The chess of my life

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Chapter 7 - Maddie

I told myself not to think of the guy after he walked out and to be honest I succeseded. I knew what id used him for tonight but hed used me for the same thing. Just a quick fuck no strings. No faked feelings. Nothing like that. He wanted in my panties. I wanted him in them. We both got what we wanted. I also got a hell of a good sleep. it was now 12pm I realised looking at my phone. There was a text from Nathan that hed sent earlyer

Nathan – all at school okay. Let me know if you have any problems getting them later. I can leave the office early.

I read it twice before I decided my reply.

Maddie – just woke up I needed to sleep Nathan. Im sorry. I will be there to pick the kids up. going to treat them all mcdonolds tonight. Did you want one?

I went and had a relaxing bath in the juguzzi bath. We had one of these at home but soak time was limited or I had a child at the door wanting in. or I had a child in. I never got the peace. My phone beeped and I sighed picking it up from the floor.

Nathan – No you know how I feel about mcdonolds. Just get you and the kids one. I will come home tonight we all need to talk.

Maddie – okay we will talk.

Nathan - im sorry kiddo.

Maddie – you don’t need to be sorry Nathan. I shouldn’t of walked out.

Nathan – no kiddo you needed a break. did you get enough sleep?

Maddie – yeah

Nathan – Was the guy safe to sleep with. You used protection right?

Maddie – do you really want this conversation?

Nathan – no but I need to make sure you were safe

Maddie – I was safe and ill get the morning after pill just in case anyway. He walked out when he found out how old I was. I was apparently a kid.

Nathan – sorry kiddo.

Maddie – hell why you sorry

Maddie – get your work done so we can talk later. Im going to get room service and eat so im not over the limit to drive.

Nathan – if your over the limit let me know ask the hotel if they have breathalyser tests.

Maddie – will do.

Nathan – be good

Maddie – no

I put my phone down and sighed leaning back in the water. When I felt relaxed I climbed out went and ordered a cooked breakifast from room service because nothing beats a hangover. I got dressed whilst waiting for it. When it came I ate it at the dinning room table. Then I went down and checked out. “Was everything to your liking Miss Reid?” the man in suit asked me calmly. “yes thankyou.” I said. “please come again.” He said. “thanks.” I said. I went to the valet and he got my car. I breathlised myself and was over the limit, just. I thought about it and handed the valet back my keys. “I will be back to pick it up tomorrow.” I told him taking my label. Then I caught a taxi to the elementary school. Went in and got Tamsin who came running up and hugging me yelling my name so excited. It was the same Pre-k Oliva had gone so I knew the staff. I then went around the building and got Oliva. Then went to the middle school for Derek and Greg in the same Taxi having paid for it to stay. I had texted Ethan and Avery and both said theyd get themselves home. I took the youngest to mcdonolds and fed them. Then before we went home I ordered the two oldest a meal and called another taxi. When we got home Avery and Ethan were home. “Meals eat up.” I said with a smile. “wheres your car auntie Maddie?” Avery asked confused. “im still over the limit.” I admitted. She laughed. “good example Aunt Maddie.” She said. But she hugged me. “im sorry.” She said. “im sorry to.” I assured her. “I didn’t mean to push you over the edge.” She said. “actually it wasn’t you but you did help.” I told her. “Alright kiddos its time to sit down and talk.” I said. “do we have to?” Greg asked. “oh no we can all run off and play.” I said. “really?” he asked hopeful. “no sweetheart I was being sarcastic.” I said. “Lets go tv room.” I said. we all went to the tv room. “Alright all of you sit.” I said. “We are sorry auntie Maddie.” Derek said worried. “none of you are in trouble. But I think we all need to clear chests don’t you.” I said. “This summer has been hard on everyone. Its also coming up the 3 year.” I started, but had to stop. “its almost been 3 years.” I managed after a while. “I sometimes think we have this kiddo. But if any of you aren’t happy. I want you to know you can talk to me.” I said. “Your great auntie Maddie. Your doing great.” Derek assured me. I weakly smiled. “sometimes kiddo I think im failing this.” I said. “you aren’t your doing great your always there.” Derek assured me. “a bit to much.” Avery mumbled. I looked at her. “Avery I am allowing you space to make mistakes but I also set ground rules smoking is against all my rules and if you carry on I will be taking away your cellphone. Your.” I started firmly. Someone cleared there throat behind me. I turned and saw Nathan. “Not just your cell Avery.” He said firmly coming in the room. I didn’t know what to say. “Alright kids Maddie sit down I have something to say to you all.” He said. I looked at him but slipped on the sofa between Ethan and Derek. Tamsin imeditty sat on my lap. “First of all.” Nathan started. Don’t tell us off we are all doing quiet well. “I need to apoligise to the 7 of you.” Nathan said. we all looked at him. “I havent been around as much as I should be for a while.” He said. “That isn’t right of me.” he said. “And I need to change that.” Nathan said. I didn’t know what to say or do. “I have been leaving way to much up to Madeline.” He said. oh shit Madeline I was in trouble. “I thought we were a team.” He said. I looked at him, I thought we were too if he thought id overstepped. “but I havent been acting like a team.” He said to me. “for that im sorry kiddo.” He said. “I didn’t realise how much you have been covering my slack latterly.” He said. “Things I should be doing that I havent.” He said. “although some things I think you’ve just been doing and have been deciding not to bother me with. Which is fine Maddie. But some things I should be bothered with.” He said. “Avery you are beautiful, but yes you will get the odd zit. Your 16 its normal.” He said. “I can show you pictures of your mom and myself at 16 covered in zits. Its going to happen, you cant make everyone late and then bunk of school rather than even go into registration.” He said. “you bunked of school?” I demanded from her. “It was no big auntie Mads I came straight home.” She said. “it is a big and your grounded.” Nathan said. “Your cellphone will be on you at all points and is locked so there will be no social media no youtube no texts from friends the only person you can contact on it is Maddie myself and Ethan.” He said firmly. “but dad.” Avery started. “No young lady you are in a lot of trouble and I have locked it.” He said. “in fact we will be discussing the rest of your punishment after the others are in bed, but the gardener has been saying theres a lot of work to be done so prehabs a few hours helping out.” he started. “Also the poolboy might be having a few weeks off.” He said. I groined, hey a girl has to get some excitement. I enjoyed watching him work so did Rosie. “so prehabs a few days of cleaning the pool.” He started. God I forgot what a Nathan punishment was like. “But dad.” Avery said. “keep but dadding me Avery and I will add more.” He said firmly. “We will discuss it in more details when everyones in bed.” He said. Avery crossed her arms and sulked. “Ethan.” He said. Ethan groined. “Ethan I havent been about for you as much as I should. I know that but bud I thought you knew you could come to me.” Nathan said. “I know I havent been about for you to come to me and that’s going to change.” Nathan said. “2 nights a week.” Nathan said. Ethan scoffed. “I will be picking you all up from school. I shall be home for dinner.” Nathan said firmly. “I shall be putting you to bed.” Nathan said. “but you don’t know the voices daddy.” Tamsin told him. “well maybe ill read different books to auntie Maddie so you have your daddy books, wouldn’t it be nice to have daddy read to you.” Nathan asked his baby I could hear the worry. He didn’t have much of a bond with Tamsin. “Yes daddy.” She said. good girl. “But different books.” She said. “yes sweetpea.” He said. “So two nights a week I will be coming home at 2 picking you all up from school.” He said. “But I shall always be avalible to be talked to. Even if you ring me.” he said. “I want you all to remember im there if you need me kids.” He said. “Ethan.” He started. “One night a week you and me will be going out. Avery will be joining us when shes no longer grounded.” Nathan started. “we will go do things that the two of you will enjoy.” He said. Derek and Greg looked at me. “Greg and Derek. Boys.” Nathan said. “Sundays.” Nathan started. “im all yours boys. We can do what ever you two want.” He said. “If that’s build that rocket.” Nathan started. “we did that during the summer we blew up.” Greg started. “Blew up what?” Nathan asked. “The shed.” Greg admitted. Nathan gave me a look. “I might of hid that.” I admitted. “Well we can do anything you two set your minds too. But what ever it is we can do it.” Nathan said. “I will start spending more time with you all.” He said. “So youll be working less?” Ethan asked. “I shall be cutting back my hours at the office. I have combined with another business partner as you are all aware my previous partners I brought out 7 months ago when he wished to retire. Its why I have been working so hard lately. The new partner will be taking on some of my responsibiltys.” He started. “its fine kids I have enough protection to leave some of my new short fallings to him. I have a few more important meetings with him but it should all be sorted by the end of this year.” He said. we were only august but I would give him the benefit of the doubt. “it may take a while. But I will try my hardest to keep my word.” Nathan said. “Oliva Tamsin.” Nathan started worried. “You both just need to talk to daddy and we can do something you want.” Nathan assured them. “can we go Disney?” Oliva asked. “um.” Nathan started. “well that will have to wait for a school break.” he said. “But yes we can go Disney.” He said. “cant we go the weekend.” Oliva asked him. “it’s a hell of along way away baby. if we went for the weekend by the time we got there we would have to come back.” I said. “How about we go for thanksgiving.” He said. “your not going to work?” Ethan said. “like I said I have new business partners.” Nathan said. “Don’t make promises you don’t plan to keep dad.” Avery said what I was thinking. “I plan to keep it Avery.” Nathan said firmly. “Maddie.” Nathan said. “I am sorry I havent been acting a team lately.” Nathan said. “I havent either.” I said to him. “No sweetheart ive been taking you for granteted and im sorry.” He said. “And I get what you needed last night. I shouldn’t of sprung the woman on you without talking about it.” He said. “I shouldn’t of done that to any of you.” Nathan said. “I shouldn’t of walked away.” I said. “No you shouldn’t but I get the fact you needed a break. you havent had one for a long time and your still so young Mads its understandable you wanted to go out with your friends. Hell I go out.” he said. “But your not a single mom.” He said looking at me. “im sorry ive been making you think you cant come talk to me. that you cant go out. that you cant have a break.” he sighed. “So I want you to take a night off.” He said. “what?” I asked confused. “just that. If you want to go out with Maria one night a week. If you want to go on dates.” He started. I started choking. “Your killing auntie Maddie.” Derek said. Nathan chuckled. “Although the safety of what you did.” Nathan started. I choked more. “it was extremely dangerous and if it was one of the kids you would be coming down on them like a ton of bricks.” Nathan said with a raised eyebrow. I still choked. “What you do?” Derek asked. “Eww you didn’t.” Avery groined. “now your all growing up.” Nathan said. “I forget that sometimes.” He said. “Your all my babys and I forget how quick time goes. So I will be spending more time with you all and auntie Maddie will be having a few breaks.” He said. “So is auntie Maddie leaving?” Derek asked so scared. “no kiddo. I’m not moving out don’t worry.” I said. “Your all stuck here until you go off to college haha.” Nathan gave an evil laugh that was meant to be funny. “I still have the cell in the basement.” Nathan said. I smiled at him, the house didn’t have a basement. “Now im sorry kiddos.” He said. he held his arms open. I gave Tamsin a little nudge and she went and hugged her daddy first, then Derek did. It took a little push but I got all the kids hugging him. “Sorry kiddos.” He said. “Now why don’t we watch a film and.” Nathan started. “Dad are you serious about the woman?” Derek asked. Derek I wanted to whine. “Right now isn’t the right time.” Nathan said. “But your serious about her.” Ethan asked. “If its not to much to ask you all.” Nathan started worried. “I would like to entroduce her to you all but when your ready.” Nathan said. “Okay daddy.” Oliva said. Nathan looked at her. “But if any of you and I mean any of you don’t like her. shes gone.” Nathan said. he looked from one to the other. “I mean it kids. Your my number 1 to 7,” he said looking at us. “Whos number one.” Greg asked. “Greg.” They all whined. Nathan rougled his hair. “I think its time we watch the daddys dating dvd.” Avery said. I looked at her I expected that from Ethan not her. “Maybe it is kiddo.” Nathan said. He looked worried. “Come on then kiddos.” He said. “Move up.” he said he kind of sat on the couch squishing us. We all fidgeted until Oliva and Derek sat on his lap. Avery put the dvd on and we all sat and watched. “Mommy.” Tamsin said looking at the screen. “Yeah sweetheart mommy.” Nathan said he looked at his youngest torn.

“Hey kids.” Jess said. “I don’t know how long its been, but knowing Nathan.” Jess started. “a long time.” Jess said. she looked worried. “I am happy for daddy. I never want him alone.” Jess said. “I know it will be hard.” Jess started. “but daddy deserves someone who will make him happy. He likes to be cudled.” She started. “I know you all possibly” she started talking about how this was for the best. Nathan watched her he was tearing up. The kids all watched there mom say how she was happy there dad had moved on. When it was over I didn’t know what to say. “Alright kids whats the plan for tonight?” he asked. “its Tamsin and Olivas bedtime 20 miniutes ago.” I started to get up. “Alright ill do that.” Nathan said. “but daddy.” Tamsin said. “Why don’t we choose a nice book as a treat we can have 10 miniutes extra.” He said. “really?” Tamsin asked hopeful. “Yes.” Nathan said. “can we have a glass of milk and a cookie?” Oliva asked worried. Nathan looked at me. I nodded to him. “yes but you have to clean your teeth.” He started. I gave him a small thumbs up. “Why don’t you two go get dressed for bed and daddy will be in Olivas room to read to you both in a few miniutes with the milk and cookies. But you need to scrub those teeth.” I told them. “okay.” Oliva said. she jumped up. she kissed me “night aunt Maddie love you.” She said hugging me tight. “night everyone.” She said. she went for Tamsins hand. “youll be there if monster tonight?” Tamsin asked me. “yes baby ill be there for a monster tonight.” I assured her. she hugged me tight. “can I sleep in your bed?” Tamsin asked me. “why don’t you try sleep in your bed but if you wake you can join me.” I said. “Okay love you.” She said. “love you too.” I said I kissed her head, she took Olivas hand and they went up. Nathan watched looking emotional. “Milk and cookie.” He said. “Ill go get it.” I said going to get up. “no that’s fine you 5 stay here.” He said. he walked out. “whats going on?” Greg asked. “Dads back?” Derek asked us all. “He didn’t go anywhere guys.” I said. “he did.” Greg said. “How long do you think it will last?” Avery asked. “give your dad a chance.” I said. “he loves you all.” I said. “we never doubt he loves us.” Derek said. Good. “we just.” Derek started. “Don’t know him that well anymore.” Derek went with. I hugged him to me. “Baby boy. Give him a cance for me.” I said. “okay but your not going anywhere?” he asked. “no baby boy im not going anywhere. I think daddy just wants to give me a little break.” I said. “before you snap.” Ethan said. “I think I went mad years ago.” I said. “Yep.” Ethan said. I nudged him. Nathan went past with milk and cookies. “Should we get ourselves some milk and cookies and you boys can read to me.” I said. “sounds good.” Derek said. “ill go get the hobbit.” Greg said he went. “ill get the milk and cookies.” Avery said. “Derek go get in your pjs and then we can read. Tell Greg too.” I said. “okay.” Derek said and run off. I looked at Ethan. “You alright?” I asked him. “yeah.” Ethan said he looked torn. “It’s a good thing baby boy.” I assured him. “I know.” He said. “except dad dating.” He said. “We will get through it. Remember mommys happy for him.” I pointed out. “yeah.” He said. “but shes just.” He started. “not the right sort.” He said. “Shes.” He started. “fake?” I suggested. “yeah.” He said. “we cant judge her before we get to know her. after we do and still think shes fake you can talk to your dad.” I told him. “okay.” He said weakly. Avery came back with a tray of cookies and milk and put them on the table. “I expect any ciggerettes in your room on my bedside table by tomorrow evening. I will be going through your bedroom Friday.” I told her firmly. “okay.” She said weakly. “if I catch you smoking again.” I said. “okay.” She said, before I started. “Im glad we have an understanding.” I said. “ill try get you of pool duty.” I said. “only because you enjoy watching the poolboy.” She said. “I don’t want to hear this.” Ethan whined. I smiled. Derek and Greg appeared back in there pjs and with the book. “did you clean your teeth?” I asked. “after cookie and milk we will.” Derek assured me. Greg started telling me the reasons you clean your teeth after food so I knew I could trust them to do it. They always did since I got them a book on dental hygine when they were 8. It worked liked I hoped. It was Ethans turn reading a chapter when Nathan appared. “that took a long time.” I said with a weak smile. “yeah.” He said looking exhursted. “Derek Greg.” He started worried. “can Ethan just finish his chapter?” Greg asked. “Yes that’s fine.” Nathan said. he sat on the couch and put his arm around Derek. Greg pulled away before he could be hugged. Ethan finished his chapter. “Alright boys.” Nathan started. “Night.” Greg said standing up. “night sweethearts.” I said. Derek gave hug and kiss still to me and Nathan but Greg didn’t like being touched. He said. “love you night.” Which was a lot from him. “don’t you want tucking in?” Nathan said getting up. “We are fine.” Derek assured him and they walked off. Nathan watched them worried. “I havent tucked them in for a year Nathan. They don’t like it.” I said. “I check on them before I go bed and turn the lights off.” I told him. “okay.” Nathan said worried. “Ethan Avery.” Nathan said weakly. “im sorry kiddos.” He said. “its fine dad we get it.” Ethan said. “your almost grown ups.” Nathan said worried. “But your still kids.” He said. “Your in the weird stage where you feel grown up but you aren’t.” Nathan said. he gave me a look. “I want you to know you can come to me.” Nathan said. “Avery.” He started. He started talking to her about how he was doing her punishment for her own good. That it wasn’t really a punishment but a way to explain to her. I watched him. when he finished Ethan and Avery went up to bed. Leaving me with Nathan. “My turn?” I asked him weakly. “Im sorry kiddo.” He said. “I have been taking advantage of you.” He said. “you’ve been dealing with my shortfalls and not saying so I thought it was okay. Its not been okay.” He said. “your not living your own life because your raising my kids.” He said. “I made that choice.” I said. “you did, but I let you. I want you to see your friends to meet a nice guy. A guy in a bar for one night isn’t the right.” He started. “I know that, but I needed it.” I said. “you were safe?” he checked. “he wore a condom.” I assured him. he looked embaressed. “cant you go back to the 5 year old who actually belived in cooties.” He said. I started explaining how many germs were in a kiss. He smiled at me. “I didn’t realise Tamsin didn’t sleep through.” He said. “no she never has.” I said. “Im sorry Maddie. Your 23 you shoudlnt be.” He started. “im 24 in a few weeks.” I said. “I know.” He said. “Marias getting married.” I said. “really?” he asked. “yeah.” I said. “yet you don’t date.” He started worried. “Why do I need to?” I asked him. “im sorry babygirl.” He said. “Nathan I don’t regret it.” I assured him. “if I had to make the choice again knowing what I know now. I would make the same choice and not just to stop a paradox.” I told him. he smiled weakly. “me and you kiddo.” He said. “me and you giant.” I assured him. “So the guy?” he started. “freaked when I said my age.” I said. “I heard.” He admitted. “Did you talk?” he asked me. “I don’t even know the guys name. he doesn’t know anything about me.” I said. “so not the kind of guy id be happy with.” He pointed out. “James gets out jail next year.” I suggested but it was a joke. He started choking. “I thought that would please you.” I said. I gave him a small hug. “Night Giant your still my superhero.” I assured him. “Night kiddo your still my bravegirl.” He assured me. “to brave.” He said as I left the room. I rolled my eyes but went up to my room. 2am a little monkey climbed into bed with me. I woke and put my arms over Oliva. “Its okay.” I assured her. she went sleep in my bed. Another hour late Tamsin came in and climbed in. “Auntie Maddie theres a monster in my bedroom.” She told me. “then sleep in mine.” I mumbled deciding it was easyer. She snuggled my other side.

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