The chess of my life

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Chapter 8 - Maddie

I looked at Nathans new girlfriend sat at the table. The kids were all being so rediciously well behaved that I wanted to know who broke something or what they were up to. Last time they were this quiet something had been broke. I looked from one kid to the other. If Nathan was worried his kids were this quiet he wasn’t saying anything. I had been tempted to go out. but Nathan asked me to stay so I did. We weren’t eating yet as we were waiting on another person. Nathan needed to sign some paperwork and because it was his night putting the kids bed he had asked the man to come the house and somehow offered dinner. I hadn’t got the whole story except to be told we would be having two guests for dinner and to inform the kids they had to be on there best behaviour as one of the guests is his new business partner and the whole reason hes home at bedtime again. I don’t quiet work out where the woman had come into this. Maybe he knew wed all be better behaved with an innocent guest in the mix. “So Avery.” The lady said to Oliva. “im Oliva.” She said. “Sorry Oliva. Do you like school? Hows kindergarten?” she asked. I wanted to groin. “im in first grade.” Oliva said. the bell went. Saved by the bell! Nathan got up I heard laughing and joking in the corridor. He sounded friendly with his new business partner. “Do you enjoy school?” Nathans girlfriend asked Oliva hopeful obviously trying. “Its okay.” She said. The girlfriend obviously decided her next victim. She looked at Greg who was her other side. “Do you like school Greg?” She asked. “im Derek.” He said. No he wasn’t! Ethan and I coughed. “are your boobs real?” Greg asked. that was when Nathan came in with his business partner he heard him. “Gregory apoligise right now.” He said firmly. “im sorry your boobs aren’t real.” Greg said. Avery snorted. “Gregory please go to your room and think about what you just said. I shall be up to talk to you in 10 miniutes.” Nathan said firmly. “Fine.” Greg said and walked past his dad. I needed to go deal with that. “Sorry about that Eliza I don’t know what got into him.” Nathan said. “Eliza really?” Ethan scoffed. “Ethan.” Nathan said firmly. “Dominic please sit next to Avery there.” Nathan said. I looked at Nathans new business partner and shit. I looked at the guy I had slept with a few weeks ago. Please don’t remember me. “Dominic these are my children and my girlfriend.” Nathan said calmly. completely fazing over me as if I wasn’t there unless he was calling me his child. Thanks Nathan. “Nice to meet you all.” Dominic said. then he looked at me. don’t reconise me. “I will go see where Rosie is with dinner.” I said standing up. “Maddie.” Nathan started worried, he possibly thought I wanted to go deal with Greg and I did but currently I wanted out of the guys judging eyes on me. I also didn’t know how I felt to Nathan not saying who I was. I knew it was because he secretly hadn’t told his girlfriend. “Don’t go see to Greg I will.” He said. I rolled my eyes behind his back. “alright.” I said. I slipped out to the kitchen. Rosie was in the kitchen swearing in spainish. I stood and watched her for a moment. “would you like any help?” I asked once she put the hot item down. “Yes.” She said I went and helped her dish up. “Dinner where you don’t all help yourselves anyoying as hell.” She mumbled in spainish. I tried not to laugh but I helped her plate up and she put them on a little tray and we both went back to the dining room. Nathan was gone. I sat back down. Rosie started putting dinner in front of everyone. I tried to help but she gave me a look and indicatied my seat. I rolled my eyes at her and sat back in my place. “So Avery your dad was telling me you’re a cheerleader. I was a cheerleader when I was in school too.” Eliza told her. “how long ago was that? 5 years.” Derek mumbled. “Derek.” I said. “sorry.” Derek said. “How old are you?” Tamsin asked. “Tamsin.” I said firmly. “no that’s fine. There just curious.” Eliza said. “im 28.” She said. “So your 12 years older than me and Ethan and only 5 years older than Maddie?” Avery asked. “um.” She said. “so your young enough to be our big sister.” Avery started. “Avery.” I said firmly. She stopped. “I don’t think we were introduced.” Nathans girlfriend said to me. That was when Nathan came back in with greg. “Im sorry.” Greg told her. “its okay.” She said. Avery gave me a look saying please. I looked at my plate like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Anything to avoid eye contact with Dominic. So that was his name. The talk was polite whilst Nathan was there. Eliza asked Greg his favioute subject. “science.” He said. “Why science?” Dominic asked interested. Greg seemed to think. “I like to know how things work.” Greg went with. “Least he didn’t say he likes to watch things blowup.” Ethan mumbled. “that too.” Greg assured his brother. The meal wasn’t to bad but I never looked up. “I didn’t realise you had such polite children.” Eliza said as Ethan and Avery got up and cleared the table. “Neither did I.” Nathan said watching us suspicious. “Maddie said if we didn’t behave we wouldn’t be allowed pizza mcdonolds and icecream for 2 months.” Oliva dopped me in. “Oliva you weren’t meant to tell daddy.” Tamsin said. please earth swallow me up. “im going to help with the plates.” I mumbled standing up still not giving anyone eye contact. I managed to get back to the kitchen. Avery and Ethan were washing up. “I hate her.” Avery said. “You havent given her a chance.” I said weakly. “I don’t care I hate her already.” She said. I looked at the plates. “why aren’t you looking at anyone?” Ethan asked me. I couldn’t really tell them. “just things.” I said. “If we gave you that answer we would be screwed.” Avery said. I went and helped them wash up. “you know we have a dishwasher.” Nathan said coming in the room. He gave the three of us a look. “Now what are you three up too.” Nathan asked. “nothing.” The three of us said. “Kids I told you if your not happy with the woman im datng I would listen to you kids.” Nathan said looking at us. “if your happy then we are happy for you.” Ethan said thought I could tell it pained him. “Yeah but we always thought youd date someone older.” Avery said. “with her real boobs.” Avery said. “hey we don’t actually know there fake.” Ethan said. “Ethan there fake real girls boobs don’t look so.” Avery started. She seemed to be thinking. “symmetrical.” I suggested. “yeah that.” Avery said. “kids her boobs are in deed fake.” Nathan said weakly. “please can the three of you come back in.” Nathan said. “I would like to introduce you all properly to her and my new business partner.” He said. “Really even auntie Maddie because that’s weird dad. You havent told her who Auntie Maddie really is.” Ethan said. “Its fine Nathan.” I assured him. I got why he did it. To have his sister in law living with him raising his kids kind of said. im not over my wife. “We okay kiddo?” he asked me worried. “we are alright giant.” I said. “then whats wrong with you?” he asked. “Just tired.” I actually didn’t even really lie, there was a lot more to it but still. “Just get through the next 45 miniutes then ill go tuck the little ones in and call Eliza a taxi.” He said. “shes not staying?” Ethan asked. “no Ethan shes not staying the night.” Nathan said. “alright we can come back.” Ethan said. we went back into the dining room. “So you didn’t go college?” Greg was asking Eliza. “no.” she said. “what are you dumb? Ive been doing college math for a month in my freetime it isn’t hard.” Greg said. “Greg what have we talked about calling people dumb.” Nathan said firmly. “that its not polite to tell them.” Derek Greg Oliva and Tamsin all said at once. Greg carried on about how everyone was technically stupid in there own way. “I think prehabs I should ring you a taxi home Eliza and put the little ones to bed.” Nathan said. she looked slightly put out like she was expecting to stay. “then when the kids are in bed we can get some work done Dominic.” Nathan said worried. “that’s fine, I am enjoying talking Edwin Hubble with.” Dominic started he seemed to be thinking which twin he was talking to. “I’m Derek.” Derek said. “Derek.” Dominic said. “I don’t think ive actually been told your names and which ones which sorry.” He said. “oh sorry Dominic, I thought I had.” Nathan said. “Tamsin is the youngest. Then Oliva.” He said pointing the youngest two out. “Girls why don’t you say goodnight and go get changed and clean your teeth I will be up to read to you in a miniute.” Nathan said. “okay.” Oliva said taking her little sisters hand and taking her up. Shit Tamsin didn’t say goodnight to me which meant she wouldn’t settle. Ill pop up and do night kisses in a miniute. “then we have the twins Derek and Greg. As you can possibly tell there dangerous.” Nathan said with a smile. “We aren’t that bad dad.” Derek said rolling his eyes. “I heard you set the shed on fire this summer building a rocket.” Dominic said interested. “it wasn’t our fault. I told Ethan that a rocket inside wasn’t a good idea. But he said he wasn’t watching us outside in the rain so we either built it in the shed or not at all.” Greg said. “snitch.” Ethan said. “is this true?” I asked him. “Yeah.” He said. “where was i?” I asked confused. “having a fight with Avery about how she wasn’t allowed out the house in what she was wearing as it was yours.” Greg said shrugging. Avery and I looked at each other I shrugged. “Then we have the twins Avery and Ethan.” Nathan said. “Do twins run in your family?” Eliza asked actually sounding worried. “my wifes family yes.” He said. “oh.” She said. Ethan and I looked at each other hed said wife. “Now I should go see to the little ones.” Nathan said again suttley not telling who I was. “Do you know what tonights book is?” he asked me. “I think its enid Blyton tonight. But we are on the last chapter of the winnie the pooh book.” I said. “and I promised to read journey to the river sea next.” I said. “alright, this will be fun. Boys not much longer if you want to read.” Nathan said. “alright dad.” Derek said. Nathan went to give Eliza a kiss. “I will book your taxi.” He said. “night.” Derek said and run off. “Night too.” Greg said, he went to leave. “clean your teeth and make sure you put your socks in the basket because its your room clean tomorrow and I would rather not have Rosie die.” I started. “alright night.” Greg said and he followed his brother. “I wont be long Dominic.” Nathan assured him. “that’s fine.” Dominic assured him. Nathan left leaving the three of us with Eliza and Dominic. “Would you like a coffee whilst you wait?” I asked. “its fine I will go see where that Taxi is.” Eliza said standing up. “Would you like a coffee?” I asked Dominic. Hell I wanted away from him. “Not currently im fine with my water thankyou.” He said. “So Ethan your father was telling me you’ve started thinking about colleges.” Dominic said. “Yeah but its still along way off. I aint going early or anything. I might be .interelgectually ready. But im not socialiy ready.” Ethan said. “That sounds like you’ve given it serious thought.” Dominic said. “im leaning towards Harvard, but it’s a bit far.” Ethan said worried. “also theres no way Avery would get in.” Ethan said. “thanks a lot Eth.” Avery moaned. “it’s the truth Ave.” He said. “I am sure your equaly as smart your father said how he had your phone blocked but you managed to hack it back on.” Dominic said. “um yeah.” Avery said. she gave Ethan a look. “I have homework so I should go do that.” Avery said. “alright sweetheart.” I said. kind of not wanting to be left alone with the guy and the woman. “Night.” Avery said. “Night.” Ethan told us and he left. I looked at Eliza. “So am I the first girl your dads brought home?” Eliza asked weakly. “yes.” I said truthfully. “None of them like you.” I said truthfully. She looked frustrated rather than anyoyed at my honesty. I looked at my nails rather than have to make eye contact with either of them. “So Maddison isn’t it?” she asked me. “Madeliene.” I said. “oh sorry I swear Nathan said you were Madison with the picture on his desk.” He said. “it might have been a picture of Addison not me if she was blonde.” I said. “oh yeah maybe.” She said. I looked back at my nails. I need a manicure. “Am I your dads first solid girlfriend?” she asked me. “Um.” I said. “Well I know im not that much older than you, but we can get on girl to girl cant we?” she said to me. “Uh.” I said. “I think your taxi is here. I should go buzz it in.” I said running off. Thankfully when I got out the room the Taxi was indeed at the gate I buzzed it in. I went back to the lounge. “Do you not belive it is an unsutible relationship when your boyfriends eldest is only 5 years younger than you.” Dominic asked. “I am sure Nathan has thought about our age gap.” She said. I went in the room. “your taxi is here.” I said. “thankyou. Maybe next time I come we can have some girl time and get to know each other.” She said. “um.” I said. she air kissed me. I stood there bemuzed as she walked out. I watched her go. When she was gone I didn’t know what to do. “Miss Presscot.” Dominic said calmly. “Can we just pretend this and well all of it never happened.” I said weakly. “Madeliene Reid.” He said looking at me. “Actully my last name is prescott.” I said. “Your dad.” He started. “Nathan aint my dad.” I said. “Hes not?” he said like he didn’t belive that. “he my brother in law.” I said. He seemed to think. “you’re his wifes little sister?” he asked. “yeah.” I said. “Oh.” He said looking at me like he was torn. “we don’t have to tell him.” I started. He looked at me like he was trying to understand something. “tell him what?” he asked. I looked at him actually catching him in the eyes. I was about to say that we slept together but I realised he meant it never happened. “Precisily.” I said. “So Madeline Prescott.” He said looking at me. “I take it you’re the youngest daughter of Nicolas Prescot.” He said like he knew who I was now. “yeah my dad.” I said. “im sorry for the loss he was an impressive man I never got to meet him but his work.” Dominic said. He started telling me how my dads work is what got him interested in his work to start with. I listened, sometimes it was nice to hear people talk about my dad with such respect. “Sorry you possibly don’t want to hear this.” He said looking at me. “my dad was an impressive man.” I said. “I hear your quiet impressive yourself Madeline.” He said thoughtful. “Didn’t you solve.” He started “yeah.” I said with a weak smile before he finished his statment. “I had help from my dad and sister it was a group effort.” I said. “that is still extremely impressive.” He said. “So currently your raising your sisters and brother in laws children?” he asked. “currently and then next year I will start working at my brother in laws company.” I said truthfully. “That is impressive but.” He started. “but?” I asked if he said I shouldn’t be raising the kids I would be walking away “but do you not feel you would be more chaleneged at another company. One that leans more to your skills?” he asked me. “Well the partner company Nathan took over a few months ago is still technically part of his work now and yeah a lot of the work in there does interest me.” I admitted. “what do you know of my own?” he started. I started explaining his company to him and his work. I admit I got rather animated about it. Nathan came in the room. “Sorry it took me so long.” He said. Dominic and I both looked at him. “That’s fine Nathan, I was having a very interesting conversation debating the theory.” Dominic started. Nathan smiled at me. “Are you trying to steal my sister in law Dominic?” he asked. “I was explaining that with her quilifications that other options are avalible to her.” he said. “What do you think Maddie?” Nathan asked me. “Did the girls settle?” I asked. “Tamsins in your bed she said shes waiting for you.” He admitted. “night then.” I said. “I will leave you to work.” I said. “Remember im going out Saturday with Maria to look at dresses Nathan so I need you to.” I started In case he made plans. “I know.” He assured me. “Night. It was nice meeting you.” I said still not able to make eye contact with the guy. “you too Miss Prescott.” He said. I went up. “Sorry about this evening Dom, the kids are all very head strong they all take after there mother.” He said. Dom laughed friendly. “they all seem extremely bright. Was I here to make them behave with the new girlfriend?” He asked honestly. I cleared the stairs. “was it obvious?” Nathan asked laughing friendly. Shit he really was friendly with the guy it wasn’t just business. Its okay he isn’t interested in me and I know it was a one night its what I wanted. Im just embaressed that I had to face him again. “Auntie Maddie.” Tamsin said from my bed when I walked in. “hey pretty princess didn’t you fancy your bed tonight?” I asked. “I didn’t give hug and kiss.” She said worried. “well why don’t we do hug and kiss then you just sleep in my bed tonight because i want cuddles.” I said. “YAY.” She said excited. I climbed into my bed in my pjs after using my ensuite. About 1am I got joined by Oliva and Derek I didn’t comment as he climbed in my bed. It had been a while something was playing on my big boys mind.

When we got up. I looked at the 5 kids. Because somehow during the night Avery had joined us too and so had Greg. I had to say something. “Okay I have only one question.” I said 5 little pairs of eyes looked at me. “isn’t there 6 of you?” I asked. They all giggled. I started tickling. Soon there was loads of giggles and Ethan did come in. “I knew there was 6.” I said laughing. “Tamsin Oliva get Ethan.” I told them. They obeyed soon he was laid on my bed laughing as well. “So who wants to go school?” I asked. “do we have to?” Avery asked. “I think daddy would be suspicious if I called 6 kids into school ill.” I said. “up and atom my alarm went off 10 miniutes ago and we will be late.” I said. Ethan was dressed he gave me a look. “can we not be late I have plans for the day.” He said. “alright all of you move Ethan has plans at school.” I said. more laughing. “whats going on in here?” Nathans voice said we all looked at him. “Do we have to go school daddy?” Oliva asked. “yes.” He said, he looked at his clock. “Shouldn’t you be getting a move on?” he asked. “hear that mush.” I said. More giggling two tucked themselves back in. “Snowday?” I asked hopeful. “not snowing.” Nathan said. “It is somewhere.” Greg suggested. “all of you mush.” Nathan laughed. “Okay who evers not dressed in the next ten miniutes is going school in there pjs.” I said. Avery run off. “She knows your being serious.” Ethan laughed. “do it once they never forget it.” I said. Derek and Greg run off. “can I go school in my pjs I don’t have it today?” Tamsin said. “you don’t have school today you can stay in your pjs. So can I. I will just put shoes on.” I said. “Do you have a meeting today daddy you look nice.” Oliva said. “yes I do.” He said. “Go get ready for school.” I told her. she run off. I pulled Tamsin out of bed. “Maddie.” Nathan said. “yeah?” I asked confused. “Dad your cells ringing.” Greg yelled. Nathan ran off. I took Tamsin down on my hip. I was in a baggy top and shorts with batman over it. It would do for the school run, id slipped my converes on I didn’t get out the car on a day Tamsin didn’t go. Tamsin was in pjs they would do. I put her down at the breakifast table and went to put a pot of coffee on and found a pot already made. I poured myself a cup. Someone cleared there throat. “if your under 18 coffee is a no.” I said without turning around. “I am a lot older than 18.” A voice said. shit he wouldn’t be? Come on Nathan you could of warned me the guy had stayed so I wasn’t in my pjs! I turned around and I could be either embaressed or pretend it didn’t faze me. “did you want a coffee?” I asked it sounded weak. “yes please.” He said. I saw him take me in. my nipples were bloody traiters currently. I poured him a coffee. “Auntie Maddie can I have pancakes.” Tamsin asked. “when we get back.” I assured her. I grabbed 5 packed lunches out the fridge. Put them in a pile. I handed Dominic his coffee. “milk and sugar?” I asked. “yes please. I grabbed it out the fridge and poured it into his and just took a sip of mine black and sugarless. “Can we go softplay?” Tamsin asked. “I thought you wanted to do the school run in pjs.” I said. “I do but can we go softplay?” she asked me. “next week.” I said. “Auntie Maddie I cant find the school snake.” Derek said coming in the room. “what school snake?” I asked. “the one he brought home in his rucksack yesterday.” Greg said. “Is it big?” Tamsin asked interested. “Not that big.” He said. Dominic sat at the breakifast counter calmly hpw the heck was he calm. “are you sure you brought the snake home.” I asked please say no. “yeah I was going to set it loose in the dining room last night, but then Avery said that if I did shed kill me.” he said. “So Avery knew theres a snake loose in the house?” I asked. “yeah it isn’t posionious.” He said. “You brought a snake home in your rucksack and didn’t think it was important to tell me.” I asked him. “Well no because you would of.” He started. “Derek You have 10 miniutes find the snake!” I said. “Greg.” I said firmly. “find the snake?” he suggested. I nodded. They both run off. “can I help?” Tamsin asked. “Yeah.” I said. “Does this happen every morning or only when you have guests?” Dominic asked. “id like to claim only when we have guests.” I groined. “Auntie Maddie do you know where my pink cardigan is.” Avery asked coming in the room. “get changed now.” I said firmly. “its fine auntie Mads it comes to my knee.” She said. “in what world does that come to your knees?” I asked her. “it does.” She said she pulled it. “see.” She said. “Avery go get changed and Avery next time your told theres a snake in the house let me know.” I said. “oh shit they lost the snake?” she asked. “language.” I moaned. “I speek 8.” She said. I groined. “Get changed.” I said. “Fine.” She moaned and run off. “Are you going to make it to school?” Dominic said looking at his watch. “possibly not.” I said. I went to the white board on the kitchen side. ‘Rosie there is a snake loose in the house. Sorry.’ I put the pen down. “Auntie Mads can we get going I have plans at school.” Ethan asked. “Ethan lunch.” I said. “Theres a snake loose in the house?” he said reading my sign for Rosie. “oh good someone else who didn’t know.” I said. “So we aren’t going to make it to school on time?” he asked. “No Ethan we aren’t going to make it to school on time.” I said. “Why cant I have a fucking normal family.” He moaned storming out the room. “Language.” I yelled. “I speek 16.” He yelled back. “I need a drink.” I moaned. Dominic gave me a look. “Where is Nathan whilst all this is going on?” he asked me. “on the phone I think, he shouldn’t be to long.” I said. “Auntie Maddie, look I just lost my tooth.” Oliva said running in, her top was covered in blood and she had a huge bruise developing on her head. “how the hell.” I asked. “I saw a snake and walked into the door but look my tooth.” She said with a grin. “did you catch the snake?” I asked. “no why?” she asked. I lifted her on the breakifast counter. “Where was the snake?” I asked. “The hallway.” She said. I wet a bit of kitchen towel and put it on her forehead. “Did the boys catch it?” I asked. “No it was gone when I told them.” She said. “Auntie Maddie.” She said sweetly. “yes sweetpea?” I asked suspicious. “Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?” she asked me. “Sweetpea can you go change your top and tell everyone that if they want to make it school before Monday can they go to the car.” I said. “okay but they havent found the snake.” She said. “I will find the snake with Rosie and Tamsin when I get home.” I said. “maybe the poolboy will come help. He didn’t seem to care about the last two.” She said. “no he didn’t.” I said. “go change your top and put your tooth under your pillow for the toothfairy.” I said. “is the toothfairy real. Greg said its scientific imposible for a fairy to live in our teeth and even if fairys were real which he claims there not.” She started. “Oliva change your top.” I said. “okay.” She said and run off. “Maddie shouldn’t you have set off ten miniutes ago?” Nathan said coming in the room. “Yes I should of.” I said looking at my coffee. “Auntie Maddie. Oh hi dad.” Derek said way to innocent. “What have you done?” Nathan asked. “nothing. I cant find something. I can find it after school don’t worry auntie Maddie.” Derek said. “Okay tell everyone to get in the car.” I said. “car!” he yelled. “not like that Derek.” I said. I heard banging. I finished my coffee. “are you doing the school run like that?” Nathan asked me. “Nathan.” I said. “let it go.” I said. “your going to be extremely late.” He said looking at his watch. “Remember I wont be home Saturday at all and I think im going to spend the night at Marias.” I told him. “alright.” He said. he looked at the board. “theres a snake loose in the house?” he asked me. “Yeah apparently its not posionious.” I said weakly. “it isn’t.” Greg assured me coming in the room. “Greg car.” I said. “Alright Averys still in her room.” Greg said. Nathan went to stand up. “Bye.” I said. “AVERY CAR NOW!” I yelled. “im coming.” She yelled down. She started coming down the stairs. “AVERY GET CHANGED!” I yelled at her. “its fine auntie Mads see it comes to my knee.” She said. “You know what get out the house.” I yelled. She did. I got her in the car. I looked back at them all. I counted. 5 I was missing one. Which one. I looked at them all. “Wheres Oliva.” I said. I climbed out the car. “Theres 6 Maddie.” Nathan said with a smile he was smiling at me. “If the school rings the car broke down okay?” I asked. I went and straped Oliva in and drove to school. “We are late.” Ethan moaned. “Sorry.” I said. He run in. Avery did as well. I then went the middle school and Derek and Greg run in. I then went elementary and Oliva went in. I then drove us home.

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