The chess of my life

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Chapter 6 - Dominic

The bar was full and my friend who I was meant to be meeting for a quick drink and catch up had canceled. Unforutntly he had canceled after I arrived so I couldn’t just go home without having a drink I told myself. Hmm where was the harm in a night of fun I didn’t have a meeting until 10, I looked around and there were 3 girls that screamed golddiggers. Pretty yes. Gorgous to be honest. Perfect bodys. There was no harm in one of them for the evening. But I wouldn’t make it easy for them. They were eyeing up all the guys that had more money than sense. Myself included in that assessment. A laugh caught my attention. Two girls were sat at a table drinking clear drinks and obviously having a catch up. They didn’t look the type of girls to come to this type of bar. They didn’t scream gold diggers because they weren’t checking anyone out. they also didn’t scream money. One was covered in tattoos her back to me. her arm though it was different but id seen something like that before. I knew I had. Maths and chest pieces weren’t the normal thing a girl would have turned into a tattoo sleeve. Her straweberry blonde hair hid her face from my view but I knew id seen those tattoos before. where? Then it hit me my first time I went as a guest speaker to the college. She looked at me her friend obviously saying something to her about me. she looked away quickly as if she had taken me in and dismissed me. “Then what happened?” the girl asked her, obviously both not interested. Oh well I had the leggy blondes and brunnete There boobs were interesting. I would discover if they were real. “Fire.” I heard. I looked at the girl and her friend was laughing and she was smiling drinking her drink. They seemed to be getting quite drunk. She indicated for another drink. “What are they drinking?” I asked the waiter when he came back over. “Mojitos.” He said. “Charge there whole drinks and anything they order to me.” I said handing him my credit card. “are you sure?” he asked. “yes.” I said. he took it. Her friend said something and they both looked at another guy at the bar. Then they both shook there heads. Then again she turned and looked at me quickly. What was her name? was it the same girl or were math tattoos more common than I realised. She laughed at her friend. I wished I could hear them talking. But it wasn’t my place. I looked back over at the gorgous group of girls but they were flirting with a table of what looked like stockbrokers. I looked back over and the waiter was there with a tray of drinks. The girls were looking interested at the drink. How much were the two of them actually going to drink. Maybe I shouldn’t of given over my creditcard. The girls both looked at one of the other tables. “say thankyou for us.” The strawberry blonde said loudly taking a sip of her drink. Obviously having been sent it by another guy. She pulled a funny face. Then handed both to her friend. Okay obviously the wrong drink for her. She laughed as her friend drunk both drinks. The girl indicated the waiter. What was her name. What had her profosser called her. Miss Preston? No I remembered Miss Prescott. At least I think. I pride myself for my memory how could I forgot the girl. Her tattoos spoke to the geek inside me. they got handed a menu and both ordered something to eat and another Mojito but also a glass of water each. The girls seemed to ignore everyone around them talking to each other. I kept looking at the other woman. But if I could choose I would want to see if the strawberry blonde had any hidden tattoos. Both her arms were sleeves and she didn’t seem to fit in, in here. But that’s what intreged me. they honestly had seemed to come here for the drinks. She looked at me again. Then they both looked at the table that had sent them drinks. They wouldn’t know I had paid for there drinks and meal and I was tempted to leave it like that. Once they had finished there food. Her friend pulled her cell out. they both giggled looking at her friends cell. Her friends cell rung she talked on it for a few miniutes. Loosing your chance Dom I pep talked myself. I don’t know why I was nervous maybe because she wasn’t my normal type. Her friend gave her a slight push she laughed and said something. She indicated the waiter. I saw her ask for the bill. This would be interesting. She looked around looking confused our eyes met. I gave her what I hoped was a normal smile and not the ive been imaging you naked for the past hour smile that I think was on my face. Id only had two drinks but had managed to spreed them over the hour. “thank him or her for us.” Her friend said loudly. “well that’s my taxi baby are you sure your okay?” her friend said as her phone rung. They stood and kissed each others cheeks and gave each other a hug. The waiter handed the girl another drink? Weren’t they going together? Seeing her alone a guy decided to make a move. He looked like an accountant I thought. Money but not anywhere near my own. She stood up though and made a move for the toliets taking her drink and handbag with her. I looked at the other girls who were flirting with me. I had sent them all a drink. But not paid for there whole drinks and meal like I did the strawberry blonde and I still didn’t know why I had. I had more money than sense that’s what. That’s when I saw her coming towards me. her hips swayed as she walked and she wasn’t exactly walking in a straight line. But then I wouldn’t either after 7 mojitos. 7! Between the two of them they had 13 drinks and id seen that she at least had one more than her friend. No she had 2 more. So shed had about 8. I smiled at her as I realised it was me she was heading towards. “Did you pay for my meal and drinks?” she kind of demanded from me. “is it a problem if I did?” I asked her she was giving mixed signals. “Do I look like someone who needs being taken care of?” she demanded from me. “no.” I told her. she looked releaved to hear that. She was drunk. “you look like someone whos had one to many Mojitos miss Prescott.” I said calmly looking her straight in the eyes. Confusion then worry crossed her face, had I got her name right. “do I know you?” she asked me sounding worried. “I gave your class a lecture a few years ago. You didn’t stay so im not surprised if you don’t know who I am.” I told her with a smile. She kept blinking at me as if trying to see the lie in my words. She bit her bottom lip, hmm how did that taste like mojito currently possibly. “Can I ask you what you do now miss Prescott?” I asked her. that dress she was in I relised would of set her back a pretty penny. “im kind of between jobs currently.” She said to me. “that’s a shame your professor seemed to think highly of you.” I told her and it was the truth. “you remembered me from a brief 5 miniute meeting? In your very busy life?” she asked me confused as if she wasn’t sure if she should belive me. “I remembered you tattoos rather than your face.” I admitted to her looking at the tattoo in question. “It interested me chess boards and pieces a ruler that’s the same on both side except stops at 7 on one side and carrys on the other. A broken hour glass again at 7.” I started taking it in fully for the first time. it was more than math and chess there was a story behind it. “its interesting you went for math symbols but all centre on the number 7.” I said looking at it. What was so important about the number 7? “Whys it interesting?” she asked me. she was slightly swaying I wanted to put my hands on her waist and hold her still. “because I doubt you are referring to it just because it’s a prime.” I said to her. “Although the pi symbols.” I said looking at it all and running my hand over it. Her breath kind of caught. I moved her arm so I could take it all in. “its uniquely different. Out of anything you could have on your skin you went for maths symbols and chess.” I said to her. I looked at her other arm. There was 4 giant stars and a quote connecting them all. ‘Its okay not to be.’ Not to be what? “I can also see your other arm.” I told her. There was writing in the stars but she pulled it away before I could read them. Hmm. “but they make me wonder.” I said to her. “wonder what?” she asked. “how many other tattoos you have hidden on your body.” I told her. she bit her lip. “A few.” She said. hmmm that was interesting. “would you allow me to see?” I asked her. “that depends.” She told me. hmmm I have a feeling im now playing with fire. “on?” I asked her a playful smile on my lips I couldn’t help but imagine the girl naked. “if you want to see me naked.” She said. theres what I wanted, got her. “hmmm that’s a tempting offer.” I told her. “Well thankyou for treating me and my friend to our meal and drinks we needed that.” She told me. “I could tell. Prehabs we can carry on this conversation with a nightcap.” I said to her. thinking I could get a hotel room 6 doors down without much hassel. “I can get us a room at the hotel a few doors down its view is amazing.” I told her. “I already have a room there. thankyou for the offer. But I would like a nightcap in my own bedroom.” She said. hmmm, had I lost the game I now felt like I was playing? “ah.” I said. or was she telling me there was a room we could go to so I didn’t need to pay for one. “would you allow me to escort you back Miss Prescott as you have had one to many and prehabs a night cap in your own room is for the best.” I said. “Prehabs it is. If your going that way I wouldn’t say no to the escort and I assure you it would only be polite and well mannered of me to offer you a drink for your troubles. I have a nice bottle of champagne in the fridge chilling.” She said. ha I have got her. “that would be lovely and prehabs we can talk about job ideas as I would hate to think a brain like yours was being wasted.” I told her. bloody hell why did I bring it back to work. “Prehabs.” She said. “Would you like any assistance miss Prescott?” I asked as she almost went over. Bloody hell was she over the limit. I normally said no to girls who wouldn’t remember in the morning. “I can manage.” She assured me. she started making her move out. I had paid already and got my card back so I just followed her calmly. “Im sorry I didn’t stay for your lecture.” She said as we walked. “its fine it was rather boring I assure you.” I said to her. “it didn’t sound it from the notes.” she said to me. then she started talking about my lecture and the mathematics behind it. She was drunk and still able to quote my lecture she didn’t even attend? But not only that the math she seemed to pull out of thin air. How had this girl not got a job? “sorry.” She said and blushed it was obvious on the little strawberry blonde. I didn’t even know her name and I would like to keep it that way. as this was a one time deal. But hearing her talk about long equasions I was tempted to offer her a job and see what she could do. “no. no don’t apoligise that’s some really interesting opionions.” I told her and hell I meant that. “why have you been unsuccessful at getting a job?” I asked her. “Currently my life is not at the place that I can see myself at fulltime employment. Even from next year I would have to be school hours.” She said. then something registered she was covered in baby sick last time. the girl had a kid. “oh yes your baby.” I said. hell I didn’t see the problem in having a one night stand with her. as long as she didn’t have a partner at home. Waiting up on her. I didn’t do the other guy. I didn’t do affairs. “Are you still with her father?” I asked her. she pulled a face that was a mixture of grossed out wanting to laugh and worry. “No I never was.” She said. okay one night stand? “Shes not mine.” Her voice was full of truth. “not yours?” I asked trying to work out what she meant. Did she not have a child? We walked into the elevator of the hotel then. It was empty. I could pin her to the wall and taste her but I was still interested in our conversation. She pressed her floor button. “she not yours?” I asked her again. “it’s a long story and I doubt you want to hear my private life.” She said. well that was true. “no your right I don’t.” I told her. “What I want to make sure is your single.” I told her truthfully. “yes.” She said. sorted then. “that your legal.” I had to check I could tell she was young but I put her over drinking age so legal without an issue. “yes.” She said. “that your on birthcontrol.” I said. “no but I have condoms.” She said blushing. honest I liked that. I would make sure I wore a condom. “that’s all I want to know.” I told her. “Are you good or bad?” I asked her. Was she going to turn into a little minx in bed? Or was she sweet and innocent that I would need to teach. “excuse me?” she asked me confused. Going for needing to teach. “im going with good.” I said. what ever way she was going to be good because hell I wanted inside her. “kiss me miss Prescott.” I told her firmly. I had waited long enough to pin her to the elevtor wall. She heisitated but then she kissed me. gently. But god she was delishous. I put my hand on her waist and pulled her flush to my body keeping my hands on her waist. She was curves a lot bigger than the last stick insect I dated. And the stick insect before that, that was a one night stand. She gasped as I put one of my hands on her ass and pinched it. I slipped my tounge in her mouth and explored her mouth. I slipped one of my hands under her top. That’s when the elevator beeped I sighed pulling away from her. don’t change your mind. “why hasn’t it opened is it stuck?” I questioned. Hell I could make that work. “I need to scan my key.” She told me. hmmm? She pulled out a hotel key from her handbag and did indeed scan. The elevator door opened straight into the penthouse apartment. I could honestly say id never been this room. It wasn’t because I couldn’t afford it. But because it was always taken when I stayed. “the penthouse why miss Prescott how impressive.” I said suddenly realising how much money this must cost. Even for a night? Hmm maybe miss Prescott wouldn’t of been the type after me for my money. She seemed to be worried as if waiting for something. But instead I kissed her taking her lips again and picking her up. I didn’t care about her money this is a one night thing. Money will not come up. “the condoms in the bedroom?” I asked. she nodded. I took her through to the room I could see a bed through and laid her straight down on it. That dress was going to be coming off quickly. I pulled the dress off her and she helped me strip. Her lips tasted like the mojitos but she seemed aware enough. I wouldn’t regret this that’s for sure. I thought as my lips connected with her neck. I pulled away slightly to take her in, little pink bra and black big panties. Someone didn’t plan to get laid tonight. I pulled her panties down. Hmm shaved how interesting. I kissed her lips again and undid her bra. Natural, hmm been along time since I was with someone who had there natural boobs or at least wasn’t wearing a bra that made them look bigger. I pulled back to have a look at her body I counted three other tattoos. I looked at the one on her heart. I read it ‘If there’s ever a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.’ With a small piglet and winnie the pooh. I looked at it. Hmm. I looked at the other one, it was a sun and moon and said ‘youll always be my sun.’ I looked at her, I didn’t know what her tattoos were about but the quotes all spoke of loss. “are you going to fuck me or look at me?” She asked me. I took that as a hurry the hell up and got her how I wanted her. then I fucked her.

The sound of a phone woke me. I groined. But then I remembered where I was. I looked at the naked girl next to me. her head on the pillow next to mine her strawberry blonde hair around her like a halo. Was it my phone? Nope. But I only had an hour sleep and I had a busy day tomorow. “Miss Prescott.” I said fuck I should of found out her name. The girl opened her eyes. She blinked at me. please tell me you fucking remembered and weren’t that drunk. “um hi. I kind of thought youd be gone.” she mumbled. I smirked. Hey normaly I would be. I don’t know why I stayed. “your phone is ringing.” I told her. “its only 4am.” I felt the need to inform her. “is it to early for you?” she asked me interested. “its 4am.” I told her. she laughed and reached for her phone. Looked at the caller and sighed. “Hey?” she asked. I didn’t hear the otherside. “Sorry I didn’t realise you wanted me to check in. I thought I was an adult.” She said. I could hear the sarcasm in her voice. I raised an eyebrow at her. “my head hurts.” She said. “don’t you good me or ill good you next time.” she moaned. “oh.” She said. “well the answer to that question is easy. She doesn’t sleep.” She said. “I told you ive had 3 hours sleep the past few days I needed to sleep it’s the whole reason I spent the night at a hotel.” She said. I looked at her suspicious. “Put her on the phone.” She said, I moved and she blushed taking in my huge hard on that was ready for another round with her. “Hello babygirl.” She said. “Sweetheart I know im not home.” She said. “im coming home soon don’t worry. Daddy is going to take you to your first day at school and I am going to pick you up at 3 then we can go get mcdonolds and not tell. Espically not daddy and Rosie because we don’t want to share.” She said. “but only little girls who sleep all night get mcdonolds.” She said. “Good girl now you go back to bed for me. if you cant sleep remember you can practise your 8 times tables.” She said. I looked at her. “okay pre-k is going to be fun. Its okay to be smarter than the rest of the class. But the same as I tell Greg and Derek its not nice to point it out.” she sighed. “No I don’t know if everyone sees the same colour blue that you see.” She said. “well its technically an illusion.” She started. I looked at her absoultly bemuzed as she went onto explain colour is how the brain enterprets what it sees. “Now can you go back to sleep.” she asked. “No sweetheart there is not a monster under your bed. I told you, the only monster in your bedroom is the one in the bed.” She said. “Sweetpea.” She said. “Baby why don’t you cuddle daddy and tell him?” she asked. “No sweetpea I don’t know if ants fart. Can you put dad back on.” She said. “Do ants fart? honestly are you mad at me for running out on you.” she moaned. “well no I didn’t ring you to tell you I got back from the bar alright.” She mumbled. “its not my fault you stayed up worrying.” She said. “Im 23 years old.” She said rolling her eyes. I looked at her wide eyed. “you said your legal.” I moaned. “uh 18s legal.” She said. “I assumed you were 25.” I informed her. “you left college 3 years ago.” I said looking at her accusing her of I don’t know what “you only asked if I was legal.” She informed me. “yes im in bed with someone.” She said. “Goodnight giant.” She said and hung up sighing. I stood up and started pulling my boxers on. “how old are you if my age is suddenly a huge issue?” she asked me interested. Obviously seeing my awkwardness. “36.” I said. “So 25 wouldn’t of been a problem but 23 is?” she asked me. I thought about it. “25 would have been 11 years younger than me not 13.” I said. “well okay we don’t even know each others name it’s a one night stand what does it matter.” She said. “It matters.” I told her. “Fine.” She said but I hurt her. I started buttoning my shirt. Then I thought about it. “how old were you when you started college?” I kind of demanded from her. “I started college work at 12.” She said. “but I officially went at 16.” She said. “I got my masters at 20.” She said. I groined how could someone be this smart and tempting but so young. “Your father must be very proud.” I said standing and pulling up my boxers and pants she still lay in the bed naked under the sheets. “Miss Prescott. You seem a smart girl.” I said. “but?” she asked. “But this is goodbye.” I said. “it was lovely to spend the night with you.” I said. “you too.” She said weakly. I looked at her spread out on the bed. I put my shoes on. Then I went over and kissed her lips pushing her back into the bed. She blinked at me like I was a mystery but god I wanted to taste her lips one last time. “Goodbye.” I told her. “bye.” She said looking at me like I was the most confusing person in the world. I walked out the bedroom and straight to the elevator I pressed the call buton then went down. The moment I was in the elevator I cursed myself for sleeping with a kid.

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