the graves and started cleaning them. My phone rung about two hours after leaving. But I just carried on cleaning the grave. I looked and it was Nathan. I wasn’t ready to talk to him. I needed a break and I was sat talking to my sisters. When it rung again and was Avery I answered. “im sorry auntie Maddie.” It was her first thing she said. “you don’t need to be sorry babygirl I just needed to clear my head.” I said. “ill be home soon okay.” I said. “Okay.” She sounded like she was crying. “we will talk about you smoking when I get home.” I said firmly. “okay.” She said she was crying I realised. “Can you read Tamsin and Oliva chapter 12 of charlottes web please.” I said. “okay auntie Maddie.” Avery said trying not to cry. “I didn’t walk away from you all baby. I just needed to catch my breath.” I said. “I shouldn’t of just walked away. I made a mistake okay not you.” I said. “I will be home soon okay im just sorting out the graveyard because the flowers need clearing.” I said. “Okay.” Avery said still crying. “Have you all had dinner?” I asked. “Rosie got us a pizza from the takeout because she burnt dinner.” She said. “Okay.” I said. “Is there any left?” I asked her. “No Greg had the last slice.” She said. “well hes a growing boy. I will eat before I come home okay.” I said. “Did I push you over the edge?” she asked me worried. “no baby you didn’t but Avery if your going to smoke. I don’t want you too and I want to talk about it. But if your going to please go outside.” I said. “okay.” She said. “did the sprinklers damage much?” I asked. “My makeup.” She started. I had to laugh. “Oh you find it funny.” She said. “You learnt your lesson thought didn’t you?” I asked her. “yes.” She moaned. “when did you get home I never saw you and neither did Rosie.” I said. Silence greeted me. “we will talk about it tomorrow.” I said. “okay.” She said. “Can I talk to auntie Maddie.” Tamsins little voice asked she was crying to. “put her on.” I told Avery. “Hey baby girl.” I said. “I want you.” Tamsin said. just those words. “I will be home soon, okay babygirl. I shouldn’t of left without saying I would be right back. im sorry baby.” I said. “Auntie Maddie just needed to breath.” I said. hey if the treehouse wasn’t taken id of run there myself. “Have you had a bath?” I asked her. “Rosie gave me one at the same time as Oliva.” She said. “it was so fun but Oliva didn’t like it when I poured water over her head.” Tamsin told me. “No she doesn’t like that.” I said with a smile. “So your both washed and in your pjs and had dinner?” I asked. “yeah whos going to read me my book. Are you on your way home?” she asked me. “Averys going to read you the book tonight okay?” I asked. “but she doesn’t know the voices.” Tamsin moaned. “I am sure she knows the voices. Mommy read it to us all the same.” I said weakly. “But she wont have your voices.” Tamsin cried out. “Okay maybe tonight you can choose another book and ill read you charlottes web tomororow night.” I said. “Okay.” She said. “good girl don’t go to bed to late okay.” I said. “okay.” Tamsin said. “girls.” Nathans voice said. “Daddy took his friend home.” Tamsin said. “Okay sweetheart.” I said. “Whos Tamsin talking to?” Nathans voice asked. “Auntie Maddie.” Averys voice said. Nothing followed. Except Tamsins chatter and me laughing. I looked at the grave I should of brought the baby with me. “Oh Greg wants to talk to you.” She said. “Pass him over. “Guys don’t use all my miniutes.” Avery said. “Auntie Maddie.” Greg said. “hey Babyboy.” I said. Greg asked me a math question. “Greg.” Avery moaned. I laughed and told him the answer. He asked me another I told him. “Babyboy am I doing your homework?” I asked him interested. “No mommy just told me when you cry to ask you math questions.” Greg said. I wiped my eyes in his own way Greg was showing me he cared. “Its okay sweetheart Auntie Maddies fine. She just needed to go out for a bit.” I said. “Derek wants you.” Greg said. “okay babyboy pass him over.” “Auntie Maddie.” Derek said. “You okay baby boy, you don’t still hate me right?” I asked. “No I don’t hate you.” Derek said crying. “I wasn’t saying that about you.” He said. “I know Babyboy but have you talked to daddy?” I asked. “Yes.” He said. “Did you and daddy sort it out?” I asked him. “Not fully.” Derek said. “im not okay.” Derek said. “That’s okay baby boy. Its okay not to be.” I told him. “I love you all though okay and I’ll be home soon. Im just cleaning mommys grave.” I said. “Okay.” He said I could tell he was crying. “Can I talk to auntie Maddie.” Oliva asked. I got handed over. “Hey sweetpea.” I said. “Auntie Maddie Tamsin got water in my ears.” She said. I laughed. “just go hangupside down.” I told her. “really?” she asked me. “no baby it will come out naturaly.” I said with a smile. “it feels funny.” She said. “if it still feels funny tomorrow I will sort it out. listen to Avery and go bed in a miniute okay.” I said. “okay.” She told me. “Can Ethan talk to you?” she asked. the phone was taken over. “you okay?” I asked him. “yeah im okay are you?” he asked me worried. “yeah babyboy im fine. I shouldn’t of said the joke about fire should i?” I said he laughed. “no you kind of jinxed it with the fire.” He laughed. “When are you coming home?” he asked me. “possibly after your all in bed. Don’t wait up okay.” I said. “okay.” He said. “Did you talk to your daddy?” I asked. “im going to when the kids are in bed apparently.” Ethan said. “okay sweetheart. Talk and listen okay.” I said. “okay.” He said. “I love you.” Ethan said. “I love you Babyboy. I love all of you. Now all of you its 8pm on a school night bed.” I said. “Alright night auntie Maddie.” He said. “Put me on loud speaker.” I said. “Alright all of you its 8pm on a school night bed.” I said. Loads of groins. “I mean it kids. Bed. I love you all. I will be home later. So be asleep.” I said. “Love you.” I heard Tamsin say. “Love you all sweetdreams and all of you if you cant sleep I want the answer to.” I started. “night love you.” Avery said and hung up. I giggled. I texted Maria to see if she was up for a drink.

Maddie – are you free?

Maria – yeah just cleaning up the mess my roommate made. Wait Is it a miracle are you free?

Maddie – kind of I need a break. fancy a drink

Maria – who are you. Who has stolen my best friends phone.

Maddie – Maria im being serious I kind of walked out on Nathan today I had to much and needed to breath. Ive just sorted the graves out. I need my bestfriend for a drink and natter and to put the world back to rights.

Maria – you sold me on drink baby

Maria – love you. You okay?

Maddie – I feel guilty now for walking out on the kids

Maria – shit you don’t need to feel guilty.

Maddie – you didn’t hear them Maria they were all blaming themselves.

Maria – meet you in an hour. Where you fancy. Remember im a broke student.

Maddie – im a rich nanny and I say the place that sells the mojito without glaring at me.

Maria – that’s Jims right?

Maddie – Jims

Maria – see you at Jims in a bit

Maddie – see you then.

Maddie – Nathans ringing.

Maria – don’t change your mind we need a Mojito at Jims.

Maddie – I wont see you in bit

I answered my phone. “hello Nathan.” I said weakly climbing in my car. “hey kiddo.” He started so worried. “Are you okay?” he asked me. “Will you be okay getting the kids to school tomorrow?” I asked him. He swallowed. “aren’t you coming home?” he asked me. “according to your oldest I need to get laid, im going to see how I go with that.” I said. “on a school night?” he asked me weakly. “I don’t know but im going to have a few Mojitos with my friends is that okay?” I asked him. “that’s okay.” He said weakly. “Did I push you over the edge?” he asked weakly. “it was the icing on a very bad day Nathan. You should of told me.” I said. “A fire Nathan.” I said weakly. He laughed. “We will replay the kids the safety video.” He said. I laughed remembering the time me and Nathan watched it the first time with the kids. We all were in hysterics by the end of it. Jess really didn’t trust the kids not to blow up the earth or set the ho. “No big red buttons.” I said. “no big red buttons kiddo.” he said. “did you sort it out with Derek and Greg?” I asked. “yeah I think so.” He said worried. “I think its time we all sit down and watch the daddys dating dvd.” I said. “I think it is.” He said. “How did you explain me to your new girlfriend?” I asked remembering the one before. “I said your my eldest kiddo.” He said. I weakly smiled. “I said your my eldest and I could tell youd had a crap day with the kids and needed a break and maybe I should bring her back to meet you all another time.” he said. “okay.” I said. “warn us next time.” I said. “will do kiddo.” He sighed. “Don’t drive home.” He said. “Okay.” I said weakly. “Book a hotel room alright, which bar you going to.” He said. “Nathan im going for Mojitos what bar am I going to?” I asked him. “Jims.” He groined. “stay in the hotel nearby.” He said firmly. “will do dad.” I moaned. He chuckled. “sorry kiddo.” He said. “its fine Nathan. Tamsins got her first day of pre-k tomorrow.” I said. “oh good I got a meeting.” He admitted. I chuckled. “I will ring and say I am going to be late as my nanny had a breakdown.” He said. “I wouldn’t call it a breakdown. But im sorry I just drove away but the treehouse was taken.” I said. “but the treehouse was taken.” He said weakly. “Its been 3 years Nathan.” I said. “so your all not ready?” he asked me. “Nathan if your ready then go for it. But I aint raising anymore kids.” I said. he chuckled. “That mean you are going to remember protection tonight.” He said. “yep no kids for me.” I said “that mean I never get to be an uncle?” He asked. “yepo.” I said. “you got enough kids there to carry on my genes. God help them.” I said. he chuckled. “Madeline are you talking to me whilst driving?” he asked me. “your on handsfree.” I said truthfully. He groined playfully. “im sorry kiddo.” He said. “don’t be sorry come home and see your kids more often there nice people.” I told him. “they seem very nice people.” he said I could tell he was smiling. “don’t get to drunk.” He said. “I wont Maria has college tomorrow so only going to have a few.” I said. “Okay.” He said. “Nathan you can be mad at me.” I said. “I’m not mad at you though kiddo im mad at me.” he said. “you can be mad at me kiddo.” He said. “im not mad at you.” I said. “really?” he asked. “okay im slightly mad at you.” I said. “you have a right to be mad at me. so do the kids. I havent been around much this summer break.” he said. “No you havent.” I said. “you havent had a break in months.” He said. “So that your go ahead get trashed and have a hangover you regret in the morning.” I said. “your hangover will be enough to regret about.” He said. “I’ll pick the kids up tomorrow. Do you need my car to take them school?” I asked him. “Its okay ill use the old one.” He said. “you mean the hunk of junk you brought me 3 years ago.” I said weakly. “its not a hunk of junk you just couldn’t drive it.” He pointed out. “it was to heavy.” I said. “it seated all of the kids safetly.” He said. “it was a hunk of junk.” I said. “im at the hotel I’ll go book my room so I can park here.” I said. “Did you need me to transfer you any money?” he asked me. “No Nathan I got the credit card.” I said. “Don’t use the creditcard use the bankaccount.” He moaned. “Fine use your black credit card.” He said. “I was going to use the pink one.” I said. he groined. “oh I don’t care they take the payment straight from the account.” He sighed. “bet your wishing I had my trust fund.” I said. “no im glad you still don’t. my money is yours kiddo you more than earn it.” He said. “enjoy getting drunk with your friend. Don’t go of with anyone that I wouldn’t improve of.” He said. I was still on the phone but took it of loud speeker and climbed out my car. “well dad if we are having this conversation.” I started. “Oh so your going to say what you think about the girl?” he said. “What is she my age?” I asked him. It was kind of wrong. “no shes older than you.” He said. “then shes had a hell of a lot of work done. Are her boobs real?” I asked. “Here’s my keys I will be staying the night.” I said to the valet. “did you just hand over your keys to a valet without checking he works for the hotel.” Nathan asked me. “who would want to steal my car?” I asked. “Remind me I need to book it in to be cleaned.” I said. “Oh sure im your secertery now.” Nathan chuckled. “Your trying to get of the conversation of your new girlfriend.” I said. “is it working?” he asked. I walked into the hotel. The desk looked busy. “I look like crap walking in this hotel.” I admitted. “well you know it’s the one I like you to use if you go Jim’s.” Nathan said. “Anyway you have an unlimited creditcard. It aint my fault you look like crap you do that to yourself.” Nathan said. “Talking bout that what do you know about zits?” he asked me. “not to use toothpaste.” I said. “okay.” Nathan said sounding like he was laughing. “I will pick the kids up from school okay.” I said. “Are you sure?” he asked me worried. “im sure, I will enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep.” I said. “do we need a nanny kiddo. Do we need help?” he asked me. “no giant we don’t need help. We just had the summer break and to much of a stressful day and 3 hours sleep the last few nights.” I said. “I need to sleep.” I admitted. “Im sorry kiddo.” He said. “its no ones fault Nathan.” I said. I went and stood in the que. “Get the best room you can.” Nathan said. “Nathan im in the poshest hotel in town in my jeans and a tshirt that has boogies wiped all over it.” I said. “Heaven forbid you cant go out like that.” Nathan joked. “Nathan you met me right?” I asked. “you seem like nice people.” He joked. “no I don’t.” I said. “Kiddo you’re the best.” He told me. “also isn’t there a shop at that hotel?” he asked me. “Yes ill get myself an outfit.” I said. “good charge it to the account.” He said. I rolled my eyes. “did you just roll your eyes at me?” Nathan asked me. “you cant see me so does it matter?” I asked. “Madeline.” Nathan started. I had to smile. “are you going to hangup?” I asked him. “not until you’ve got the best room.” Nathan said. “because I don’t trust you to get the best room and if you don’t I will need to ring and have you moved.” He said. “your imposible.” I said. “says the girl who never uses her money.” Nathan said. “Nathan.” I started. “Just humor me Kiddo I like spending money on you kids.” He said. “Okay would you like to talk to the hotel instead of me if I cant do something as simple as book myself a room?” I asked him. “yes that would be perfect.” Nathan said. “No Ethan wait up I want to talk to you bud.” Nathan said. “deal with Ethan Nathan.” I said. “once ive got you a hotel room.” Nathan said. “I don’t want to hear you book a hotel room for your girlfriend.” Ethan said. “im not im booking it for Maddie shes going to have a few drinks with her friend tonight and I don’t want her driving home.” Nathan said. “oh don’t get a hangover auntie Maddie.” Ethan called. i waited in the que. “Hasn’t someone come over to help you yet?” Nathan asked anyoyed. “I havent been her in almost 2 years.” I said. “havent you?” Nathan asked worried. “last time I went drinking at Jims I was 21.” I said. “im sorry kiddo.” Nathan said. “Why are you sorry? That’s me not you.” I said. “How many people in front of you?” Nathan asked. “1 now.” I said. “good.” Nathan said. “So do I have to meet Tamsins teacher?” he asked. “would be nice. It will possibly be the first and only time.” I pointed out. “I make it to parents evening kiddo.” Nathan said weakly. “yeah name the last one.” Ethan said not me. “what you mean Bud?” Nathan asked. “Dad you aint been to a school event or parents evening for me and Avery in over a year, I don’t think you’ve ever been for Oliva.” Ethan said. “I havent?” Nathan asked. “no dad you aint.” Ethan said. “im sorry bud.” Nathan started. “No Ethan don’t storm off. We need to talk Bud.” Nathan said. “Nathan sort Ethan out.” I said. “Once I know you’ve got a room. Because I know what judges those hotels are like.” Nathan said. “that was once.” I said. “I was 17.” I reminded him. “well still you don’t look like a spoilt rich kid.” Nathan said. “That’s because im not.” I said. “oh really. Ethan is Auntie Maddie a spoilt rich kid?” Nathan asked. “Have you met Avery dad?” Ethan asked. “Ethan that’s mean.” I said but it did make me smile. “okay its my turn.” I said. “Hello how can I help you this evening.” The lady at the desk said looking me up and down. “Please may I have a room.” I started. “We have some lovely rooms that im sure will fit your price range, the cheapest is $780 a night.” She said snotty. “Madeline pass me over.” Nathan said. “my dad wants to talk to you.” I said giving up holding out my phone to her. the lady gave me a funny look. “Is there a problem here?” a man came over. He was in the suit. “my dad wants to book my hotel room.” I said innocently. “Ofcourse Miss.” He said looking me over. I handed him my phone the person behind me groined. “Oh im so sorry sir.” The man in the suit said to the phone. “Ofcourse mr Reid your usual room is avalible. Im sorry for the confusion.” The man in the suit said. He gave me a look that said please don’t get me fired. “Yes sir.” He said. “Would you like to pay over the phone.” He said. I pulled out my black credit card. The snottys ladys eyes went wide. “Yes that’s fine. All booked. As always it is a pleasure doing business with you Mr Reid.” He said. “I’m sorry miss he hung up.” he said handing my phone over to me. “That’s fine.” I assured him. “Mr Reids usual room is avalible for you.” He assured me. “Would you like a complementary bottle of champagne?” he asked me. “that would be lovely.” I said. he got the key for my room. “I can escort you to your rooms have you any bags you wish to be brought up.” he asked me. “I plan to buy my outfit what time is the boutique open until?” I asked politely. Trying not to smirk at the change of attitude. “it is open another 25 miniutes but I can extend this if you would like.” He started. Money talks and Nathan has a hell of a lot of money to talk. “No that’s fine I will go straight there. I will go see my room later. Ive been staying at this hotel since I was 10 I know where my room is if it’s the presidential suite.” I said calmly. “ofcourse miss.” He said. “thankyou im sorry for the misunderstanding.” I said. “as am I miss.” He said. I moved so the lady could take the next booking. I was handed my glass of champagne. I heard him say to her. “theres the thing Elizabeth. You never know when a millionaire is going to come in covered in mud you have to assume everyone who comes in that door is rich.” He said. I went into the boutique because I did need something at least. I instantly found a simple dark blue lace knee length sleeveless dress that was under $200 and some shoes that looked great with is both my size. I went and tried it on. When it was on I looked at myself in the mirror and let my hair down. It was a mess so I quickly pulled the hairbrush out my handbag I started carrying last year. Which was still weird to me. but without the diaper bag I had found a need for one. I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t that bad looking really. Long Strawberry blonde hair which im due to have cut, nice size 10 body with what I hope are curves in the right places even if sometimes I don’t feel they are. Sky blue eyes. My phone buzzed. I looked at it.

Maria – at Jim bar.

Maddie – in the hotel just going to buy my outfit and have my clothes taken to my room.

Maria – sounds good what do you want to start?

Maddie – got champagne to start but mojito

Maria – Mojito

Maddie – mojito

Maria – hurry

Maddie – will do

I went out the changing room. Dressed shoes on my feet and my own in the box. “we are shutting in 4 miniutes miss.” The lady at the counter said. I went over with my top for tomorrow underwear a swimming costume as I would milk this day off. And a silk knighty that I doubted I would ever really wear but I do like the feel of silk. She rung it up for me including the outfit I was wearing. I asked for it to be taken to my room. She assured me it would be there before I got back to my room and a porter came to pick it up. Knowing that was all sorted I walked out the hotel. The lady from the desk watching me in shock. I didn’t look the same gruppy thing that came in and I hadn’t even showered. I went the 6 doors down. The real reason Nathan assisted on this hotel. The moment I got into Jims I wondered why I liked it here. It was the most expensive bar in the town and so different from the places Maria and I used to attend when we were first students. Mostly because we wanted to blend and also because we didn’t belong. People in buisnesssuits. It wasn’t the kind of place you got trashed and danced. Although we often went onto that. But not on a school night. I saw Maria sat at a table. No Alex tonight? I went over. “Hey baby.” she said standing and kissing me on the cheeks. I returned the kiss. Seeing our drinks. “How are you?” I asked her. “brilliant.” She said. “that’s really good why?” I asked sitting and taking a sip of my drink. She held up her ring finger. “omg congrats!” I said. “I know he asked daddy this summer.” She said with a grin. “why didn’t you say?” I asked. “it wasn’t something you say over the phone.” Maria told me. “its gorgous.” I said looking at her rock on her finger. “Any ideas on dates?” I asked her. “well we still got a year left of school. Alex says we should set the date for next summer so before we both start properly.” She said. “but?” I said suspecting. “I always wanted a Christmas wedding.” She pointed out. “You did.” I said calmly. “I want magnolias out in the country.” She said. I grined at her. We started talking her wedding plans. Before I knew it we were two Mojitos down. “I don’t want to many people.” She said. “I wanted to ask you this a different way.” she admitted. “I had this whole big surprise planed.” She said. “but will you be my maid of honor?” she asked me. I hugged her tight. “yes ofcourse.” I said with a grin. “good because if anyone can keep me on track it will be you.” She said with a grin. “So Dr and Dr Hill.” I said with a grin. “it is going to be so fun.” She said with a grin. I ordered us another mojito. “so what happened?” she asked me. “Nathan brought his new girlfriend home for the first time.” I said. “ouch.” She said. “yeah, but that was just the icing.” I admitted. “Oh?” she asked. “The housekeeper found out Avery is smoking.” I said. “shit shes 16 hows she getting ciggeretes. Do you need information to give her.” she started. “dealt with I think.” I said. she nodded. “I took Tammy to a softplay.” I said. “always makes you a nervous wreck. How many germs.” She started. I took a sip. “omg hes hot.” She said. “which one?” I asked. there was a lot of hot guys in here. “hotty in the almarnie.” She said. “behind you about 8 oclock.” She said. I turned my head slightly to take in the guy. Maria was right hot wasn’t the right word for him. he was vaguerly familiar. We had properly seen him in here before. I knew his type. Hed want a tall skinny stick figure with fake boobs like Nathan seemed to want now. but that wasn’t me and it wasn’t Jess. I looked back at Maria. “Then what happened?” Maria asked me. “Fire.” I said. she laughed. “your kidding me?” she asked me. I shook my head. “it was a nightmare Maria. The fire alarm the sprinklers.” I started. She laughed. “it was a nightmare, the kids were all like it wasn’t me. then Avery admitted it was her smoking in the house.” I said. Maria was in fits of giggles. I got us another drink. “So it wasn’t even a real fire.” She said laughing. “who knows. The sprinklers dealt with it. I got the kids outside and Nathan turned up with his girlfriend. Avery had already gone in after telling me she hates me.” I said. “she doesn’t mean it you said it yourself to Jess millions of times and never ment it.” Maria said. “I know I even said it to Nathan a lot growing up.” I said. “then what happened. “then Nathan turned up with this bleach blonde huge tits.” I started. “that he says is 13 years older than me but she looks my age.” I said Maria laughed. “what did you say?” she asked me. “Well the boys yelled how they hated him and run to the treehouse. If they hadn’t gone there I would off.” I said. Maria laughed more. “Hotty watching you.” She said. “Hes possibly looking at my tattoos thinking how I don’t belong in a bar like this.” I said. “Na hes so checking you out in that blue dress.” She said. “you look gorogus by the way.” she said. “thanks it was the only dress in the hotel under $500.” I told her. she chuckled. “so then you climbed in your car and drove away?” she asked me. “pretty much. I shouldn’t of done it.” I said. “hell you should of you need a break after today and to get laid.” She said. “hint why I have a hotel room.” I said with a smile. “Hmm theres a guy that looks like hes horney by the bar.” She said. I looked over. “he also looks like hes a accountant.” I said. “whats wrong with an accountant?” she asked me. “I want to be played not counted.” I told her with a wink. “so you want a guy good with his hands.” She said. I laughed. “You could say that.” I said. “hotty still checking you out.” she said looking behind me. “I doubt it.” I said. I turned though to look at him. he was indeed looking at me. As if trying to place me. “Hes familiar. Do you think I know him?” I asked her. “if you know him and he hasn’t tapped you hes gay.” She said. I laughed at her. I went to order us another Mojito by indicating a waiter but the waiter came over with a tray. “That’s good service did you put your card on tap again?” Maria asked me. “Not yet.” I said. “these drinks are curtisy of the gentleman on table 9.” He told me. I looked at table 9 it wasn’t the hot guy but he was cute. Maria looked at table 9 too. “Na not your type.” She said I took both the drinks. “say thankyou for us.” I said with a smile. Not my type but it had been a while. I took a sip of my drink it wasn’t what we had been drinking. “what is it?” Maria asked me. “Margaritia.” I told her. “ill drink yours.” She said I handed her it. “don’t you have class?” I asked her. “yeah but not till 11.” She said. I laughed again as she drunk both. I indicated the waiter. “Would you like another drink?” I asked Maria. “Water and something to eat.” She said. we quickly looked at the menu as I was drinking on an empty stomach and deffently felt it. We ordered food myself another Mojito and a glass of water. Maria was over drinking now though. But we ate and laughed she told me about classes. The only things I could tell her were things to do with the kids. But she listened. “Hes still checking you out.” she said when we had finished our food. I looked at him. “Maybe I remind him of someone or something.” I said. “why don’t you go ask him.” she said. “why don’t you go kiss him.” she said. “if he was interested he would of sent us a drink.” I said. “hmm maybe what about the ones who did. We both looked at table 9. “Really not my type.” I said. “I know that sucks.” She said. “the hottys not your type either hes rich and looks like he knows how to be polite and hold a conversation and not get arrested.” Maria said teasing. “so in other words the guy that starts a bar fight is who I should sleep with.” I asked her with a smile. “hmm now you’ve put it that way. yes. Yes it is.” She said. “How you getting home?” I asked her. “taxi its how I got here.” She said. “alright.” I said. “want me to walk you back the hotel?” she asked me. “na its fine its like 6 doors. The doorman can see me from the moment I leave the bar.” I said. “alright princess.” She said. she pulled out her phone and blinked. “wo im drunker than I thought I think I texted Alex.” She said. I looked and giggled. “you did but you asked him to call you.” I said. her phone rung. We both giggled but she answered. “hey Alex.” She said. “Yeah can you order me a taxi.” She said. he obviously laughed. “Thankyou I love you.” She said. he obviously hung up. “hes ordering me one going to ring me back.” she said. “good.” I said. “Go kiss the guy.” She said. “which one?” I asked her. “the hotty that’s trying to look at the other girls over there that keep flirting with him but keeps looking this way instead.” She said. “hes possibly into you.” I said. “no its you hes checking out.” she said. “go.” she said she gave me a slight push. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I indicated the waiter. “please may I have the bill and another mojito.” I said. “the bill has been paid already miss.” He said. “what we havent paid have we. We aren’t that drunk are we?” Maria asked. “no miss it was covered by someone they wish to stay anomious.” He said. I looked around confused. My eyes went to the hot guy. He had a playful smile on his lips. “thank him or her for us.” Maria said. her phone rung. “well that’s my taxi baby are you sure your okay?” she asked. “im fine.” I assured her. We stood kissed and hugged then I watched her walk out the waiter brought me my mojito. Guy from table 9 made a move towards me, but I stood up and went towards the bathroom taking my drink. He sat back down. Good. I went the bathroom sorted myself out then went back. Hot guy was still there he was eyeing up the boobtwins I walked to the exit. Table 9 started to make a move. I carried on walking though. I was drunk enough not to realise the consequence of my action but hope I got one. I went up to hot guy. I saw a playful smile. “Did you pay for my meal and drinks?” I asked him. He blinked at me. “is it a problem if I did?” he asked me calmly. “Do I look like someone who needs being taken care of?” I asked him. “no.” he said calmly. Looking me straight in the eye. “you look like someone whos had one to many Mojitos miss Prescott.” He said. How the fuck did he know my name. did he know my dad? I blinked at him actually a bit taken aback worried. “do I know you?” I asked him. “I gave your class a lecture a few years ago. You didn’t stay so im not surprised if you don’t know who I am.” He said with a smile. I bit my lip. “Can I ask you what you do now miss Prescott?” he asked me calmly like we were old friends reacating. “im kind of between jobs currently.” I said. “that’s a shame your professor seemed to think highly of you.” He said. I blushed. All my proffosers had. I didn’t like to think I let them down. “you remembered me from a brief 5 miniute meeting? In your very busy life?” I asked confused I wasn’t that memoriable. “I remembered you tattoos rather than your face.” He admitted looking at my first tattoo. “It interested me chess boards and pieces a ruler that’s the same on both side except stops at 7 on one side and carrys on the other. A broken hour glass again at 7.” He started. He looked at my tattoo. “its interesting you went for math symbols but all centre on the number 7.” He said. I blinked at him. “Whys it interesting?” I asked him. “because I doubt you are referring to it just because it’s a prime.” He said. “Although the pi symbols.” He started. He run his hand over my arm to move it so he could see my tattoo. I let him look. “its uniquely different. Out of anything you could have on your skin you went for maths symbols and chess.” He said. “I can also see your other arm.” He said. he went to look but I pulled it away from him. my other arm put my heart of show more than my first. “but they make me wonder.” He said. “wonder what?” I asked him. “how many other tattoos you have hidden on your body.” He said. I bit my lip. “A few.” I said. “would you allow me to see.” He asked me. “that depends.” I said. “on?” he asked a smile playing on his lips. “if you want to see me naked.” I said he smirked. “hmmm that’s a tempting offer.” He said he seemed to be thinking. “Well thankyou for treating me and my friend to our meal and drinks we needed that.” I said. “I could tell.” He said. “Prehabs we can carry on this conversation with a nightcap.” He said. “I can get us a room at the hotel a few doors down its view is amazing.” He said. “I already have a room there. thankyou for the offer. But I would like a nightcap in my own bedroom.” I said. “ah.” He said. come on show your interested again “would you allow me to escort you back Miss Prescott as you have had one to many and prehabs a night cap in your own room is for the best.” He said. “Prehabs it is. If your going that way I wouldn’t say no to the escort and I assure you it would only be polite and well mannered of me to offer you a drink for your troubles. I have a nice bottle of champagne in the fridge chilling.” I said. “that would be lovely and prehabs we can talk about job ideas as I would hate to think a brain like yours was being wasted.” He said. “Prehabs.” I said. “Would you like any assistance miss Prescott?” he asked me as I admit I slightly swayed. “I can manage.” I assured him. I actually started walking to my hotel with him with me. he walked next to me. “Im sorry I didn’t stay for your lecture.” I said. “its fine it was rather boring I assure you.” He said. “it didn’t sound it from the notes.” I started talking to him about his job. he watched me talk as if I was an alien. “sorry.” I said blushing. “no. no don’t apoligise that’s some really interesting opionions.” He said. “why have you been unsuccessful at getting a job?” he asked me. “Currently my life is not at the place that I can see myself at fulltime employment. Even from next year I would have to be school hours.” I said. “oh yes your baby.” he said as if he suddenly realised something. “Are you still with her father?” he asked me. I pulled a face. “No I never was.” I said. “Shes not mine.” I said truthfully. He looked at me. “not yours?” he asked me. We walked into the elevator I pressed a button for the top floor. He didn’t even seem to take what floor I pressed in. but with his looks I doubted he would think twice about the room. Hed possibley think it was his. “she not yours?” he asked me when I didn’t carry on. “it’s a long story and I doubt you want to hear my private life.” I said. “no your right I don’t.” he said. “What I want to make sure is your single.” He said. “yes.” I said. “that your legal.” He said. “yes.” I said. “that your on birthcontrol.” He said. “no but I have condoms.” I said I admit I blushed. “that’s all I want to know.” He said. “Are you good or bad?” he asked me. “excuse me?” I asked. “im going with good.” He said. “kiss me miss Prescott.” He said firmly. It was a demand. I wanted to tell him no fucking way. but another part of me wanted to know what It would be like. I kissed him. he pulled me closer and took over my mouth. I gasped at one point and he slipped his tounge in my mouth. When the elevator beeped he sighed. He pulled away from me. “why hasn’t it opened is it stuck?” he said with a smirk. “I need to scan my key.” I said. I pulled out my key card and scanned it. The doors opened straight into my suite. “the penthouse why miss Prescott how impressive.” He said. I blushed. But that’s it he didn’t follow through with anything after that. His lips remeet mine. He kissed me picking me up slightly in his way to muscley arms for being a stiff in a suit. When he let my mouth go he simpley asked. “the condoms in the bedroom?” I nodded. he took me through his mouth reconnecting with mine. I lost myself for a while in the feel of his body on mine. In mine. Over mine. His lips claiming mine as he made demands of me. he was rather bossy in bed. But god did he know how to make me orgasim. After the 3rd round, the mojitos were mostly out my system and I felt more satisified than I had in years. He lay calmly next to me. One good thing he hadn’t reached for a cigarette. He didn’t taste like a smoker either. But even if he was. This was a one night stand and I wouldn’t regret it.

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